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Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001) against Aliens vs Predator (2010)
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MemberPraetorianAug-06-2020 9:57 PM

Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001) & Primal Hunt (2002)




You are allowed to carry up to 10 weapons depending on race.

  • Colonial Marines & Corporates - Knife, Pistol, Pulse Rifle, Shotgun, Smartgun, Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle. 10 weapons
  • Predators - Wristblades, Combistick, Shoulder Cannon, Smart Disk, Speargun, Netgun, Diskbomb, Plasma Pistol, Wristcannon (Primal Hunt). 8 weapons, 9 weapons (Primal Hunt only)
  • Aliens - Claws (Drone, Runner, Predalien, Preatorian, and Queen), Tail (Drone, Runner, Predalien, Preatorian, and Queen), Bite (Chestburster only), Facehug (Facehugger only). 2 weapons at max




Each race has a unique abilities

  • Colonial Marines & Corporates - Flares, Flashlight, Hacking (SP only), Sentry Gun (Primal Hunt only), Turret Gun (Primal Hunt only), Exosuit, Welding Torch (SP only), and Motion Tracker
  • Predators - Recharge, Cloak, Hacking (SP only), Power Jump, Heal, Collect Skulls, and Self Destruct (Primal Hunt only)
  • Aliens - Wall Climb (Facehugger, Drone, Runner, and Predalien only), Headbite (Drone, Runner, Primal Hunt Predalien, Praetorian, and Queen only) Pounce  (Facehugger, Drone, Runner, and Predalien only), Bite (Chestburster only), Power Jump (Drone, Runner, and Predalien only), and Facehug (Facehugger only)


Vision Modes


Each race had at least an alternate visual ability.

  • Colonial Marines & Corporates - Default/Normal and Nightvision
  • Predators - Default/Normal, Heat Vision, Acid Vision, Electrovision
  • Aliens - Default/Normal (combined with Pheromone sense) and Echolocation


Unique Multiplayer Gameplay Elements

Alien Life Cycle Option (Alien only)

  • Facehugger
  • Chestburster
  • Adult Form (Drone, Runner, Predalien)
  • Praetorian
  • Queen

Specialized Classes Option (Colonial Marines, Corporates, and Predators only)


Customizable Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Survivor (Multiple Survivors vs One Mutant: Mutant kills Survivors turns them into Mutants, Last Survivor wins)
  • Hunt (Predator vs Prey: Predator kills count while Prey does not, if Prey kills Predator then Prey team become Predator team and vice versa)
  • Overrun (Attackers vs Defenders: Point is gained when opposing team is wiped out)
  • Evac (Evacs vs Attackers: Evacs have to reach Evac zone and stay alive for 10 secs while attackers attempt to kill the Evacs)


Multiplayer Character Class:


Colonial Marines:

  • Specialist
  • Demolitionist
  • Sniper
  • Heavy Weapons



  • Standard Predator
  • Light Predator
  • Heavy Predator
  • Assault Predator



  • Drone
  • Runner
  • Praetorian
  • Predalien
  • Facehugger (Alien Life Cycle only)
  • Chestburster (Alien Life Cycle only)
  • Queen (Alien Life Cycle only)



Interconnected Story Mode

Lore-Friendly Storyline to mainline Alien and Predator series

Character focus story

  • Marine story follows Andrew “Frosty” Harrison, he and his squad are drawn to Lv-1202 due to a distress signal given out by the fleeing colony personale. Harrison was disciplined, courageous, and quite outspoken as he went above the call of duty to regroup with his squad and warn them of Dr. Eisenberg and General Rykov’s treachery.


  • The Predator story follows a Yaut’ja Prince. The Prince has been hunting Rykov for years after a failed hunt on a distant jungle world ended where Rykov narrowly escaped death. Years later, Marine turned Iron Bear Mercenary Rykov developed a personal grudge against this royal alien hunter. While the Prince and his clan not only found a planet ripe with prey but have also discovered the strange yet familiar signal that drew them to planet Lv-1202.


