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Xenomorph the End is Nigh?
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MemberDeaconOct-03-2020 6:52 AM

With the Prequels in disarray after Attempting to BRING BACK the Iconic Xenomorph and Answer its Origins.  And with Noah Hawley saying they PITCHED a TV Show idea within the ALIEN Universe that would NOT be about the Xenomorph.

Has the Xenomorph simply Ran its Course?

Does the Xenomorph have to be Synonymous with the Franchise?

With Prometheus they attempted to Expand the Franchise by exploring the Space Jockey Race, but Avoiding to give us Clear Answers regarding the Xenomorph and to NOT include the Iconic Space Monster.

Had the Xenomorph suffered a Over Saturation with its Many Appearances?  Especially the DAMAGE that SOME of the Movies had Caused. (AVPR Especially).

Was Ridley Scott right?  Is the Beast Cooked?

Is there MUCH more LIFE left in the Xenomorph?

How do you BRING IT BACK to Greatness and HOW MANY more Movies could you have that Include the Xenomorph?

Is its TIME to do something Different, as Prometheus had laid the Foundations prior to a Change of Plan to INTRODUCE the Xenomorph back?

Has the XENOMORPHS days been Numbered?

Or can it be GIVEN a NEW lease of LIFE and HOW?

Can the ALIEN Franchise Survive without the Xenomorph?

Because IF we get the Beast Back you have to be Careful because IF its NOT done right then it could KILL not only itself but the Franchise Too....


I know that ANY further Movies will NEED to have Good Characters, and i KNOW that the Prequels had NOT been Disappointing solely on the Xenomorph or lack of.

Its a Question of can the Franchise Continue without the Xenomorph, does it NEED a Replacement, or can you GIVE IT some kind of NEW LIFE....    i think you can but its a Question of HOW-MANY more Times you can keep to the SAME Formula.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

31 Replies


MemberNeomorphOct-03-2020 7:03 AM

I don't think that you need to keep the franchise to neither Ripley nor the Xeno. There are different ways to expand the franchise, I wrote a topic about it titled Ideas for alien-movies, please respond to it if you want.

There could be new monsters, we've already have the Hammerpede, Xeno-fifield which wasn't really a Xeno, the Newborn even though it looked like crap. Yes the franchise could expand without the Xeno.


MemberChestbursterOct-03-2020 7:21 AM

No, it cannot.

Ridley is wrong. It's like: "I hate X, but I have to put X in the story, so I intend to screw up X and say: «See, this doesn't work, the beast is cooked!!!»" This is a kind of sabotage, hooliganism.

And Ridley can't be right because... why? Because he's not the cornerstone of the franchise. He's just "one of". Books, toys, comics, video games, board games, etc. Everything proves that the xenomorph is more alive than all living things. We just have one person who is unhappy with X and wants to persuade others to his point of view. That's all.

For all who don't need an Alien - there is RbW. A great example of how you don't have to screw up the X franchise for your dubious ideas.


MemberDeaconOct-03-2020 8:03 AM

"This is a kind of sabotage, hooliganism"

I get the Impression that the Addition of the Xenomorph is NOT what Ridley Scott had wanted, it seems he was FORCED to include it.  Maybe he did go OK so i am Forced to Abort my Ideas for Prometheus 2 to give them the Xenomorph, well lets SEE what they like ONCE i make my David the Creator...... but then we cant RULE out Hill and Giler as far as Influence on the Synthetic Creator Plot.

I dont really want this to become another (WHAT REALLY) was Wrong with the Prequels Debate or a David could NOT have Created it Debate as those have been more COOKED than the Xenomorph ;)

Ridley Scott is RIGHT in My Opinion with when he had said their is ONLY so much Face Hugging, Chest Bursting and Snarling that you can do.

Also when he says that you can have the Xenomorph but you have to CHANGE IT and EVOLVE IT.

I think after ALIENS then you had to UPLIFT or EVOLVE it, we HAD to wait until Alien Resurrection before we saw some Success to a Degree of WHAT a Company could do with the Xenomorph in its Possession.

With AR then the Potential was with Ripley 8 as FAR as what can be done with the Xenomorph DNA... Regarding the Xenomorphs though, they appear to be the SAME and thats a Snarling Aggressive Species that can be USED to Eradicate a Enemy but you have a Infestation on your Hands.....

