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Would you stay in hypersleep to avoid death?

Would you stay in hypersleep to avoid death?

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Aug-17-2020 9:00 PM

Since Weyland only had a few days left of live left in him, he preserved himself in hypersleep, until such time as he could confront the Engineers with the hopes of convincing them to save him from death. 

But, if you ask me, he had a pretty sweet deal going on. In hypersleep he could at least dream, and he could even communicate with the outside world, via that helmet David used. He sort of had a Vanilla Sky type deal going on. 

How long do you think he could have survived like that, anyway? Years, it seems. 

If you could afford to just stay in hypersleep like that, would you? 

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Aug-17-2020 9:35 PM

It would depend how my current life was going at the time the choice was presented. I imagine if someone was older and health was failing, it could be an alternative alternative. A younger person might already feel like they will live forever (damn kids) and pass it up.

It might come down to how an individual feels about the reality of mortality. Seems people who would choose hypersleep are really afraid to die.

Vanilla Sky is a great reference and I might even add the Matrix. Living in a dream state sounds enticing as long as it stays that way. As we know from sci fi, glitches and manipulations from those who control the cryo pods could turn an eternal dream into an eternal nightmare in which one may have no way of controlling. 

Personally, the answer would be no. I imagine a "customer?" might be given a pitch and even be allowed to observe someone "eternally sleeping." That is all well and good, but it would be tough to tell if one was just watching a programmed event with a corpse inside. 

I guess I couldn't trust people to do it right or honestly. 

We don't have control over how we enter this world but have some control on how we exit. Gambling with hypersleep would relinquish what little control we had left on when to die.


Aug-18-2020 5:53 AM

I think DK gives a Great Answer.

It depends no the Person and the Condition they are in when they Enter the Cryo-Sleep Pod

A LOT will also depend on the Technology Specification of the Cryo-Pod what is the Recommended and Maximum about of TIME that they can Sustain someone.

If Dr Shaw had NOT gone and Discovered Clues to lead her to LV-223 then the CHANCES are that Weyland would have remained in Cryo-Sleep on Mars/Earth as UNTIL a Time that someone Discovered a Way to Grant him Longer Life.

You have to remember there are PEOPLE on Earth who have PAID some BIG BUCKS! to go and Freeze their Head/Brain (sometimes Body)  in the Hope that someday there would be a Way to Implant their Brain or Soul into a New Body.

IF we ever INVENT a Cryo-Pod even if it can only Sustain a Person for 25 Years and they Age 4X Slower so a 60 Year old would only Appear 65 upon Awakening but they would actually be 85

Then you can be SURE that some of the Very Rich who are OLD or have some Incurable Ailment (Cancer for Instance) would Surely go and USE such Technology to put themselves on ICE in the HOPE that during the 25 Years that Advancements are made to then be able to CURE/Extend their Lives.

If this Technology is able to Suspend someone for 50 Years, 100 Years, 250 Years at a Rate of Aging at 10% then you could see some of the RICH go and Barricade themselves in such Cryo-Pods to be Stored in like Tombs...  Like some Egyptian Pharaoh waiting for a Scientific Immortality.

If we Speculate about such a Technology... if we can make it even as Good as in ALIEN with Ellen Ripley and her 57 Years... Never-mind  the Engineers Thousands of Years Slumber...

Then it could be used as a Pseudo Time Machine of Sorts.... only ONE WAY though.... into the Future.

Buck Rogers if you would ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-18-2020 9:23 AM


Oh yeah, that Matrix is a good connection! True, the potential for it turning into a nightmare would be there. A SUPER LONG nightmare. ...Like one of those Black Mirror episodes, yeah? But, I guess, you could communicate with the outside world.

But yeah, if it's someone like David overseeing the whole thing, not gonna put a lot of trust there...


Hmm, one way ticket to the future... Man, imagine someone freezing themselves in like, 1999 or something, and then waking up to the mess we have in 2020 lol. 


Aug-18-2020 2:58 PM

"Man, imagine someone freezing themselves in like, 1999 or something, and then waking up to the mess we have in 2020 lol"

Ha Ha Imagine....

