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MemberDeaconAug-15-2021 5:16 AM

Well its been about 4 Years of Limbo with the Franchise, the Prequels seem to have come to a HALT.

With the Disappointment of Alien Covenant and the Disney Take Over, the Future of the Franchise was in Question.

Is it Inevitble that we are more LIKELY to see a Reboot or Retcon?

To Reboot or Retcon the Franchise is NOT a ALIEN Concept.  We have seen TWO Different Ideas for a ALIEN V that had been Pitched, and Both would Reboot/Retcon some of the Franchise.

Blomkamps Alien V:  Would be a Alternative Sequel to ALIENS were our Ripley and Co would Survive, and so this would kind of Retcon/Remove Alien 3 and Alien R from Canon.

Miss Weaver had said she had Read the Story and also James Cameron had and said it was Interesting/Good but Ridley Scott claimed there was NO real Drafts just a 10 Page Pitch....... We had seen some Concept Work for the Story which GOT some Fans Excited.

Then i was supposed be in Production and then we had Ridley Scott to be a Producer but it was PUT on Hold so he could get his Prometheus Prequels done First....  It was Revealed that the Title of Blomkamps Alien V would be Alien Awakening.

We latter saw some Concept Work by Carlos Huante which was from a Project that was called Red Harvest and it seemed maybe this could be Connected to Blomkamps Alien V.

Brandywine Alien V:  The Offering from Walter Hill and David Giler would also bring back Ripley, and the Tag Line could seem to Indicate that some of the Franchise are merely just the Nightmares of Ellen Ripley.

There was 100% some Completed Drafts to this Story and Again Cameron and Miss Weaver seemed to be Pleased with the Story, but Miss Weaver had suggested that maybe SHE cant do the Ripley Character any Justice anymore.  With Giler becoming ILL and then Passing Away its a Question of if the Brandywine Alien V will ever see the Big Screen.

But what these had Shown is that IF any of them had been Given the Green Light then they would have Rebooted/Ignored some of the Franchise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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MemberDeaconAug-15-2021 5:23 AM

We then came to the News that there would be a TV Series based on ALIEN instead.  And unlike the Alien V Ideas this TV Series would NOT be about Ripley.

The Latest News seemed to Indicate we would see the Xenomorph again, but this TV Show would be SET on Earth and in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE... this Surely means some YEARS before the Prequels and ALIEN, and so could it be 25 Years prior to ALIEN or 50 or 75? Who knows.... it Certainly would not be like too Close to ALIEN so i would Assume a 50-70 Years before ALIEN and so THIS would Surely go and Conflict the Prequels...

Or is it intended to RETCON the Prequels?

Will Disney ever give us a ALIEN MOVIE on the Big Screen and IF SO would they REBOOT the Entire Franchise?  Is it the RIGHT MOVE to Re-Invent  the Franchise for the Newer Generation... what kind of Franchise would that be UNDER a Company like Disney.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-15-2021 5:52 AM

I have no problem with the xeno on Earth prior to ALIEN. Makes sense that Weyland corp is aware of the organism and would alert all the synths in the fleet. Dead soldiers tell no tales, so there probably won't any reports on CNN. Evil corp will tie up the loose ends. I think they have a bit of leeway to not break canon?


I don't know about big screen anymore. The story is just so convoluted. It begs for a tv series.  



MemberPraetorianAug-15-2021 2:06 PM

I absolutely HATE the idea of XENOMORPHS being on EARTH. I mean back in the original ALIEN, the corporation didn't exactly know what xenomorphs were they just wanted an alien lifeform to study. Ash must have been reporting to his superiors and they gave the orders for the crew to be expendable.

It runs into the same problem as AVP movies, if they already had xenomorphs on Earth why the hell would they need the Nostromo crew and Ripley years later? I got the impression that Ripley was their only connection to the xenomorphs otherwise they wouldn't need her if they already knew or have access to xenomorphs decades prior. In Aliens the corporation didn't believe her and even Burke was skeptical until they he saw them with his own eyes. It wasn't until Alien 3 when they started getting desperate to acquire a xenomorph embryo leading to their successors to clone both Ripley and the Queen in Alien Resurrection



MemberXenomorphAug-15-2021 3:50 PM

The order making the crew expendable was just stupid.

