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MemberPraetorianNov-28-2020 10:55 PM

Hey all, been a while. So last week I woke up and starting through Bloody Disgusting and was surprised as hell to see a new predator film revealed a little over two years after The Predator turned out to be an epic failure (I've yet to see it).

Obviously y'all know about this by now and though I eventually learned this film was in the works well before The Predator was released, but it made me curious. There's so much mumbling about Alien yet Predator is the first at bat. I'm wondering if Disney (ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!) is using the less valuable franchise as a test before they gamble on Alien.

Part of me really just wants these franchises to rest if I'm being honest. Alien, Predator, Terminator etc....they have all been through the ringer. Why don't they realize this? On one hand thanks to the pandemic theater going is just about obsolete, so maybe Predator and Alien could have a life on the small screen. After all these are niche franchises that don't have the same appeal as Marvel, DC, 007, Star Wars etc. Maybe Covid killed theaters just in time to give these sagging series another go at life on the small screen. What do y'all make of this?

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MemberTrilobiteNov-29-2020 9:20 PM

ninXeno426 Welcome back. Since you were gone, little has changed about what direction the Alien franchise should go among forum members. We all have different preferences but most seem to think the franchise still has potential. People seem more receptive to the idea of a streaming series since other shows have seen success. A lot of people don't like to hear the words Raised by Wolves, so I won't mention it. 

I think you would be safe skipping the last Predator movie. There was a lot of anticipation and some good parts to it, but just din't deliver the goods imo. AVP was a better movie.


MemberPraetorianNov-29-2020 10:11 PM

Glad to be back, Thanks dk. I spend some time in Alien Theory's Discord server and a huge majority of that group want to see some of the old comics adapted, namely The Earth War trilogy. I keep saying nah that's kinda boring turning comics as old as me into a movie lol. But maybe a series off those wouldn't be a terrible idea? I still would prefer a fresh plot though. They're all pretty adamant that they don't want a retread of Alien, which I can't say I blame them because under Disney that's what Star Wars mostly turned out to be.

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MemberPraetorianNov-29-2020 10:14 PM

 I wanted to watch Raised By Wolves lol. But I did hear Ridley got really Ridley on it. Made me think back to a whole bunch of convo's here where everyone was rather upset that he abandoned his original Prometheus vision in Covenant. Made me think "I wonder what they make of this lol"...guess I got my answer.

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MemberTrilobiteNov-29-2020 11:16 PM

I only saw the first 2 or 3 episodes of RBW since it was free. I liked it. Lots of people dislike it seemingly due to the vibes of Alien and even BR. OK, Fine. I get it and feel it too, but I like what I saw when I viewed it as a stand alone show on it's own merits. Haters will hate. 


MemberPraetorianNov-29-2020 11:23 PM

Its still on my radar. If listened to everyone I wouldn't like nearly as much as I do. I got a video in my Yt watch later about the apparent Alien connection to Raised by Wolves. Looks like something resembling a hammerpede appeared on the show

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MemberChestbursterNov-30-2020 2:42 AM

I think the next Alien film should be like Infinity War. Furious Engineers attack the Earth with a pathogen and xenomorphs. Only a group of colonial marines can fight back. You can even connect the Predators - they will infiltrate the motherships of the Engineers and will fight the Queens! And at the end, the Space Jockey will arrive with a new biological weapon - ultramorphs. And only a squad of Autons can stop him. The film will also feature epic space battles with handreds of ships with lazers and rockets.


MemberDeaconNov-30-2020 6:45 AM

I think with Predator it has that KIDDY Friendly Cool Factor!

You can TONE DOWN the Blood/Guts from the Predator Franchise and still have the Uber Cool Hunters going around KICKING ASS and so it would FIT very much in line with the ACTION that you would see in a STAR WARS or the Marvel Universe.

With the Xenomorph then the GORE was kind of Part of the Parcel with the Beast.   If you took out the Chest Bursting and Toned down the Gore of the Killings, then you STRIP away a lot of the Xenomorph and leave NOT so much left.

This is maybe WHY they are going for a Predator Movie as they can TONE down the Gore and Blood so that they can PUSH it for 12-13 Year Olds and still make a Decent ACTION Flick.

