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MemberDeaconMay-26-2021 5:42 AM

Seems within the Franchise they have HIT a Brick Wall, in Regards to HOW do they Continue.

The Year is 2226 a Weyland Yutani Exploration Ship Finally reaches its Destination Kepler-452b after its 1400 Light Year Voyage to Find a New Eden.

However what seemed to be a Virgin Earth like Planet is soon to SHOW signs that this World was ONCE inhabited by a Long Lost CivilizationHuman like in appearance all that Remains is the Ruined Cities lost to the JUNGLE but also Covered in some Strange like Organic Matter.

Littered around the Ruins are just the Skeletal Remains of what APPEAR to be Human about 5-6ft on Average but there appear to be other Human Skeletons that are 7-8ft.

What CALAMITY had befallen this Civilization of Humanoids?

The Earthling Humans will SOON find out....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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MemberDeaconMay-26-2021 5:49 AM

The BASIS of this Topic is to SHOW that you can Explore another WORLD that has Connections to the Engineers Creation Story, a World that had Humans and Engineers who lived in Harmony of Sorts... Until something had BEFELL that World.

*Had this Civilization been Attacked and Suffered a Bombardment of Black Goo?

*Had this Civilization been Attacked by some other Horror brought to this Place and by Who?

*Had something arrived on this World via a Asteroid or some other Alien Craft?

*Had this Civilization ventured out and Discovered something they SHOULD NOT HAVE?

And so such a PLOT could show us that this World had been Bombarded by either Black Goo, or someone Unleashed some Horrific Beast on the World.  Or maybe this World was where the Engineers Discovered the Beast that would BEGIN all the Experiments on LV-223?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphMay-26-2021 5:44 PM

100% agree with this.

We need more worldbuilding in the alien verse.

Trillions of planets ( and trillions of moons! )in the galaxy....

I suspect W T ( and any other corporations ) are looking for Earth like analogues....Maybe all the aliens are on un-Earthlike planets or moons ( like Lv-426 )?

Maybe they find a perfect world, but one of the moons has some nasty creatures....Would you want to live in paradise near such a moon? Or would the corporations hide the secret from the new world's colonist? Maybe W T would try to clean up the moon and safeguard 'paradise'? Need someone to write this novel! Lol!




MemberOvomorphMay-26-2021 7:20 PM

Free League's Alien RPG, which has been out for over a year and continues to publish supplements, including the newest one, The Colonial Marines Sourcebook, has been not only bringing the Alien universe into tight focus with all of its different elements, but building and expanding it beautifully. The guy who writes most of it, Andrew Gaska, used to be the Fox canon consultant for the Alien franchise, so he isn't just pulling his stuff out of the air, and the recent expansion was reviewed and ok-ed by Disney, indicating that they consider the material canon. It amazes me that none of this ever gets mentioned on these forums, because its not just a great game, its literally the best and most comprehensive thing in Alien media in years. AND it offers a ton of insight into where things can and probably will go with Alien - including the Engineers, the various technological aspects, the politics of the Alien universe, the corporate elements, and a cohesive time line. As a fan of Alien, it feels to me like this is the place to look for where things are going. I've brought it up before, but the topic just kind of floated away. I might suggest looking at it, because its clear, whether you care about table top RPGs or not, the Alien universe it not stalled. We might still be wondering what the next movie project will be like, but its seeds are already out there.


MemberDeaconMay-27-2021 4:39 AM

Just Checked Out the Free League's Alien RPG seems interesting i would be tempted to get it to read some of the FLUFF I think the Interesting thing is shows is that SPACE from Humans on Earth is NOT something thats TOTALLY under the Control of Weyland-Yutani.

On Earth we have at the Moment Different Factions who i am SURE would all like to have a SLICE of the Space Cake should they be able to achieve the Technology we see in ALIEN, this is NOT Only Limited to the USA/NASA but you have RUSSIA you have CHINA, you have the EU and i am sure if Korea and Japan worked together on a Space Program they would be Considered a Contender in a Space Race.

