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MemberDeaconJul-26-2020 3:06 PM

I would like to Start a Topic to discus the BACKLASH from the events of Alien Covenant, in Context to Planet 4 and the Paradise that has been LAID TO WASTE.

We can Safely assume that AC is Canon and will SET in Motion events that would lead to ALIEN and Impact the Franchise.  But this is NOT really to talk about so much WHAT it is that Happens Next for David.

But to Speculate on the Reprecautions that his Actions on Planet 4 (Destruction of the Engineers) will have on NOT only the Franchise but also for the Creations of the Engineers in general.

Would the Vengeance of the Engineers only be taken out on or Directed towards David?

Ridley Scott has informed us that some Engineers will RETURN to then Discover what has become of Planet 4 and they WILL-NOT be pleased.  How FAR would they take their WRATH?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

98 Replies


MemberPraetorianAug-23-2020 10:53 PM


To be fair, I have found some of your various points to be Interesting and thought-provoking.


And to everyone, if it seems at times like I've gone gibber-brained--I am attempting to get used to a new keyboard that has a VERY different key-feel than my previous, apologies in advance if there's gibberish i don't catch and correct before hitting 'add reply'.






MemberChestbursterAug-24-2020 7:27 AM

Great! Now that we've got all that squared away, I think it's high time we address the bonus situation. 

(And @Blackwinter-witch , I haven't noticed any gibberish myself but that may be because I'm just naturally gibber-brained.)


MemberPraetorianAug-24-2020 3:12 PM


Nice reference!! lol

TRUST me, it's almost happened a few times today...the new keys are...too 'stiff'. THAT is because I am too used to an old microsoft keyboard dating back to 2001. lol Nicely 'broken in'.

Had to retire it because with all the work I do, the letters and numbers wear off the keys...tried repainting them, that lasts barely a day. lol

So, bought a new, backlit keyboard with engraved windows in the keys and, the long work of getting used to it's key-feel.

But yeah....gibberish might happen during the adjustment phase.

Mk, my little-grey-brick of a cat...he does NOT trust the 'breathing lights' mouse that came with the keyboard.

Iz A L I E N. :D





The Film Theory Of Everything

MemberOvomorphAug-24-2020 4:46 PM

I've always wondered if the Engineers that David wipes out were potentially at their biblical year zero stage in their cultral evolution... Was their a Christ-like figure in existance here upon this world (Planet 4) around about this time.

I say this because according to popular legend texts/etc., the Romans had Jesus put upon the cross & crucified. Well, if You look at all of the inhabitants looking up at the Juggernaught approaching & perform its docking manoeuvre they & their cityscape all look remarkably Roman-esque-looking. Their city looks very Florence inspired during the renaissance, yet biblical-looking at the same time. But don't forget, the Engineers were planning to come kill Humankind when the original idea was they found out one of their emissaries sent to planet Earth had been crucified so they want to erradicate them as form of punishment & retribution upon them.

Ironic that around the time David showed up fate exacting its vengence upon them judged. Not that David was to know anything had transpired prior to His arrival into the planets airspace. But how do We know this culture was behaving like the Romans to an emissary to this world whom was summarily executed off-screen.

Many of the denzines look female-like - Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary-like - biblical garb in their dress sense. This whole extermination scene is what Ours would have looked like all those thousands of years ago had the Engineers of the time from afar had been successful in their plans. 

Just curious line of thought to think of.


MemberPraetorianAug-25-2020 12:47 PM

Given R. Scott's fascination with religion, it's just possible...






MemberDeaconAug-25-2020 4:08 PM

I am not so SURE that RS would have tried to make this Connect to Religion too Literally.

I think the Foremost thing to Consider is the Engineers are Space Gardeners, and what we know they did was SEED many Worlds, and then Visit them and Evolved them, both Genetically and Technologically, to Teach and Nurture their Creations.

However.... it would seem they would ONLY want to teach their Creations Limited stuff, they would NOT want their Creations to Advanced too FAR.

This could apply to their OWN Species too... the Hierarchy would want Control over their OWN kind and other Creations and so the Advanced Technology is maybe LIMITED to Certain Roles such as SEEDING of Worlds and Visiting Worlds.