  • Alien story follows an abnormally aggressive Xenomorph Warrior. This nasty bugger escaped containment when the crate holding its egg fell over, the fall popped the crate’s lid open allowing the facehugger to escape off the transport ship into the Colony. Traumatized with the memories of the Xenomorphs, Dr. Eisenberg sealed the colony’s fate by cutting off their transmission and thus denying them rescue and allowing a new xenomorph hive to be established on planet LV-1201. Later the aggressive Xenomorph Warrior snuck aboard the Forward Observational Outpost, and its kin wreaked havoc on its many pod facilities before hunting down Dr. Eisenberg for capturing the Xenomorph Empress.


  • (Primal Hunt) Corporate story follows Iron bear Mercenary Dunya and her journey to retrieve the ancient Engineer race tech from the archeological dig site, only to be confronted by a swarm of Xenomorphs. The cave-in around the site deactivated the device, releasing the Ancient Predator from the suspension field.


  • (Primal Hunt) Predator story follows the Ancient Predator and his arrival to the planet LV-1201, discovering the xenomorphs arrived when they escaped from the Engineer ruins. The ancient Yaut’ja clan established a small hunting outpost within the Engineer ruins, years later an earthquake struck the ruins causing several cave-ins dooming the Yautja outpost colony to the xenomorphs. The Ancient Predator attempts to secure the outpost but is facehugged when he turns the stasis fields back-on. He awakens 500 years later to ruins, he later escapes and secretly follows Dunya back to the Forward Observational Pod Facilities. There he contacts any Yautja clan within communications distance, evidently attracting the Prince Predator and his clan to Lv-1202. The ancient Predator dies when the Predalien chestburster bursts out of him.


  • (Primal Hunt) Alien story follows the Predalien and his humble beginnings as the facehugger that implanted itself in the ancient predator. After Hatching from the ancient Predator, the Predalien ends up causing the destruction of Pod 5. Causing the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to question the reliability of the colony on Lv-1202 and Dr. Esienberg himself. 


Captures the feel of both Alien and Predator movies

Aliens vs Predator (2010)




You are allowed to carry up to 4 weapons at a time depending on race.

  • Colonial Marines - Fists, Pistol, Pulse Rifle, Shotgun, Smartgun, Flamethrower, and Sniper Rifle. 7 weapons in total
  • Predators - Wristblades, Throwing Spear, Smart Disk, Proximity Mines, and Shoulder Cannon.  5 weapons in total
  • Aliens - Claws and Tail. 2 weapons in total




Each race has a unique ability

  • Colonial Marines - Flares, Flashlight, Stims, Sentry Guns, Hacking (SP only), and Motion Tracker
  • Predators - Recharge (Pick-up), Cloak, Hacking (Sp only), Power Jump, Power Attack, Heal/Health Shards (pick-up), Analysis (SP only), Distraction (SP only), and Trophy.
  • Aliens - Wall Climb, Headbite, Pounce, Hiss, Harvest (finisher move, involves summoning an NPC facehugger during kill-cinema), and Regen Health
  • Finisher Moves for all


Vision Modes


Each race had at least an alternate visual ability.

  • Colonial Marines - Default/Normal
  • Predators - Default/Normal, Heat Vision, and Acid Vision
  • Aliens - Default/Normal and Pheromone sense


Unique Multiplayer Gameplay Elements


Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mixed Species Team Deathmatch
  • Domination (Capture the Flag)
  • Infestation (Multiple Marine players vs One Alien Player. Alien player kills marine player, killed marine player is respawned into an extra Alien player)
  • Predator Hunt (Multiple Marine players vs One Predator Character. Last Surviving Marine wins)
  • Survivor (Four Marine Players up against never-ending wave of NPC Aliens)

Multiplayer Character

No Classes

Multiplayer skin only.

No Alien Life Cycle



Interconnected Story Mode

Storyline based on Aliens vs Predator Film with some nods to Aliens

Narrative Driven

  • Unnamed Colonial Marine, the heroic mime that goes beyond the call of duty to save his comrade.
  • Unnamed Yaut’ja
  • Number Six, a former lab specimen Xenomorph Warrior that breaks out of its containment shackles, then rampages across the xenoarchaeologist colony and Yaut’ja pyramid temples then later escapes on a Colonial Marine Dropship where it molts in ending cinematic into a Xenomorph Queen on board the Colonial Marine Conestoga-class Cruiser.

Pretty much AVP movie on another planet.

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