I think DISNEY would look to Exploit the Market to get on board the 10-15 Year Olds for a Greater Market Share than to Restrict the Franchises to 15+

I think they also would Abandon any kind of Thought Provoking Elements, it would be about Effects, Action and Explosions.....

I think such Restrictions/Attitude does-not LIMIT the Predator Franchise as much as it would the ALIEN Franchise.

While it WONT be my Cup of Tea... i think what LETO has Suggested would be more likely how Disney would continue with a ALIEN Franchise... it would be more Marvel/Comic like than what a ALIEN or Prometheus was.

But its about what would make more $$$$ and Appeal to a Younger and Greater Numbers Generation... and the Comics and Video Games take on the Franchise (especially like AVP) is something that really Appeals and SELLS!

I think something of a Cosmic Horror with elements we see from Blade Runner and Prometheus with some Dark and Lovecraftian Themes are NOT the Direction that DISNEY would take.

I see maybe a ALIEN Franchise that would be aimed at the 13+ or 15 Year Olds and so a HARD R or Cert 18 is something i dont think the ALIEN Franchise would become...    a lot would be Sacrificed to DRIVE a Action and Special Effects FEST... that can be Marketed to a Generation of 12-18 Year Olds and OLDER rather than say a 15+

This could be the way to go.... as well i think if you showed the WHOLE Franchise to say 13-40 Year Olds in the General i think they would feel that Movies like ALIENS, and AVP and to a extent Alien R would appeal more... due to the Action Orientated Nature of them compared to say a Prometheus, Alien 3 and Alien Covenant.

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MemberDeaconNov-30-2020 6:59 AM

I think if we look at the Infinity War idea which you could wonder what was RS plans when he said WAR OF THE WORLDS...

I think the PROBLEM we Face is Respect and to NOT cause any Conflict with the Franchise... so it gets TRICKY to Pull Off depending on WHAT we class as Canon!

But i think if we look at the ALIEN Franchise beyond the Restraints of the Franchise and look at what Prometheus has OPENED UP then you DONT have to Contradict the Franchise.

STAR WARS is set in a Galaxy FAR FAR away and for all we know the Humans etc in that Franchise are speaking ENGLISH just for our Convenience!

Battle Star Galactic and Caprica show us that their are more Human Colonies in the Galaxy than Earth...

And so the PLOT of Prometheus does OPEN UP this as far as going to another Galaxy or a Distant Part of our Galaxy where you can have other HUMANS and Races and Engineers and CONFLICT.

The Ideas i had for Prometheus Sequels, one of them was to go where David and Dr Shaw go.... and they DID-NOT go to our Door Step.......

They went VERY FAR.... like 16'000+ Light Years away!  (Maybe 40'0000+)By the TIME they arrived then ALIEN had already Happened...

They Discovered Humans, Engineers and few other Species... i NEVER got to Finish it.... but the Aftermath and Anger caused by Davids Actions would have UPSET the Engineers...

At this POINT the Aftermath/Retribution would take Place in a Time-Line that is POST that of ALIENS, hey maybe even Alien Resurrection!

If you had Engineers etc coming to Earth say 2250-2350 then it would NOT go and Conflict the Franchise as much.... be better Still if its set say 2400+

Something like this remains a OPTION for them!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconNov-30-2020 7:11 AM

So you see thats a VAST area to Expand to, where you may not be Restrained by the Franchise Limitations and Conflicts.

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MemberPraetorianNov-30-2020 1:15 PM

Well one thing they have said so far is the new Predator will indeed be R rated, but just how R rated is the real question. The big apocalyptic scenarios is why I've rebelled against some of the guys on discord for their want of The Earth War trilogy to be adapted. Things don't need to be so damn big with a $200 million + budget. They also have a preference to see a Colonial Marine story to which I also said no. Aliens is my favorite movie...but there have been so many Marine centric stories in games, books, and comics that the idea just comes off as uninspired. But it's a highly likely route that Disney would follow.

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MemberDeaconNov-30-2020 4:19 PM

Totally agree..... you run the RISK of Conflict if you go the WHOLE.... Invasion of Earth Plot!

It would be Interesting to see DISNEY go and make a R Rated Predator. I think to do it Justice you only need a UK Cert 15 and whatever the USA Equivalent would be.

Like the AVP Movie that is HARD enough to Pull Off a Predator Movie... just like Predators..... I felt that The Predator had some Interesting Ideas and Concepts.

