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Alien 5 tease ?

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MemberOvomorphAug-27-2020 1:19 PM

If you are all aware of this then i'll take this down.

I've just come across something online. If you go onto the brandywine productions website (which ill include a link to), you can see the site name in the ALIEN font and the roman numeral V (which means five) above it. Interestingly, the site does not have any form of accessibility to it. it's basically just a page with fonts and the copyright. So, i'm now beginning to wonder if the site itself has been done like this to tease alien 5, therefore to an extent hinting that Brandywine Productions and Walter Hill are working with Disney and Fox to make Alien 5. Perhaps alot of whats going on with the treatment script is being kept secret in order to reveal at the right time.

Site link:

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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MemberPraetorianAug-27-2020 1:27 PM

We will see what we see when we see it.






MemberOvomorphAug-27-2020 1:30 PM

Of course. What does make some sense of confusion is how Sigourney Weaver was with Walter Hill's concept. She was spot on excited for Blomkamps and totally on board, then with Hill, she says i don't know, maybe Ripley deserves a rest. Unless however, its all a red herring.


MemberPraetorianAug-27-2020 5:39 PM


I'm thinking Ripley needs to be retired, and that Walter Hill has worn out his welcome with regards to the ALIEN universe.

Hill is good with action films, but he just doesn't 'get' what ALIEN is about.

Blomkamp needs to stay the hell OUT of the ALIEN universe, same with Cameron.






MemberDeaconAug-28-2020 5:35 AM


This indeed is Legit...  The Alien V Project

In Space No One Can Hear you Dream!

So it seems the Idea is that some of the Franchise will just be a DREAM!

But what is more Interesting is the Quote "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream"

This could imply either....

That the Sequels (maybe Prequels) to ALIEN are Cryo-Dreams by Ripley while she is on the Narcissus

Or that even the EVENTS of ALIEN are also Ripleys Dreams!   

The Great Fear for me is if this is Released and is Canon then it could make the Franchise be SIMPLY about RIPLEY and her Nightmares!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-28-2020 5:39 AM

If we are going to do a ALIEN V then it has to be Chronologically after (or Parallel) Alien Resurrection and by that we DONT have to Follow Ripley 8 but i did have 2 Ideas for how this could be done.

I also have 2 Ideas that dont deal with Ripley 8 (One not too much.. as in neither wont have to have Miss Weaver)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 6:49 AM

I think if anything is done correctly you could do just about anything in a movie and it could be outstanding....I am not worried about retcon for anything in this franchise....depending on what they want to produce and show us in the next installment.....I think would all be very happy that it were all dream....then again if they do not get it right then it could detrimental to the franchise again causing more viewers to disconnect from it entirely.

I never thought it was possible that toys from a quarter century ago could be turned into what are the transformer films....and I respect a lot of Michael Bays work in those films...lots of interesting special effects....I like only some of those films not all of them....and they definitely work on many levels.....if they can do this for the new Alien I think audiences will welcome it with open arms.


MemberPraetorianAug-28-2020 9:53 AM

I'll keep an open mind, and in time we'll see what we see...but I really hope it's not just Ripley dreaming in hypersleep.






MemberTrilobiteAug-28-2020 2:01 PM

I have low expectations, but we shall see. I am fine with leaving the Quadrilogy alone. If it is between movies or after Resurrection, that might be ok although Ripley should be a minor presence if she appears at all even if it's just her voice. If it is based off of dreams or hypersleep, I will hard pass.


MemberPraetorianAug-28-2020 6:03 PM


I'm right there with you. The entire idea of writing things off as a dream or such...well, it's basically a huge middle finger to the audience and fans.


Others have also played with it too...and it always annoys people, turns them off a franchise.

It's a cheap way to 'reset' things outside of time travel--another seriously over-used chestnut, and it's the recourse of lazy writers unwilling to roll up their sleeves and put some hard creative work in.

EG: In ALIEN: Manticore, the characters wiped out any trace of the LV-426 Derelict and everything in The Valley Of The Engineers on LV-223.
This does create some problems for me in doing the sequel, I admit, but lots of hard thinking and I found ways around the problems that are Plausible and fit into things seamlessly. 

If I ever cheap-out and disrespect my audience using time-travel or Dream 'resets', I hope someone has the good sense to check under my bed for a bodysnatcher pod. :D






MemberTrilobiteAug-28-2020 7:11 PM

 lazy writers unwilling to roll up their sleeves and put some hard creative work in.

