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DeaconMember10416 XPMay-04-2021 6:38 AM

For 30 Years we WAITED for ONE of the GREATEST MYSTERIES in Science Fiction to be Answered, then began the Work on the Prequels.

10 Years ago Prometheus was HALF-WAY through its Shooting.

Casting our MINDS back 10 Years ago i would like to ASK what Peoples Thoughts and Ideas or even Dreams about the MAGNIFICENT MYSTERY?

I am talking Regards to HOW you saw/felt about it 10 Years ago, and then IN-LIGHT of the Prequels?

Have the Prequels Changed your Mind as Far as Considering them and what the OUTCOME could be as far as THE EVENTS that lead to our Space Jockey's Fate.

When we go back to 1979 then your left to ASK regarding the Space Jockey the Following.

*WHO was he?

*WHERE was he From?

*WHERE was he Going?

*WHY did he have that Cargo?

I am SURE that with the Prequels Announced then MOST of us would have Expected the Answers to them!

We was also LEFT to WONDER.....

*WHERE did those Eggs come from?

*WHAT was the Derelict doing with them?

Which i think a LOT of Fans may have Expected that we get some ORIGINS to the Xenomorph told.

For some FANS i think they may have Expected the Prequels to give us the FATE of the Space Jockey in addition to those other Questions.

I think its PRETTY OBVIOUS that he had became FOUL of the CARGO his Ship was Carrying!

But for some Fans then THIS was the BIG QUESTION and what they would have Wanted to have seen or got some Answers too.

*HOW did the Space Jockey get Infected with the Cargo?

*WHEN did this Happen?

I am sure that back before 2010 we all had our OWN ideas about WHAT these Answers could be?  And AFTER the announcement of the Prequel (that then became Prometheus) i am sure we had Expectations to Eventually get those Questions Answered!

So WHAT was your Ideas back before 2010?

WHAT was your Dream about HOW these would be Answered?

And Considering the Prequels then HOW have they Affected what you THINK the Answers would NOW become?

Unfortunately it seems we may NEVER get those Answers, maybe NOT for a LONG TIME.... and in Hindsight!!!

Maybe it should have Remained the Magnificent Mystery!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017



DeaconMember10416 XPMay-05-2021 4:19 AM

For me while i FOUND the Space Jockey Scene Iconic when i was younger it was the ALIEN that i was interested in Finding more about in a Sequel, when that Sequel came i was fond of ALIENS and i never really Questioned much about the Space Jockey, until after Alien 3 when we had Closure to Ripley and i assumed the Xenomorph.

I thought about so WHERE NEXT and i was hopeful that the Franchise could Continue even though LV-426 seemed GONE and Ripley was GONE.  And i then often thought about the Derelict and those Eggs and wondered if we would EVENTUALLY discover HOW those Eggs got on that Ship and WHY.

In 1995 i was indeed Drawn to Consider the Space Jockey had OBTAINED the Xenomorph from some Place and had FALLEN FOUL to the Cargo.

About 1997/98 i had came Across a Magazine from a Friend about ALIEN and it allowed me to LOOK at the Space Jockey SET in more Detail and it even had HR Gigers Concept Work........  I had before Noticed that the Xenomorph Hive was similar to the Derelict Aesthetic but it was ONLY after that Magazine it STOOD OUT that there was a Connection.

It made me Question to HOW there was a Connection and to me that LEFT me to Consider...

a) The Space Jockey must be using the Xenomorph Genetics to Build its Ships and use them as a Weapon.

b) The Space Jockey build their Ships and they Created the Xenomorph using their Bio-Mechanical Technology/Ways.

With NEWS of another ALIEN Movie i was at this Point Excited to see WHAT it would be about and Expected maybe we could GO TO the place WHERE the Xenomorph or Space Jockey came from........................

After Alien Resurrection and looking at HOW the Xenomorph DNA had affected Ripley and the Hybrid Mutations etc, it made me YEARN to Find out more about their ORIGINS and the Space Jockey as at this Point i was DRAWN to Conclude.

*The Space Jockey Race created the Xenomorph as a Weapon for some Conflict and it had became INFECTED with its own Payload/Cargo.   I was NEVER 100% sure as to HOW this could have Happened, this was a Mystery in itself (i suspected that ONE of the Face Huggers got Loose).

With the ADVENT of DVD and Internet Access (to more people) in 2001 i became Very Interested in the Space Jockey and more so than the Xenomorph, i had LONGED for maybe getting to see them and Answers one DAYDuring the 2001-2003 Period i was DRAWN to the same CONCLUSION as i Mentioned Prior...

I was HOPEFUL we would get some Answers... but we got AVP.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-05-2021 4:43 AM

Then along came the Prequel Announcement, and i was Excited and i EXPECTED that the Prequels would show us that the Space Jockey had either (i had studied HR Gigers Concepts a LOT by Now).