WHAT would Happen and HOW do you Re-Engineer it to Control it?  Or can you input some-kind of KILL SWITCH to it or Limited Life Span?  Then as a Bio-Weapon it makes more Sense.

OR... can the Xenomorph Evolve, either Naturally or via Experiments like we saw with the Apes in Planet of the Apes.

so you can UPLIFT the Xenomorph that way as IF you Continue with the Space Termites Formula you get Action, Death, Guns... but then you could END UP with a Starship Troopers with a ONE TRICK PONY.

I think that after ALIENS we should have looked at Evolving and Uplifting the Xenomorph, and Alien Ressurection gave us some INSIGHT into this.. but it was FLAWED, and also the Queen had become Tarnished a bit.. and the NewBorn was more a Ambomination.

AVP gave us the Xenomorph in a Movie that was Executed a bit like ALIENS, as a Non-Canon alternative Universe the PLOT was Decent... just having it on Earth in the 20th Century was a Mistake...

AVPR had turned the Xenomorph more into a JOKE

Alien Covenant had attempted to UPLIFT the Xenomorph but all it had done was to TIE the THEMES of Creation etc and ARC of wanting to be a Creator with the Xenomorph via Davids Arc, but this just Elevated David and Diminished the Xenomorph for Many...

As it NOW had became NOT really ALIEN.

I think we have to FORGET about the PAST... ignore the Origins..

We have to LOOK at what this Perfect Organism can do as far as EVOLVE or HOW it could be Engineered.. and WHAT is the Hubris of this ;)

The Xenomorph is NOT DEAD... but you have to be Careful... if its OVER DONE or done BAD then its NOT FAR from that FINAL NAIL in the Coffin...

UNTIL YEARS down the Line they REBOOT the LOT. (but will it be Different?)

Regarding RS its a SHAME as he had ideas on how to Uplift the Xenomorph before Cameron came along, it was NOT the Fault of JC though.... RS was Busy and JC had kind of Uplifted what to do with the Xenomorph, the QUEEN had made Sense, it was Equally as Iconic.

After Aliens it went WRONG... because JC had introduced the Space Termites... but this merely opened up the Potential that the Xenomorph could have been a Pres-Existing Species the Space Jockey had encountered and tried to EXPLOIT.

But it also could have been a Creation, in which we see the Organism is VERY ADAPTIVE....

What Would become of Hadleys Hope had all the Sulaco Crew been Killed?  So WHAT becomes of a HIVE in say 6 Months,  a Year, 10 Years or 100 Years...

Do the Xenomorphs just remain like Space Ants/Termites?

They are more Intelligent than Ants/Termites but what is the LIMIT to their Existence?

Or WHAT would Happen if you try to Exploit the Xenomorph and Meddle with it?  Could you TRIGGER a Unwanted Evolution of the Species?

At the Begining the Beast was more than Meets the EYE.... but a lot of what the STARBEAST was has been LOST.

Can that be Resrected and passed onto the Xenomorph?

Or maybe you can Resurrect the Starbeast Ideas in the Form of something that EVOLVES from the Xenomorph or something that Pre-existed the Xenomorph and LV-223!

For EXAMPLE..... could the ULTRAMORPH be something of a Future Evolution?  Or is this the ALPHA and the Origin to all that Happened on LV-223?

Or do we STICK with the Xenomorph? 

Then do you UPLIFT or EVOLVE it or if you think "its NOT broken then DONT Fix It" but can you Spawn out another 3-4 Movies with that Formula?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterOct-03-2020 8:37 AM

Each new film introduces the xenomorph in a different way.

OG Big Chap in Alien.

Hive warriors + Queen in Aliens.

Animal-like guardian in Alien 3.

Mixed clones-mutants + hybrid in Alien Resurrection.

Deacon + all other things in Prometheus.

Neomorph + praetomorph in Alien Covenant.

I don't understand what kind of development and evolution we are talking about? It's already here. We even gave up the facehugger, and got a trilobite + motes + predalien instead. Evolution is already here.