Preaching to the choir. Do something new and different but don't ride on the coat tails of a franchise to cheapen it to make a few bucks while pissing on and diluting its greatness. Off shoots are fine but don't rewrite history. 

Take a risk. Ridley Scott did and look at his legacy now.


MemberDeaconAug-29-2020 6:15 AM


You have GONE and BLOWN UP both LV-223 and LV-426, oh Dear.....  well maybe you could like Clone someone who was Infected?  Oh thats been Done before LOL

But i think that its a Good Point to come from what you have DONE, because indeed and Especially Theatrically then you see People Failing to come up with a way to Introduce us to a Monstrous Threat without having to go to LV-426.

The Ending to ALIENS is a Good Example it was like OK so Hadleys Hope is Destroyed and so the Derelict and so WHERE can we go and Introduce the Xenomorph again... and they seem to RUN OUT of ideas....

Where as they SHOULD be asking a Simple Question.... what are the ODDS that the Derelict as the ONLY Ship the Space Jockey would have been using to Transport those Eggs?

And even in LIGHT of the Prequels (which Opens more Avenues) then i think REGARDLESS of WHEN/HOW/WHY does the Derelict get on LV-426.... i think that Whoever and However the Eggs had been Obtained/Created then we have to ASK........ is the Derelict the ONLY ONE?

And so if there is the Possibility of there being MORE Ships that had such Cargo then we can ASK.... Where did they GO?

The same is with LV-223 and the Black Goo, so the Engineers were going to go to Earth to Bombard us with Black Goo..... we can assume the Engineer in Prometheus was  Part of this Plan (or maybe he Prevented it).  But there seemed to be Quite a lot of Dead Engineers...  I think we cant just Assume they Planed to LOAD UP just the One Ship for Earth and Needing all those Engineers just hanging around before things went to POT!

Dr Shaw heads to another Complex and we know that they had taken another Juggernaught which had the Bio-Weapon as David used it on the Engineers or Planet 4.

So again this brings us to the Questions..

*How many Engineer Ships were on LV-223 and How many had been Loaded Up with the Bio-Weapon?

*Was the Preparations before the Outbreak 2000 Years ago the FIRST and ONLY time they had prepared and Planed to USE the Bio-Weapon?

*Is LV-223 the ONLY place they Store and Produce their Biological Warfare?

So indeed Blackwinter-witch there are other avenues to take us to Horrors that are Connected to the Xenomorph, Deacon and Neomorph etc... there is NO real Dead End ;)

The Easiest Way Forwards could be to GO TO a Place where another Ship with Eggs had been too, or another Ship with its Payload of Black Goo and then HOW LONG ago was this and WHAT kind of Horrors are in/on this Place ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-29-2020 6:28 AM

I will add and this is in regards to ALIEN V that when we look at some of Blomkamps Concepts and then some of the other Released Concepts showing MUTATED Specimens.

Then it maybe could be similar to some of the Speculation that some have had on here about the Destruction of Hadleys Hope and the Possibility of Radiation having a Effect on the Eggs on the Derelict.

Maybe in PART this is what Blomkamps idea was, and we have to Remember his Initial Idea would NOT see the return of Ripley, it was only after he talked to Miss Weaver about his Plans that she MAGICALLY got to be included (Ripley).

I even Presented the idea of doing this kind of take on a ALIENS Sequel..... with the Idea of calling it. ALIEN: GAMMA

Gamma as in the Greek Alphabet 3rd Letter as in a Parallel Alien 3 but also Gamma as in Radiation and WHAT kind of Effect that has on those Eggs ;)

So from a Story Telling POV then there are Avenues to bring about other ALIEN Stories that dont have to be about Ripley, but also where you can kind of Introduce a Xenomorph that Varies a Little from the Vanilla Version we have seen in the ALIEN Franchise and AVP.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphAug-31-2020 3:17 AM

That doesn't tell us a lot, we need more information than that. I am against everything that erases Alien 3 from the official timeline. Having 3 and 4 as dreams is lame, Ripley's end in 3 is something that I really doubt that they can top. Ripley was good while she lasted but they need to put her to rest, really. She wasn't that great in AR and even though it was a clone it was still a version of her. Unfortunatly the thought of having another Ripley movie in any way doesn't excite me at all, it is more of the same plus if she is poorly written (again! Hi AR) they will risk to turn her into a parody. To me she is an example that you bring up in conversations about sucessfully written female characters and I don't want her to be turned into a joke.