The Execution was POOR... with some Silly Stuff!

The Pred Killer Suit... and also that the Cloak is Basically just a Little Ball are STUPID

The revelation of Genetically Engineered Super Predators and their Species going to Worlds to take Traits from Various Species and conduct Genetic Experiments are INTERESTING.

I do think that DISNEY could gain some Success with a REBOOT of the AVP Franchise and give us something more Closer to the Video Games..  i think that this could be WORTH a Punt!

Regarding the ALIEN Franchise i think that the PLOT of Prometheus had OPENED UP a lot of Potential... that Sadly i cant see that we would see again!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterDec-01-2020 12:46 AM


You are making two big logical mistakes:

1) you are looking from a fan's perspective. Most viewers are not fans, but just casual viewers. What is boring for you, can attract a lot of viewers.

2) games, comics, ect. - a fanservice for fans. This is additional material for those who love the franchise. The probability that a random player or reader interested in them - low. Thus, we return to point 1. For most viewers, there isn't any bored or worn out colonial marines or any other themes. All looks fresh.

On the contrary - guys with the smartguns versus scary monsters - sounds fun! Sounds like you would like to spend a weekend with your friends!

You have to understand that what bored the fan might be a breath of fresh air for the casual viewer.


MemberTrilobiteDec-01-2020 2:43 AM

The last movie fell flat. I would like to see Disney take a risk and go dark. Go back to the basics but without doing a re boot and lose the campy over the top humor. I doubt Disney has any real interest. They probably just like to own the rights and gloat while spewing out comic book hero action movie re treads.


MemberPraetorianDec-01-2020 4:44 AM

Agreed with that dk. Alien is exhausted mostly. I'm probably among the few who enjoyed Covenant for what it was but admit it wasn't the best direction for the series.


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MemberPraetorianDec-01-2020 5:06 AM

Leto I'll continue to respectfully disagree. Going bigger and action packed doesn't guarantee success. Even Star Wars is having a hard time maintaining relevance, and were it not for The Mandalorian (probably the best Star Wars made in my almost 31 years) I'd say Star Wars would be dead. Alien isn't Star Wars levels of popular. It's just unwise to make a  large scale film when audiences will likely shrug it off and see Marvel, DC, or Fast and Furious. 

To justify making a big budget Alien Film, it'd have to make IT numbers (over $700 million world wide) or JOKER numbers (over a billion dollars).Both of those had $50 million budgets and Joker was quite the gamble and only ok'd by it's small for comic book movie budget,WB had no faith in this small character based approach. And IT Chapter 2 had a drastic drop from it's predecessor at the box office making about 300 million less. Those were two proven properties. Alien's box office days are behind it. Again back on discord I was trying to tell some of those guys that Alien has always been more niche than anything after they said Covenant killed any box office for the series. While that's partially's worth noting Alien 3, Resurrection, both AVP's and Prometheus were all considered financial disappointments as well. 

I'm going to use Terminator as my poster boy here. The past 4 films have all had huge budgets. Each film was less successful than the last. Dark Fate fell so hard at the box office that it guaranteed we won't see Terminator any time soon. Terminator has almost consistently been more successful than Alien and is dead now. Even what's considered the worst Terminator, Genisys, was more successful than the highest grossing Alien which is Prometheus. If we can't get audiences to see Terminator and even Star Wars...then a big budget Alien is an even harder sell.

My opinion is Alien goes smaller in the vein of Halloween 2018. It'd be Better for the series. Give audiences a reason to be scared again. If they want generic action they can go see Marvel or Fast and Furious.

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MemberPraetorianDec-01-2020 5:17 AM

My rant there is precisely why I created this topic lol. Taking Alien to streaming, be it movie or series, can allow for smaller weirder and darker stories to exist. I quite like what little Noah Hawley was able to tell us about his Alien series for FX. It was killed by Disney's Fox purchase.

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MemberChestbursterDec-01-2020 5:27 AM

I doubt anyone over their 20s living in the 21st century will in any way be scared of the monster on the screen.

If you don't want popcorn action - how about adventures? Something like cosmic Indiana Jones or Tomb Rider.

Elizabeth Shaw and the cursed egg.

David: The mystery of the land of the Gods.

Ripley and the biomchanical kingdom.


