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DeaconMember10325 XPSep-15-2020 6:12 PM

Following the News that a ALIEN Movie is in the Works but it is UNLIKELY to Continue with what Prometheus and Alien Covenant had STARTED.

Do the Prequels Need a Conclusion?

Do the Prequels Need to Continue with David?

Is the David as the Creator Arc a Bad Move?

So it seems that it could be UNLIKELY that we would get a Continuation and CONCLUSION.

I think a BIG BANE of Contention for Fans is the David as the Creator is a BIG NO NO!

The Prequels had Began with Prometheus which had SET-UP some Interesting things that were NOT really Continued.  A Movie by DISNEY to Ignore the Prequels could mean we WONT get to see some of the OTHER things the Prequels introduced.

When the Prequels had Began which was Jon Spaights Work it was a ATTEMPT to Answer some of the Mystery about LV-426, and so WHO was the Space Jockey and WHY they had the Xenomorph.

Later the Xenomorph and its Origins were REMOVED to give us Prometheus which Continued with and OPENED UP the Engineers Plot and introduced us to WHO was likely behind the Space Jockey Species.

After this we got to Alien Covenant were they would SHOW US the Origins of the Xenomorph but we would see FAR LESS of the Engineers.

The Last Prequel had SET-UP that David was LIKELY to be the Creator of the Xenomorph and also a PLOT that would Revolve around HIM... which for Many was STEERING AWAY from what they had Expected those Origins to have been, it was just NOT ALIEN!

At the Moment we have NO CONCLUSION and the Likely Conclusion is something that Some Fans may NOT want to see and something that Disney is UNLIKELY to Pursue!

And so we have NO CLOSURE!

Did our David really Create the Xenomorph?  A LOT of Fans surely HOPE NOT.....

I dont really want this to become another David had NOT Created the Xenomorph Debate...  but the Purpose really is to LOOK at a way to get a Conclusion to the Prequels and in a WAY that would SHOW that the Xenomorph on LV-426 is NOT what David Created.

But to do this in a WAY where we DONT have to Follow where David has GONE!  And so WHAT i am asking is for you to Come Up with some IDEAS on HOW to do a Conclusion that would STEER AWAY from David and Answer in Part at Least the Mystery/Origin of the Xenomorph (if we Choose to have it that it was NOT Created by David).

Show me YOURS! and I will SHOW you Mine ;)

(I have TWO WAYS that we could do this).

*Fixed Spelling Mistake in Banner LOL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

6 Responses to ALIEN: ADDENDUM

Roger G

FacehuggerMember163 XPSep-15-2020 6:22 PMI don't know it depends of many things, I don't see any future in David character, he's an irrelevant figure for me. The franchise now depends to Disney, I think ALIEN must be linked to Xeno or a new evolution of beast. But do it as soon as possible!


ChestbursterMember666 XPSep-16-2020 2:33 AM

>>>Do the Prequels Need a Conclusion?

Not necessary.

If they use something like time travel, where both - David and the Covenant went back in time and destroyed Planet 4, thus destroying LV-223 and all the engineers, and also creating the xenomorph in an ancient past. This is a good idea.

Or they can get out of the way of the prequel and tell a parallel Alien/Aliens story. This is the best way.

But If they're trying to fit the final prequel into the awkward and uncomfortable span of five minutes between AC and Alien, then, well, they have to really try to explain and chew all the inconsistencies. For the third time, they will not be able to create a clumsy story without explanation, and then try to explain everything in a pompous interview. What's the deal with interviews and comments? They are not part of the story on screen.

>>>Do the Prequels Need to Continue with David?

Yes. He is one of two central characters. The only one who stayed. If he disappears, then what's the point?

>>>Is the David as the Creator Arc a Bad Move?

While I find the David-creator idea interesting from a certain point of view, nevertheless, I prefer David-explorer over David-creator. In other words: David Lawrence is better than David Moreau.



