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MemberPraetorianSep-22-2020 11:15 PM

 Most Recent Work: Oct 06 2020

ALIEN: Manticore 'Interlude In The Darkness'

 NOTE: If You Have An Older System Here Are .rtf format copies of all my works;

.rtf Files For Older Systems

I should have done this type of Organizational Post a long time ago, but I am lousy at seeing the 'Obvious', in regards to anything.
Below, is also a Guide IF you choose to use it, so as to be able to read my works in their 'In-Universe' Chronological Order.
It is an Option meant to be Convenient, NOT any kind of requirement, of course.

This is a Topic so that anyone who wishes to find my works can, and be assured they will have access to all of them as well as download links.

It also makes it much easier for me to Update things as-need-be.

Sorry for the past 'scavenger hunts', and I really kick myself for not thinking of this sooner, and credit for this approach to make life more organized and convenient goes to my Co-Creator/Co-Writer.

Between these two links below, one can find all my works to-date on Issuu.

Connected-Works 'Stack' on Issuu.


The link below allows you to download the stories you like.

Google Drive Downloads For Alien Covenant Forum


**Issuu Links--In-Universe Chronological Guide:


Perfect Organism






ALIEN: The Lander

ALIEN: Manticore

ALIEN: Manticore 'Interlude In The Darkness'








69 Replies


MemberTrilobiteSep-22-2020 11:46 PM

Nice and well organized layout of your works. Thank you!

Paranatural Selection. Brutal short. You're not angry about anything are you?


MemberPraetorianSep-22-2020 11:58 PM


You're welcome and Ty in-kind!! :D

Actually I wrote it because I felt I owed it to the character as she didn't get to see much 'action' in the first story.

Also, I've been working on her backstory, and from the point of 6 years old, she was all on her own...that doesn't usually make for a 'girl next door' type. lol

I also wanted to clearly demonstrate just how Lethal and Dangerous even a pre-adult, Untrained Chimeran is...this is meant to contrast vs the reactions Chimerans have to The Alien, as we see in ALIEN: Manticore.

It's one thing if your fellow Humans are scared of The Alien.

When your resident genetically-engineered Bioweapons are feeling the hairs on the backs of their necks rise up when seeing The Alien...


Speaks for itself, I think. ;)






MemberTrilobiteSep-23-2020 12:07 AM

I seem to be reading out of order. Honestly, Manticore is pretty long and I have avoided it because of that. I think when I do read it, I will have maybe read the back stories first (Prequels in a way) and maybe not scratch my head when taking on the epic story.


MemberPraetorianSep-23-2020 1:14 AM


Good point...a VERY good point.

I will be adding an appendum to the Topic Main itself, which will list things In-Order...

Again I should have thought of that a LONG time ago....if I had, it'd have saved everyone some confusion.

That's my error, but one I can correct now, and will.

TY for mentioning it, it'll save people from trying to figure things out on their own...some authors like to do that. I prefer to give a Guide and then let people choose for themselves if they wish to follow it or not.






MemberTrilobiteSep-23-2020 1:51 AM

Thanks. Although I read and enjoyed two, I see I was way out of order! But the chronology listed in the OP is helpful and probably will be for others as well.


MemberPraetorianSep-23-2020 2:13 AM


You're quite welcome! The main thing is you enjoyed them, and know you know the chrono-ordering, your brain will shuffle things into proper alignment automatically. I've seen that with a LOT of fellow sci-fi fans across other franchises. :)

Well, at least now the lack of a guide has been corrected and can be easily updated as time goes by.

I have to say, with the Blade Runner short I am roughing-out as ideas come, it'll make the chronological timeline make more sense, give it better bedrock and explain a few things...and give some plausible insight into Weyland's comments to David at the opening of ALIEN: Covenant.