Perhaps you are talking about other ways of birth? If this is something new, but "usual", then... better not! Generic things don't fit the Alien Universe.

It looks like you are simply repeating Ridley's metaphysical sayings. He talks about it all the time, but the only time he tried to introduce new things (Engineers, Black Goo) - he avoided talking about them! Do we need new things to avoid exploring them? Do we need new things to try to milk the viewer over 6-10 sequels with an endless promise to explore them? Is there a convincing answer here?


MemberPraetorianOct-03-2020 12:40 PM

I for one will keep it alive, but as I have mentioned I'm sending the critter off on a long Vacation.

I have exactly ZERO influence on the industry, and frankly that's just a-ok with me...put me in the same room with Giler and Hill the world would see me nuclear scorch-earth their egos and leave them bawling in the corner.

I've looked into their involvement with ALIEN franchise, and I really have to say they have Earned my hatred and contempt of them.

I will finish up the appearances of The Alien in my works and leave leave it alone thereafter...but it will NOT be gone.

The Audience will be privy to an in-universe secret guaranteeing it's spectre of menace shall hang over the galaxy for ages and eons to come.

Less Is More.

That said, I might reference Ripley, but she will never set an active foot in my universe. That character has had her time.
I have to admit though, it's fun to ponder how she'd react to Chimerans aboard ship...

And as we have all been saying, it's a BIG universe with so many, many other stories to tell about new encounters, new threats, new wonders.







MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 2:29 PM

The Xeno can continue but keeping it interesting might be the challenge. I hate to be a broken record (remember those?) but BWW's PERSPECTIVE was a unique take on actually BEING the xeno. It seems like it would be very tricky to sustain a story like that for a longer one. It would be interesting to see a short film like that. The closest I saw was The Alien Covenant VR video In Utero:



MemberPraetorianOct-06-2020 5:20 PM


I can do a little more from the viewpoint of The Alien.

In the sequel, I might add some moments like that in.

In ORIGIN, you'll get a rather unique and involved viewpoint from The Alien's way of experiencing life. :)

That's all I will say, no spoilers, not with ORIGIN. :)






MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 5:26 PM

Blackwinter-witch Having little bursts from the xeno perspective sprinkled throughout could be interesting and possibly become just as memorable of a character as anyone else in the cast.


MemberPraetorianOct-06-2020 5:30 PM


I am keeping that approach in-mind...but will test as I go. Less-is-more after all.
But it's a valid idea and if I can make the burst-moments work properly, yes!! :D

...and The Alien should always have some secrets left unanswered. ;)






MemberNeomorphOct-09-2020 5:04 AM

BWW: You can have it in some of your stories but I think that you're right about leaving it alone for a bit. I would rather have stories where they try something else. What you wrote about Giler and Hill might be an exaggeration but I totally understand your point. Not sure what they did to make you that disappointed but art is subjective and no one can agree with everything.

You're right about Ripley, time for something else. She did well in three movies, but they should have left her after that. We don't need a Skywalker-story in the alien-verse. The franchise has many potential directions that it can go into, there is no reason to have the same old family in everything.

I have an idea that is tied to Ripley in a way that you might agree with, let's say that there are economic interests that still want the Xeno or something else for whatever reason so there is some sort of resistance-group that is being organized against that. Those interests could be compared to Sky net and how far the reached they were, obviously this isn't about robots or terminators I just mean the range of it.

What if Ripley is referenced to as a source of inspiration? The ghost/spirit of Ripley is around even though she has passed away years ago. Both Giger and OBannon are not around, but they are still being mentioned in discussions and are important to how the franchise looks still so why can't Ripley being dealt with in the same way?

Did you watch Rogue One that's within the Star Wars-universe? You also have the Mandalorian which is a spin-off, there was also something about the Ewoks in the 1980s. Star Wars Rebels is another one that is the same kind of thing. There is a possibility to do something similar with the Alien-franchise. Some people (not personally aimed at anyone) might say that the Alien-franchise isn't suited for that but I say why not?


MemberNeomorphOct-09-2020 5:31 AM


Did you mean this one that you said no to?

“Can the ALIEN Franchise Survive without the Xenomorph?”