Be like "What? Check this Guy Jeez! put me into Cryo-sleep and wake me up in 20 Years"

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-18-2020 3:11 PM


Lol! It's like some Twilight Zone episode with the most ironic twist ending possible. 


Aug-18-2020 3:23 PM


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-18-2020 4:00 PM

I'd depend. If I still had my family around, then no...I'd simply accept it, and they could grieve and move on. But, were I alone? Then, I'd give it a try...a form of time-travel to see the future.






Aug-18-2020 10:35 PM


But, I guess, you could communicate with the outside world. That is possible, but it may fall on deaf ears to someone with real control who may want to decide to torture your mind for research or sheer perverse pleasure. It's not like you could fight back. Your screams might be heard but ignored or possibly enjoyed. Talk about old school Hell- that could be it. 

BTW, I enjoyed those links about Walter. Describing what was essentially a dream was very well written!

Blackwinter-witch Hey! Welcome back! 

BigDave smdh.....It might be more desirable to travel into the past in order to alter the future.



Aug-19-2020 6:13 AM

I think that a Great Point was about going in Cryo-Sleep to maybe Avoid Death or Wait for something that can Extend you Life once you come out of Cryo-sleep.

Is indeed what about Loved Ones, Friends, Family.

If going into Cryo-sleep means you WILL NEVER see them again, then i think thats a TRADE OFF that a lot of people would not take.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-19-2020 8:38 AM

Good point, @dk . In Prometheus David spies on Dr. Shaw's dreams which is creepy enough but I didn't even think about the possibility of someone else being able to control/influence the dreams. Super scary thought! 


Yeah, maybe it's something someone would only consider if they were very old and had already outlived most of their loved ones. Or, if they were just very fed up with their family. (I guess that's how Weyland was? He did not care for his daughter much...) 


Aug-19-2020 10:12 AM


Thanks! :)







Aug-24-2020 8:04 AM

I think DK that is Very interesting and Disturbing...  (If someone can Affect our Dreams).

something that Blackant brought up on another Topic about Simulation comes to mind with this TOPIC.

What if when your in Cryo-sleep then Certain Parts of your Experience can me Manipulated so you CANT tell if your Dreaming or its Reality....

If you are in such a Virtual Reality with your Family and Friends who are NOT real, but to you then you CANT tell that they are NOT real.

That Certainly can Change the whole Perspective on what kind of DREAMS and how they are Influenced while we are in Cryo-sleep.

It has got me thinking about HOW MUCH of such a thing could David Giler and Walter Hill be looking at in Context to their ALIEN V idea.....   A Dream within a Dream!

what Horrors of Ripley would be just Nightmares and are these Nightmares Programed by someone and WHO and WHY.

so that is something Disturbing like how you Speculate about WHAT IF someone can Influence/Control your Dreams to become a Nightmare.

Can you Imagine if all of Ripleys Experiences are a Nightmare..... she wakes up on the Covenant not the Nostromo with David watching over her...

So HE becomes like a Freddy LOL   David the Dream Master.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-24-2020 8:29 AM


Interesting stuff man. Vitrification?? Like...the vitreous humor in the eye? Like...the blood becomes all...gelatinous? *shudders* creepy. But awesome. 


You know, in the books, it's interesting, Alan Dean Foster goes into a little bit of detail about the hypersleep dreams. In the original Alien novelization he says that some people pay to experience others' dreams. 

(And he goes into a little bit of description as to what sorts of dreams each one was having. Like, I think Bret was having boring dreams or something, and he wouldn't make a very good "prodreamer".)

Anyhow, it would be very interesting to get a novel or a fanfic or something where the dreams can be controlled by someone (like David) and the protagonist has a try to fight them. 

"If you are in such a Virtual Reality with your Family and Friends who are NOT real, but to you then you CANT tell that they are NOT real."

Isn't this how dreams work normally? Like, a bunch of crazy stuff happens and you think it's real at the time?

(Also, does anyone else here like, super LOVE having nightmares? I do, because they're such a relief to wake up from lol) 

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