MemberPraetorianDec-02-2020 2:45 AM

I doubt anyone over their 20s living in the 21st century will in any way be scared of the monster on the screen.

I believe Alien Isolation would like to disagree with you. The beast still has power to terrify. If Michael Myers and Pennywise still can after all these years then so can the Alien.

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MemberPraetorianDec-02-2020 2:53 AM

As for your thanks I'll pass. Those are so far removed from Alien I wonder why they'd exist in the first place. Like when Ridley planned on a Ripley movie minus the Alien. Those ideas remind me of the Star Trek reboots: movies purposely engineered for new audiences and new audiences only. I recall 2009 Star Trek's advertising tag went something like "This isn't your Dad's Star Trek". I don't understand the point of rebooting franchises with the intention of appealing to new comers, while alienating the old fan base almost on purpose. There needs to be a middle ground. You need to make sure you respect the old fan base while making sure something about it attracts new fans. This is something Disney's Star Wars sequels and the Star Trek reboots failed miserably at.

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MemberChestbursterDec-02-2020 3:08 AM

tbh, I never thought Isolation was scary. I find AvP2 more scary game. And this is a shooter, action game where you have a weapon and you kill aliens in large numbers.


MemberPraetorianDec-02-2020 3:18 AM

Personal opinions aside, Isolation is fine proof that a small intimantley scaled horror approach works. And horror is perhaps the only genre with box office and especially streaming appeal that isn't a damn super hero movie. An epic apocalyptic Alien story is best reserved for comics where they're quite common. I stand by my opinion that upping the scale, scope, and budget of Alien is not ideal for a franchise that hasn't been relevant at the box office since 1986. I've come to embrace the idea of smaller horror film sent to Hulu or elsewhere is a better idea. 

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MemberDeaconDec-02-2020 8:33 AM

"You have to understand that what bored the fan might be a breath of fresh air for the casual viewer"

I think LETO thats a Good Point, the Die Hard Fans may have wants and likes and so are Disappointed with some Alien Movies and the Directions they took.

The Real Die Hard Fans do only make a SMALL % of the Box Office, and so Marketing something that would PULL them in is maybe how you have to do it... but i would say that Alien Covenant was kind of just that!

I think ninXeno426 hits the NAIL on the Head... well Miss Vickers more so... "a King has his Reign... then he Dies"

Some Franchises have their RUN.... a Good Run, but then the more you go back to it then the Interest goes away!  The Terminator Franchise may still make Money from Merchandise, Games and Comics but THEATRICALLY its a Gamble... i think the ALIEN Franchise has hit that same WALL.

We have seen some Reboots that just Failed to Live Up to the Originals..... they are always going to be Compared to the Originals.

Robocop, Total Recall, Nightmare on Elm Street... they did not give that Nostalgic Feeling and Failed to be as BIG a HIT as the Originals with a New Generation.. and so NONE of these will get a Sequel!

But to be fair i dont think any of them was BAD, yes they was NOT as Good as the Original but thats always going to be the Case!

Go and Remake ALIEN and you will be Hard Pushed to better the Original well as far as HOW people would accept it.

sometimes you do manage to SUCCEED the Planet of the Apes Reboot was Very Good and a Success... yet the First Attempt in 2001 never got a Sequel it was deemed to not be worthy of ONE, yet it was NOT a Bad Movie.

The IT remake was also a Success but again if they made a IT Part 3 and Part 4 they run the Risk of going to FAR and it NOT doing as well.

Halloween 2018 was Decent, but if they Churn out a few Sequels to that i doubt it can Maintain the Success.

Threes a Crowd... and so sometimes once you have made 2-3 Movies in a Franchise you then Leave it alone!  As it Mostly goes down HILL after that.

Back to the Future Reboot anyone?  That could be a Cash Grab and could make Money but then it could also be a FLOP and Tarnish the Originals...   Or maybe a Back to the Future Part 4 and bring the Gang back... again it would take something Special to do Justice to the Originals and so your BEST to leave it alone.

Maybe its a case of doing something NEW.... sometimes that works... AVATAR a Example.