"We found something.."

"Kill the crew!" 

"It was just a small bug..."

"Does not matter! Kill them! We will inform their families...Now bring us this small bug!"


Special order 937 makes sense if they had prior knowledge. The order must have been given to the thousands of starships roaming the galaxy. 

Walter should have killed the crew of the Covenant....Did he disobey? Planet 4 had plenty of good stuff....Talk about order 937!! Jackpot!


I can see the xenomorph slipping through the fingers of a big slow company.

"You saw what!? BRING IT TO US!!"

"Sorry...It got away...Killed everyone except a little girl"

Aliens they found it and it still slipped through their grasp....Corp had to do some convoluted resurrection plot just to, sort of get, the prize...They also lost that!!


MemberPraetorianAug-15-2021 9:40 PM

MonsterZero I think you are missing the point of what i'm trying to say.

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation would have more sense then make the crew expendable because of a small Bug! Ash was constantly informing MUTHUR, which in turn was informing the company of the xenomorph onboard the ship. It was a hostile alien lifeform there for the corporation wanted it.

Also the alien didn't slip past the people of Hadley's Hope; the xenomorph killed them all and claimed the colony. 

It goes back to why I hate AVP so much, with any trace of the xenomorph being on earth completely ruins Ripley's mission but also not only that a xenomorph presence on Earth would be disastrous to all living things on Earth 



MemberDeaconAug-16-2021 6:42 AM

"The story is just so convoluted. It begs for a tv series."

Certainly i think with a TV Series you can Flesh Out the Story Line more and NOT have to Suffer the FATE of Alien Covenant where they had too much to CRAM into the Run-Time so the Movie Pace seemed Rushed (after say the Oram/Egg Incident).  We have the Announced Alien TV Series which is supposed to begin Production and Shooting like Next Year, and i think the TV Series is Relevant to the TOPIC.

In that the Plot will Deal with a Future Threat (A.I) and a Ancient Threat (i assume the Xenomorph) and by being SET in a Time-Line that seems to be Considerably before the Prequels..... then this TV Series looks like it could RETCON the Origins of the Xenomorph and so Conflict and maybe Re-Write the Prequels from the HISTORY BOOKS.

"I absolutely HATE the idea of XENOMORPHS being on EARTH"

I think maybe this could WORK if this Happens at some Later Point in the Time-Line say 2200-2250 but you would have to come up with WHERE do they Obtain the Xenomorph from?  The Discovery of a Crashed/Sunk Engineer Ship on Earth could work..... but this would CONTRADICT the Prequels (but i think that THIS is what the TV Series will do).  But to have a Discovery on Earth that say Happens before the events of ALIEN etc i think would be a EPIC MISTAKE.

I also think the Interesting thing about the Prequels regarding the Black Goo and LV-223 is that it SHOWS that you DONT have to go back to having Vanilla-Morphs

If you Discover a Engineer Ship at the Bottom of the Sea and you EXPLORE it then you will Cause a Breach and Water gets on  the Ship and then WHAT IF the Black Goo leaks and Infects some Sea Life?

These are some Unused Concepts from a Prometheus Sequel (TOP) and from Prometheus, but also below are some Concepts that seem more Aquatic (but these dont seem too Awe Inspiring).

"Special order 937 makes sense if they had prior knowledge"

With the Prequels it is likely that Special Order 937 came about after the Advent Message that was sent by David.   Before we had the Prequels then it seems to make more Sense that Special Order 937 shows us the Company know Roughly what they was looking for, and so had some Prior Knowledge.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-16-2021 6:50 AM

"It goes back to why I hate AVP so much"

Well we NEED to NOT go and Worry as that is just Alternative Canon ;)  But with DISNEY at the Helm, we cant RULE-OUT them making a Cross Over Connection again at Some Point.  (look at the Alternative Endings to The Predator)..... Time Travel and Cross-Over to ALIEN... NO Thanks!