The thing is that if you show that kind of monster too much then it might get old. You can do variations of it like there are different kinds of birds but they are still birds, the same goes for the Morph. You can have Xenomorphs, Neomorphs, and so on. One of things that AC did right was to have the Neomorph so there is a possibility for new things. Maybe your complaint about getting rid of the Xeno was a misunderstanding of language at least partially even though that's understandable. Adding new monsters is something that I think that the prequels did right. I understand that some people want to see Xenos again but I'm not one of those people. Sure they can be added but they don't have to. People watch these movies for different reasons. The alien-movies need more than interesting monsters to succeed.

Scott might be half-right when he says that the Xeno is done. You don't need to show it that much (it becomes more effective that way) but it can still be there. The way that it was in AC where it was in the daylight on the crane was really bad although it was maybe alright as a piece of action although too short. If he had cared about that as much as he cared about the flute-fetischism then it could have been interesting. What I don't like is that it has turned into a story about androids without much of a balance, that's crap. Not sure if Scott alone is to blame for the focus on androids or if there are other people responsible for the mess too. Remember that Scott is just one of those that are involved although his obsession with David isn't good. He isn't without blame but there could be other people involved that affected the story too is my point.

People watch the movies for different reasons, I don't watch it for the Xenos alone but they are important parts and are well designed but I think that there is also place for something else. For example would you like to have a lot of Star Wars movies where they always have the Emperor just because he was an important part in the first two movies? Star Wars is just and example but I bet that you can take other things like The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, whatever. I would not and I'm glad that the prequels at least tried something new even though we can discuss if they were successful or not. My opinion is that none of Prometheus or Covenant are better than a 2 out of 5 which isn't good but not a disaster either.

I looked up what the word Alien means, one of the things that it said was “coming from another world”. This fits the various alien-monsters in the franchise and also I might add the Engineers since they are not from earth too. Nowhere in the title does it say that it has got to be about the Xeno only, it just had a big role if we look at the first three movies. My reason for limiting it to the first three is that they are those that I prefer. At this time I'm honestly more interested in seeing more about the Engineers even though the morphs are interesting too.

You mentioned books and other things, yes that can be seen as a success financially but it can also be seen as a regress since the Xeno becomes all too familiar and looses its point. I can see both sides of this, there are different ways to look at it so I kind of understand where both you and BD are coming from.

Ridley isn't always right but he isn't always wrong either. He is right about the Xeno that you can have other monsters but he is dead wrong about turning it all into a story about David and androids. I don't care about Raised By Wolves, my criticism of that is similar to what I said about AC.


MemberOvomorphOct-09-2020 11:07 AM

I dont really want this to become another (WHAT REALLY) was Wrong with the Prequels Debate or a David could NOT have Created it Debate as those have been more COOKED than the Xenomorph ;)


MemberPraetorianOct-09-2020 11:39 AM


I LIKE your idea of 'referencing' Ripley!! It honors the character, actress and the creators of the franchise...yet allows things to evolve and progress forward and in new directions!!

My reasons for loathing Hill and Giler are because they always kibbitz and screw around with the franchise, and don't know what they're doing, while simultaneously spitting on O'Bannon. They're a pair of disrespectful, fan-hating clods who should Retire...or BE Retired as they are dinosaurs who bring nothing new, good, fresh or interesting to the table.

Also, on a personal level...they're total pricks.

I will be playing 'Less Is More' with The Alien, I seek to give it back it's Mojo, it's Mystique and Enigmatic scariness. I will be very, very diamond-cutter careful with any elements of 'Alien Perspective' in my works in accordance to that.

I have a LOT of development work done regarding The Alien...where it came from, what kind of planetary biosphere could create it, how it's biology and physiology work, etc, etc. I dug deep and put in a massive amount of work to figure this critter out.

Someday I might publish all that as 'Mysteries Of The Alien'...but not anytime soon.

ORIGIN will give you and everyone else a glimpse of where it came from, and why facehuggers have the ability to secrete acid from their ovipositor to burn through a faceplate...there is an evolutionarily-adaptive reason for that, I assure you. :D

ORIGIN is a stubborn, demanding accepts nothing less than my absolute best effort, and that is exhausting, so progress is made, but slowly.

....and David's knock-off-a-morph AIN'T The Alien.