Which i think its WHAT they was doing with the Prequels, especially Prometheus... something NEW that is SET in the same Universe that would STEER AWAY from ALIEN and i think Ridley Scott was right.... HOWEVER.. when you kind of make a Prequel which it was as it Covered the Space Jockey... you as with any kind of Prequel/Origin Story you are at the RISK of NOT living to the Expectations of all the Fans.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconDec-02-2020 8:46 AM

When it comes down to Scare People!

I think that apart from Cheap Jump Scares that even a Kiddy Halloween Cartoon can Pull Off... then to TRULY go and Scare people is HARD to do nowadays.

You can Gross People out with GORE but that maybe not going to Terrify them... you can Disturb them with something Shocking that would Work Better.

Imagine in Alien 3 the Alien came from Chest Bursting our Newt that would have been Shocking!  The thing that makes things Scary Really is the Fear and Worry and Concern for the Cast of a Movie... but for this you have to get the Characters Right!

You could Worry and Fight for Ripley, Newt and Hicks in ALIENS but with AVPR well No-One cared about the Lives of the Cast as the Characters just was not Developed and Poorly Executed.

Regarding Alien Isolation its Scary because it places you at the POV and you have NO Weapons etc, so you find the Xenomorph your DEAD... and so you have HIDE and its the being Found or Sporting the Xenomorph and Quickly having to Fine a place to HIDE that makes it Scary well its Panic Stations..

If you could Find a Pulse Riffle and take out the Xenomorphs like in ALIENS and some of the Games then you would LOOSE that Fear Factor!

The ONLY ways your gonna make the Xenomorph Scary is use it from the Shadows, but its more so about your Characters being Totally out of their Depth with NO WAY to really Dispatch the Horror with Ease... but for this to WORK you have to Build Up the Characters to CARE about them.

Or have some Sinister Antagonist who is Placing the Characters in Peril and using the Xenomorph to Commit Horrific Acts! 

Or you UPLIFT the Xenomorph beyond a Mindless Killing Machine or a Space Ant!   so it becomes Sinister, Tormenting!

But again those will ONLY work if you can CARE about the Characters.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterDec-02-2020 9:35 AM

"If you could Find a Pulse Riffle and take out the Xenomorphs like in ALIENS and some of the Games then you would LOOSE that Fear Factor!"


Unfounded bs. Leave a character unarmed in the face of danger or give him a weapon and let him fight back - it all depends on how you do it.

If you give a character a weapon, but leave the threat at the same level, then it is likely that you will screw up. But if you raise the ante and increase the threat in proportion to the weapon, you will succeed.

There are a lot of games, movies, ect. - where the characters are armed to the teeth and still in an inferior, vulnerable position.

On the contrary - it increases the fear factor - increases the level of threat and tells you that the weapons will not solve your problem.

To argue that the lack of weapons increases the fear factor is academic nonsense. An empty theory, which is said by people who do not know how everything works in practice.


Worse still - how far can we go with this? Claiming that smart characters who understand the situation reduce fear and threat? Is it worth praising the dullards who do not see the danger in front of their noses up close? Is Millburn or Oram playing on the fear factor? NO!


MemberDeaconDec-02-2020 4:06 PM

"To argue that the lack of weapons increases the fear factor is academic nonsense"

Well that is your Opinion and i Disagree with it, i can see what you mean in that give Amanda a Pulse Riffle and 30 Shots would she still be able to KILL the Xenomorph or get Killed?   But then what if she had 10 Xenomorphs to Fend Off then the Weapon would be of Little Use!  (Forgive me if thats NOT what you meant).

I think if you was in a Situation say your Office Block has been Invaded by 5 Terrorists armed with Knives and a few Guns.... If you had access to say 3 Assault Riffles that you can Arm 3 work Colleagues you are maybe NOT going to feel Quite as Threatened and Fearful because you have Protection.

But this could Lead you or a Colleague to Feel Confident to Confront the Threat and maybe END UP getting yourself Killed anyway.

If we had a Mutated Pathogen that Turned people into Zombies i am sure the more Weapons and Type of Weapon would Certainly reduce the Worry about your Safety.  This does not mean you go Gung Hoo on the Streets Shooting Zombies... its better to have a Weapon and NOT need it, than to NEED a Weapon but have None.

When i have Played Survival Horror Games then the Tension and Stress and Panic hits more when your LOW on Ammo or have only your Hands/Feet or a Crude Hand Weapon to Defend yourself.