But back to the OT..... be it a TV Series or Movie i do Suspect that DISNEY will go and Reboot the Franchise to give us a Alternative Story and Re-Introduce to us the Xenomorph for a New Generation.

I think they will also put the Emphasis on the Xenomorph... hence i made that POSTER for the Topic  (THE ALIEN) as this became what the Franchise was about after ALIEN because we NEVER went back to the Space Jockey which was also ALIEN.  There are Sub-Plots and Characters that i think you will have... and maybe we WONT see Ripley at all..... but it will be about the Xenomorph.

Maybe a Reboot will NOT go and Hurt if we see it as a Alternative Reality and Story like say many of the Video Games are..... that could maybe be BETTER than to just RETCON some of the Franchise with something ELSE as then it Interferes with the Canon that was Established.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-16-2021 7:04 AM

I think regarding Special Order 937 then the Big Sub-Plot of the Franchise was that the Company wanted to GET and FAIL to Obtain a Specimen. But the Closest they (USM) came was in Alien Resurrection but then THAT went to POT!

It was always Interesting to Ponder to WHAT the Company had Planned should they had been Successful and were able to Contain the Xenomorph!  And it does seem that this was to be Explored with Blomkamps Alien V and the Red Harvest Project.  There was some Interesting ways to MOVE FORWARDS... but i dont think you Needed to BRING BACK say Ripley etc and therefore you MESS with the Canon of other Movies.

Hill and Giler (R.I.P) gave us the Special Order 937 Plot.... and the Secret Android, and so the Company being Interested for their Bio-Weapons Division.  Why the Earlier Idea by them was that the Xenomorph was a Created Bio-Weapon by the Company and that the Nostromo was sent out to become a TEST SUBJECTS for their Weapon.  And while that had Never became Canon (Company Creates the Xenomomorph) the Aspect of that PLOT is something that still is VALID as in the Company sending Expendable Humans into Unknown Situation for them.. while the Company Fully knows what will FACE the Crew of said SHIP they send out.

This seems to be something that is a Basis for the New TV Series.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-16-2021 9:49 AM

Well I meant I HATED the idea of XENOMORPHS being on pre-ALIENS EARTH. 

I am fine with XENOMORPHS being on EARTH as long as its in the 2180 and up since at that point the Weyland-Yutani Corporation would already had THREE events (ALIEN, ALIENS, and ALIEN 3) get a good understanding HOW the Xenomorphs TICTS.

BEING set anywhere on EARTH, PRIOR to 2180's would DEFEAT the PURPOSE of RIPLEY'S STORY. I mean Ripley been a THORN in the Company's side since ALIEN, with her death would allow the Weyland Yutani Corporation free reign over getting a xenomorph



MemberXenomorphAug-16-2021 11:45 AM

 Sorry Xenotaris, my vitriol wasn't directed at you! :-)  More to the sad state of the alien verse.

I too would rather the setting After Aliens...Or after A:R.


MemberPraetorianAug-16-2021 12:22 PM


I would rather it be after ALIENS, since I want to see the alien universe how James Cameron would have envisioned it or at least build off of Cameron's vision.

Post-Resurrection would be more or less ALIEN vs FIREFLY



MemberDeaconAug-17-2021 6:16 AM

"PRIOR to 2180's would DEFEAT the PURPOSE of RIPLEY'S STORY"

Absolutely.... i think with this Topic it was not Merely to talk about say the TV Series thats coming in 2023, but its to look at HOW would we FEEL if say DISNEY would Decide to REBOOT the Franchise for a Modern Audience.

"Post-Resurrection would be more or less ALIEN vs FIREFLY"

I think that looking before the Prequels... i think that a Sequel to Alien Resurrection could have been Possible and ALLOW for us to TRY something NEW as AR had showed some Potential... rather than just Vanilla Xenomorphs and Hives.  The Plot would seem to Indicate that surely there was NO-WHERE else to get a Xenomorph from.

I had 3 Ideas of were you could have GONE after AR, and so a ALIEN V and the One Idea would have covered the Failed Queen 7 and some Ripley 8 DNA being sent to a Research Outpost near Saturn.... introduce a New Xenomorph (well Two) that Procreate Differently.... this NEVER had to have Ripley in it.

