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A Great Video Analyzing Subliminal Foreshadowing in the Opening Scenes of Alien

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MemberChestbursterAug-23-2020 11:38 AM

Guys, check out this video!

This guy does a really interesting analysis of the opening scenes of Alien. 

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MemberPraetorianAug-23-2020 2:28 PM


That's a good vid and he finds some really good points to ponder. I NEVER gave even an instant's thought to the little dangly figurine we see by Kane's console in that opening shot with the console activating...

Thanks for posting about this!!!!






MemberChestbursterAug-23-2020 4:11 PM


Right? I never gave that a second thought. I did always think that the button thing sticking out of the helmet was kind of weird and sort of wondered about it, but never made the connection. 


And the narrator is right, the opening sequence is very "hypnotic". Like, I don't have a long attention span, but I've never been bored by the opening sequence even though it has no dialogue or real action. 

I also liked his observation about the "flatulence noise". I never noticed that, but he's so right! 


MemberTrilobiteAug-23-2020 9:17 PM

I always liked that opening scene but took it at face value- it was MUTHER awakening. I never understood the helmet since it was different from what the crew wore. I also didn't notice the little elephant dangling on the screen until now.  40 years in and there are still new things to see and consider.

The foreshadowing aspect of the opening scene and Kane later on never occurred to me, but I can see where the author is coming from. I don't recall RS ever commenting on it.

Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to see things like this.


MemberPraetorianAug-23-2020 10:47 PM

The helmet I always dismissed as 'okay, emergency helmet, and the air hose connect in the lower middle of the faceplate kinda makes sense'..but that was it. Same with the console, just went with 'okay, some computer action is going on, kicks off the story'






MemberChestbursterAug-24-2020 1:33 PM

You know, the whole opening sequence manages to do a very good job of having an ominous feel to it. 

You know that feeling...and maybe this is too specific (but it feels like it's universally relatable on some level), when you were a kid, hanging out with your mom and siblings, watching T.V. at night, and your mom asks you to go get her something from the kitchen, on other side of the house?

So like, you run full speed down the hall, grab the thing, then then run back (but stop running just before you reach the room where everyone is, because you don't want your siblings to know you're chicken shirt lol) and then casually stroll back in like you weren't just running for your life? 

And like, you have to run, because if you stop and stare into the darkness for longer than a split second, or god forbid catch sight of a window, you're 100% sure you'll see weird eyes or a UFO out the window or some indescribable terrifying thing?

That's sort of what the opening sequence feels like. Like, looking at an empty part of the house that isn't meant to be seen at night in the dark, when no one's around. It's very tense and spooky. 


MemberPraetorianAug-24-2020 2:30 PM



Good point, yeah!! It has that feel, yes! Or like a highschool or shopping mall in the dead of just feel, as you said, some places are not meant to be seen outside 'working hours'.

I've been in high schools and a couple of malls mid-night for work and such in the past...and as for 'spooky' 'looking at an empty part of the house that isn't meant to be seen at night in the dark, when no one's around'. both are tied for 1st place....maybe the school edges out a hair ahead.






MemberChestbursterAug-24-2020 5:23 PM


Lol, before my son was born, I used to stay at the school working until around 10pm almost every evening (saved me from having to do work on the weekends). 

Yes! It was VERY creepy. When I'd walk form my classroom to the work room to make copies, I'd always envision being a ghost haunting the school

...Like, what if something like that happens? Like, what if when you die, you go back to the place where you spent the most time, and just...endlessly work...? Anyhow, it's surreal thoughts like that that would strike me in an empty school at night because, yes, it's an extremely spooky setting. 


Remember that really well done fan video a few years back, with a Xeno in an apartment building or something? (I think it was made for a theater class or something maybe?)

Anyhow, someone should make something like that but in a school after hours. (Mall would be awesome too!) 


MemberTrilobiteAug-24-2020 8:56 PM

VivisectedEngineer I think the short you are talking about is Alien Infestation Part 1 and is on this thread:

Yes, it is very creepy has that vibe you mentioned. There is a Part 2 out there and it is on the same thread near the bottom!



