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Your Alien like to dislike ratio

Your Alien like to dislike ratio

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Dec-10-2020 3:45 PM

Alright so I'm going to use this duplicate thread for a quick throw away topic because why not?

I've been making this useless argument that Alien is a tough series to revive because most of us only like 2 or maybe even one Alien film total. I don't know many people at all who even like three movies. I personally like 5 out of 7 (I am a unicorn as well as a connoisseur of crap lol). How does your like to dislike ratio hold up? This may not be terribly different from a ranking which I did nearly 4 years ago (wow when you put it that way).

Let's just have some quick and hopefully not to heated fun.

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20 Responses to Your Alien like to dislike ratio


Dec-15-2020 4:47 AM

Quick and shameless bump because it was buried.

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Dec-15-2020 1:41 PM

I like the Quadrilogy warts and all. The prequels, not enough to re watch. So I guess my ratio is 4:6. (get it, 4:6 lol).


Dec-15-2020 3:41 PM

I like Darkstar (I consider it Alien 0), Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 (I like many of its concepts but didn't like the overall story ), AVPR (somewhat, I like it better than AVP'04), Prometheus, and Alien Covenant


Dec-15-2020 4:02 PM

Gotta correct myself. 6 out of 8 lol (I'm an idiot and miscounted)

I like the quadrilogy and the prequels. The AVP's not so much. It's been just about 4 years since I last watched Requiem which I only slightly like better than AVP thanks to Wolf Predator. But it's so bad it makes the worst Friday the 13th's look like masterpieces lol. About 3 and a half years since I watched AVP. That one I just find dull.

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Dec-15-2020 5:07 PM

AVP is decent. AVPR is one of the worst movies ever made. There are no two ways about it.

My ratio was the quadrilogy and official prequels.


Dec-16-2020 2:42 PM

It think it depends on if we are looking at LIKE, or Really Like or Dont Mind ;)

And i HATE ALIENS!!! Joke... it has Grown Less on me, over the Years, while ALIEN 3 has Grown on me... about 20 Years ago i thought Aliens was Great and Alien 3 and Alien R kinda Sucked!

I gonna have to say for me its maybe 3/6, but then the maybe it could be 4/6....  Not Inc the AVP Movies if i did add them then AVP has NOT Quite done enough for me to make it a 4/5 out of the 8.

I i was put on the Spot i would have this Order...

ALIEN, ALIENS, Prometheus, Alien 3, (Alien Covenant, Alien Resurrection and AVP kinda Tied i cant think which Order Next) and thats it... what you mean there was ONE i have MissedLOL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-16-2020 5:42 PM

Let's try again. I already sent this but my connection dropped and now I'm looking at a small comment box and a white scified background lol.

The only time I loved AVP was when I was 14 and I saw it opening weekend in theaters. It came out in time for my 15th birthday and good god I remember being so bored and yawning through most of it lol. I've had it on DVD for almost 16 years and have watched it probably 4 maybe 5 times since. I've watched Covenant that many times in 3 and a half years. Covenant has it's fare share of weaknesses but I manage to enjoy it. Only time I didn't really enjoy it was when I saw it in theaters. In AVP's defense, the last time I watched was the least I hated it since I first saw it. Perhaps it's a grower?

Requiem I last watched about four years ago. Actually right around the time I joined which was shortly after Christmas 2016, right after the Covenant trailer dropped. I watched it with my sister and we had a blast tearing it apart lmao. It's only really good for an ironic viewing lol.

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Dec-16-2020 5:42 PM

Duplicate post, my signal sucks today

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Dec-16-2020 7:19 PM

I wouldn't waste time watching AVPR just to rip it apart unless it received the MST3K treatment. For a 90 ish minute movie, I could see at least 10 good shorts from DUST or Omeleto in that time allotment.


Dec-16-2020 7:35 PM

Right. Can't say I plan on watching Requiem (or AVP for that matter) anytime in the foreseeable future. They're right there with Colonial Marines in my "I'm done with you" pile.

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Dec-16-2020 8:59 PM

It is nice to see some levity around here again. 


Dec-17-2020 1:35 AM

Gotten rather serious 'round here lately?

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Dec-17-2020 3:06 AM

1, 2, and 3 are good but then it became too much about the look and having creatures and less about the humans. Even though the prequels are alright in general they suffer the same thing, interesting stories but mostly lame characters. Alien Covenant became too much about the androids and had mostly poorly done characters and therefore failed. If I would only have to pick one favorite it would be Alien 3.