And so WHEN you have Different Factions who have their OWN many Worlds/Moons and Space Stations out their in the COSMOS they would surely WANT to Protect their ASSETS, they would ALSO want to be FIRST to any Potential NEW and Rewarding ASSET.  And may go to some Extremes to be FIRST to get there....

So in the ALIEN Universe you can have Conflict that is between Mankind and Various Factions, we DONT just have to revolve around WY and Xenomorphs, but as far as ANY kind of ASSET that has a Genetic or Military Application which the Xenomorph is but also the Black Goo and what else is on LV-223 then i am sure other Companies would be looking to GAIN those ASSETS.... at a FOLLY.

These kind of things could be BETTER explored in a TV Series, but in Context to the OT then YEAH i guess it does-not have to be Weyland-Yutani who are always ENDING UP on a World where Horrors relating to the Xenomorph are found.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMay-27-2021 5:13 AM

A BIG Reason for the OT is to look at the Stalemate we seem to be in at the Moment, the Prequels had NOT gone down well to Everyone, they seem to NOT have much of a IDEA on HOW to go and do another ALIEN Movie and so FAR we have had TWO ideas for Alien V which BOTH have Ripley and Xenomorphs and so its seems those in CHARGE dont have much of a Clue on doing something NEW.  Which is WHY i do applaud RS for attempting to do so.

The Prequels had introduced the Engineers and a Creation Plot that means these GUYS could have been Responsible for MANY Worlds that have Humanoid Creations even more HUMANS, it seems that Creation was IMPORTANT to them and that the DESTRUCTION was ONLY something they did when they FELT that a Creation has NOT been a Success or is Deemed a Threat or have UPSET their Creators in some way.

So it means that Earth was NOT the only place they Invested Time and Effort in and you have to ASK... if we had BEHAVED in a way that Pleased them, then would they STILL be coming to Visit us and NOT want us Destroyed?

And so its UNLIKELY they had Intended to DESTROY all the Worlds they have Seeded unless a Faction of the Engineers (or Sub-Creation) became Jealous or some other Reason that THEY wanted to SPITE all of their Brothers/Creators various Efforts and Creations?

And so with the Prequels i think some Fans wanted to KNOW more about the Engineers their Culture, History, WHY they Seed Worlds and WHAT other Worlds/Races have they Created.  I am sure many who was looking forwards to a Prometheus Sequel were looking to Discover more about THEM!

While some may wanted to know MORE about the Xenomorph and Origins, but i think in GENERAL it was NOT because Prometheus did-not Answer those, the Clues were too Ambiguous, but i think it was because Prometheus simply LACKED any kind of Xenomorph Replacement... Fifield Zombie Mutant was our MAIN Monster who KILLED most the Crew in a Single Attack.

And so lets say that Fifield did-not do much Killing... lets say we saw Milburn Backburst a Neomorph or Similar that Grew at the same Rate as in AC and so the Hammerpede acted as the SEED PLANTER...  i think something like this would have appeased more Fans.

And so just because we are in LIMBO with the Prequels and seems NOT having much of a idea on WHERE to take the Franchise that Steers Away from the Prequels.

I think you can give Clues to the Engineers Culture and Worlds they Visit, and you can also introduce a Threat that is related to the Horrors of LV-223 that does-not have to be a VANILLA XENOMORPH.

And so YES you can do that by going to ANOTHER WORLD, a World that is FAR FAR away the Scenario i USED is ONLY just a Example.... and Kepler-452b because it is Thought to be VERY Earth-like and 1400LY away means that the Nostromo for Instance would take 30 Years to Reach.  So this World would NOT go and Conflict with the Franchise.  But you could go to a World thats 2000-3000 Light Years away, you could SET it in the Year 2120-2160 (Before ALIEN or ALIENS say but it would NOT go conflict with those Movies).

I also think to Discover a World so FAR away with Remnants of a Civilization with Construction/Buildings like Earth had say 3000+ Years ago and HUMAN Remains that Date to many THOUSANDS of Years ago, would OPEN UP and UPLIFT the Prometheus Plot.... we would be like... WOW so Mankind had NOT only been SEEDED on Earth.... and to have some Engineer Bodies would indicate that Humans and Engineers could Co-Exist which they maybe could with Earth many Thousands of Years ago.