Not to me, anyways.








MemberOvomorphOct-12-2020 8:24 AM

I have a LOT of development work done regarding The Alien...where it came from, what kind of planetary biosphere could create it, how it's biology and physiology work, etc, etc. I dug deep and put in a massive amount of work to figure this critter out. 9apps cartoon hd


MemberPraetorianOct-12-2020 1:04 PM


I don't see anything really useful in the links, they're just general main-page there a specific app you're trying to show us??






MemberTrilobiteOct-12-2020 10:11 PM

 Blackwinter-witch Looks like spam. Reported.


MemberFacehuggerOct-13-2020 4:33 AM

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MemberTrilobiteOct-14-2020 12:52 AM

BlackAnt This looks like the most creative spam I have seen. Shall it be reported?

We actually did a parody spam thread a while back lol. It was very much the fun!



MemberXenomorphOct-14-2020 2:35 AM

BigDave, where are you? Hope you are well and return as soon as possible. 

Miss your wisdom and your posts!

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberChestbursterOct-14-2020 3:18 AM

Yeah, you must be extremely careful with these spammers. It would be nice to have a button for spam alert.


MemberFacehuggerOct-14-2020 4:07 AM

@dk and everyone - Bwaahahhahahahahahahahahaaahaahahhahahah

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Ok serious time now......Big Dave is gone missing for real this time...anyone know or seen from Big Dave and if so let us know his where abouts.

Big Dave never goes missing for this long send out the search parties!

Does anyone think ________? I cannot even bring myself to say it.....for the love of GOD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Nightmare this is an absolute nightmare....this is now starting to feel like the movie Alien...we are all on that ship!!!!!!


MemberNeomorphOct-14-2020 4:18 AM

I think that I'm on a creative streak. How about this?

"I dug deep and put in a massive amount of work to... " dig the snot out of my nose. You can also get rich by doing it. ;)


MemberNeomorphOct-14-2020 4:31 AM


Thanks! I would rather have them referencing her in AR rather than to have the Ripley-clone, at least it wouldn't have thrown crap at her character. One could argue that it wasn't really Ripley but at least it was a strong enough connection but I don't really like it is my point. Even though this isn't supposed to be about AR I got to say that there are so many things that are wrong with that movie so I won't bother to make a list, LOL! We could both probably come up with a kind of long list about what they did wrong.

About Giler and Hiller, you mention on a personal level. I don't know them so I can't say but I can tell you that my guess for what ever it's worth is that producers often can screw up a movie, Alien 3 being maybe the most extreme example of that. Fincher being disrespected by the studio is one of the few things that I don’t like about Alien 3.

You mention O’Bannon, Perfect Organism podcast is an Alien-podcast about the franchise. They interviewed Dianne O’Bannon, the one that he was married to. Here is the page where you can download that episode:

Less is more, I think that it's at its most effective where you don't really see what it does. This is partially why Alien works and honestly I don't mind that you don't see the monster that much because to me it's about the human experience anyways. When you see Daniels fight with it outside the ship in AC it’s a cool fight-scene but it’s kind of lame to show the monster out in the open so to me that scene is mixed so to speak. BWW, you’re a writer, can you explain to me that character-traits of Daniels? I didn’t get them when I watched AC she was a bit tough like Ripley but other than that I didn’t know what her personality was like. What’s your impression of her? Still after all these years I still scratch my head at that. Oram was a lot better than Daniels because at least I got an idea what he was about.

Instead of an Alien Covenant you could have it being around and them trying to escape it, or something. They can see signs of it (saliva or what ever) that makes them scared, but they don’t really see it, that could build tension and paranoia. Maybe they get so scared they start to question their sanity? Have it being so scary so it causes mental issues, how about that? Let it be about how you can start to doubt your sanity when you get really afraid.

Explaining it a bit more isn’t wrong but you mention where it came from and so on. Doesn’t that risk to strip it off its mystery? How will you handle that? I don’t say that it’s a bad thing but it’s risky. You mention an evolutionary-adaptive reason, that seems interesting. David made his own version but it is not The alien as you said, that’s my preferred way of looking at it.