The Second Idea was on Earth where they (Autons) USE the DNA of Ripley as she Dies to then Spawn a a Horror among other things.  Again NO Ripley required.

The 3rd was Similar to the 2nd but it would have Ripley 8 in it.  (there was TWO Alternative Versions of this IDEA which depended on HOW i would address the AGE of Miss Weaver).........

a) She Rapidly Changing to Less Human.

b) They Extract/Remove Xeno-DNA but she Rapidly Ages (shes Dying)

But i think a LOT of Fans prefer the Franchise to be about the Xenomorphs...they may see it as a "if it ant broke, dont fix it" but i agree with RS and there is ONLY so much Chest Bursting and Snarling you can do.

"build off of Cameron's vision"

Well he did have a Vision of HOW he would have done a ALIENS Sequel.

The Xenomorph Home-World...................and so it may looked like this that i knocked up.

Or maybe it would NOT have the Egg Silo.... because it seemed that James Cameron had Envisioned that the Xenomorph was a Ancient Species of its OWN and so it would seem that he thinks the Space Jockey was a Race who Happened to Collect the Eggs from the Xenomorphs Home-world.

The Problem with the Xenomorph as such would be the QUESTION.... so HOW LONG do they LIVE for?

Because Eventually they will DIE-OUT and so the Home-world would become Abandoned.... as they would NEED a Host.... but then anyone who Stumbles on a World that is Infested with Eggs would soon come to Release this WORLD is NOT yet TRULY DEAD (Void of Life)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-17-2021 4:36 PM

"..he thinks the Space Jockey was a Race who Happened to Collect the Eggs from the Xenomorphs Home-world."


I can see this. Space Jockey Race delivers food ( humanoids ) to the Xenomorph's homeworld. The brood soon produces a queen. SJ's claim the queen for payment.             Who knows what the SJ's need so many eggs or queens for?


It'd be a cool scene watching millions of humanoids released on planet Xeno!


Now...How long to produce a queen? How many victims does it take?


MemberPraetorianAug-17-2021 6:44 PM


I feel that if you remove any xenomorph DNA (since it would be blended perfectly with her human DNA) Ripley would be reduced to a puddle of goo.

Also, the xenomorph homeworld in the dark Horse comics, the xenomorphs were at the bottom of the food chain. The expanded universe also added a slowly development of technologies in handling the xenomorphs.

Yall need to read the comics, there is alot of interesting ideas floating around in there.

Also the xenomorph is the flagship creature of the franchise, it would be like replacing the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park with genetically engineered teenage shark men fighting crime in the streets. 



MemberFacehuggerAug-18-2021 3:11 PM

I would love to see this ART in a live action show.




 The beautiful mural of Prometheus

Engineers, Xenomorphs and Facehuggers Orgy

The Deacon

The Neomorph


MemberPraetorianAug-19-2021 6:12 AM

Heres an idea, what if the xenomorphs evolved the ability to produce bioships or implant themselves within a natural spacefaring organism like a spacewhale-esque creature?



MemberNeomorphAug-19-2021 6:28 AM

“But what these had Shown is that IF any of them had been Given the Green Light then they would have Rebooted/Ignored some of the Franchise.

Maybe they could re-do the prequels in a way? I hope that they could keep the Engineers and expand their role. They could have an interesting part in it. With good writing and an interesting story I guess that you could do something good.

About the concept work by Huante they were some attempts but not anything that I would like to see in a movie. There was an alien-gorilla, I mean really? We got some interesting takes on the Xeno but they should stay as fan-work.

Don't touch Alien 1, 2, and 3, they are good the way that they are. I guess that some people dislike Alien 3 but it seems to me that the probability of an alternative Alien 3 is more likely to be worse. Honestly I don't have any need to see another Ripley-movie, it's time to move on. Get new characters and someone that can write, and don't cut out parts just for a run-time.

Star Wars 1-9 were about the Skywalkers and I honestly have had enough of that, the same thing goes for Ripley. More of the same would be like them showing that they have run out of ideas, it's lazy.