MemberPraetorianAug-24-2020 11:02 PM



IF they could get permission to do that film idea at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta Canada...THAT place, in the still of itself gives you the chills.

An Alien stalking around, hunting maintenance workers...with the maze of miles of tunnels underneath it...Perfect.






MemberTrilobiteAug-24-2020 11:52 PM

Yes, these are all spooky and creepy things and it's interesting to pull back and consider that evolution wise, we seem to be more cautious in the dark and quiet. That rational doesn't always help though, especially if you are in an area that should be dark, quiet and unoccupied and you observe a cracked door that you thought was shut before, or seeing a shadow against a wall that looks like a figure but is really a coat and hat hanging on a coat rack- things like that. It's easy to feed into that fear and good writers know how to tap into that.


MemberDeaconAug-27-2020 6:33 AM

"I NEVER gave even an instant's thought to the little dangly figurine we see by Kane's console"

Me too i Never paid any Attention to that Detail, as far as the Figure being Elephantine.

Its a Interesting Interpretation of that Scene, i had before Wondered if they Wore that Mask if it would offer some Better Protection ;)    Nice to see someone else Noticed it.

I had not Paid Attention in detail to the Sound Track/Silence then Sounds with the Helmet compared to the Face Hugger Scene so thats also a Nice Catch.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-27-2020 8:36 AM

The opening scenes are fantastic. The helmets are a little bonkers, though. It's just for artistic effect. It's also a bit disturbing that some of the helmets switch from having a red cylindrical "port" on the outside to it being on the inside of the helmet visor. Continuity errors. Whatever, they look cool.


MemberFacehuggerAug-27-2020 10:56 AM

Have any of you ever considered that the small elephant figure was never in the original film ever.

But some how the small elephant figurine dangling from Kane's monitor is now there.....What ever did this did not change everything.

I can tell you all this.......I have watched Alien at least 100 times maybe more...just watched it again early morning Aug 27, 2020 and do not recall seeing an elephant dangling from the monitor....I saw the output, thought about the helmet, saw the pack of cigarettes, watched as the camera pans around the room, the camera fades into the hyper-sleep chamber scene.....BUT NO ELEPHANT ever and I have been watching the film for over 40 years.

I know a good part of the dialog verbatim, obviously recall of every scene in chronological order.....but there was never any elephant in the original movie until now. 


I would also like to add that you just stated that you never saw the elephant figure as described until this video was posted? You know every frame of the movie, in concise detail, perhaps better than the people who made the film....since you never saw it either until now it was never in the original film we all saw until just recently.

Now of course that would mean everyone's memories and the entirety of all physical aspects of this anomaly - has been altered, added somehow???

How is that possible? There are movie mistakes that are very had to see because they happen in tenths of a second, the blink of an eye.....this was never in front of all of us for the past 40 years and no one ever talked about it or noticed it until fact I find very little evidence of the inclusion of it in another locations on the web....and of course we all know very well that RS and many of the set designers go into great detail about how they incorporated various aspects of the each and every thing they put into the production...I have investigated those videos for years as well as everyone else and BigDave.....there was never any elephant figurine is something that we would have noticed after 40 years.....I read the original Alan Dean Foster Book Alien so I am very familiar that the Space Jokey sitting in the chair is refereed to an elephant like creature that is fossilized. 

I have studied Kane's terminal where he sat for several fact one day a few months back I wanted to know what brand of cigarettes he was smoking...and of course looking them up on the internet you come to the conclusion they were made by the prop department. No there was no elephant figurine dangling from the Kane's monitor in any of those subsequent viewings or study of the film....I also studied where and when the WY logo appears in the film as well....and no elephant figurine in any of those viewings either.

Four decades is a long time for a lot of people to watch a film and not see this very important detail......also I would like to add NO ONE EVER DISCUSSED IT ONCE IN ALL THE YEARS WE EVER TALKED ABOUT THIS FILM IN ANY OF THESE POSTS....Why is that?