DeaconMember10325 XPSep-16-2020 4:56 AM

" I don't see any future in David character, he's an irrelevant figure for me"

You are NOT alone with that, i actually like his STORY ARC only they could have had HIM go and Create Something Different and via HOW he did this we could gain more Clues to MAYBE how the Xenomorph was Created.

When the Prequel had Evolved to Prometheus with the REMOVAL of the Xenomorph and a SET-UP to STEER AWAY from ALIEN in a Sequel.  The IDEA would have been a Separate Franchise within the same Universe to COVER the Engineers/Space Jockey and the Creation Themes.

Such a Sequel However (Prometheus 2) would have had to give just as MUCH about Humanity, Engineers than to be about David and A.I

Powers that BE had decided to U-Turn and give us Alien Covenant however, and i think for the MOST PART the Fans are wanting to see more of the ENGINEERS and LESS of David.  I think that Ultimately they would also want a Revelation that HE DID NOT go and Create the Xenomorph.

As it STANDS then to get from David with the Covenant and Colonist and Embryo's (Human and Xenomorph) to then GET to Multiple Xenomorph Eggs on the Derelict and introduce the Engineers and SOLVE the Space Jockey Mystery would NOT take a SINGLE MOVIE.

I would say to PULL off the PLOT and CONCLUDE it then we are a Good 4 Hours of Screen Time away from the CLIMAX.  It would be likely a Majority of the First 2-3 Hours of this would be about David (and his Agenda/Arc) and so MANY Fans may not be Interested and so its kind of Dead in the Water.

Which is WHY i made this TOPIC so that we could look at if there is a WAY we can have a Continuation to the Prequels that would BY-PASS whatever David does or Goes and CONCLUDE or SHOW some SOLID Proof that David is NOT the Creator of the Xenomorph.  (The MURAL is NOT any Proof).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10325 XPSep-16-2020 5:28 AM

"Or they can get out of the way of the prequel and tell a parallel Alien/Aliens story. This is the best way."

I think that YES you could go for another STORY within the ALIEN Franchise but then do you LEAVE the Xenomorph Origins a Mystery or do you TRY and give Evidence to suggest WHO had Created it?  

The reason for this TOPIC is to look if there is a WAY to give another Movie that Ties to either Alien Covenant or Prometheus that WILL-NOT go and Follow where David goes.

The other Reason is that its SEEMS that DISNEY have NO IDEA on HOW to Continue with Alien Covenant, because of the RISK that Fans may-not be Interested in the Direction the Prequels were HEADING and the Emphasis on David.

Which could mean that DISNEY could either just IGNORE the Prequels, we dont get a Conclusion and the Xenomorph Origin is LEFT OPEN to Debate.

Or if the Alien V Project is about Dreams then they could put the Prequels down as a Dream and so they NEVER Happened.

But there are some GOOD things about the Prequels that should NOT just be Brushed under the Carpet.

"I prefer David-explorer over David-creator. In other words: David Lawrence is better than David Moreau"

David Arc does seem to FIT with David Moreau but we have to REMEMBER who the Original Moreau/Frankenstein are!

You see the Engineers are Genetic Engineers, but some of them had Conducted Horrific Experiments on LV-223 and we see with the MURAL that they HELD those Experiments in HIGH REGARD... the Black Goo and what it could Create, more so in Regards to Horrors that are Connected to the Xenomorph DNA.

We have seen the Hammerpedes, the Trilobite and Dr Shaw's Deacon, its likely the Engineers had a Similar Deacon in the PAST... we saw the Neomorph and all those Experiments that David had Conducted... its likely the Engineers had done Similar in the PAST.

And so were those Engineers pleased with their Horrors their Deacon

What would they make of Davids Creation the Protomorph if you would?

so its OPEN for them to have it the Engineers Discover what David had DONE and see the Potential in it and EVOLVE what David had done to get to the EGGS in ALIEN.

Thus David becomes the MIDDLE-MAN this may be the BEST of Both Worlds option.

