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MemberNeomorphOct-03-2020 4:04 AM

I would like for the franchise to expand so I thought about it, here are some ideas.

1. Engineers, their culture, medicine, military, government-form, and so on. We saw them in Prometheus but I think that there are more to them than that. They were featured too little in Covenant to really count.

2. WY, and what they might be up to. Who's to say that earth and its resources is enough? Maybe they want to get resources that are on other planets to expand in the universe and they might find things that they are not prepared to deal with so innocent people suffer.

3. Marines, have they been used for other adventures just than in Aliens. What’s a bug-hunt? How do they get trained? Are they just from the USA? Are they privately owned? When do they get used?

4. Corporate law-making and police. Weyland-Yutani is big and I bet that they could affect things like this. Put it in a futuristic scenario. We have already seen a colony, there could be other things that they do. Make it clear that it’s in the alien-universe. There could be other corporations other than WY, that are structured a bit different, what are these differences? How do they affect their practice?

5. Xenos as medicine, who’s to say that they can only be used as bio-weapons? This doesn’t mean a repeat of Weyland-Yutani, because a new use of the Xenos could mean another kind of company even though they are in it for money.

6. Other life-forms on other planets. If they can expand it to the Engineers, then why can’t there be other life-forms? Just make a good connection to the Alien-thing

7. Androids and how they use androids in their corporate take-over of the world. One example is when they replace employees with robots. This wouldn’t be about the robot/androids but how humans use them or can use them. You could get WY as a part of it but not necessarily. I’m not against giving them a bigger role in the franchise but it shouldn’t be about them. A movie like this wouldn't be a blade-runner but it would be more like how we react to it, the focus should always be on the humans. Star Wars had androids so Alien could expand a little on their role but the prequels became too much about that.

8. Alien as a way of sacrifice and religious rituals. Maybe there are other things that the Engineers have used for that purpose but that they thought that the Xenos was the most worthy? Think loosely about Indiana Jones and the Temples of Doom. I'm not sure how this would work but the idea seems alright.

All of this should have to do with the human existence and be smart but I think that you can do that in different ways. Even though the franchise could be expanded everything doesn't need to be explained. Those things got to have some layers of well done mystery to it without being nonsensical.

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MemberPraetorianOct-03-2020 5:33 AM

just that list alone could spawn a number of successful shows, all seperate yet connected, set in the ALIENverse!!!






MemberDeaconOct-03-2020 7:17 AM

"2. WY, and what they might be up to"

Quite a LOT i would imagine, not Restricted to Flute Playing Androids and Chasing Xenomorphs.  It would seem that Space Travel/Exploration and to Exploit the Resources of Space and Colonize Worlds is RIGHT UP there on their List of Priorities.

Yes their may be other THINGS they do on Earth/Mars but i think as FAR as a Movie.... but more SO a TV Series then the Exploration of Space has to be where it is at.

Their is a LOT to Gain from Space, and a LOT to Loose.. "in Space No-One can Hear you Scream" and so we know that Space can be Hostile, you cant Survive in Space as you depend on your Ships and Technology and WHEN things GO WRONG.... your a LONG WAY from Home.

Even when you Find a WORLD we see that NOT ALL of them are Habitable without Space Suits, and even Worlds that ARE then WHO KNOWS to what Dangers lie Ahead.

"3. Marines, have they been used for other adventures just than in Aliens."

Absolutely and i think again a TV Series is more Suited to this.

Just another Bug Hunt could indicate the Marines have had to DEAL with other Hostile Life Forms... just they have NEVER had to Encounter anything like the Xenomorph.  If the W-Y company are Building Better Worlds and we KNOW about their Corporate Greed, if they Discover a IDEAL WORLD but their is some THREAT that is Native to the World that could be a Problem to their Plans then they could CALL IN the Marines.

They would also likely be Dealing with ROGUE COLONISTS, and Terrorists, and Rival Nations/Military.  But also to take CARE of any Malfunctioning or Rebellious Synthetics ;)

What do they do for DOWN TIME?  And so we know some like to have that Articulan Poontang ;)

"4. Corporate law-making and police. Weyland-Yutani is big"

I think again a TV Series could cover this, surely the Company would be Protective of its Resources and Technology, and sure they would have some Rivalries.  And also such things could be looked at PRIOR to the Merger when Surely with Weyland and Yutani had to be Rivals.

