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Awesome creatures - Xenomorphing podcast

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NeomorphMember1656 XPAug-19-2021 6:08 AM - click where it says download (number). You see a green button, there it is.

Check out the Xenomorphing podcast. This time they discuss the monsters in Aliens (1986), the Xenomorph-queen versus egg-morphing, if the design was an improvement from what HR Giger did, and so on. If you find the monster-part of the movie to be your favorite, then this episode is likely interesting. They interview Devan Gill who was ties to the franchise.

Personally I prefer egg-morphing since it's not as well known as the queen. If you asked people then probably more would know of the queen idea (bees and what not) but if you explain the idea of egg-morphing and how it works fewer people would have heard of it. They come up with interesting content, so check them out.

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PraetorianMember4037 XPAug-19-2021 6:25 AM

I don't see why not both couldn't be a valid reproductive methods. The eggmorphing is used by the common caste of xenomorph to create a start-up hive before one of the strongest of the common xenomorph triggers a biological transformation into a xenomorph queen. They are after all the perfect organism



DeaconMember10358 XPAug-20-2021 5:04 AM

I cant seem to get the Podcast to work but thats because my Computer and OS are 15 Years Old ;)

Regarding the Queen and Egg Morph i think you can have it where the Egg Morph is what would Produce a Queen this would make Perfect Sense to WHY the Xenomorph in ALIEN had NOT gone and tried to Egg Morph/Cocoon others (Lambert and Parker).

Ridley Scott had indicated the Xenomorph on the Narcissus was going there to DIE as it had Accomplished what it was meant to do.  IF this was so the Egg Morph would Produce a Queen then that would make Sense....

But as the Egg Morph Scene was NOT part of the Theatrical Release then those Comments by Ridley Scott (Xenomorph was looking for a Place to Die) would NOT be Applicable.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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