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2020 2:14 PM


Ty for the spam reporting, I was kind of out of it then, wasn't sure what I was looking at.


I agree with you and Thank-You for the URL checker link! I keep my system's security at near-maximum, and that allows me some pretty decent safety. 

BUT, you are RIGHT about playing it safe online!!

BTW LOVED the gifs!! :D




Having a 'spam report' button would be really handy!

As for BigDave, I am getting worried, and hope with all my heart and soul he's just away for a bit doing something he enjoys. I try not to think about other possibilities...


ALIEN: Resurrection was a pure popcorn-movie-moneygrab, plain and simple. It had some fun and cool visuals, I enjoyed some of the characters and dialogue...but yeah, it was a pretty Obvious moneygrab.

Giler & Hill feed each other's egos, and seriously they are driven expressly by such. They EXPECT everyone to see things the way they see them and think like they do. Problem is, they're formula-driven dinosaurs and the formula they rely on has been obsolete for decades. Think of them as Prototypes of Rian Johnson and James real talent or creativity, they rip off ideas, mutilate them, then slap their name on the results and demand tribute from the audience to their 'genius'.

...and that's the NICEST things I can about those people.

I've seen other interviews with Dianne O'Bannon, and love her perspective on him!

The problem with Daniels is they tried to remake Ripley but with softer edges and a 'naivete' added in...they ended up with a decent but unfocused character. She did her best with that character I have to give the actress her due and respect on that!

Having the creature aboard the ship after the battle aboard the cargo lifter was actually anti-climactic. Instead, they should have had more time working their way out of the structure, lots of shadows, some only seem to move...others do, and the protomorph stalking them...and some close-calls.

**They stop for a break, catch their breath, and one is leaning against a pillar with deep shadows on either side of it...that LOOK like it's solid wall...then after they push onward, from that shadow and JUST missing the character who leaned against the pillar that character ALMOST gets grabbed by a hand...ALMOST touches him/her.**

ORIGIN is damn tricky, and while it does give some insight and also really emphasizes just how genuinely ALIEN the creature is, and the raw power of Nature itself.

It actually makes The Alien that much more frightening, really.

I will say this; The world that gave rise to the Alien was a world entirely outside Human scientific experience or even the most extreme and fanciful hypotheses/theories.
The world gave rise to Carbon and Silicon based life, which in time hybridized in many--but NOT all cases--giving rise to a planetary biosphere and ecologies that are...very challengingly ALIEN.
It has taken enormous work to put a foundation under it...going all the way back to the origin-point of life on that world...and it didn't involve the Engineers whatsoever, I assure you.

The above isn't a 'spoiler'...consider it a Primer. :D

The's a big, mindless, rampaging animal with less smarts than a broken parking meter.

The Alien, is so much More. ;)






MemberFacehuggerOct-14-2020 8:27 PM

If we are looking at putting the BigChap in a coffin then we might as well look at how we got here..... truckers get woke up by evil computer and get chased around ship unit the last one is left and out the air lock he goessssssssssssss....I really really really like a nice little bow wrapping it all up in the end....nice and neat.

Aliens.......this guy has more friends to help him chase the landing party/crew all over the place here and there and then the twist. One crew member goes back for the little brat, I would have had Bishop making cocktails on the Sulaco after dealing with just one of those things 40 years ago!!! Vaya Con Dios BABY GURLl! BUT THAT IS JUST HOW I ROLL! LOL ;) 

I would have just literally gone back up to the safety of the marine ship and got drunk, for a very long time, after all that nonsense and.....

have Bishop give me a nice pedicure - a GURL can dream right LOL!!!!

Anyway our protagonist goes back down gets BABYGURL and flushes MOMMA ALIEN OUT THE AIR LOCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2nd Time PEOPLE! Just sayin it's a little sus now!


Alien 3....our protagonist gets chased around and around, and around, again because hey why not someone lets it out!!!!
Ok then she bites the bullet in a bigOLLLL swan dive! Love a nice neat little bow at the end to wrap it all up.

Alien 4 - @#$%!^@%#^@&@#$*@#$# This sure is some confusing @sssss shit now! LOOOOOL



Prometheus - crew looks around too much as usual, cause hey why not! gotta have a look around! and then one is left and gets chased by the BIG BLUE lookin his tee off on the 9th is spectacular with big-0LLLL guns like that!