"5. Xenos as medicine, who’s to say that they can only be used as bio-weapons?"

Indeed we have been their done that and WORN the T-Shirt, i think we could ASK is there more to be GAINED than using the Xenomorph as merely a Aggressive, Deadly and Invasive Species as a Eradication Tool.

Surely the W-Y Company have better (Nukes and Biological Warfare) and for the Engineers then the Black Goo is a FAR BETTER kind of Eradication Tool.

So WAS/IS there other Reasons the Engineers had a Interest in them? Could their be more to Gain for the Weyland-Yutani Company?

I think a MOVIE could Cover this.... i think if we LOOK at Ripley 8 we can see the Xenomorph DNA has a BETTER USE.

"7. Androids and how they use androids in their corporate take-over of the world"

I think their is a LOT to the A.I that can be covered in a NUMBER of Ways, but if we look at something more BASIC then Synthetics could be Explored more in Context to the Rivalry that Weyland and Yutani had... surely Yutani had their own Robots... maybe Part of the Merger is a Desire for Weyland Technology in regards to Synthetics... the Prometheus Viral site did indicate a Technological Rivalry and a PATENT Dispute regarding SYNTHETICS.

Also with Alien Resurrection we have the AUTONS a A.I that was Created by A.I and in a TV Spin Off this could be Explored.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconOct-03-2020 7:26 AM

1, 6 and 8

These could all be Covered in the SAME Context, by Exploring the Engineers, surely the Earth is NOT the only place that they had Created/Evolved,Taught and Interacted with Intelligent Life and Humanoids and MAYBE the Earth is NOT the ONLY place the Engineers had Seeded Humans.

Do we EVEN come from Earth?

"6. Other life-forms on other planets"

This ONE in Particular could be Explored with a TV Show, where you DONT even have to Feature the Engineers or NOT a lot.

Its LIKELY they had Seeded other Worlds, and maybe some WORLDS they had NOT... with Human Expansion into the COSMOS then SOME DAY its Possible that Humans from Earth could come across another Civilization.

OR.... have the Engineer Seeded any Hostile Organisms, are these on Purpose, or by Accident or WHAT becomes of Worlds that the Bio-Weapon was deployed on?

With Alien Covenant we see something like this... with the Neomorph, but WHAT would have became of Planet 4 say if David had Died after the Juggernaught Crash.... what Happens to a Place like Planet 4, 50, 100, 200, 500 Years after the Pathogen has Deployed?

So YES there is Plenty they can do with the ALIEN Franchise, it does-not have to be about Ripley and Xenomorphs ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterOct-03-2020 7:49 AM

1, 5, 6, 8.


The corporation should be in the background.

Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-03-2020 9:06 PM
All of them can be interesting and are complementary elements, it is essential to clarify that it is not about those elements, all about to get a good script and a convincing and solid story. Puting aside storyboards and sketches, invest your time in crushing your brains!


MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 12:42 AM

I would like to see more WY focus. It's always been there and really didn't seem to get much focus until Resurrection and the prequels. 

We know the beasts are vicious, the military presence does its thing and the androids have received a lot of attention.

I want to see the dirty deeds and back room "drug deals" that WY is up to. Maybe it involves greasing politicians, manipulating the public for support that makes them feel great about being blinded into their funding programs that makes them guinea pigs. Make them feel good and proud about being sheep led to the slaughter and realizing the truth after it's too late.

Not an original idea, but it could be interesting in the Alienverse.


MemberChestbursterOct-06-2020 1:00 AM

Good idea... for a book! Not for a film or TV series - just a wasted time & potential to explore NEW ALIEN WORLDS.



I hope you understand, that it sounds much more boring than 6 more films about David and his world. How far can we go after WY? Stories about the lives of individual (deceased) characters? Stories about Jones and Spike?

This is all a distraction from the main route. It's just a waste of time and resources on secondary things.

I'll ask one question - if you have a decade to get ONE and ONLY ONE project in the Alien universe - will you choose WY's dark machinations over new stories about Alien, Engineers, other worlds with any new creatures ?