Not even sure if the clone is around maybe it is but it shouldn't be in the movie. It is like with friends that you don't see a lot, they are around but they are not there so to speak. Maybe they can deal with her like that, by giving it an explanation if it's even necessary.

About Blomkamp and Cameron I kind of agree with Blackwinter-witch on this one. I don't want to crap on people that support the idea because art is subjective and we should try to respect that people have different ideas about the franchise. What Cameron did with Aliens was kind of interesting since it was a different tone and genre compared to Alien but I doubt that they would improve the franchise by making Alien 5.


MemberDeaconSep-01-2020 6:43 AM

Absolutely Thoughts_Dreams

How are they going to get around this DREAM Arc?

Miss Weaver has not AGED a lot in 30 Years.... But if this Movie idea get the Green Light then by the Time its Released then we are looking at 35 Years since ALIENS and 43 since ALIEN.    So she Awakens from Cryo-Sleep and has Aged 30-40 Years?   While she has Aged Well you CANT really have her down as say Aged 5-10 Years after ALIEN or ALIENS and so then its a case of HOW LONG as she been in Cryo-sleep to AGE that much?

Unless we get a Heavy Use of Special Effects/CGI Overlay.

The ONLY real Logical way around this otherwise would be that she has been Kept in a Mental Ward for like 25 Years.  Its then a case of is the Xenomorph Real? did ALIEN Happen?, did ALIENS Happen?

What Movies are going to become DREAMS?  a Curveball would be if ALL OF THEM are..... but thats NOT going to Please the Fans, and if you removed ALIENS as a Dream then thats going to Cause a $%$ STORM!

If there is to be a ALIEN V then i think you have to either Continue after ALIEN R with a Plot that deals with Ripley 8 (I have 2 Ideas that get around her Age).

Or you go for a Movie that covers the Xenomorph but i think you need to CHANGE IT.....

You have to Evolve or Change it in someway, be that a Change from some Natural Progress, as a Result of some Environmental Changes or a Engineered Change.

Going back to Walter Hill and his Alien V the Concerns are the Dream within a Dream and HOW he says that Ripley will Face a NEW THREAT!

What if that Threat is NOTHING to do with the Xenomorph and the Xenomorph is only a Figment of her Imagination thats IMPLANTED by the Real Antagonist of the PLOT.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterSep-01-2020 8:31 AM


"Canon is the enemy of creativity"


I'm not against retcon of A3 & AR - the main condition is a good film. And A3 & AR are not enough. Mediocre at best.

Also, I'm not against Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection. but I'm absolutely against canon-thinking.



>>>"Off shoots are fine but don't rewrite history."

All mistakes are made with a serious face. The first mistake - make a clumsy film, which will be an obstacle to the development of the franchise or severely cripple it (Alien3). The second mistake - trying to save the mistake. Isn't correcting mistakes the main principle in life?


I'm increasingly convinced that the defenders of Alien 3 have an empty fear: that Alien 3 will lose an empty canon status. Alien 3 defenders must remember that in the first place is important - a good film. Not a canon status.

Defenders of Alien 3 should also remember that they still have their DVD/Blu-ray/online cinemas and will be able to continue watching Alien 3 at any time. There is no threat to Alien 3, except for the loss of empty canon status.

The very concept of the canon is a plague. Is it so bad that people will have a choice of what to watch - which direction of the story to choose? Should everyone be forced to follow one direction? In this case, you will never get rid of the poisonous and toxic notes about Alien 3.


P.S. I really liked Alien 3 until I discovered the real sequel: Earth Hive trilogy. And then I realized the devastating impact Alien 3 had on the franchise. A 28-year-old mistake must be fixed!


MemberDeaconSep-01-2020 1:37 PM


I think what you mention does BRING up the MOST Important thing ;)

What we are dealing with is ENTERTAINMENT... the ALIEN Franchise is NOT in anyway FACT its Not History etc

And so things can CHANGE regarding the Franchise and the Direction it takes with each NEW Project.   And so IF the Company who has the RIGHTS to the Franchise decided to make another Movie then that is their RIGHT and not the Fans to decide.