Why does this elephant figure appear just now....recently....because it was never in the original film; however, for some reason, no matter how strange the reality of that irrational explanation is, it is the only explanation that fits the truth of the causality of this contradiction.

As an experiment........we should all participate.....BigDave you start a separate post call the title "What jewelry did the crew of the Nostromo wear in Alien?"

Just as an experiment lets all go to that post and list every item and compare what we think they wore from memory only....however, do not watch the film, do not look online.....just go into the post and list what think each movie character could be anything from a ring, bracelet, earrings, is experiment time......pick a day we all post.....then after the submissions to the post we should all watch the film separately and then compare what is in the post.

You all may find this of interest.

This is Alien Isolation the game.....they recreated the Nostromo in really good detail. 

NO ELEPHANT HANGING FROM THE CORNER OF KANE'S MONITOR....but they took the time to digitally render every detail of the emergency helmets, every detail of each characters hair, all the different colored  buttons, sizes and shapes of other objects.....ect.

Not photoshopped....and NO ELEPHANT FIGURINE.

This pic of Kane's terminal was taken from this website...

Lot's of very important facts at that website.



MemberDeaconAug-28-2020 5:20 AM


Maybe its the Mandela Effect ;)

I watched the Opening Scene Last Night both from the Movie on my Cable Network On Demand and One of my DVD's and the Elephantine Key Chain thing is there. (in Both).

It could be just something we can MISS like how Many Movies have GOOFS that you dont Notice until they are Pointed Out and so you go and Watch the Scene again and then Notice them for the First Time ;)

Or someone is Playing with the Similation/Matrix ;)

As i had the other Month watched a Movie with someone in my Home and said we SAW this in the Cinema before, and they was like NO we Never... i have NOT seen it... i was like we DEFO DID!

But then i have also seen a Movie and said i ant seen this before while others said YES we had together, and also there are some Memories i have in regards to Events with some People who do-not even Remember, or have Slightly Different version of the same Event ;)

So maybe the Mandela Effect is going on and we can blame CERN!


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 6:39 AM

LOL @BigDave,

I wish it were that simple....but none of us remember it as well as the people who programmed that video game....

What is even more finding someone that should absolutely know that it should be there......and no one from any of these posts in year after year ever mentioned it once........

Here is what is creepy ok.....when I mentioned the knife mistake/plot defect/movie blooper....everyone instantly remembered that.....

Its the fact that we all have a shared memory of not seeing this that is of worry to me....there should be one person in the group at least with a vague recall of it being there and there are none.....and I know you have watched the film as have I frame by frame and its not in there for us both....

For example....ponder this.....Ash is studying the remains of the face hugger....and then Ripley appears right behind him....this was a plot defect because you are supposed to hear the med bay door slide back into the recess but you don't and you know exactly what I am talking about because you have seen the movie so many times.....however, you said it yourself....never in all my viewings where there is something PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON ASH'S MONITOR DO YOU EVER RECALL IT ONCE EVER BEING THERE.....this is something that we all did not was never there to being with....

It is so strange in would be as if someone came into the chat one day and said the Alien sits down and writes a letter you know while the other crew members are looking for it.....and we all know this is just impossible....just like its would be impossible to be watching this movie for 40 years and all of us not notice something hanging right there on ASH'S monitor....

I do not believe in the Mandela Effect....although I believe something is at work here with is a very extraordinary contradiction....and it is worth investigating further.


MemberDeaconAug-28-2020 9:22 AM

Ok i have just watched ALIEN again well the First 20 Min and what we have SHOWN in the Opening Sequence is TWO Different VDU

The One you are have Marked Out from the Game is the One that ASH uses, which is different to the ONE which Lambert uses Later

There are some Differences to BOTH of the VDU stations.

11 Min into ALIEN we come to see Lambert at her Station and we again see the Elephantine Thingy...   I do indeed Never Recall it before but i maybe MISSED it before because its maybe a Scene where Nothing that Important Happens so i dont pick on some Details.

I could maybe have been there all along and simply MISSED.