"If they use something like time travel, where both - David and the Covenant went back in time and destroyed Planet 4"

With Planet 4 being so Close then YES you would assume that causes a Conflict with the Franchise... and so SURELY by the Time of ALIEN then LV-223 and Planet 4 have to be DESTROYED!

Unless RS would eventually had REMOVED all but ALIEN from Canon.

So to CONTINUE with the David the Middle-Man idea then we NEED the Engineers to take those Eggs from Planet 4 to LV-223 to Experiment, Evolve and Mass Produce them!

BUT something Happens... someone STOPS them and DESTROYS LV-223 but this Happens just as the DERELICT has Left LV-223...   The DESTRUCTION of LV-223 could make a TEMPORARY TEAR in TIME/SPACE which then Drags the Derelict into it and Causes the Cargo to be Compromised and GETS to the Pilot who then ENDS UP on near by LV-426.

Conclusion Complete.... the Eggs are on LV-426 for Thousands of Years....  and Davids role is to BEGIN the Evolution of the Black Goo to the Protomorph, which the Engineers (or other Species) then EVOLVE to the Bio-Mechanical Horror we have in ALIEN.

Such a PLOT and Conclusion would NOT have to have David involved in anyway at all.... It would leave it so Eventually if Davids Story is Continued even if its in a NOVEL then he has Freedom to Create something ELSE and to NOT be Shackled to be Shoe-Horned to ALIEN.

This Pretty Much is the DIRECTION i would take.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Roger G

FacehuggerMember163 XPSep-18-2020 9:09 PM@BIGDAVE The preamble or testing field to the new ALIEN is involving in Raised by Wolves, there are a lot of flaws called Puppets (poor Alien designed on Kepler-22b ) that break the story in my point of view, does not anticipate good vips, many things need to be polished. The two chapters especially Chapter 1 by Scott is the best by far. I don't care about the IMDB rating, I think RS will bet strongly this time. Which direction? Disney is not Fox, and probably the producers involved be imposed from above.


DeaconMember10325 XPSep-19-2020 4:50 AM

I would say that YES we would see Walter Hill and David Giler have even more of a Influenced on this Project than the others they had BEFORE.

I think they have a IDEA that Disney are aware of as FAR as WHAT made the Alien Franchise Great and then WHAT started to make it Divisive and Disappoint.

And so i think that for 100% sure we will see Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection removed from Canon as Dreams and i Suspect the ALIEN V will IGNORE the Prequels.

Alien Covenant had taken a Route that MOST of the Fans were NOT a Fan of, and the Movie was Financially a BIG Disappointment for FOX.

It would seem that a Movie or TWO that would Continue with David and WHAT KIND of a World he would Create is something that i DONT feel Many would be Interested in Especially if it REVOLVES around him.

The David is the Creator of the Xenomorph is also something that REALLY BUGS a lot of the Fans too ;)

WHEN they was working on a Prequel i think a LOT of the Fans would have Expected it to give us something about WHERE the Xenomorph came from  and WHO had made or Discovered them and WHEN and then WHY would they (Space Jockey) have those Eggs.  You would also have expected to DISCOVER who the Space Jockey are.

Yes we saw Prometheus take a Different Approach which Raised other Questions that Fans would have wanted to see Answered and to see MORE of the Engineers and about them.

The Majority of the Fans would NOT have wanted to see a Movie that Centered around David and A.I  Certainly NOT at the Sacrifice of the Engineers and other Characters.

So if they CHOOSE to Move Forwards with a Continuation i am NOT that sure that Fans would go and SEE it in Big Numbers unless they knew that DAVID would NOT be one of the BIG PARTS maybe like 3rd/4th Important Character and they would want to see the ENGINEERS make a Return.

And that its Revealed that David is NOT the Creator of the Xenomorph.......

But its HOW do you do this..... its maybe BEST to Offer another Sequel to Prometheus/Alien Covenant that does-not IGNORE those Movies but that does-not be about WHERE it is that David is going.

I think this would MAYBE attract more Fans?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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