So you could get the FANS to maybe take Interest in this and THEN you can Explore the Engineers more... or if the Fans are NOT interested in this but like the MONSTER then you know thats what to Cover more..

I am sure a Lot of Fans had interest in the Engineers, some maybe wanting more of the LV-223 Brutes others maybe wanting a more DEEPER understanding of their Species etc.

I am sure a Lot of Fans want to see some Horrors but maybe they dont all think they should be Carbon Copies of what we seen in ALIEN/ALIENS.

They seem to NOT be so keen on making Androids the Center Point, but indeed the Rivalry between Human Companies and Factions and Agendas is always INTERESTING.

But the BIGGEST thing about ALIEN..... was the UNKNOWN, were you go to Explore Space for whatever Agenda you have and HOPES and that sometimes Space is NOT a Friendly Place and with the Unknown can come HORROR!

And so Mankinds Greed and Curiosity has caused Trouble between our People, but when in SPACE these things can LEAD us to something ALIEN, HORRIFIC and something we are TOTALLY unprepared for!

As the Premise of Prometheus shows..... WE ARE NOT ALONE!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMay-30-2021 6:27 AM

I HAVE said this before....

The Explored Galaxy as FAR as what we have seen in the Movies (Places we been to) FITS within a Small Area and Actually Smaller than EVEN the RED DOT in the Galaxy Image Shared.

The Green Circle is a Radius of 10'000 LY which would take the Nostromo over 210 Years to Reach!

With the ALIEN Franchise you can SET another Discovery/Horror between the Years 2150-2250 and NOT have to Conflict with the ALIEN Franchise.

Within the Franchise and the Prometheus Plot.... we ask the Following.

*Are the Engineers ONLY found on Planet 4 and LV-223?  (UNLIKELY).

*Have the Engineers ONLY created Humanoids on Earth? (UNLIKELY).

*Could there have been Humans in other Parts of the Galaxy from Thousands of Years ago? (POSSIBLY)

*Have the Engineers unleashed or TESTED their Pathogen/Bio-Weapon on other Worlds before? (LIKELY).

*Was there some Organism that BEGAN the Strain of Xenovirus/Experiments on LV-223? (POSSIBLY).

*Could there be other OUTPOSTS like LV-223? (POSSIBLY).

And so its VERY LIKELY you could go to ANOTHER WORLD, that has something Related to the Pathogen Unleashed on it, or some Organism that is Connected to it, also VERY LIKELY there would be Worlds with Humanoids, and EVEN more Humans the Engineers had Seeded there.  There is Guaranteed to be OTHER WORLDS the Engineers have some Outpost or Cities on.

And we CANT RULE OUT that some Worlds you have Engineers and Humans (or Humanoids) Living SIDE BY SIDE.

The Franchise does-not have to be CONTAINED within PLACES that either David or Ripley have BEEN/GOING!

We have a BIG GALAXY of Creation/Life and Horrors and we have BARELY gone and Scratched the Surface ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerMay-30-2021 8:33 PM

In the time of Aliens, the number of surveyed worlds is “over 300”, which would probably amount to less than a pixel on the above illustration.

There are about 500 stars to choose from within 100 light years that are similar to our own.

Space is indeed BIG.

We suspect the Engineers have been around for perhaps millions of years. That’s plenty of time for them to swamp the entire Galaxy, which is 100,000 LY across, many many times over.

Unless, of course, there is some unseen foe…


MemberXenomorphMay-31-2021 7:17 AM

It's so vast..... I think they should go down the "We found a Wormhole to another part of the galaxy!" trope.


Allow the monsters a faster path to Earth or humans a faster path to the monsters.



MemberDeaconMay-31-2021 8:51 AM

"That’s plenty of time for them to swamp the entire Galaxy"

Absolutely and we also have to take NOTE that their Star Maps/Navigation have other Galaxies and so they are NOT just restricted to our own Galaxy.

"Wormhole to another part of the galaxy"

I think that we DONT know the SPEED of the Engineer Ships and Technology but then THIS does indeed LIMIT to HOW we can get Humans to REMOTE places.  And so to EXPLORE some FAR AWAY places we either have to have it the SHIPS are Traveling for a LONG TIME, or we go into the Future where the Technology is even more ADVANCED than the Sulaco and Patna.