And so whatever they decide to do, then each FAN has their own Right to Decide what they Choose as Canon and what they Choose to Ignore.

So if they give us a Bring back Ripley kind of Aliens Sequel and make Alien 3 and Alien R as Non-Canon, then if some Fans wish to NOT accept the New Movie as Canon and ONLY go and Consider Alien 3 and Alien R as their TRUE sequels then thats their Right to do so ;)  and Vice Versa of course.

When it comes down to Novels again they are like Expanded/Alternative Material that each Fan can accept as Canon or not.

Its not like the Franchise has a Laid Out Formula.. its not from a Pre-exisiting Set of Stories like say the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit are.  Where there is a Beginning and a End.  Or even a Series thats Controlled by the Works of a single Author like Harry Potter.

Alien was a Stand Alone, that was based of O'Bannon's Starbeast which itself was a Stand Alone....  These Stories could always have Sequels where the Creative Control Changes.    And so a Variety of Expanded Universe Material and Sequels/Prequels i think if any Fans wish to NOT like Certain Movies as Canon thats up to them.

And so when it comes down to a ALIEN V then it will come down to what Disney would want, which Story they would go for and IF this effects other Movies in the Franchise and Re-Writes Canon/History then we either have to Accept it, or have the Freedom to Hold on to what we see as Canon but know that others have their Rights to what they see as Canon.

Personally for me..... i am NOT a FAN of the Dreams Angle.... it can just give Disney a Lazy Excuse to just Re-write stuff over and over and over....

I think there was some Potential with Blomkamps Ideas and the Red Harvest Project.   I just DONT think they have to Resurrect Ripley to have another ALIEN Movie ;)

There are Plenty of Avenues to Explore in regards to giving us the Xenomorph back... even if we had to ACCEPT that LV-223 and LV-426 are BUST...

Those do-not mean the END of the ROAD....

We dont need Cryo-dreams... or Multiverses or Time-Travel and Especially if its to BRING BACK our Heroine from the Franchise... she had her Journey i think you have to Move on.

 PS... by "you have to move on" i am talking about the Franchise in General and what to do with it and Not that Fans have to Move on ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterSep-01-2020 2:14 PM

Good words.

It reminds me of a good scheme with the Godzilla and James Bond franchises - there are few films that take as a starting point/core, and all the rest can connect to them or to each other, but they don't in any way impede new stories, even if new films rewrite some previous stories. And look - over two dozen films for Godzilla and 007. It proves that this approach is very successful.


MemberDeaconSep-01-2020 2:54 PM

Absolutely and i THINK we may have to Accept that Eventually it could be LIKELY that we could see some kind of Reboot.  Maybe some of us would be AROUND then... maybe some Sadly will not.

I think if this Happens then we should Brace Ourselves to Accept it as a Alternative Take for a New Generation like we saw with the Rise of the Planet of the Apes remake of The Planet of the Apes Franchise (after a not so well received First Attempt in 2001)

And Judge it on its own Merits and enjoy it or NOT as merely a Alternative to the Franchise of our Generation.

I However do-not think you have to do this with the ALIEN Franchise by Virtue of the Engineers Plot we have a Galaxy of Worlds, Species and Horrors we can YET be introduced to.   We cant SAY the Horrors of LV-223 or the Xenomorph Eggs only ever made it as far as LV-426, Planet 4 or Origae-6.

We could also go to the FAR FAR reaches of the Galaxy or a Galaxy Far Far away, at a Time thats Present, Past or Future and be Introduced to other Humans or Similar, and the Engineers in a Spin Off Franchise.

The Further Away we are and the Further Back or Further Forwards in Time we go... then the Shackles of the Franchise are Removed and the more Creative and Sinister we can go ;)

While on the Subject of Planet of the Apes... here is a Qoute "I can't help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man."

So we could say "I can't help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than the Engineers".

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphSep-04-2020 3:18 AM

Leto: I Agree that Alien R isn't that good, I totally disagree about Alien 3 though. I read a bit about the Alien thing that you mentioned and maybe that could happen in another part of the universe that would have nothing to do with Alien 3 so it would not replace Alien 3 but just be there in some place and time. To me it is not an empty canon kind of thing, I just don't see how it can be improved. 3 is not a clumsy mistake, it is great especially when you look at the circumstances that it was made under.

"The very concept of the canon is a plague."