OR maybe something is up ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 2:50 PM

Oh I knew that both the scenes of Kane's.....VDU correction....not ASH's VDU KANE'S.....don't know why I said ASH....both Kane's VDU are different that is why I posted them....

I am sticking with my story about the Elephantine figurine never really being in there but every aspect of every frame has been discussed in great detail....for decades at a time. 

40 years is a long time to miss something right in front of all of is something that all of us do not recall because it just appeared in all the sources of this content....every aspect of it.......somehow what could not be replaced was our collective memory of it....this is the hypothesis....BigDave do not doubt your own memory of the would have noticed an ELEPHANT HANGING FROM THE CORNER OF KANE'S MONITOR - The thing is you don't? and it was right in front of you for 40 years and me too....No matter how strange the theory, it has to be true if you can rule everything else out that is even remotely plausible, because there is no other rational explanation for anything else.

This is not about something we all lost and then is about something that was right in front of all of us for 40 years and we never all saw it not one time - all of us, tens of millions of people saw this film and it never comes up one time until now - this was meant to be seen or was it until now? It was right there in front of all of us for 40 years.

So it was never there to being with originally but now it is there in every copy of every movie now every picture on the internet....When the developers of the video game recreated the Nostromo they left that out? Because when they created the video game it was not there either until now.....there are discrepancies and the biggest one is that we can see it now for some reason as before for over the past 40 years, despite it being right in front of all of us we never see it?????? NOT ONCE DOES IT EVER COME UP FOR DECADES UNTIL RECENTLY.

BigDave we argued in this forum about the way Bishop held a knife in Aliens....the way a character was holding something for days.....but this never came up not one time by thousands of people.....and it was there in front of us for 40 years.....

It was not there that is why it never came appeared recently....and that is also why we can go oh how did I miss that for so was right there in front of me the entire time????

It was never there originally until now.....and we should try to figure out why.

"I NEVER gave even an instant's thought to the little dangly figurine we see by Kane's console"

Me too i Never paid any Attention to that Detail, as far as the Figure being Elephantine."

For 40 years none of us saw this....not ever not once, why is that?

I bet a lot of you would not be able to recall it under hypnosis either....this is all stranger than you think....I bet a lot of you could recall more detail under hypnosis about a lot of things in this movie that would prove this aspect of the film is a rather serious anomaly that we cannot have a knee jerk reaction to and just say well that is something I never saw before.....something we just missed.

A better question to ask yourselves now is are there any other things, objects in this film you think you may not know are there but they are there and were always there. 

I am confident I could go frame by frame in this movie and identify every aspect it. With a degree of certainty of why it's there, why the people who made this movie put it there, and there reasons for it......the small elephantine figurine does not fit in that analysis....until now just a few days just appeared recently....and no one has a rational explanation why millions of people missed it?

Ergo it was never there to begin with....and yet we are to believe it was right there in front of all of us for 40 years....


MemberFacehuggerAug-28-2020 3:01 PM

1 - Here’s the first time we see a console.

2- Here’s another. Except it’s probably the first one dressed up with some additional props.

3 - Here it is again, lighting up.

4 - Hey, some navigation. Note the elephant toy and the mistake about the Nostromo’s capacity.

5 - Another peek. The elephant toy is a bit more visible.

6 - The elephant is still there (blurred), but the handwritten note has disappeared, and the monitor now has a piece of tape

7 - same shot


8 - Here’s Ash. He’s got some sticky notes on his monitor.

9 - Lambert is trying to find out where we are. She likes sticky notes, too.

10 - A closer view.

11 - Almost found our location. Hey, the elephant is back.

12 - Ash figures out the geology. He’s very tidy, having ripped off his sticky notes from the monitor.


MemberTrilobiteAug-28-2020 3:20 PM

It looks like what hox is showing are continuity errors which are fairly common in movies if we look closely enough.

Here is the scene. FFW to 1:50 . The figure isn't there, and then it is.


To illustrate my point, here are some errors from The Thing 1982 that I never noticed until an alert viewer pointed them out. It's still a great movie though. The video is about 4 minutes and some change:





MemberPraetorianAug-28-2020 6:08 PM

It's exactly this kind of Laboratory Dissection that motivates me to keep things in my works as solid as humanly possible in respect to their own Continuity and canon. I'm certain I do not always succeed, but I do make the effort.