"Claiming that smart characters who understand the situation reduce fear and threat?"

I dont think i made that Claim...

What i was saying is that the Viewer will get more Fear, Concern and Tension if a Character they can Connect with gets Killed or nearly Killed... when you had Characters we DONT care about like Milburn then when they Die it has NO impact on us.

The Aesthetics of Most Monsters/Killers alone are NOT enough to cause Fear to many nowadays.  Its the Build Up and HOW they Attack and then HOW WELL the Characters/Victims are Written so we can Feel for their Survival.

A Jason and Myers Movie where they go to a Carnival/Fair and just go around KILLING like 15+ People is NOT really going to be Scary!

Only to those who are Squeamish to Gore and these Folk would have been Freaked out by say the Neomorphs in Alien Covenant!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconDec-02-2020 4:26 PM

"They also have a preference to see a Colonial Marine story to which I also said no"

To be Fair i think as a TV Series then a Colonial Marine Story could be worth a Gamble.  However it depends as some Fans may Expect that such a TV Series would have to be about the Marines going down to deal with Xenomorphs.

We have the Impression that ALIENS was the Marines First Rodeo with the Xenomorph and well after ALIENS do we assume the Derelict is TOAST!

The Colonial Marines would surely be Involved in more stuff than Xenomorph Cleaning!

I think maybe a TV Series in the ALIEN Franchise about a Exploration Mission or Research where they Uncover something similar to the Xenomorph could work.  Some of the Anniversary Shorts were Interesting... so something like this but based on ONE Plot that covers say 6 Episodes with a TV Show you can Build Up Characters more, so you can have the viewers be more Involved and Fearful of their Losses.

If you are going to do that then you have to ask some Fundamental Questions.

*Do they Encounter some Xenomorphs if so HOW if the Derelict is the ONLY ship those Eggs are on... unless we go to Planet 4 or LV-223 which i doubt.

*Is there another World that other Engineer Ships with Eggs had been too?

*Is there some World where the Engineers came into Contact with a Ancestor of the Xenomorph who the Engineers then based their Experiments from?

*Are there Worlds that the Engineers had Bombarded with the Black Goo and what Horrors could be there?

OR... can you do a ALIEN TV Series that has NO Connection to Xenomorphs or Related Organisms or anything from LV-223 or other Horrors the Space Jockey/Engineers are involved with?

I say YES if its a Expanded Universe/Spin Off....  but if you USE a ALIEN: Prefix then it would be Expected to have Xenomorph Connections or Connections to the Engineers, Black Goo etc!

The same thing goes with ALIEN Movie it would be Expected to have Xenomorphs or something that is Connected.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianDec-04-2020 3:33 AM

My perspective is most movie franchise's feel played out in someway or another. Alien's glory days are well behind it. About 5 or 6 years ago my brother and I had observed nearly every major sci fi franchise had something in the pipeline. Everything from Alien, Predator, Terminator, RoboCop, Star Wars, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Riddick, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, BladeRunner, Independence Day and more all had something on the way. All seemingly promising these old series were back and here to stay. 5 or so years later, most of these series have once again gone dormant. Something we all have in common here is we all love the Alien franchise to varying extents. For a fact most of us will agree on 2 movies in the series. For a fact all of us will definitley agree on one movie, that being Alien.

Like I said to the guys on Alien Theory's discord, its an old franchise that has only produced two truely classic movies. The rest all have fans, but remain divisive. All I got to do is go through a ranking of David Fincher's films and see Alien 3 consistently ranked dead last with said site just saying it's a bad movie. Alien 3 may have been reexamined and somewhat redeemed among a certain portion of the fanbase, it however has not been treated with respect the same way Blade Runner has. Blade Runner was much like Alien 3 where studios interfered too much and the theatrical release suffered for it. Only in the decade that followed did Blade Runner eventually a merge as the classic it is renowned for today. Instead Alien 3 has the dubious reputation that truely killed Alien, a good amount of fans still hate it as well as hating every movie since. Critics and casual audiences don't care either. 

When you look at it from this perspective, Alien is an extremely difficult series to reinvigorate. Its now just an old movie to modern audiences who'll probably know it better from references in movies like Infinity War or Ready Player One than actually having seen it. Like I said, if Star Wars is officially a hard sell, then it's a even harder sell for Alien.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberChestbursterDec-04-2020 4:21 AM

I absolutely agree with almost everything you say except for the last paragraph.

