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So I am ranking all the Alien movies

So I am ranking all the Alien movies

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Kamoebas V.6

Member120 XPMar-17-2021 2:30 AM

My list will be below this comment and you can also rank them in the replies.I will be ranking then from worst to best from 6 to 1.Not including AVP.

6.Alien Ressurection

I felt like it ruined the whole Ripley character and instead of horror or anything it else it's just "COMEDY"

5.Alien covenant

Trash movie,went out of the theaters with a dislike like bruh,it messes up most of the lore im my opinion,the CGI is kinda bad if it's not the Protomorph or Neomorph.


Good movie,enjoyed it but i find it very lacking in practical effects and the infectees look like zombies which does not work for the franchise itself.

3.Alien 3

It's really good and the Runner Alien is a great addition to the franchise,some of the characters are memorable and the ending scene is very well done with Ripley sacrificing herself.


Classic and amazing movie,the best horror movie as i might say,all of the characters are memorable,amazing effects,Xeno was to scary for 7 yr old me,and Jonesy the cat is perfect.


This is what's called a perfect sequel,just as good or better than the 1st movie,it has really good action scenes,the Xenos are just as scary as they were before,the Queen is way scarier than the usual Xeno's,memorable quotes like "Game over man!Game over!" or "Get away from her you bitch!",enjoyed this movie so much.

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Member11 XPApr-07-2021 7:56 PM

I love this franchise so:

  1. Alien: love this one to death. I would say it is in my top 10/20 of all time

  2. Aliens: Loved it though since I liked the quieter original this has to go 2nd.

  3. Prometheus: People love to hate on it but I love this film. the music is great, the plot is good and the visuals are awesome. I get the complaints around this one, but I don't care the movie would've played out the same. I like them building on the backstory.

  4. Covenant: This one is weird. I like it but I think less than Prometheus which bummed me out a bit. At the same time it sort of let me know that it had become a trilogy about David. I know people don't care but the possible sequel to this movie is one of my most anticipated films. The way it ended I hope it set up some full planet horror hunger games deal and end David in style. I've thought about this too much lol

  5. Alien 3: I hate this one. The ending sequence is I think iconic and it has a lot of other stuff that is visually iconic, but I just don't like it. It is a tie between Resurrection. I like this one's story a bit more.

  6. Alien Resurrection: I saw this one as a kid and I think it was my first theater Alien film or at least the one I recall going to. I like the director a lot and the style of this movie though the story is too cheesy for me to care. I still rewatch it.

happy wheels

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