A TV-series could work and could hopefully introduce new things even more things than we have seen in the prequels. Not interested in a re-boot, at least not of the original three.

I would like to see new things but they can expand on the Engineers because we haven't seen a lot of them.


MemberNeomorphAug-19-2021 6:32 AM


I would like to see the Engineers eventually lose control over the Aliens so that would be their downfall. For this to work you need to show that they are able to control them also, which some of your pictures show.


MemberDeaconAug-19-2021 6:45 AM

I think it Boils Down to how some Fans are NOT that Pleased with the Revelation of the Xenomorph and its Relationship to the Engineers/Space Jockey.

The CONNECTION is something that has Evolved!

*Originally you had a Native Species to a World that a ALIEN RACE (Space Jockey) had came Across and Attempted to take back to their Ship but they FELL Victim to the Starbeast/Xenomorph.

*This then Changed to the Xenomorph Eggs being a Weapon that the Space Jockey Race was going to USE in some War out their in the Galaxy.

It was OPEN to IF the Space Jockey merely Discovered these, Engineered something they Discovered or Created from Scratch.

But Ridley Scott had Cleared it up that they was a Engineered Organism by the Space Jockey.

*We then Continue with this with the Prequel Idea in which the Engineers/Space Jockey had Created Various Organisms like the Xenomorph to USE to Eradicate their Creations like Mankind.

*This then Evolved to the Engineers going to Experiment with their Creation Tool to Create Horrors they can then Drop Down to Mutate/Kill their Creations (Mankind).

*To then having a Android (David) use the Engineers Creation Tool and Created Horrors to Engineer his own Killing Machine the Xenomorph.

However in Context to a REBOOT then Disney could Explore anyway they WISH as FAR as the Xenomorphs Origins and Purpose.

Regarding the Image of the Female Engineer in Control of the Xenomorph i think the Engineers had Created similar, but it would Appear they COULD-NOT go and Control it and so the Alien Covenant Poster is LIKELY what became of those Foolish enough to Experiment/Create some Horrific Organism like the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-19-2021 7:08 AM

Sounds like everyone skipped out on my sparefaring xenomorph idea



MemberDeaconAug-19-2021 7:14 AM

The Problem we have was that YES the Franchise was about the Xenomorph, it was about Ripley too but you could have other ALIEN MOVIES that were NOT about Ripley.  And so its a Good Point that having NO Xenomorphs would be like Jurassic Park with No Dinosaurs...

However with the Xenomorph its more like say having Jurassic Park without a T-Rex, as i agree with Ridley Scott in that there is ONLY so much Egg Opening, Face Hugging, Chest Busting then Snarling and Killing that a Xenomorph can do on Screen before it can get a bit Repetitive.  The Xenomorph is a ICONIC KILLING MACHINE..... but so are the TERMINATORS... in Fact i would say the Terminators can Offer more Variation.... but it comes down to HOW you Handle/Show them and HOW OFTEN.....

So you have to On-Screen go and Handle them with Care and Uplift or Evolve them and WHAT they are about.....  as otherwise you have Basically Space Ants and could END-UP with the Xenomorphs become a Less Varied kind of Space Bug like Starship Troopers... (A more Horrific/Enigmatic looking and Aesthetically Pleasing Space Bug though).

So you have to UPLIFT and Evolve them....

However the PLOT seemed to be that the Xenomorphs are merely a CREATION that was Engineered to KILL and WIPE OUT a Worlds Life-Forms.... and so ONCE you Explore/Explain this and you get the ORIGINS of the Xenomorph its then a Case of WHATS NEXT?

More Colonist/Space Truckers Stumble on a Cache of Eggs and are Overrun by ONE or a Few or Many of the Xenomorphs?   The Marines go in to Attempt to Clear it up and Rescue the Colonists?

Do you have a Egg or a Few brought ON/TO a Ship/Space Station and we see them get OUT OF CONTROL?

Do you go to a World that has been Overrun and Infested with the Xenomorph and its like a Giant Hive with Millions of Eggs... but then if the Xenomorph just Face Hugs, Chests Bursts and then KILLS its like How-many Movies can you Continue without the Risk of it becoming Starship Troopers?  