...and give folks something to read while Hoping for a third BR movie. :D






MemberTrilobiteSep-23-2020 1:19 PM

When it's all said and done, it looks like this is how one should read off line:


MemberPraetorianSep-23-2020 2:07 PM


Thank-You for the visual reference pic!

Makes things a lot clearer for people.

It seems with MY efforts to try to organize things, chaos clings to my efforts, and I often end up confusing things even more. lol

Organization just is not one of my top-five strengths.







MemberXenomorphSep-23-2020 5:31 PM

Blackwinter-witch I have downloaded all your works, with many thanks for your kindness to give them all for free.

I have downloaded them from Google Drive, not ISSUU, probably other did the same, so if you don't see too much activity on ISSUU do not worry, it is not relevant as long as you provided links to Google Drive.

Thanks again and I pray for your better days ahead.

Take care, you are in our hearts, brothers and sisters from the Alienverse.

Keep writing, you have a gift for that!

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberPraetorianSep-23-2020 7:28 PM


Thank-You!! You are most welcome!! :D

NP on Issuu, to be able to allow folks to download from there I have to pay a subscription-type fee...pondering it, looking things over to see if I'll get my money's worth from Issuu.

But for now, the Google Drive method seems to work well enough for people, and if they're not experiencing issues with downloading my works, then all is good. :)

I am doing all I can to gain any and all advantages over The Enemy, and better days are ahead...getting to them will be a challenge, but then again people crossed the atlantic ocean in storm season in wooden ships.

Thank-you also for the general well-wishing to all the Fandom. (HUG)

I am and will. I have a nw Vignette in the works, it's needs to be done Just Right, but it's coming along nicely.

The Sequel and tie-in short have NOT been forgotten, but right now some review is being done to Ensure adherence to established Continuity and Canon.

Quality-Control, so to speak. :)






MemberTrilobiteSep-23-2020 9:37 PM

There is some activity afoot to try to get better exposure and possible monetizing, but it's slow since this is a new process for those involved. We are fortunate to get this for free, but the works deserve proper compensation. Not trying to be coy or cryptic and there are no promises, but efforts are underway.


MemberPraetorianSep-24-2020 12:03 AM


NP, I understand fully! I am more grateful than I can say about the efforts for better exposure!!

The monetization I see being very problematic as this is after-all Fan Fiction.

While I do and will retain all rights and control of my Unique and Original Properties/characters, etc. within these fan-fiction works...the rest of it, the 'chassis' is entire owned by Fox/Disney as we all know.

In the end, even if I only end up getting a teensy bit more exposure, and manage to satisfy the craving for decent stories in a handful more Fandom members, I'll be happy with that.

In the end, I just want to give the Fandom some good stories to enjoy, to the best of my ability, that don't leave them trying to overlook major continuity and canon issues or mediocre storylines.
...Stories that show them and comfort them that this franchise, this universe, is alive and well no matter what The Industry tries with it in the future, and that people (like the other Authors and Authors-to-be around here & other locales/sites) care enough to write for them, and make the effort to keep it alive.

The monetization...I will not even dare dream about, I remain on the 'we will see what we see when we see it' school of thought about such.

No expectations, but no despair...a Balance-Point wait-and-see. 







MemberDeaconSep-24-2020 6:13 AM

Thank you for this Blackwinter-witch

I will have to Read some of your Works ASP..

I have had many ideas for Stories within Sci-Fi and Horror Genres but all i seem to do is make a say 6-8 Page Large Synopsis/Plot Points and then FLESH OUT some Key Scenes to what they Contain inc some Dialog and then i dont seem to Progress Past that :(

I had Lost works in the Past and while i have Loads of Ideas all the Time, i do need to Write them down as i FORGET a LOT buts due to a Condition.  Which kind of Stops me giving it MY ALL on many things.

Once again thanks for Sharing your Works, i will have to Read them, and Hopefully your Health Improves so you can get back to what you LOVED as you Certainly are a Talented Writer.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianSep-24-2020 11:35 AM


You are most welcome!! :D

Sorry to hear about the Lost Ideas, I know how that feels--I think every human being on Earth can relate to that in direct or related ways--and it's not a good feeling.

