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ALIEN: Manticore sequel update

ALIEN: Manticore sequel update

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PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-11-2020 12:00 PM

 Owing to a situation entirely outside my or anyone else's control, I am giving very serious consideration to handing over my works to a very close and trusted person in my life who's able to continue the work for me while I will act as Collaborator from the side.

This person knows my writing style extremely well, and is very suited to taking the reins, also they are very excited and eager for me to entrust them with my Realms, including the ALIEN Realm you all have seen my efforts at as-posted on Issuu

I don't think I can continue the work myself any longer for reasons such as shaking hands/tremors and other physical symptoms that increasing make typing more and more challenging.

I hope that this news is welcome and that it makes you all a little happier in that it means things will not be abandoned and the torch will be passed along.

Again, and very sincerely, please accept my apologies for how I have been the past few days. I apologize with the deepest regret for what happened and I am sorry if I hurt or upset any of you.

If you can, please forgive me.






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TrilobiteMember8212 XPSep-20-2020 11:57 PM

If you can, please forgive me.

There is nothing to forgive nor apologize for. We are human. We all push on as best we can.


FacehuggerMember208 XPSep-21-2020 4:12 AM


Well there is no better feeling, I believe, then setting yourself free. I see no regrets in taking on new projects.

This has broken you or taken a part of something now that cannot easily be replaced. Partly this is do to the nature and effect of what time does to all of us. Partly it is do to you reaching another realization in what is best for you.

What ever the case may be there is a very wise saying in Buddhism.

You must first empty your cup to receive more.

Try on this new role in your life and see what may grow into the new space.

For me the Alien universe has had its moments of profound reward as well as its regrets. I have chased this monster as well to the limits of perception.....and no long want or desire it's secrets.

There is something very liberating in choosing a new mysterious road...walking through that door you have never gone through before...taking those first steps into a new room full of strangers...figuring out a new undiscovered path.

I sincerely hope you never look back with out one single regret and find a more fulfilling inner peace.



DeaconMember10325 XPSep-21-2020 4:44 AM

"Also, all anyone talks about anymore is Raised By Wolves. I looked into it"

I think its Mentioned on here because its a WORK by RS, some of the THEMES are maybe what he could have been looking at with a Continuation in the Franchise which i think he even ADMITS is Unlikely to Carry On.

As for RBW i have YET to see it, i think the PLOT seems Interesting but it depends on the Execution and Writing of the Plot Points.  I dont think we should and could Consider it as PART of the Alien Franchise.

The ALIEN Franchise will LIVE ON in each of us, we all have our OWN things we like or Dislike within the Franchise, i think everyone is ENTITLED to what they like/dislike within the Franchise and its Direction.

FAN FICTION allows for the Fans to give their Ideas to the Franchise in which other Fans can Read and Enjoy, i think that to go and PUT a LOT of Effort in some Fan Fiction does take a LOT of Time and Dedication...  But do-not be Disheartened by it, IF you are Pleased and Proud of you work then thats ALL that Counts ;)

We are in a TIME where there is LITTLE NEWS on the Franchise, but while we WAIT for any, then things like Games and Comics can give a ESCAPE into the ALIEN Universe.

And Sharing Fan Fiction is something that can FILL the VOID of NOT having much going on in Regards to the Franchise.

I applaud you for your WORKS and ART.... you have Committed a LOT to your Creation and i am sure Many would ENJOY your Works.

Hopefully your Health improves, in the Meantime then having a BREAK is Fine, i want to THANK YOU for the Effort in Writing some Material for the ALIEN Universe and your Contributions to this Site X

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-21-2020 11:23 AM

Michelle Johnston

I found what you said to be helpful, encouraging, informative and absolutely un-obrusive. I want to Thank-You for your well-written and helpful reply. I gave me what I needed, a 'fix' akin to a sailing ship using a lighthouse beacon, and I really appreciated it!!

When I went on that 'tear' over the weekend, I was in a really dark place...not the fun kind of darkness with drooling skull-cruncher, but one of personal desolation.

That said, tomorrow I'm going in for a treatment consultation, and then I have a big decision to make, and while radiation treatment is much more advanced than it used to be, there can always be complications and unwanted side-effects especially when the brain is involved.

I am still feeling very regretful everyone here saw me in such a state. The 'blackouts' are nasty, and a rare complication of what I am fighting but make the whole situation that much more embarrassing and frightening...still, it provides serious motivation to roll the dice on the radiation treatment.

Thank-you again for what you said, and the tools you mention like 'Wattpad', I'll have a look and yes I know remember that this is about love Of The Franchise & Fandom. My other works--unsuitable to be discussed here--I hope to make a financially-supportive career with as there's no reason erotic fiction can not possess good storyline, plot and well-evolved characters. One involves my FIRST attempt at a Detective's finished in pre-first Rought form, needs a LOT of work, but I actually enjoy editing as one gets to use 20/20 Hindsight constructively.

Thank-you again, Michelle!






PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-21-2020 12:13 PM


Thank-you ((HUG)) I really appreciate that! I might need some help with things...memory issues are a 'thing' right now, and at times I can forget for days how to do the simplest things...forgot about how to operate the washing machine for a one fine example.

Thank-you also for the insight regarding's a Relief because I was heartbroken (mistakenly) that he was 'selling out', but as you show, that is so happily not the case!!

Thank-You for that day-brightener!!







PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-21-2020 12:26 PM



Thank-you for understanding!! I am so ashamed of this 'incident', and want to make things right...been cleaning up those nasty posts, replacing them with ones more hopeful.

I have 'emptied my cup' a manner of speaking.

I basically took yesterday, and stepped back, and looked at what I want out of my works for the Fandom.

It gave me insight I didn't have before, and shared with my 'Co-Creator/Author' who actually understood my ham-handed efforts at trying to put it all into words.

So, come what may medically-speaking I will continue on with this new viewpoint and approach. 

I promised a Sequel and other works to the Fandom, and I will make it happen for you.

I'm not dead yet, and I might yet be able to survive this 'bullet' least it's not caused by Neomorph spores, so I have that in my favor. lol

However, the Sequel will mark where I send The Alien off to a very, very well-deserved Vacation. Less is more with this creature, and it's a BIG universe with additional and other stories to be told and explored while the critter kicks back and relaxes until it's time to come back out of the shadows again. 

I have some vague plans for the future where The Alien appears, but that will not be for quite some time...this poor critter needs a break, room-service and big, cold over-exaggerated drinks served at poolside. :D






PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-21-2020 12:41 PM


Thank-You!! ((HUG))

As always, you make some Excellent points and gave me another 'lighthouse beacon' fix to work from.

I will be continuing, as best able but relying more on my Co-Creator/Author. So, a 'working-break', and it does give me some comfort as my only real other option is do nothing but Worry and twist myself into a fear-frenzy, which won't help my health issues one little bit...mental outlook and attitude counts for much, so light-working helps me in that.

BUT I won't push myself needlessly nor to extremes as that's not good for me a 'happy middle ground' I would say. 

Even getting a little bit of work done makes me happy and feel better about things. ;)






PraetorianAdmin4317 XPSep-21-2020 6:36 PM

@Blackwinter-witch Yay! I am so happy I was able to help. I hope you feel better now and do continue to write! 


PraetorianStaff2414 XPSep-22-2020 1:30 AM

Hi Blackwinter-witch. Apologies for coming in late on this one. I feel I failed to offer support when you needed it most. I hope you are doing well? Sorry to hear of your challenges, it sounds horrible to be unable to do the things you love. If you ever need to talk you have a family of friends here who have your back. 




PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-22-2020 10:52 AM


You did and please read below. :)
I am experiencing worsening symptoms--it's expected so I just ride them out/surfe the wave as best I can when they get in my way, but things are in the pipeline to deploy the weapon vs. The Enemy.
Confidence is very high a new technique will do the job in a single strike, maybe two and minimize secondary & side-effects on me.

I/we are working on the sequel, it has moved into Chapter 2, and won't keep folks waiting for things to start getting Interesting. 

I/we am bringing Order to Chaos regarding the tie-in short-story, it's coming along pretty well albeit a bit slow as we fight with a stubborn scene that's proving difficult to get 'right'.

I/we have a Vignette coming up, should be done pretty soon, hopefully by end of this coming weekend...depending on how stubborn it proves during editing. :)






PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-22-2020 10:58 AM

I Raptus

Thank-You and PLEASE don't feel bad. I apprecaite your message of support and I accept your apology, but it is unnecessary. :)

I am fighting back vs. The Enemy, and lab tests/scans/etc. have shown that my efforts have seriously slowed it's progression and handicapped it quite substantially.

That buys me Time and they have said it will make things more effective when they blast it. 

As you have read I surmise, I'm still working--with help--and not abandoning anything.

As to this forum, well I think you've seen in my recent posts you can be assured I very much agree with what you said and have a whole new appreciation of everyone here. (HUG)






The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPSep-25-2020 5:52 AM

Hey Blackwinter-Witch... I hope things work-out for You Girl! You are GREAT!! :-D !


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-25-2020 1:55 PM

The Film Theory Of Everything

Things are coming along, and between what I am doing to bolster my own health and interfere/hamper/handicap The Enemy, plus what preparations are being made for the rad treatments, the prognosis is looking much more promising than it did a couple weeks ago!!!

Thank-You for the compliment!!! I just did some updating on my Central Repository Topic, please have a look as it sounds like you'll find something there you'll enjoy! (HUG)





The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPSep-26-2020 1:01 PM

Hey GREAT Blackwinter!... Looking forward to it! :-D !


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-26-2020 1:50 PM

The Film Theory Of Everything

For convenience, here's a link. This new Topic allows much better organization and makes things MUCH easier to find for everyone. :D







PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-30-2020 7:33 PM

With the Vignette PERSPECTIVE now done...time to crank up the gas on the ALIEN: Manticore Sequel 'Out Of The Silent dark'.

I have chapter 01 done, roughed out, and a good start with Chapter 02. 

I will say this as a spoiler:

The Lynx Kitten has 100% Script Immunity
Like that's in any way a surprise to any of you. lol






PraetorianMember2861 XPOct-05-2020 2:56 PM

The Sequel is progressing, and there is a tie-in short story along with it--as mentioned--that covers the short flight between the Zeta II and Zeta I star systems.

The sequel will lead to a third story, so yes this will be a trilogy.

In the third story, there is absolutely NO 'script-immunity' for anyone or anything. 
BUT, that should not be taken to suggest I'll be engaging in a slaughter. It simply means that everyone and everything is 'fair game'.

I like to work 'without a net'. :)





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