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What’s the deal with androids and milk?
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Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 8:03 PM
The origin of white milk in androids like their blood flow or when sweating like Ash, seems obvious from this recent TNYT interview to RS. It is curious to see that great ideas always come from nothing or the most naive. (Walter above) From TNYT Article: What’s the deal with androids and milk? SCOTT On “Alien,” I was in a room with Sigourney Weaver, who was being attacked by Ian Holm as an android. His acting was just sublime, and his character was on the verge of completely losing it and getting violent. I said, “Does anybody have an eyedropper full of milk?” The makeup department brought out an eyedropper, and I got the milk, and I reached out and put a drop of milk above his eye and then started rolling. As it dropped down across his eye, it freaked everybody out! And then I thought: “Do androids all have white blood? Like milk of magnesia?” So that’s why my androids are milky white inside. And for Mother, I wondered, “Should I use that again?” I think it works great — it’s more uncomfortable than seeing red blood. raised-by-wolves-finale-ridley-scott.html
13 Replies


MemberTrilobiteOct-01-2020 8:14 PM

I had read somewhere that it may have represented semen back in the Alien days. There is a lot to it but that's the quick down and dirty.


MemberPraetorianOct-01-2020 8:18 PM

I always thought it had to do with movie ratings and the amount of blood they could show.

Knowing it was a genuine idea to make things creepier...i like that!





Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 8:33 PM
@DK is something weird, because although disgusting and repulsive, Ash was not very scary in Alien, even David was not scary either, it seems to choose an actor who plays a crazy Android is not as easy as it seems, Roy Batty was scary in his time, even Amanda Collin as Mother in her role is also really scary, she was a great choice more than anyone I think.


MemberTrilobiteOct-01-2020 8:41 PM

I think the white blood from Ash was representing semen- sexually suggestive as was his trying to basically rape Ripley with a rolled magazine- imitating the face hugger that also represented a form of rape. It tied in with the sexually suggestive works of Giger. I cannot find the source, but am sure it was a reason given by a reputable source- many people are saying it!

Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 8:44 PM
@Blackwinter-witch apparently with seminal fluid, as organic fluid, you have the procreative side to play, Androids able to procreate like humans, we have David with xenos through his mouth, and Mother from RBW.


MemberPraetorianOct-01-2020 8:51 PM

Roger G

There's that, yes, but as Freud said;

'Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar'.

I think they were just going for something 'jarringly-foreshadowing' of Ash's true nature that gets revealed when Parker takes his head off.

A 'wtf?' thing to get the audience's attention and get them wondering what's up with Ash.





Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 8:58 PM
@DK No idea about that source, I thought it was only when they get angry, like a behavior mode.

Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 9:13 PM
@Blackwinter-witch Everything has its explanation, I never liked Ash's scene in ALIEN. But when you point to Alien we are talking about something serious, (Metaphysical Science Fiction)


MemberTrilobiteOct-01-2020 9:22 PM

Well, RS at least partially backs up the clame less than 2 minutes in. Just so you don't think I'm a sick bastard lol!


Roger G

MemberFacehuggerOct-01-2020 9:25 PM
@DK LOL! I got it.


MemberFacehuggerOct-02-2020 12:04 AM

Did you say milk and androids???? 

It is for the COOKIES!!!!



MemberPraetorianOct-02-2020 1:23 AM

I'll go with BlackAnt on this one. :D






MemberDeaconOct-02-2020 4:25 PM


Indeed Sexually Frustrated ... a CHIP of the OLD BLOCK would you not say ;) (in David that is).

I think Basically it comes down to Aesthetically to make them APPEAR to NOT be Human, so its always that PLOT DEVICE to know your NOT seeing a Human but a Android.

If Bishop had RED BLOOD then Ripley would maybe have NOT Discovered for some Time that he was a Fricken Robot ;)

So Indeed without that then a Human and Android would be HARD to Distinguish Apart and so WHILE they look like us on the Outside they are Different Internally and i think having WHITE BLOOD plays the Part and Looks the Part.

WHY would a ANDROID need BLOOD?

Now thats a another Question, to a Degree.. we can only Speculate that its NOT just for Aesthetics, but is maybe something that the Androids require to Operate Efficiently, like a Android Oil/Lubrication

David must have LOST a Lot of this Fluid in Prometheus and maybe this is WHY he went a BIT BONKERS LOL

Maybe Walter could have been so KIND as to TOP HIM UP?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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