P.S. I can’t resist the second snide question - what's the point of getting hung up on WY, but not on Seegson or any other new corporation? 

The franchise has already suffered from the fact that fixated on Ripley. And people don't seem to have enough discernment to realize that WY is also looping and destroying the franchise.




MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 1:31 AM

Leto Seegson could definitely be involved. Isolation brought that up as did Resurrection with Walmart. I don't expect it to be done but it would be an aspect of the Alienverse I would like to see. It doesn't have to have any characters who have appeared in the films- maybe a few brief nods but that's it. It would be more of an origins series of WY.

I would like to see how that part developed. It might sound boring to you, but I think it could be a fresh approach. 


MemberChestbursterOct-06-2020 4:40 AM

What exactly do you mean by a "fresh approach"?

What will the characters do? Discuss salary? Or make secret deals? How does this relate to the Alien?! It's like, well, you know - RbW - a story about an android who builds his kind world. Sounds boring and does not relate to the Alien at all. It's the same with WY - create a similar show and don't waste Alien resources on third-party nonsense.

Even the story of the life of a certain colony (like Hadley's Hope) will be more interesting than anything about WY. Create a city, place some secrets under the planet's surface. Show exploration, survival and nightmarish consequences. You can even put multiple agents from different warring corporations and add blissful androids. And this already sounds more interesting than the "fresh approach" with discussions about salaries.

Btw, the book about WY is already out - it's called Alien: Covenant - Origins.


MemberFacehuggerOct-06-2020 6:03 AM


Hey thanks for letting us all know about the WY book Alien: Covenant - Origins....I will be investigating that soon.

Leto I agree with you very much on many points...Alien could use some new fresh movie ideas to make it super scary.

But I have to admit there is something so appealing to me about the idea soap opera type shows or movies that for one reason or another takes a break from the Alien per say.

Sometimes we all just take a pause, in life, in fiction, and in movies too!

I was not into space soap operas before; but, I really enjoy them now...may I recommend the old Dune and the new Dune coming out.

I know that space dramas are not everyone's cup of tea but I really like them now.....I really liked the drama mixed within AC and the much better horror effects...for me it made the characters in AC more for me the characters seemed like they were taking a beating and it made me hate David even more. Good drama should do that....and I do!!! I hate David's character in the fictional setting of AC....terrible android right.

I think what everyone is trying to do here is important as a process...we are performing a very important logical test out loud, if you will go along with it, it is very important we get a chance to participate....we are constructing a make-believe world; however, we are all adults so when we do "suspension of disbelief", one of the most important aspects of fiction - sometimes it can take a long process of presenting ideas out load so others may critique them. 

These are all great ideas that can certainly be worked on and a really interesting story can be crafted with other words we might like to take this a bit further and put some meat on the bones in another formal setting through chat where we can talk about it more.

I know the ideas may not appeal you to directly but please accept the process which we all must adhere to. We all get more out of this the more we participate. 

I come here primarily to hear! / read - what others are saying because I like to write myself and learn how others understand this fictional world....give this a chance my friend you will see there is much more going on here.

Every once in a great while you come across almost complete perfection....No offence but BWW is harvesting some real good stuff from this back and forth and that is perfectly ok...because so am's all good! I promise no one will be harmed LOL by any one of us suggesting new ideas!


MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 6:09 PM

Leto There is a lot of room for being dark and scary in the Alienverse without the Xeno we already know about. Dark machinations were always at work.



MemberPraetorianOct-06-2020 8:51 PM


 Thank-you for the mention!

 W-Y as a basis for a series makes for an interesting and ambitious idea/approach. :)

 I would like to see something having to do with the hostilities among the various Human powers that justify the Colonial Marines.
 Not all the time, but I'd like inter-colonial hostilities to be a factor...otherwise why have the Marines?
 I wouldn't a series to expressly focus on the Uber Elite, nor on the 'truckers'...but some storyline that links various social strata together so we can see the comparison and contrasts.