*The Space Jockey Created the Xenomorph and the Derelict using some Advanced Bio-Mechanical Technology for USE as a Weapon in some UNKNOWN Conflict.

*The Space Jockey had encountered the Xenomorph or related Organism and Engineered their Technology from it and maybe tried to USE it as a Weapon or Engineered a Weapon from it.

The SPACE JOCKEY had Fallen Foul to the Weapon for some Reason, but i Questioned as to HOW?  But as FAR as WHEN it seemed it had to be Thousands of Years ago.

When Prometheus Arrived i was NOT really Shocked or Disappointed about the Engineers, it FITTED with the Concept work of HR Giger... if i am to ONLY touch on the Connection to the CARGO....

To me i found that Prometheus had enough Clues for me to Conclude... that either.

*The Engineers had Created Advanced Bio-Mechanics and using their Creation Goo they had Carried out Experiments and that the Xenomorph was a RESULT of these Experiments or a Accidental Outcome after the OUTBREAK.

*The Engineers encountered some Ancient Organism that they had used their Creation Goo on Obtaining its Traits to both Create the Xenomorph but also their Bio-Mechanical Technology.

And so i was Leaning towards that there was a Precursor to the Xenomorph and Deacon and the Engineers had began to Engineer/Experiment with this and USE it as a Weapon, and that the Xenomorph was either ONE of the Completed Weapons or something had Happened to Spawn what became the Eggs on LV-426.  I felt more inclined to think the Space Jockey event was AFTER the Outbreak... but maybe it could have been JUST before it.

The Chest Burst Holes in the Dead Engineers in Cryo-sleep had Interested me, and the Hammerpede and i was DRAWN to Consider that the Hammerpedes could be the Precursor to the Xenomorph.

The Space Jockey awakened to go on his Mission only his Cargo was NOT what was Expected.... it had became INFECTED.

When we got to ALIEN COVENANT then that does Change things a LOT.... there are some Inconsistencies but i expect we are to OVERLOOK them.

I have NO doubts at this Point that David had taken the Engineers Attempts of creating Horrific Weapons and he had EVOLVED IT, i do think that AC has SET-UP that those Colonist and Embryos will became WHAT we see as those EGGS on the Derelict.... 

We are just WAITING for WHEN/HOW they get Created, and then for a ENGINEER SHIP with Engineers to come into Play and EVENTUALLY we get to either.

*The Derelict and Pilot is Heading to LV-223 with something to Experiment with but ONLY gets as FAR as LV-426 before becoming Infected and has to Quarantine the Cargo on LV-426.

*The Horrors of David make it to LV-223 where they are EVOLVED to become those Eggs, and the Derelict is in the Process of leaving to UNLEASH those Eggs but the Pilot is Infected and has to Quarantine the Cargo on LV-426.

I am Currently Drawn to the 2nd OPTION but its OPEN as to WHO would make the FINAL EVOLUTION to the Xenomorph from Alien Covenant and to WHO is the Pilot and HOW they get Infected.

I maybe could be OPEN to the Space Jockey being some kind of Savior to the Original Plans of WHOEVER would make the FINAL UPGRADE to the Xenomorph.  But maybe he was ONLY saving his OWN Species?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember666 XPMay-05-2021 5:06 AM

 b) The Space Jockey build their Ships and they Created the Xenomorph using their Bio-Mechanical Technology/Ways.


Yes. It would be very interesting to explore. 

Before Prometheus, I imagined the Space Jockey world as a very disturbing place. Dark sky with clouds and endless rains. Huge, oppressive cities and buildings. Complicated interlacing of pipes and brutal mechanisms. The place where the buildings merged with life forms and even landscape.

In any case, I never thought about the Stone Age caves and fairy tale forest. xD

Local inhabitants could also be grown as machines. Most of them have no need to go somewhere or have leisure - they are machines for one work. Like a Space Jockey - just a pilot, who will forever merged with a chair and the ship.

Of course I did not think about ordinary humanoids. But if I thought, then definitely not that they would wear ordinary cloaks like in Lord of the Rings. xD

Aliens could be a form of bioweapon against another civilization or even byproduct / parasites / biomechanical mold of the Space Jockey's civilization.


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-05-2021 5:23 AM

Certainly ;)

I think while the Decision with the Engineers Plot/Creators had opened up the Franchise, it had became a bit LESS ALIEN and Surreal.

Until i saw the Concept work by HR Giger in the late 90's i also saw that the Space Jockey was FUSED to their Chair, i was NOT sure it was a Skeleton but Certainly saw it as Bio-Mechanical like the Xenomorph itself.

The Derelict/Space Jockey seemed VERY ALIEN....

I think they could have Expanded back in History and FITTED with the Themes of Creator, Creation and Rebellion by Introducing the Engineers Creation or WHY they are Needed as Slaves to another Species....

Bring back the STARBEAST ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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