You could Even  go and Explore that the Xenomorph Evolves a bit and Creates its OWN very ALIEN Technology and Ships but this would be a Aesthetically better looking Version of Starship Troopers.... i am NOT saying this Cant Work...

When looking at the Franchise then Ridley Scott had FELT as to WHY it was that NO-ONE had Covered the Origins of the Xenomorph and WHAT the Space Jockey was doing with it.... and it BOILED down to being a Created/Engineered Bio-Weapon.

And so they came to Conclude that you had to Expand on the Space Jockey and that WHEN you have the ORIGINS of the Xenomorph and HOW it got on LV-426 it was then a CASE of WHAT NEXT?

They Felt you would have more ALIEN Movies that had been seen a LOT in all Media Forms.... and so they FELT you have more Background and Depth to Exploring the Engineers in a SPIN OFF that would STEER AWAY from ALIEN.

By then Deciding to Actually make a Prometheus Sequel go and Connect to ALIEN eventually and introduce the Xenomorph Origins was a Mistake!

THIS..... However does-not mean you could NOT go and Make other ALIEN Movies they could have done this and LEFT the Xenomorph Origins a Complete Mystery but WHEN you go to do another ALIEN MOVIE then you have to Include the Xenomorph but then you have to try and CHANGE it a BIT or Offer Different to what we already Seen as FAR as Humans Attempts to get the Specimen and then Fail and get Chest Busted and Killed over and over.

I think that whenever you PLACE the ALIEN: Prefix on anything you are going to be Expected to have the Xenomorph.... but that does-not mean you cant go and Evolve/Change it a Little....  But you have to be Careful you Need a Good Story and Writers and Execution...

The more you Go Over and Over a Franchise, you may make another ALIEN or ALIENS but you could get another AVPR or Alien Covenant.

Maybe by doing a COMPLETE REBOOT that can be seen as a Alternative Take like say the Dark Knight Batmen are compared to the 90's Movies or even any Newer Batman Franchise they make...

Maybe that could be a WAY to go.... so we have TWO Alternative Takes on the Xenomorph, rather than to make Sequels/Prequels and REBOOT Sequels and Prequels because then you can have a MESS like the Terminator Franchise.

Ultimately The Terminator and Terminator 2 were Great.... and maybe you just NEVER be able to Match them....(as Far as doing other Terminators)

I think the same thing has Happened with Alien/Aliens they maybe will NEVER be Matched by any Sequel or Prequel.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-19-2021 7:24 AM

"Sounds like everyone skipped out on my sparefaring xenomorph idea"

LOL... i did kind of touch upon it....

I think it could become like Starship Troopers but thats NOT to say that it would not WORK or be Great..... some Fans will like that and well its NOT down to me to think what Fans will like or Dislike ;)

I think that YES you have to UPLIFT the Xenomorph and having them become as SUCH is a Possibility.....  The Problem comes with the Time-Line and also the PLOT of the Prequels....

If the Xenomorph had been shown to be Ancient then we can Wonder to WHAT KIND of a World would a Xenomorph Infested one become in Thousands of Years?

This is something the Prequels with AC has kind of KILLED OFF... Unless we are SET in say Thousands of Years...

A Alternative Reboot could Explore the Xenomorph as such!

OR................ you have to ASK as to WHERE did the Xenomorph DNA begin? If the Engineers had Experimented with DNA of something that Predated them and the Deacon then you can ask.. WHAT was THIS?

You Explore this ALIEN SPECIES... that are NOT the Xenomorph but we can see they are Connected.... we can BRING BACK the STARBEAST ;)

So you have a Aesthetically similar Beast... but a Space-faring one maybe?

How can Mankind ever Deal with this New Ancient Threat?     The Xenomorph Perhaps!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-19-2021 9:36 AM

I have been devaloping a fanfiction that will eventually touch upon the Starbeast, Xenomorph origins, the rise of the engineers and yautja. Right now its just focusing on the bioweapon projects of Weyland Yutani and I borrowed heavily from the old alien expanded universe



MemberDeaconAug-20-2021 4:30 AM

Hope your Project comes along Nicely..............