 It should have absolutely N O T H I N G to do with current social issues or politics...there's enough of that in the open sewers of Fakebook and Twatter.
 Woke = Broke

 As an aside, the tie-in short-story that connects ALIEN: Manticore to the sequel is published. :)

 Central Repository for BWW Stories & Works






MemberTrilobiteOct-06-2020 9:38 PM

It should have absolutely N O T H I N G to do with current social issues or politics

Fair point, except that sci fi has always dealt with current social issues. Twilight Zone, 1984, Animal Farm, POTA and Star Trek among other works have proved that. That has been one of the things that made the genre so relevant. It doesn't have to name names. It's always interesting to read or watch sci fi from 40 plus years ago and see their cautionary tales weren't very far off the mark. 

That said, sci fi also gives the freedom for works to side step all that, As long as it gets and holds the reader's/viewer's interest, it's all good. 


MemberPraetorianOct-07-2020 12:13 AM


Done properly, yeah, it's fine.


Modern day, they beat the audience over the head with all manner of 'issues' that won't be around in say 100 years.
Parker, he was black...No One Cared.

Lope and the other guy in Alien covenant...were mARRIED...again, ok, NP.

Look at the datafiles on the screen during ripley's hearing in ALIENS...and Lambert and Dallas are Transexuals achieved via genesurgery.
Again...ok, NP.

So, if they wanna get political and social-justice they better put some serious thought into projectiung ahead to what social issues will be relevant THEN...instead of slopping about with crap from our present day...because it's been done, and it kills franchises.

woke = broke







MemberTrilobiteOct-07-2020 12:29 AM

That is true. I suppose it's possible if the classics I mentioned were re done script and scene perfect today, they might not be well received. That is unfortunate. 


MemberPraetorianOct-07-2020 1:00 AM


It's a matter of Subtlety, and in the modern era, they approach social issues with all the finesse of a drunken ork wielding a sledgehammer in a china shop.
The modern approach is soapbox the 'issues' first and tack-on a poorly-written story as an afterthought.






MemberTrilobiteOct-07-2020 1:04 AM

Blackwinter-witch That's probably why I stick with older stuff and with newer things, it's sort of obscure material. 


MemberPraetorianOct-07-2020 1:08 AM


Older/classic movies are my Haven nowadays! I know what you mean!!






MemberNeomorphOct-09-2020 5:38 AM

Roger G:

“... it is essential to clarify that it is not about those elements”

I totally agree, that's why I wrote that:

“All of this should have to do with the human existence... ”

I'm not a writer but I have many ideas. To me it has never been about the Xeno itself but rather about how human beings handle situations that they are poorly equipped to deal with, then you can add themes to that. The themes themselves shouldn't be the main-thing in the movie, the story and characters are more important. When you mostly care about the themes that's when you get a alien-prequel and we know how they have turned out.

“... crushing your brains!”

That sounds like something that the Engineer could have done in Prometheus. If he can kill them by throwing them away like he did when they started to shoot at him then imagine what a kick would do.

Another idea that I kind of wondered about is if they try to expand into getting robot-soldiers. This could be a little bit like Terminator but if WY could use the Xenos to do things for example how they had defense-contracts under the military (AR brought this up, not a good movie but the idea isn’t bad) then a company with contracts for similar aims could be involved also.

WY use androids for what ever but if they can do androids then they can expand into making robots like soldiers. Keep the company as a sort of Alien-link so it would be- Alien-WY-androids-robots and robots like soldiers. I must stress that this isn't the same as the robots getting conscious about their self which would be too much like AC but rather to have them as programmed to do X. This kind of ties into 4 but that they try to keep the costs down for staff doing that work and replace it with robots. What does this say about laws, how we look at humans, how we want our justice-system to look like, and similar things. Who would accept to manufacture things for that aim and how do they think both those that decide to replace humans with technology and those that decide to manufacture them. It is about human ethics, power, and how we value things.

You wouldn't need WY if you don't want to, just another company similar to that. I mentioned the police before but this would be the military. I looked it up, there is a genres called Legal Thriller which this could be loosely. Maybe it could be part sci-fi, part horror, and part legal thriller. You pick out pieces of the genres that make sense and try to make a mix of it and put it in the alien-verse and look what will happen but it got to fit as a whole. I just try to imagine what could maybe be possible.

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