Alien Covenant.....this is a more traditional lets look around......awe geee because we are here anyway and then they too all get hit over the head one by one....hint, even the evil robot is in on it too, and then two of them get chased....GET READY FOR IT....BRACE YOURSELFS....THOSE TWO GET CHASED TO AN AIRLOCK WHERE THE DECOMPRESSION STARTS AND THIS BIGCHAP GETS SUCKED INTO THE VACUM OF SPACE AGAIN!!!!!!!.....and much to our amazement, the nice woke Gen Y generation....yep she fakes him out this super predator right out just at the right MOMENT because its GEN Y and they got it like that - they faked us right out of our cash again at the box office too! Then she goes and has a drink and some pancakes.....before bedtime....DOUBLE FAKE....poor Gen Y you almost had us think THAT WOKE BS was believable.

I have a theory why this is happening! I call it the "Oh Shit I found a spot on my favorite clothing, have to try and wash that shit out!" Plot routine.

OBTW the alien-predictor moves are all the same too.

Everyone gets chased one by one and then there is a battle - interestingly no WOOOOOSH at the end though - RED PILL OR BLUE PILL? The Matrix is real people!

So that is how we got here flushing the BigChap down the box office toilet because we did not use the right stain remover....if it says on the tube will remove Alien, and when to push the right button to decompress the most likely have one of those cheap department store Alien removers! Do not buy that BS! This is for you too Gen Y, can see you shaking your heads out there saying..."We don't fall for stuff like that - too woke for that BS!!! AHHHHH MORE BS FROM GEN-Y!!!"

There are other better stain removers....or if you are privileged!!!! you just go buy a NEW SHIP and NEW CREW and you keep the disco ball going round and round.....but most of us are on that budget so its some cheap, really cheap cheap cheap - stain remover.....or a trip to try and find some even cheaper stain remover that also will not work.


A noteworthy departure from the norm because hey why not if you have the money and Privilege?"

Privileged Weyland does just that in AC. He buys a new ship new crew sleeps all the way there and sleeps all the way up until they walk right up to the BigChaps handler and then CONK like Donky Kong over the head no more privilege.....Gen Y secretly likes this part but does not know why....CLUELESS!!! But somehow Priceless for those older and wise enough to know better.

WooooooooooooooooSSSSSHHHHHHH! Sorry BigOLLChap! 





MemberPraetorianOct-15-2020 12:16 AM


Yeah, you nailed it alright. 

And you also pointed out everything I WON'T be doing in the ALIEN: Manticore sequel...

Because The Audience Deserves BETTER.

That's how I see it. That's what I run with.

In Space, There Is No Place To Run.






MemberNeomorphOct-18-2020 5:25 AM


You are right about AR, I think that is one of the things that it did wrong. Actually they mentioned exactly that at a podcast when they said that what they disliked about it. One of the hosts put the comedy-thing as something that he disliked. What's hilarious about that episode is that no one put anybody down for disliking it, that got me laughing. :D

Daniels as being an unfocused character, I can see that. Maybe that was why I didn't really understood her character? The problem is that I got to understand what the character is about from the start and if they will change then I got to see what that change is. With Daniels I saw traits but she was too vague. I want characters where I can understand their personality preferably some minutes into the movie from when they are introduced. After that the character might change (Darth Vader is a perfect example of that) but done in a way so I understand their personality, their motivation, for example. If they fail with that in the writing and/or execution then I won't like it.

The only movie by Rian Johnson that I've watched is The Last Jedi. I got frustrated that they killed Luke, that’s my biggest problem with it but it's enough for me to not watch it again. Unfortunately there were other things in it that I didn’t like but that was my biggest problem. Not sure if I will watch any of his other movies, it was a bad introduction to him as a writer since he wrote it (I looked it up). Doing things in a different way hasn't got to be bad, it depends on what you do and how you do it.

James Cameron, I’ve watched Avatar, Terminator 1 & 2, Aliens, and Titanic. Those movies are good for entertainment, but they’re not bad.
I like the idea of just seeing shadows, that would’ve been creepy. It could be like you see something but you’re not sure what. That could be creepy and fit an alien-movie, they should maybe try it.