My list is like this

1. Alien 3 (the assembly cut is my favorite and then the theatrical)

2. Alien

3. Aliens

4. Prometheus and Alien Covenant to the same degree. Prometheus looks better but the characters are better in Covenant. Both movies fail with characters

5. AR

6. AVP

7. AVPR - Alien Versus Poop Rising

AVPR is so bad it doesn't even have a story. It has some random scenes put together in whatever order for about 90 minutes. What an absolute stinker. Prometheus and Covenant are kind of equal in quality, unfortunately, but are masterpieces compared to AVPR. There are probably fan-edits that make them better.

BD: Prometheus better than Alien 3? Why? Having different opinions is fine, I just wonder why you put it before Alien 3 because to me it doesn't even come close. I mostly watch the assembly cut, it's better.


Dec-17-2020 4:43 AM

I had this weird observation that AVP:R is just a weird remake of Resident Evil Apocalypse which itself is a mediocre movie. But again that shit is like 28 Days Later when compared to Requiem lol.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Dec-17-2020 4:45 AM

And same with the Assembly cut of Alien 3. I think the last time I saw the theatrical version of 3 it was either on TV or vhs lol. I feel old now

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Dec-17-2020 6:15 AM

"Prometheus better than Alien 3? Why?"

As Dr Shaw would say "because its what i choose to believe"

I loved the Score, and Visually it was Wonderful, i liked the PLOT.... but the Execution was Flawed but i liked it for its Potential.  The Characters could have been better.

With Alien 3 it had grown on me, Visually its not that Great, but it does have some Solid Characters, and its a Fitting END to the Saga of Ripley with her Sacrifice.

Like with ALIENS its Now kinda Popcorn... but Visually its Great, it does indicate more of a agenda and Intelligence to the Xenomorph a bit compared to ALIEN.

As far as Sci-Fi Action Popcorn then ALIENS i think is the Pinnacle it is WELL EXECUTED and while its a 8/10 from me.. instead of 9/10 its still a Movie that i like... i Prefer ALIEN as it had the ENIGMA of WHO was that Pilot etc.

Alien R i do like HOW it tried something a Bit Different but the Execution was NOT so Good and well the Characters for the Most Part you just Never Connected... to me CALL was the ONLY real Interesting Character.... Ripley 8 to a degree.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-17-2020 6:32 PM

I always loved 3's visual style. Just Dark and nasty...I love it.

I also love Resurrection's cast for the most part. They may not have much depth but they had personality

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Dec-19-2020 2:32 AM

dk I'm going to have to disagree with you on AVP'04, Its a terrible movie no matter what. AVPR did AVP justice by killing off the AVP movie series which allowed stand-alone alien and predator movies to be made because befre then Fox was only wanting to make more AVPs which I was not a fan of because:

1. Paul W S Anderson was at the helm of the first movie which he butchered alot of the original lore for his own homebrew lore.

2. Present day Earth as a setting

3. Paul W S Anderson butchered the comic's lore and made a mess of it in the movie. Originally in the comics the Predators think the Humans are the ultimate prey, not the xenomorphs. In the movie the predators think its the xenomorphs. By comparison the xenomorphs aren't as dangerious as humans, because humans rival the yaut'ja on an intellectual level because we have access to space travel and can use the Predator's own weapons against them while the xenomorphs have the intellect and behavior of a baboon.


Dec-19-2020 6:48 AM


Yeah the Present Day setting BUGGED me... i think if we had it in say 2150-2250 Time-Line and we had Explorers go to a World/Moon where they Detected some Ancient Pyramid that resembled some on Earth with Hieroglyphs indicating and then Flash Back showing that the Predators had Visited us in the Past to take us to this PYRAMID on a Far Away World.

such a Plot could have been the same to a Degree as Prometheus but released YEARS prior.. it could have Worked.

Where the AIM was so we are Sacrificed so the Predators can have their Ultimate Hunt... then i think the MOVIE would have worked better and had more Scope for Sequels.

But to ignore that it is a Decent Popcorn Action Horror.

I think that IF it is DONE RIGHT then a AVP Reboot could be something they get more Success with than Stand Alone with ALIEN and PREDATOR   Both those Franchises have Suffered with their Last Movies and are in a Bit of  Pickle to Continue.. (does not mean they are Finished). But ONE more Bad Apple and they could be in the same Situation as the Terminator Franchise.

The AVP Series a lot of us take as Alternative and are Disappointed it DOES-NOT go with the Video Game/Comics Universe...  and so this could be Considered something thats FUN and Popcorn that would be to Disneys liking like the Marvel Series.

And so a Reboot could be something that could WORK?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-22-2020 1:29 PM


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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