Because I KNOW you guys will slice things up thin and run them under a microscope. :D

Good points about the monitor and sticky notes and such changing...never would have noticed those little details. 






MemberTrilobiteAug-28-2020 6:36 PM

Blackwinter-witch On the other hand, chewing up your works like a pack of hungry wolves because there is an error shows that people are paying attention. It might even be a good idea to drop a deliberate error in there just to see if anyone catches it ;)


MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 1:14 AM

@Hox, thank you for the in-depth analysis of that scene...and everyone else's comments too...this is still spooky to me though and for good reason.

"This is not about something we all lost and then is about something that was right in front of all of us for 40 years and we never all saw it not one time - all of us, tens of millions of people saw this film and it never comes up one time until now - this was meant to be seen or was it until now? It was right there in front of all of us for 40 years."

What has me spooked the most is that BigDave could easily write a few books about this film in explicit detail and just until recently, days ago, this was right in front of him for over 40 years and he never notices it until now.

I agree with everyone...yes there are continuity errors in this film and most is the nature of this error about this specific detail right in front of people like BigDave that is of concearn...not that he misses it because it is right in front of him for over 40 years....for the very real fact it was not there and that is the reason he never introduces it or discusses it ever.

"BigDave do not doubt your own memory of the would have noticed an ELEPHANT HANGING FROM THE CORNER OF KANE'S MONITOR - The thing is you don't? and it was right in front of you for 40 years and me too....No matter how strange the theory, it has to be true if you can rule everything else out that is even remotely plausible, because there is no other rational explanation for anything else."

The quantum game is afoot as they say and we have culprit!!! A real one - the person that makes the video about this scene being subliminal inconsequential in any tangible or meaningful way. Should this not be a continuity error, and that is plausible then something with a lot of power changed all of this just recently.....something that works on an order and magnitude faster than computers even from a few hundred years from now.

There is that scene in the matrix....with the cat....this reminds me of every explicit detail....what did we all just really see when the universe split?/or multi-universe?...a bit too much to go into for these purposes....but a many worlds interpretation or split universe. It is too soon to say this is just a continuity error.

The mathematical odds of it being a continuity error are similar to this....for 40 years there is a small statue/figurine you place on your own desk. For 40 years you look at it every day and yet somehow are unable to notice it even though it is right there in front of you staring you in the face.....then one day somebody says oh look how interesting why did you put that figurine on your desk? What does it that figurine mean to you?.....and you look at them and say I do not recall ever seeing that small figurine there before ever!.....and all of this is even stranger than that....this one is statistically different and for good reasons....millions of people saw this film around the world....and it was never there for them either - until just recently.

Look up Copenhagen and Everett quantum interpretations.

What’s the difference between Copenhagen and Everett?

What is interesting is the math says both of these realities in quantum physics happen, are happening right now and is the real prevailing reality.


MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 1:36 AM

Google search results......

Query, remember this database can pull a face out several hundred billion photos under a few micro seconds. Keep that in mind.....and it has been around for a decade and half. It comes after paper records too....

"alien movie elephant figure kane's monitor"

About 63 results (0.81 seconds) 

Showing results for alien movie elephant figure kane's monitor
Search instead for alien movie elphant figure kane's monitor

"alien movie elephant figurine kane's monitor"

About 23 results (0.95 seconds) 

"alien movie elephant kane's monitor"

About 70 results (0.87 seconds)


"alien movie 1979"

About 15,700,000 results (1.70 seconds) 

Googles massive parallel computer system had to collate / parse that one for a moment!

Remember we are looking at statistical probabilities (real quantum deviations) here - correct....not necessarily continuity errors that never existed.....



MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 3:04 AM

@dk, you’re right. The only reason I went to the trouble of grabbing and comparing a load of screenshots was because Alien is such a brilliant and iconic movie. Lesser movies would not be worth analysing.