I think with the Franchise then Certain things have Changed in Light of the Prequels that i think have NOT gone and Sat Well with many Fans.  There are Fans who are into the Expanded Universe as far as Comics and Novels and i think would have liked to have seen SIMILAR with ALIEN Movie Franchise.

I think there is Room to make a Movie Franchise that does-not have to Affect the Prequels or the Ripley Saga, because Regardless of WHO had Created the Xenomorph we just cant ASSUME the ONLY place there are Eggs is LV-426 and so maybe MORE than ONE of those Ships had Eggs on them and so we can ASK to where could other Ships had gone.  And to NOT go and Contradict the Franchise it would be better to Discover this like after 2180.

But of-course the Problem then comes down to how OLD those Eggs are without going to Conflict the Prequels.  As it would seem that the Xenomorph Aesthetic had began some Point between 2095-2105.

I Personally am NOT a Fan of Remaking a Movie within a Set Franchise, lets say Star Wars with EP8 the Last Jedi, they could have Rebooted that and Pleased some Fans but i think you have to Accept what is Done and TRY and Pull it back....this is WHY i would not be a Fan of say the ALIEN V ideas that would in Effect remove ALIEN 3/R from Canon.

But i would be OPEN to like a Complete Reboot as a Alternative take on the Universe and so then Fans can Enjoy each as a Separate take on the Franchise like say 1989-1997 Batman Franchise and the 2005-2012 Dark Knight Series.  As this is kind of what the Expanded Comic/Novel Universe does.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-20-2021 3:44 PM

I think the original sin of Alien being about Ripley started with Alien Resurrection. They could have focused on characters beyond Ripley since she died in Alien 3 but nope, Joss Weadon wanted to bring dead characters (originally he wanted Newt, but Fox wanted Ripley) back to life for a new instead of making new ones.

I've been noticing an interesting trait of the ALIEN-verse, the series has a hard time building out its tech eras since every movie or two time skips further in the future or the past.

We have the Present Day era for non-canon material like the Predator and AVP series

We have the early FTL era/Discovery Era, Prometheus

The Colonial era, Alien Covenant

The Space Trade era, Alien

The Colonial Wars era, Aliens and Alien 3

The Post-Corporate era, Alien Resurrection



MemberDeaconAug-21-2021 5:43 AM

"They could have focused on characters beyond Ripley"

Ripley was the MAIN Character in all the Franchise the Problem with Alien R is that the other Characters just NEVER stood out... they was like Meh!  But the same can be said with the Prequels..... for me CALL had Stood out as the Most Interesting Character.

The Problem that is Faced when doing a NEW Movie is you NEED to have Good Characters which means you have to Create/Build a New Character but then its a Case of are these just for ONE Movie?  Do you SET-UP a Sequel to Continue with these Characters?

Even so then that does-not mean they would be Continued (Dr Shaw from Prometheus for Instance) and with Daniels and Tennessee they are NOT really Characters that MOST would be like "Yeah! i wanna see them again!"

And so i think THIS is WHY the Alien V ideas came back to bringing BACK our Ripley because they FELT you had a Character that People could Connect with.

No you DONT...... you can maybe Introduce a Character who is Connected... and so Alien Isolation worked well because it was Amanda looking for what Happened to her Mother.

So they could have gone and made say a Sequel to Alien 3, were you have say Hicks who has a Brother and his Brother got a Message from the Sulaco saying they are coming HOME... but he NEVER did.

The Prison Planet Fury 161 is full of who the Company would call... Expendable and those Prisoners know of the Xenomorph....

The Company came up BUST!

But you think they would NOT go through the Prison with a Fine Tooth Comb?

Ripley was Infected..... the Dog/Cow also had Gestated a Xenomorph and so where are the Face Huggers?

You think the Company would NOT go and TRY to Gain a Specimen from the DNA of a Face Hugger

Maybe the Results are NOT as Good.... a LOT of Mutated Inmates in the Process to get something thats a  BIT DIFFERENT...

