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OvomorphMember93 XPAug-01-2020 3:50 AM

Here are the characters for ALIEN HIBERNATION:

Jason Roberts (captain of the USCSS Adams)

Linda Riley (USCSS Adams doctor)

Shane Anderson (USCSS technician)

Roland (Synthetic)

Sarah Cooper (Warrant officer)

Viktor Boltarov (survivor of RFCSS Nevsky)

Alien (original Xenomorph from Alien 1979)

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NeomorphMember1507 XPAug-21-2020 4:38 AM

Getting the characters right is very important because those are the ones that we are supposed to follow. In movies you have the surroundings and so on while you don’t have that in books which makes it even more important to have well-made characters.

Good luck with your project


PraetorianMember2861 XPAug-21-2020 12:57 PM

All my hopes and wishing you all the luck in this work!! It sounds like you have a good, solid awareness that planning out a story first is Key!!






OvomorphMember11 XPNov-03-2020 8:56 AM

First of all I have to say that Alien 1979 it's by far my favourite movie. I still remember when I watched it at the theatre for the first time, the horror of not knowing how the creature looked like, the darkness of the whole world, the relentless pace until the final duel between Ripley and the Alien... a perfect movie.

All the love and admiration I have for the film is obviously shared by the creators of the game. The attention to detail to capture every asp192.168.0.1 ect of the film it is outstanding. Every screw on the walls, every console, every furniture in the spaceship makes you feel like you are inside the Nostromo. Even if you are not a gamer just walking around looking at the details that surround you is a total joy, and you can do this at the beginning of the game because at some point you won't be able to walk casually anymore: the Alien has arrived.

As many people know the behaviour of the Alien is not scripted, his behaviour changes depending on what you do in the game. This random behaviour it is totally unnerving as you can imagine and in the lower game difficulties is not very noticeable but I played the game in Hard difficulty and you could see how the Alien "learns" based on your actions. For example I was always hiding under furnitures for a while when the creature was around. After being discovered a few times you can't hide under furnitures anymore because the Alien will look for you there directly, so you need to use lockers or other hiding places until, of course, the Alien finds you again and you need to change your actions. This non scripted behaviour adds to the whole tension of the game another layer so you feel unease every time the monster is around, not knowing what to expect.

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