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So I am ranking all the Alien movies

So I am ranking all the Alien movies

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Kamoebas V.6

FacehuggerMember267 XPMar-17-2021 2:30 AM

My list will be below this comment and you can also rank them in the replies.I will be ranking then from worst to best from 6 to 1.Not including AVP.

6.Alien Ressurection

I felt like it ruined the whole Ripley character and instead of horror or anything it else it's just "COMEDY"

5.Alien covenant

Trash movie,went out of the theaters with a dislike like bruh,it messes up most of the lore im my opinion,the CGI is kinda bad if it's not the Protomorph or Neomorph.


Good movie,enjoyed it but i find it very lacking in practical effects and the infectees look like zombies which does not work for the franchise itself.

3.Alien 3

It's really good and the Runner Alien is a great addition to the franchise,some of the characters are memorable and the ending scene is very well done with Ripley sacrificing herself.


Classic and amazing movie,the best horror movie as i might say,all of the characters are memorable,amazing effects,Xeno was to scary for 7 yr old me,and Jonesy the cat is perfect.


This is what's called a perfect sequel,just as good or better than the 1st movie,it has really good action scenes,the Xenos are just as scary as they were before,the Queen is way scarier than the usual Xeno's,memorable quotes like "Game over man!Game over!" or "Get away from her you *****!",enjoyed this movie so much.

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OvomorphMember11 XPApr-07-2021 7:56 PM

I love this franchise so:

  1. Alien: love this one to death. I would say it is in my top 10/20 of all time

  2. Aliens: Loved it though since I liked the quieter original this has to go 2nd.

  3. Prometheus: People love to hate on it but I love this film. the music is great, the plot is good and the visuals are awesome. I get the complaints around this one, but I don't care the movie would've played out the same. I like them building on the backstory.

  4. Covenant: This one is weird. I like it but I think less than Prometheus which bummed me out a bit. At the same time it sort of let me know that it had become a trilogy about David. I know people don't care but the possible sequel to this movie is one of my most anticipated films. The way it ended I hope it set up some full planet horror hunger games deal and end David in style. I've thought about this too much lol

  5. Alien 3: I hate this one. The ending sequence is I think iconic and it has a lot of other stuff that is visually iconic, but I just don't like it. It is a tie between Resurrection. I like this one's story a bit more.

  6. Alien Resurrection: I saw this one as a kid and I think it was my first theater Alien film or at least the one I recall going to. I like the director a lot and the style of this movie though the story is too cheesy for me to care. I still rewatch it.

happy wheels


OvomorphMember13 XPApr-29-2021 6:29 AM

I don't know why but I personally like Alien 3. I like to see David Fincher's touch in canon. 


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-01-2021 7:55 AM

I will do mine 1-6

1) ALIEN: (9/10) such a Classic, Hard to Fault the Movie at all, it Offered us a Aesthetically Unique Monster and Life-Cycle, As i got OLDER then i was always drawn to the Derelict/Space Jockey (my Favorite Scene of  the Franchise) and Wondering WHO was they?

2) Prometheus: (7/10) The Prequel that had Great Premise i think Visually it was Very Good the Soundtrack too, the PLOT and what it SET-UP....  it was the Mystery and what DOORS that could be Unlocked that made this Movie interesting.  In Spite of some Flawed Characters, and a Disappointment and NOT enough of a Connection to ALIEN in terms of Monsters, taking away TOXIC AVENGER Fifield and ANGRY BOB the Engineers...  Then the ONLY kind of ALIEN Horror/Death we saw as Milburns Space Cobra Petting, and the Engineer getting Face Hugged/Chest Busted...  But there was POTENTIAL in the Plot.

3) ALIENS: (7/10) This was Great when i was Younger, but as i got Older it became Popcorn Fun, but it the PERFECT Popcorn Space/Horror/Action.  To be fair its HARD to Fault but it lacked that Intrigue that ALIEN had.