Or the Humans would HIJACK and USE the Engineers Ships or Reverse Engineer their Technology!

But the more SIMPLE WAY is to INDEED have GATEWAYS that the Engineers USE to Tunnel from Point to Point these are Essentially a WORMHOLE.

And so they could be Located like the RED STARS in the above Image and Each Gate can Lead to another or ALL of the others, and so IF the Engineers have a Certain Frequency they USE to Activate a GATE then IF the Humans can Determine and Replicate this Frequency then they could USE the STAR GATES as it were.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphJun-12-2021 7:00 AM

Just a random thought: what if the Engineers looked at their civilization as the top of the creation? By doing that they want to spread and not be on just one planet but through-out the galaxy? Could they have conquered other planets (compare it to the Europeans that came to America) and if so what happened to the indigenous life-forms.

"Had this Civilization been Attacked and Suffered a Bombardment of Black Goo?"

By another one? Maybe there is another sort of civilization out there in the franchise and not just the Engineers and humans? Who knows what that would be but it would fit with the war of the worlds thing. I wouldn't mind another civilization being introduced depending on how it's done but I would prefer if they would expand on the Engineers.

"Had this Civilization ventured out and Discovered something they SHOULD NOT HAVE?"

Humans have tried to domesticate different animals, like how we got dogs. Maybe humans have tried to domesticate other animals where it didn't succeed so maybe that could have happened to the Engineers also? You could get different kind of monsters in the franchise, monsters that we haven't seen before? The thing is to get the Engineers right and make sense of it while having some mystery and not explain everything.

The black goo is interesting, and I don't count David's babbling about it in that viral clip. If it's not in the movie then it hardly counts so it's good that they didn't have that in AC. Don't explain everything and also don't make it all about David because that's crap.

"And so with the Prequels i think some Fans wanted to KNOW more about the Engineers their Culture, History, WHY they Seed Worlds and WHAT other Worlds/Races have they Created."

Yes! Expand the franchise, don't take steps back.

The Fifield Zombie/mutant was lame, probably one of the worst monsters in the franchise. I'm not saying this because it pisses me off, I'm just comparing it to other monsters that we have in the franchise. Zombies should be for zombie-movies, leave them out of the alien-franchise.

"LACKED any kind of Xenomorph Replacement..."

I think that the new monsters made by the goo were interesting, the worst was the Zombie-fifield. The Neomorph was kind of close to the Xeno and if the goo brings Xeno-traits then what if it infects another life-form but it gets less Xeno-traits but still is linked? By doing that there is a link but still something new.

Not interested in seeing 500 Xenos again, give me more about the Engineers and have well-written human characters. Leave David and the focus on androids out of it.

"They seem to NOT be so keen on making Androids the Center Point, but indeed the Rivalry between Human Companies and Factions and Agendas is always INTERESTING."

I would rather have that than anything about androids. Not to say that you can't have androids in it but they are not what it should be about. People have their ideas what the franchise should be about but I'm not interested in the focus on androids because AC did this and it made me disappointed. They need to bring back the unknown and isolation because at least that's what made it work to me. Bring back well-done characters.

"Are the Engineers ONLY found on Planet 4 and LV-223?  (UNLIKELY)"

Hopefully not, that could be a way to expand the franchise but then you got to show how they differ from each-other. If you have Engineers on planet A and B then it is likely that there are differences between them, both how they organize society and also how the planets look like.


MemberDeaconJun-12-2021 9:34 AM

Exactly with this TOPIC i hope to engage people to show that you CAN have other Worlds with ALIENY THINGS... but you also could have Worlds that have NO Real Aliens, well NOT as FAR as anything related to LV-223/Xenomorphs.

With the Engineers Plot you have Potentially Hundreds or Thousands of Worlds, with Many Races, some more Human than others and maybe NOT all of them are Creations of the Engineers at all.

The Engineers Plot really is UNCAPPED POTENTIAL... thats before we even TRY to think about WHO had Created them!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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