Alien franchise is alive and thriving.

There are 2 films released in each decade.

Alien in 79 and after 7 years - Aliens.

Alien 3 & R in 90s.

AvP & AvPR in 00s.

Prometheus and Covenant in 10s.

Plus - tons of comics, books and board & video games.

Plus - an active fan community. Creative - including.

Here are the facts - for now, the Alien franchise is doing better than ever.


MemberDeaconDec-05-2020 6:13 AM

"Alien is an extremely difficult series to reinvigorate"

I would agree with this Especially if they want something more FRESH than say to go and Bring Back Ripley, and IGNORE say Alien 3 and Alien R and then what we get?  Oh the Company has gone to LV-426 and recovered the Derelict or some Eggs... and Ripley like "oh no they DONT i am gonna put a STOP to that" Very Original  YAWN!!!

The Prequels with Prometheus was NOT to everyone's Cuppa Tea.... the idea of Blomkamps got some Excited because they maybe FELT that PROMETHEUS was NOT a Worthy ALIEN Movie...  But thats the Point it was supposed to be SET in the same Universe but to STEER AWAY from ALIEN and Sequels would do something DIFFERENT!

In Hindsight i think FOX Needed to Invest, take a Gamble on TWO Movies, it seemed they was going to GO for Blomkamps Idea with Ridley Scott even to be  a Producer but they WANTED to get the Sequel to Prometheus out First and that was BOMB! of Sorts.

Blomkamps Idea could have worked... just DONT need to have Ripley in it.. shes DEAD!

I have said this OVER and OVER...  I think what they SHOULD have done was this...

Prometheus Sequel that would be Released First that would GO BACK to LV-223 they could Cast Fassbender as another David Clone (or have a New Android).... One that does-not have a Mind of its Own...    We basically have a more Action Movie that would be more Similar to Alien Engineers... We get more Clues/Answers to the Xenomorph Potential Origins we DONT have to have Xenomorphs but similar, maybe a FEW different Monsters... some Answers to the Murals and Frescos...

We can THEN go and CLOSE the Door to ALIEN and allow for another Sequel that goes with Dr Shaw and David to a FAR FAR FAR away world where we can Find out more about the Engineers and NOT be Shackled by ALIEN.  Thus giving us a Expanded Prometheus Universe that has LITTLE to do with ALIEN!

The ALIEN Franchise would NOT have been Finished.. such a Prometheus 2 like Alien Engineers would OPEN THE DOOR to other ALIEN Movies due to the knowledge of the Horrors the Engineers had Conducted on LV-223, inc Xenomorphs and Similar and we could ASK... ok so did any of this STUFF get Unleashed on a World?

If so then thats a AVENUE for a ALIEN Movie..

But... ALAS!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconDec-05-2020 6:27 AM


Absolutely there is ALWAYS a Market for the ALIEN Franchise beyond the Big Screen... this is where you can RISK things, and Offer Various Avenues that are all Expanded and dont have to Connect... Numerous Alternatives if you would.

I think in Terms of a Movie then its a GAMBLE... where do you GO? Would it Please Everyone?  And should a MOVIE be Made and BOMB or just Disappointment then it could be CURTAINS as far as Theatrically...

Do they RISK a Bigger Budget of $200-250M if this only brings back say $300-350M then it would NOT be deemed a Success and it would be DOUBTFUL they would Continue.. if it Fails to make $250M then i Feel its Curtains!

To Resurrect the Franchise i think DISNEY would Need to see a 200-250% Return... so a $200M they expect Box Office of say $450M+ to be Worthwhile to Consider MORE...

With a Lower Budget of say $80-120M would be Less Risk but it would LIMIT what you can do with Special Effects, Sets and A-List Stars.

This is WHY i have been Concerned they would PLAY SAFE.... and try to make a Alternative Alien 3 with Ripley back...... and Eggs and Queens... and IF this does not make 200% Min Return then its R.I.P to the Franchise..

Well for 15 Years before a Complete 100% Reboot!

But lets Wait and see what ALIEN DAY 2021 brings.. as well it seems we have a Project in the Works.. that WONT continue with the Prequels... and well lets say WONT have Ripley either!

Wait and See Game now... ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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