Perhaps try keeping a small notebook with you, I did and still do and always will to grab ideas that pop up so they can't slip away without me at least capturing their 'footprints'. :D

The way I work, and this might give you some ideas on directions to try, is I do a synopsis that's at most a couple paragraphs. I note down or point-form the main story, plot points and key elements--such as critters, important character aspects, etc..

Dialog, I let that happen as I write...I tried planning and scripting out dialog, ended up tripping all over myself.

I keep things loose enough that I have plenty of room to wander and roam while writing yet have my Notes and such to ensure i don't lose track of important things.
I keep all the above simple, as I have found simpler is better, for me at least.

Thank-You for the compliments, praise and well-wishing!! I hope your condition improves or can be made less troublesome. ((HUG))
Life is certainly less-fun with significant health issues involved.

I am continuing on with stacking odds in my favor, and the day of Engagement vs. The Enemy is coming, things are looking good, but the real test will be the actual results of the R-Treatments.

In the meantime, I continue on writing as best I can and staying in the game without over-doing it and pushing myself to far even though I have Good help to rely on. :)






MemberPraetorianSep-25-2020 12:55 AM

Just did an update, on the primary entry...thing of this Topic...topic header? 

Whatever it's called, you'll see the new work there. :)

It's a Vignette, so not a strain to read, and I hope it's as enjoyable for you to read as much as it was fun to write.

As you can all see, I am still in the game, and will continue to be.

Things are a bit challenging, but work on the larger pieces continues on.

Consider my works to be 'love letters' to you...The Fandom, for without you there is no franchise.







MemberDeaconSep-25-2020 8:26 AM

Thank You... 

Hopefully your Treatment will Improve for you.

For me its just Part of Aging well something thats on a Slow Decline to Loosing my Marbles... well my Wire-work in the Brain needs to be Redone lol  But its something that Progresses slowly...

I still do wonder if my Memory Problems come from different Medication i Tried to Fix other Neurological Problems that Fudged me Brain even more... No Meds for me!  they NEVER agreed with us lol

But YES i should keep a HARD NOTE PAD for ideas... i have a Very Over Active Brain, but last 3-4 years i Forget ideas if i dont Write them down.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianSep-25-2020 2:07 PM


Over-Active brain, cranking out too many ideas too fast...I know what you mean, and that's exactly why I keep notepads always at hand! :D You never know when an Idea will pop in then try to slip away, like out grocery shopping for example.

Think of the notepads as idea-traps. :D

Us too, agree with all of you! :D
The meds could well have had some effect, it's entirely likely and is an established fact that such happens. I agree with you about staying away from meds. I turned to herbal solutions as like you and many others, I just couldn't handle the side effects...they were so much worse than the original problems.

Age and entropy, yeah there's no real way to avoid that, but specific dietary supplements can help bolster the system overall and mental fucntion, some also have beneficial action on keeping joints healthy as well.

And, we love you as you are. (HUG)

The current revised prognosis is conservatively estimating that 3 treatments at most will entirely eliminate the 'Enemy Forces'. :)







MemberNeomorphSep-27-2020 3:09 AM

Paranatural Selection, I like both the title and the story. I can imagine where you got the inspiration from but it resulted in something creative and good.


MemberPraetorianSep-27-2020 3:50 AM


Thank-You!! :D

I was taking a bit of a risk with that one, I wanted to have it keep some rough-edges to fit better withe the content.

The Violence, yeah...that's how I feel about The Enemy.

But, the Intent of it is to show more of Selinaehra's backstory, as 'OLARKUS' handles how she ended up alone in a harshly unforgiving universe at 6 years old.

The way Ash described The Alien...
...also describes her very, very well also.

'A survivor...unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality.'