4) ALIEN 3 (6/10) I used to think this was a Disappointment when i was younger, but as Aliens became more Popcorn with Age, then Alien 3 grew on me.  I think the ALIEN Effects (in Part) was a Step-down from the Previous Installments  it gave a Fitting End to the Saga of Ripley.... a Big Disappointment was so WHERE do we go NOW?   I think had Hicks Survived then the ENDING would have worked better as we would FEEL his LOSS and then you could see he would VOW to NEVER let this Happen Again (Company get a Xenomorph and Ripleys Sacrifice be in Vain) and so the Torch could have been Passed.

5/6 i cant Decide....

5) ALIEN COVENANT: (4/10) I Felt this was NOT the Best way to have Continued with the Prequels but i UNDERSTAND as to WHY it was made, i actually GET the idea of the Creator Plot, i just think it threw away the Engineers and Dr Shaw under the Bus so we can introduce more HUMANS.. the Characters i could not Connect with much, the Movie just had so much to FIT in a Short Space so Short Cuts where Made and we NEVER had enough Screen Time for the Xenomorph and so it was RUSHED. It was Interesting to see the Engineers World, while we NEVER saw enough, it left me with some Mystery and Questions. I also felt the was Potential Still but that such Potential would NOT sit well with many so its Disappointing we may NEVER know what Happens Next.

6) Alien Resurrection: (4/10) I was Disappointed with this Movie it was kinda like a Run out of Ideas/Panic... how do we get Ripley back in a PLOT that made Little Sense in Execution (Clone that would Carry a Embryo). It was not Scary at all, the Action was Popcorn and Comical at times... It was Call and WHO the Autons are that Interested me, and WHAT the HELL had became of Earth.  But also the Potential in Ripley 8 DNA if the Company could Capture her, but also Potential in Hybrid Xenomorph DNA and its Applications..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1680 XPMay-24-2021 3:30 AM

We’ve done this thing before but things can change so why not? Here is my list:

1. Alien 3 (both versions): I like how this ended the story of Ripley and it was also nice that it wasn't another marines versus aliens. Newt and Hicks died but this franchise has never been about family and happiness anyways so that was alright. There were enough well-done characters for it to work like Clemens (the doctor), Dillon (the religious leader), and so on. First they distrust Ripley but after a while she becomes the leader kind of. Alien 3 has a good soundtrack. I can understand why some people might dislike it but it's my favorite.

2. Alien: They movie that started it all. I like how they are trapped on a space ship that is small enough and that there is nowhere to escape, I also like that they don't manage to kill the Xeno first, it takes a while. A lot of it is in darkness but there is also some well-lit scenes also mainly in the control room? Parker and Brett are interesting that they are so different and still they work together. Ripley as the final character does a good job and also Cartwright as Lambert in that she is the face of panic and who wouldn't be scared in a situation like that? The scene with the derelict and the SJ is really good and the fairly silent atmosphere adds to that. Even though many has seen the Kane scene I can imagine someone watching it for the first time.

3. Aliens: Maybe it's fair to call this the action movie? I like how it is a different genre compared to Alien. The marines seem kind of confident in the beginning but it goes to crap later. Vasques is my favorite character in this movie still I like her don't take any **** attitude. Hicks works as the silent leader person. Burke is an ******* and works in the context of the movie. I like how this shows a bit more of the company but maybe it wasn’t that necessary to get more information about it in the longer version? Some mystery is needed in a franchise like this.¨

4. Prometheus and Covenant: Prometheus I like the idea about the Engineers, I also like the visuals. Scott is good with how the movie shall look but his ideas for the story are bad. David, and Janek work as characters but I'm not too impressed with the rest. I have seen extra-material from the movie and too many character-scenes are left out, which is a major let-down and makes some of the characters look dumb or not interesting. The new monsters are interesting, I like that they tried something new with this movie even though it doesn't work in general. 2 out of 5

Covenant I like that the planet looks like it has more life, the one in Prometheus looked kind of dead. I like that we saw a bit about the Engineers even though it was too little and I also like that we saw some of their things.

