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Aliens and  Die Hard

Aliens and Die Hard

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PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-18-2020 11:52 PM

So I was watching Die Hard earlier (because it's a Christmas movie you know) and just as soon as Karl makes his very slasher villain "Hey I'm not dead yet" moment, music kicks in that sounds distinctly Aliens. And guess what? It is.

Its an unused piece from Aliens score not used in the movie but still found on the ost. I knew it wasn't in the movie because I couldn't actually place but I knew I heard it. First I thought maybe it was left over from The Wrath of Khan or maybe The Search for Spock, both composed by James Horner, but it turns out I knew it from listening to the Aliens ost. And yes I'm aware I'm hardly breaking any new ground here lol, but since its the holidays I thought I point out to those who don't know a beloved Christmas classic has ties to Aliens. Happy Holidays guys.

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PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-19-2020 12:27 AM

Here's the scene as well as the original music btw 

Music begins at about 2:05

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPDec-19-2020 12:53 AM

Very good ear, and I hear what you post and mean I think. 

Honestly, I tend to ignore good scores since they usually immerse with everything else. It's a package deal and I love it when all those elements match up. I notice the impact of a score when it is absent.

I am pretty sure some of these pieces can be discussed among alert and astute fans, and that is fantastic! Carry on!

Bruce would be awesome to see in an extremely subtle and obscure way even if a voice on a radio announcement, for an Alien show.




PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-19-2020 4:41 AM

I can definitely maybe see him as hardened old Colonial marine lol.

And yeah the music was a rather fun and unexpected fine. I sat with that piece in my head for a couple hours before I looked it up. I guess John Mctiernan didn't like Michael Kamen's composition for that scene and borrowed from James Horner. It works since both were Fox movies. 

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PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-19-2020 4:46 AM

While I'm at I want to weave in a little fun fact. John Mctiernan directed Predator the year before. Fun but unlikely precursor to AVP lol.

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XenomorphMember1310 XPDec-19-2020 6:01 AM

Wow! Nice catch. Love to hear Kamen's original piece for the scene.


DeaconMember10358 XPDec-19-2020 6:35 AM

Nice Catch...  also Love the Banner Image ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-19-2020 8:05 PM

 I dig it too lol.

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NeomorphMember1655 XPDec-26-2020 8:50 AM

Renny Harlin directed a Die Hard-movie

He was also involved with Alien 3 for a while.

You can read more about his involvement in Alien 3 here:

Hopefully it is a good page.

You can probably watch him comment on Alien 3 if there is a do***entary on the making of the movie.


PraetorianMember3073 XPDec-26-2020 11:24 PM

Yep. He's interviewed on Alien 3 's quadrilogy special features. If I remember right he walked from the movie because the producers were pushing for the prison setting. I forgot he did Die Hard 2, thanks for reminding me Thoughts_Dreams.

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NeomorphMember1655 XPJan-16-2021 3:26 AM

You're very welcome ninXeno426. I love to read things about the Alien movies, like how they found the guy to play the role of the Xeno in Alien and his involvement in it, for example. His name was Bolaji Badejo, I had to look it up which is a pity since I remember the names of the rest of the actors in it. What is interesting is that he only did one movie, but what a movie to be in if it is the only one that you will do.

Another interesting thing is how Giger was treated when it came to his involvement in Alien 3. You can probably also write about how Weaver's role in the production of the movies changed the more they did. There are so many details in the evolvement of the franchise that you can write about from different perspectives.


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-16-2021 5:00 AM

You're just like me lol. I watch the behind the scenes on the movies on a regular basis. I never forget Bolaji Badejo's name thanks to a simple detail in Alien Isolation, the cigarette brand in game is named after him. And he said exactly that, something like "I got to be the Alien. It doesn't get much better than that."

Giger got screwed out of 3 because well Alien 3 was troubled to say the least lol. I like to think his original inner jaw concept was used for Sil in Species.

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