It's also an 'appetizer' for what's to come in ALIEN: Manticore 'Out Of The Silent Dark'








MemberPraetorianSep-28-2020 10:32 PM

The requested Vigenette having to do with being told from the P.O.V. of The Alien is done, it's in first-draft form now, only needs editing and a final proofing, then you'll all be able to have a peek at the universe as it experiences life. :)

You won't be waiting long, but this is a tricky piece, so I'm going slowly to make sure it's done right and as best I possibly can.






MemberPraetorianSep-29-2020 3:24 PM

New Vignette 'PERSPECTIVE'. just published. 

It's an Experimental work, but I hope you find something to enjoy within it.






MemberTrilobiteSep-29-2020 8:54 PM

Perspective is really good! It's just matter of fact survival sort of how Ash described. I will need to re read a part because I wasn't quite sure what was being described- but that's also  what makes it interesting to figure out. These vignettes are fun to read- thanks!


MemberPraetorianSep-30-2020 4:16 PM


Thank-You for the compliments and telling me how much you enjoy the Vignettes!!!

You're also quite welcome!!

When I was writing it, I kept looking over at a handwritten note which had Ash's statement about The Alien, and rode with that as my guide to keep the tone on-track.

I expect that some will have to re-read this or that segment, as there's a 'language-barrier' between how an Alien experiences life and translating that to something readable by Humans.

When I was writing the rough draft, I had to stop every couple minutes from confusing myself with the 'alien' descriptions and such. lol






MemberTrilobiteSep-30-2020 4:27 PM

Blackwinter-witch There does seem to be a language barrier and that is actually an interesting thing imo. It challenges the reader to really try to think or perceive the world as an Alien- and I like that readers may come up with different interpretations. For only 3 pages, it's tough to think of any comparable original sci fi writings.


MemberPraetorianSep-30-2020 4:41 PM


The 'language barrier' I did enjoy while trying my best to work around it. :)

I also went through the story 3 comb-throughs in final proofing to remove any times where it went '3rd person' or had The Alien referencing itself as 'it'.

Readers I hope will have their own interpretations and such, then it makes the work more personal for them.

These Vignettes are an experiment...I don't know if anyone else is doing similar, so I'm winging it on my own as far as I know. :D

With this story, I wanted to give The Alien more credit for being intelligent, problem-solving, and capable of being much more than a mindlessly-rampaging critter for target practice.

Cameron turned The Alien into...just an interesting 'target' for shoot-em-up action.

I'm trying to take it back to what it is...something genuinely dangerous and from whom there is no safe place.







MemberTrilobiteSep-30-2020 4:51 PM

I don't want to spoil, but PERSPECTIVE shows the ALIEN POV while hinting at its own form of intelligence/ethics that might be expanded on later. It's nice to finally hear from the Alien perspective.


MemberPraetorianSep-30-2020 5:20 PM



...and I wouldn't say you spoiled anything, all you gave was a general and informative brief overview.

NP with that.






MemberXenomorphSep-30-2020 6:48 PM

Downloaded Perspective from Google Drive and read it. It reminded me of two short stories by Ray Bradbury, one written from the perspective of the killer, the other from the victim's.

It was Rest…until it was reason to not Rest.

That's how I imagined the xenomorph's ability to survive, like seen at the end of Alien. In Alien he actually killed the crew just to ensure his survival, not as a mindless killer. With the humans around his survival was in danger.

Thanks for sharing and don't stop writing.

I thoroughly enjoy your perspective and I must confess I have some hard time reading from my mobile phone, but that won't stop me.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberTrilobiteSep-30-2020 6:58 PM

SuperAlien PERSPECTIVE is pretty killer and a bit of a departure from her norm! Sometimes risks yield the best output.

Have you ever read The Perfect Host by Theodore Sturgeon? If you like POV stuff, you should consider it- it's only about 40 pages.


MemberTrilobiteSep-30-2020 7:06 PM

Prey means continuance.

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