Good directors - especially the likes of Ridley Scott - know where the typical viewer’s eye will travel, and the scene is framed accordingly. Studies have been done to track viewer’s eyeballs, showing where they are looking in a frame, and most humans behave similarly. So it’s not entirely surprising that minor details get missed. Continuity errors abound but they don’t generally affect the quality of a movie.

Here’s an interesting video demonstrating how perception works. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth watching to the end.


MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 5:01 AM


Saw the gorilla missed the curtain changing color and the person in black leaving the game....very interesting use of visual psychology that illustrates the complexities of vision when viewing many complex movements.

This was a stationary object though....the size does matter obviously and the other sounds in conjunction with it...I still am going with another interpretation based on the people that have taken the time to go frame by frame of this film for decades....people such as BigDave....40 years is a long time to look at this type of media and be completely unaware of its while it is right in front of them....

I like how the narrator says about 50% of the people miss the about tens of millions with a stationary object??? Around the world? We should see standard deviations with this as well but we don't - not even be fair though I am not taking certain variables into consideration....the majority of the people that watch this film have only viewed it a few times, they do not study the film as all of us do, and they watch the film and perhaps never come back to watch the film ever again...

Still we should see a larger number of random people closer to edge of the bell cure from the mean distribution even randomly getting this and its just not there.....a person like BigDave would be the control we are testing everything else against.....when people like him and me miss it than there is more to the story.

Let's continue shall we....BigDave has posted 11,702 posts with an average of 1000 words per post.....that is 11,700,000 words aproximately.

The novel "War and Peace" has 587,000 words.

BigDave has published the equivalent of 19.93 books with the equivalent of 1225 pages in these forums all about the movie franchise ALIEN......HOX HE NEVER MENTIONS THE LITTLE ELEPHANT FIGURE THAT HAS BEEN IN FRONT OF HIM FOR 40 YEARS ON KANE'S MONITOR - not one time!

Hox almost 20 books at 1225 pages of material about this subject with something right in front of him for 40 years..... 11,700,000 - ELEVEN MILLION WORDS.....and thing is HOX NONE OF YOU MENTION IT now we are talking about another 100 Million words or more....and then all the other posts from the other other words we need another better explanation of why? 

And lets not forget about the tens of millions of people who saw this film around the planet in different just never existed until recently....BD would have said something about or many of the other thousands of people who visit these posts.


MemberDeaconAug-29-2020 5:54 AM


Thanks for the Screen Shots, i had Never Noticed the Goof of the appearing and Disappearing and Reappearing of the Sticky Notes on some of the VDU screens.


Thanks for Recognizing i do spend a lot of Time on here and i have seen ALIEN quite a lot ;)

Regarding the Elephantine Object i had indeed Never Noticed it before, NOW i may have seen it and it just maybe Never Stood Out as Significant.... its like a Nice Easter Egg

I think the Google Search you Conducted does show that its something that HAS-NOT came up a LOT... Which if it was merely a Mug with Weyland on it or something else it could be Passed By...    But as it is a Elephantine like Key Chain/Ring that is ON the VDU screen that Lambert uses and so the Navigation Screen if you would...

I think by Virtue that it appears to be a Bi-Pedal Elephantine Object then i think its ODD that it has not been Brought Up more on the Internet on sites or Youtube etc before...  in Posts like "did you catch the Space Jockey Figure on the VDU"

Because when i look at it then to me its like a Easter Egg with a NOD to the Space Jockey and something Worth a Debate as to WHY would they Put such a Easter Egg.

But indeed its something that has been either Missed, Overlooked by most of us.

I cant 100% say that its something we Merely Missed, i certainly Never Noticed it before, but i am sure there are other Little Things that i have Missed too as far as some Details, like i could NOT tell you what BRAND of Cigarettes were USED, i had noticed the Packets but Never paid attention to the Brand because to me (and as a None-Smoker) it Simply did-not seen Significant at all.

In regards to this being something that had Never Existed before, and Certainly as FAR as maybe because we have been Shifted into another Reality, or a Simulation... I know there are a lot of Theories and Conspiracies out there... I know that Stephen Hawkings had said ONCE we Discover the God Particle the Higgs Bosson then Potentially it could Change the Universe as we know it...