Unfortunately this has the same problem as Prometheus did, most of the characters are lame, I don't understand most of the personality that the characters have they are just blank faces which means that I don't care when they die. At least the characters were not as annoying here as they were in Prometheus. David and Walter are interesting compared to each-other, Oram is interesting as a religious scientist too bad that his death-scene was lame. When Oram died is when I lost interest in the movie. Faris had a fairly small part but I sort of liked her character even though it could have been so much better written and bigger. Seeing Walter and David and how different they were as characters was interesting but the flute-scene where they talk about creation and what ever was too long and too slow, I almost fell asleep at the end of that scene. David as the hinted creator of the Xeno sucks balls.

5. AVP1: I like how it was set somewhere far away on earth, not sure if they would have managed to have it elsewhere on this planet. The isolation works in favor of this movie. Having the predators and Xenos fighting against each-other was an interesting thing. Unfortunately most of the characters except for Lex and Weyland were lame, same as with the prequels. This movie isn't extremely good but it's not a disaster either, I can watch it without feeling embarrassed for the franchise. One thing that I like was the pyramid, that was an interesting setting where you could feel the claustrophobia, a bit of the same feeling as in Alien. A scene that first had a person scared and then we see a penguin was hilarious.

6. AR: Comedy, lame characters not even Ripley was good even though it was kind of interesting with the hybrid Xeno-DNA. The cloning-thing could work in the alien-universe but it didn't here. Unfortunately this is where the franchise started to go downhill. One thing that they got right was the visuals, it looks good but the story and the characters were not. AR got the Xenos wrong, they look like they have dark plastic bags as skin and the newborn looks like crap. A scene a bit into the movie is the underwater-scene, it was good and scary imagine yourself being in that situation. Bad writing got this movie down and it seems from podcasts that I have listened to that Fox messed up on this one.

7. AVPR: Last on the list because it sucks, it is a redundant movie. Random scenes put together without any narrative sense, characters without personality, characters that are just there for one scene and then they are dead. A bad Scream rip-off. The movie is so dark so a lot of the times you don't see a thing. Isn't a point of a movie that we shall be able to watch it? Sorry for being blunt but F this one, it gets 0/10.


OvomorphMember38 XPSep-07-2021 9:30 AM

1) AlienThe second best film I've ever seen (the first is a 1944 film specifically for me) I sometimes think it's the first. The story, the atmosphere, GIGER, Goldsmith's music.The cast. The best scifi of all time

2) Prometheus+Covenant combined. For showing what bizarreness can be invented. Hundreds of light years. May be thousands behind Alien.

3) Alien 3 director's cut. Admittedly boring and the setting sucks. The characters are useless. But on the plus side, it's not space Vietnam/Afghanistan.
4) Alien Ressurection. It's amazing how anyone can create such nonsense. At least I laughed at times and Alien/Ripley was hardcore.

5) Aliens. The worst nonsense. A mix of Vietnam War/Afghanistan (whatever) and Staship Troopers. Mind you, ST is a good movie I just care that they made Alien a bugs The best scifi of all time

2) Prometheus+Covenant combined. For showing what bizarreness can be invented. Hundreds of self-inflicted years behind Alien.

3) Alien 3 director's cut. Admittedly boring and the setting sucks. The characters are useless. But on the plus side, it's not space Vietnam/Afghanistan.
4) Alien Ressurection. It's amazing how anyone can create such nonsense. At least I laughed at times and Alien/Ripley was hardcore.

5) Aliens. The worst nonsense. A mix of Vietnam War/Afghanistan (whatever) and Staship Troopers. Mind you, ST is a fun movie I just care that they made Alien a bug.All that was missing was the wedding and the adoption of Newt. The priest could have been the queen. Or the rest of the androids. I've forgotten his name, just like I'm trying to forget the stupidity. 

btw AvP 1 is better than all Alien sequels. Its fun. 

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