Other kind of biospheres could be interesting, maybe there are environments where the alien are better suited for? They are very hard to kill (acid for blood and what not). What if there are places where they get even deadlier? I don’t think that it’s simply to just do that, it would be like making an action-movie and improve it by adding more guns, you need more than that but at least it’s an idea among other things that you could play around with.

You mention carbon-based life, carbon is on earth and is therefore familiar. The trick I think is to take something in nature (if we talk sci-fi) and twist it enough so it feels unfamiliar and therefore scary. My point is that it’s possible but it takes some work.

“The Alien, is so much More. ;)”

Fair enough, the thing is to make it work.


MemberPraetorianOct-18-2020 4:28 PM


 I reach beyond.

I spoke of carbon and Silicon based life as well as Hybridization.

"I will say this; The world that gave rise to the Alien was a world entirely outside Human scientific experience or even the most extreme and fanciful hypotheses/theories.
The world gave rise to Carbon and Silicon based life, which in time hybridized in many--but NOT all cases--giving rise to a planetary biosphere and ecologies that are...very challengingly ALIEN.
It has taken enormous work to put a foundation under it...going all the way back to the origin-point of life on that world...and it didn't involve the Engineers whatsoever, I assure you.

The above isn't a 'spoiler'...consider it a Primer. :D"


 In contemplating 'where' The Alien came from...I built a world, and an entire planetary Biosphere

All of which 'reverse engineered' from The Alien. 

WHY does it have the Omnicorrosive liquid?
WHY do facehuggers have the ability to secrete acid and burn through a faceplate?
WHY does The Alien have such an Alien life cycle and Ovomorphing?
These and about a thousand other points--I am NOT exaggerating--needed to be answered.

 Not that anyone really cares...but I will complete ORIGIN and let YOU, the Audience decide from there.

Frankly though, I expect folks to follow the Narrative that David created the Xenomorphs and time-travel allows him to be The Space Jockey.

Whatever...NOT my problem. I will finish it, and leave it to the Audience.


Now, about the fucktard...and this is the nicest that I have to say about Cameron...
Cameron's a best. Avatar, he ripped off battles of Native Americans vs US Army (Battle of Wounded Knee) and dressed it up with visual Fx.

 I am Metis, Half-Blood Native (Blackfoot) and we see right through Cameron's crap.
He STOLE our history and redressed it to be 'Avatar'.
Terminator, he stole from Harlan Ellison.

Cameron's a thief, and a pathetic wanker-boi with an ego that just doesn't stop, and Avatar is so deep in the financial hole there's NO way it can ever be profitable.

Avatar is absolute garbage, pure and's a hate-crime vs. science fiction and Native History.







MemberDeaconNov-26-2020 8:30 AM

Indeed LETO

We have seen the Beast Changed/Explored Different especially if we look at the Hammerpede, Trilobite, Deacon and Neomorph oh and the New Born.

The Hybrid Xenomorphs in Alien R to a degree.

I was mainly talking about the more COMMON versions that are Depicted and Shown in all Medium so the ALIEN/ALIENS and AVP Versions...

The Xenomorph is Iconic but it its No Longer a Enigma and Alien Covenant is maybe Guilty of making it even LESS of a Enigma.

i think the Generic Xenomorph has to be Handled with Care i think you can bring it back for 2-3 more Movies but you have to get these SPOT ON and also i am not sure you can go for Longer than 2-3 more Movies unless you Evolve or Uplift the Beast a little.

The Future Success or Failure of the Franchise will NOT really be down to the Xenomorph itself..... Aesthetically or how it its Portrayed..

Seems its back to the DRAWING BOARD.... but its HOW FAR are Disney willing to go... i think it will be Generic but its HOW do they UPLIFT the Franchise after going back to the Xenomorph for 1-2 Movies?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterNov-27-2020 4:58 AM

Talking about something new, it would be interesting to explore the sinthmorph. An alien from android. I think this would be the real way in Alien: Awakening.


It would also be interesting to look at aliens, not as social insects with a hive and a queen, but as social spiders. Where everyone is on his own and with his own individuality, but for the sake of profit they act together.

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