Nah, if it gives us a time-line with an opening, action, and an end and if it manages to get it right it is good and should be left alone. If you would erase this then it would be a risk that you get endless continuation after let's say Aliens and then what even matters? I am a kind of person that like to keep things in order and to have things in a logical way and if you would do like what you suggest it would end up in chaos and then also if the next movie would stink it would make things worse. Seriously the more movies that we get the more likely it is that they will be crappy not only in quality of the movies but we would also get a messed up timeline.

It is not about being forced, it's about keeping things in a logical way. Alien 1 to 3 was Ripley's story even though some might dislike it and it had a fitting end in Alien 3.

"In this case, you will never get rid of the poisonous and toxic notes about Alien 3."

Alien 3 is my favorite, I would rather keep it. I read a bit about Earth Hive, it didn't do much for me. There are many people that like 3 and if you would change that it will piss them off also or at least make them disappointed and get more that dislike where things are going. In case you are wondering just look at the prequels.

"A 28-year-old mistake must be fixed!"

You might call it a mistake, I call it a fitting closure. To me it would most likely be a failure if they would try to replace Alien 3, I just don't see how it can be improved and yes I would most likely be disappointed. It is more likely that we will get another AVP than another Alien as far as quality goes so I am 75% against it and 25% in favor of it if you wonder.
Also if you replace Alien 3 with something else you might as well do that to Alien 1 and 2. I don't see how Alien 1 and 2 should get a special treatment just because they are classics while 3 should be ignored because to me 3 is up there with one and two.

To continue with the idea of replacing things you might also think about it like this: someone somewhere how unlikely that even might be prefers the prequels over the originals so they might want to replace the classics because they don't follow their wished ideas of the prequels. If you would go on like this you might end up with 28 different timelines (obviously an exaggeration, I know) then the franchise would be meaningless so it would become a joke and should as well be abandoned. Also it would open up things to be retconned and reused 100 times over and get really boring. No one will ever be satisfied is my point so let it all be the way it is now.

Earth-Hive seems like a mix of Aliens and AVP in tone. I am not interested in that, sorry, besides we already have Aliens. Time for something new, for example the Engineers.

If they decide to go on with Ripley they should do a reboot, not continue with where the Ripley-movies are now.
"Personally for me..... i am NOT a FAN of the Dreams Angle.... it can just give Disney a Lazy Excuse to just Re-write stuff over and over and over...." - BD

This, it would be like first A didn't happen so they write B and then for some reason someone else in the future says that no B didn't happen so they write C, and so on.


MemberDeaconSep-04-2020 7:41 AM

"Seriously the more movies that we get the more likely it is that they will be crappy not only in quality of the movies but we would also get a messed up timeline."

Absolutely i think ANY Franchise can Suffer if we keep on Churning out Sequels and Prequels and Especially if its not a SET IN STONE Series so that Each New Addition the New Writers and Directors put their OWN spin on it.

Even Reboots dont always work....

This comes down to Alien 3 and its Problems... there was too many Cooks in the Kitchen a Developmental Nightmare, but over all i think its a Movie that Grows on you ONCE you look past some of the Flaws... for me the EFFECTS are NOT to the Standard Expected.... but it Concluded the Story of Ripley and i felt it was Decent.

The Disappointment with some of the Effects Aside... the Biggest BUG i have with Alien 3 was merely down to the Plot Device to get the Eggs... it was like a Convenience with NO thought whats so ever...

I feel whats DONE is DONE..... so with Ripley she is DEAD... move ON!   But Ripley 8 well thats something they COULD choose to Explore.

I will have to take a look at Alien Earth Hive but i think bringing the Xenomorph to Earth Plot wise has its Risks. I have not checked out that Story though or many Novels so maybe i need to and Appreciate them or Dislike them as Alternative Canon.

"This, it would be like first A didn't happen so they write B and then for some reason someone else in the future says that no B didn't happen so they write C, and so on"

This is MY GREATEST Concern with Disney in Power over the Franchise and indeed the Greater Risk of doing any kind of RETCON, REBOOT or Dreams.

If Fans want their Xenomorphs.... they did NOT have to have DIED OUT with the Destruction of Hadleys Hope or the USM Auriga.  

You dont have to Reboot etc anything to GET the Xenomorph back and you CERTAINLY should not be trying to Reboot anything to bring back Ripley.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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