But sometimes the Fans would NOT like something Different and so something that STEERS too FAR away from the Xenomorph Aesthetic is maybe something the Fans would NOT be Pleased with.

But again..... maybe Fury 161 is NOT the Last Place that the Company can TRY to get the Xenomorph in the Cinematic Universe....  One things from Blomkamps Alien V is that they had Recovered a Engineer Ship that seemed to NOT be in too Good Condition... was this the Derelict?

Could the Derelict had Survived the Blast of Hadleys Hope?   Would the Eggs be Affected by Radiation?

Regardless of WHO/WHEN the Xenomorph was Created we can Wonder... was ONLY the ONE Ship Loaded with Eggs?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphAug-23-2021 9:19 AM


You can have no Xenos but have variations of it. Star Wars is about more than the Skywalkers and Kill Bill has more than Thurman's character. There are different parts that you can pick out and spin in different ways. By having the Engineers, you could develop the monster, but they messed it up with the David-connection. Having it connected to the Engineers is something that I would have no problems with.

Colonists is a possibility, space-military, corporate garbage, chemistry, nukes, biological weapons, pharma-companies, space-gangsters (not Jabba the Hutt).

"You could Even  go and Explore that the Xenomorph Evolves a bit and Creates its OWN very ALIEN Technology and Ships but this would be a Aesthetically better looking Version of Starship Troopers.... i am NOT saying this Cant Work..."

Interesting, that would show that they are intelligent but don't explain too much (Aliens). No queen please that is too obvious.


If that's what's needed to evolve the franchise then maybe. By doing that you're not as much tied to past things but you got to get it right. Terminator 1 and 2 are good, I don't care about the rest.

"Ripley was the MAIN Character in all the Franchise the Problem with Alien R is that the other Characters just NEVER stood out..."

That has been the problem with all alien-movies after Alien 3. One movie or more they got to work otherwise we'll get disappointments like the prequels or AR. You mention Fury 161, they could do something about corporations and privatized police or military. I would like to see more about the Engineers and not just as pissed off giants. Keep the Engineers and make them interesting, that could become something good.

I would like to see something different rather than seeing a Xeno for the 100th time, or another android-movie. Please no more alien-queens because they are done. Maybe you can tie it to climate change, it could work if they get it right and get a good story because that theme is important. Alien Covenant was about a mad robot the way it came off on the screen and yes it was about more than that but that is how I think of it when I see the movie.


MemberXenomorphAug-23-2021 11:50 AM


I can read it now:

Fan: "Sigourney Weaver will always be MY Ripley! Margot Robbie is a horrible choice!...I don't care how hot she is......unless they include that shuttle scene.....Hmm...that might work!!...Margot will make an excellent Ripley!!"


The casting for Ripley would be an amazing way to generate interest.....Or at least gauge it.


MemberPraetorianAug-23-2021 4:41 PM

The way things are at Disney, I doubt they'll hire Margot Robbie as Ripley.



MemberDeaconAug-23-2021 4:53 PM

"You can have no Xenos but have variations of it. Star Wars is about more than the Skywalkers"

Exactly ;)  I think the Prequels with Prometheus had OPENED UP the Franchise to more Possibilities its just Unfortunate that we may LIKELY never see these Explored. (inc Engineers)

"Colonists is a possibility, space-military, corporate garbage, chemistry, nukes, biological weapons, pharma-companies, space-gangsters"

I think these are more LIKELY as far as the TV Series and IF we get another Alien Movie, i think you will see Xenomorph Connections but i think other Elements above could be Fleshed Out.... i also think that A.I will be Explored more too.  Sadly more about the Engineers, what other Worlds/Races they Created, their History/Agenda and Horrors are things i am NOT sure we will see again.... NOT SOON anyway.

I think we would be more LIKELY to see some kind of Reboot/Retcon of Canon/Plot when we get our TV Series and any Movies.

If we get a COMPLETE REBOOT... as i said before all you have to KEEP is the ALIEN and the Company... you dont need same Characters, or Same Ship or Exact same Plot....  as thats just a REHASH! (Robocop)

I would be OPEN for a RE-IMAGINING though. (Planet of the Apes).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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