I think maybe trying to Play with Physics too much can have Risks... i know a Number of People had Concerns about what CERN are doing.

There are people i know who have some Memory of Events that i have NONE of and Vice Versa.   Even as FAR as talking about do you remember when we DID/SAW/HEARD about such a such and they be like NO!  and even Vice Versa.

Some Science would conclude there are Multiple Universes and Dimensions, like maybe Infinite Alternative Realities and well if we Accept this, then maybe some Experiments a CERN could certainly have the Potential to be Messing with stuff thats best left alone ;)

Some of the Mandela Effect things that are Shared are Interesting and some are Plain Funny.... but for some i do Distinctly Remember things that are Apparently NOT what they are...   Looney Toons is ONE example ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-29-2020 1:04 PM


 "like i could NOT tell you what BRAND of Cigarettes were USED, i had noticed the Packets but Never paid attention to the Brand because to me (and as a None-Smoker) it Simply did-not seen Significant at all."

"Balaji" Imperial....the name of the actor who played Alien in the costume is "Balaji Badejo".

All the google results do not, of which there are only a couple hundred, refer back to the creature itself sitting in the chair only as an elephantine looking thing.....

None of the google results link back to the actual elephant figuring on the left side of Kane's monitor.....that appears and reappears in different parts of the film.

It would also appear that you are one of the leading experts on this film on the entire planet.....20 books worth of posts at 1200 pages each approximately would make you more than a Doctor technically speaking.....Dr. BigDave. LOL

LOL we need to get work on the documentary and the book you are going to write about Alien's production....

It is also very cool to think that for 40 years a lot of us have been interested in this film if nothing just shows how cool this film is.


MemberDeaconAug-30-2020 6:21 AM

"Balaji Badejo"

So its like a Easter Egg nod to Bolaji Badejo cheers ;)

I think while i have Watched ALIEN quite a lot and Studied it a lot, there are many others out their who have a Wealth of Knowledge more about the Movie ;)

What i mainly do is too look at and Speculate about the Things we have not seen, well to try and Look at more in Depth Speculation about things we dont see.  And so to think about how you can Expand on Certain things that we was shown Little about.

For me the GREATEST part was the Derelict and Space Jockey its this Mystery that i had always been Interested in.   By the Time we had come to Alien 3, i felt we had seen Quite a lot about the Xenomorph as far as a WAY FORWARDS.   Only thing to be shown would be WHAT would the Company do with IT should they Finally Obtain a Specimen which Alien Resurrection went on to kind of indicate.

So we still had the ORIGINS of the Xenomorph to wonder about.... However i was more Intrigued with the Space Jockey Race and HOW/WHY and WHEN did they have those Eggs and to Ponder as to WHY was they in that Area of the Solar System... where was HE going? and where DID he come from?

And so for me it was Prometheus that i had Studied more, and with ALIEN it was about looking at HOW it would Connect to Prometheus.

Going back to the Elephantine Figure i think its Interesting to Wonder to WHY it was placed as a Easter Egg...  some could NOW use this to Speculate that the idea was all along that the Space Jockey was the Skeleton of a Giant Elephantine Creature LOL

And they would be Correct.... that was the Plan (Skeleton) but it was the Skeleton of something that was NOT really Elephantine as this Aesthetic was by HR Giger and at this Point then the Monster and the Unfortunate Giant Race of Explorers had CHANGED to something Different and Unique. (Bio-Mechanical)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphAug-31-2020 3:16 AM

Not sure if I've seen that one before. It's really interesting how he talks about it and how he's trying to tie some things together. They probably put those things there for some reason.

He he, speaking of Looney Tunes that BD mentioned (I didn't start this! LOL!), how about having Bugs Bunny in an Alien movie? He could probably outrun the Xenos without a problem even though we might get a problem when it comes to building suspense. ;) Just imagine the Internet memes that it would create.


MemberDeaconAug-31-2020 9:28 AM

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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