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Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJul-26-2021 10:30 PM

The subscription has come round again and so, given the readership, it makes sense to renew once again.

The original intention of writing the book was to give Prometheus its raison d'etre back but inevitably if you go there and find the answers the movie is reduced, it becomes merely inspiration with clues in the visuals and textures. 

I have extended the opening which provides the opportunity to position Peter Weyland in much the same way the discovery of a Cavern with an artefact makes clear the origin of the Cargo of the derelict. The story is more bound up in motive and so we understand the characters better. 

As for the extension, they do arrive at somewhere that history has been made and passed through. It is, as it should be, a search for answers but neither of them realises it is for them to provide them.







33 Replies

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJun-10-2022 10:05 PM

Thank you for your reply.

In creative terms my story begins the day before the movie was released ten years ago. In other words it considers all the ideas expressed in the most comprehensive blu ray released, which includes the Making of Documentary "Prometheus Gods." It then sifts those materials and out of it emerges my own rule book which in no way contradicts any of the base materials.   

I then wrote a two part book which, whilst sticking to the spine of the movie, is a substantial revision. There is no Fifield and sub xenomorphic behaviour instead the omniscient narrater explains among other things the meaning of the material in the four vials, what was happening to Charles Holloway and the creature makes an appearance. 

The second book is an entirely original work which speculates on the nature of how evil comes into an Engineered Universe. 

My only other reference point is the movie A L I E N and in the interests of coherent story telling the Nostromo lands 29 years later on the Moon which the events of Prometheus took place (for the longest part of production that was the intention)and the Cargo Bay of the lone craft contains just 132 Ovoids. (11 x 12).

My other inspirations were Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (The New Prometheus), John Milton's Paradise Lost and the notion Buddist's believe in of intermediation and Bardo.    

Oddly Ridley Scott's Seven Worlds is a visual precis of my story.


MemberChestbursterJun-11-2022 7:23 AM

@Michelle Johnston

Hey, nice to see that you are still passionate about this and happy 10 year anniversary, I guess. 

To bad that after so much time, not much remained, even Raised by Wolves was cancelled... :(

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJun-17-2022 8:08 PM


Thank you and good to hear from you. Raised By Wolves had that atmosphere that only Ridley is capable of but I think there were two challenges it faced.

1) It tried to pursue the story as a mystery but did not have a dominant pay off and the miniature resolutions in season 1 felt like monster trope's.

2) You need characters to care about and doing neutral robotics relies on an intellectual coherence that engages you. I may watch it all again to make sure I did not miss that.

As for FG i am always surprised and delighted to see people continue to read it. The movie looks thin in places now, but the crucial problem will always be that Ridley tried to move toward the creature being a foot note and the core fan base are much more interested in the creature than the issues he tried to frame it in. 

Whereas those that were intrigued by Prometheus had the opposite view. 






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