Its likely that Planet 4 was kept to a more Basic Life Style and Technology but one that was more Advanced than on Earth but they kept to many Ancient Ways... like the Amish People?

Or did they ABANDON their more Advanced Ways?

I have covered my Interpretation of Planet 4 before and HOW it links to Paradise and what does Paradise mean.

In a Nutshell this place is the Cradle of Humanoid Creation and i Speculate those Engineers have Rituals where they are CHOSEN and then taken to be Sacrificed to Seed Worlds and they have Statues Erected in their Honor for their Sacrifice.  I think the Juggernauts serve better as a more Advanced way to SEED their DNA...  that then was used to SEED a World with Corrupt DNA (Deacon).

The Emissary thing is interesting, but it does-not mean we have to have a Space Jesus... that would be like saying of all of the Mythos and Religion on Earth, that the Gospel of Christ is the ONLY real Truth and its Space Jesus.

I would suspect the Engineers would have sent down a Number of Emissaries over the Years, and Jesus was just ONE of those on that Continent.

But Mankind would NOT really Listen and they Killed those Emissaries apart from a Few Cultures who did-not.. Cultures like maybe in South America and this would give reason to WHY we maybe have Star Maps that appeared after 2000 Years ago when its likely the Engineers had Stopped coming to Earth and Prepared Death for us.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianAug-25-2020 5:32 PM


Good points, as always.

The Engineers likely have a VERY Ordered society, which might lead to what strata/castes can use what knowledge/tech.






MemberDeaconAug-27-2020 8:32 AM

Indeed we have to Remember that RS had called those on Planet 4 the Civilians and those on LV-223 the Military.

I think RS had mentioned some Interesting comments before, such as he claimed that he DID-NOT want to Meet God in the First Movie in relation to some of the Deleted Scenes which would suggest the Engineers in Prometheus Theatrical Cut are NOT the Hierarchy

He also calls those Engineers a few times DARK ANGELS... implying Fallen.

I recall but i cant find WHERE now that he also said those Planet 4 Engineers are the Original Engineers.  As i cant seem to Find where i thought i Heard this i could be Mistaken.

What we do know is he Referred to the Hall of Heads guys as the Apostles, Wise Men, Superior Beings and they are the Hierarchy.   And so maybe they are the GODS that RS did-not want to meet in Prometheus.

We could maybe Assume the Hall of Heads are the ELDERS who RS had removed from Prometheus but WHY?  Maybe its because RS had a intention to Redesign those Elders so maybe they would LOOK more like Planet 4 Engineers and not the Prometheus ones?

RS has said in the Past that David was a A.I that was NOT grown from a Embryo he was Born/Created Fully that Size.. this is ODD it implies that RS feels some A.I can be Grown!

When talking about AC2 he said it would be about A.I and he also said that the Replicants were A.I and so again this is Implying he thinks that any Artificially Engineered Creation regardless of Biological or Synthetic is A.I

Which brings me back to when RS had Teased about their being maybe more than ONE Robot/A.I in Prometheus, this Lead to Fans thinking could Vickers be a Robot?   I would say NO.

So there was ONLY a Single Robot? David!

From the other Comments RS has made since Prometheus it seems that RS sees that A.I does-not have to Synthetic.

If those Engineers on Planet 4 are related to the Hall of Heads Elders, but then those Engineers in Prometheus are NOT the Gods/Hierarchy.   Maybe we need to LOOK at the Difference between the Planet 4 and LV-223 Engineers.

The Prometheus Engineers look like Physically Superior Specimens, they appear to be almost Marble Like in their Skin Texture, compared to Flesh of the Planet 4 Engineers! 

The Prometheus Engineers seem to be Integrated with their Bio-Suits!  Which appear to have some Resemblance to the Xenomorph's Body.

So maybe and i Speculate that the Prometheus Engineers are a Genetically Engineered Sub-Creation of those Planet 4 Engineers, they are to those Engineers what the Replicants are to Humans.

And thus A.I..... which is maybe WHY the Engineer had Pity on his Face when he Stroked David's Hair before pulling his HEAD OFF.... the Engineer maybe knew that HE and DAVID are similar... Superior Sub-Creations that were made to Serve their Masters!

The OLD Plot for Prometheus was the Engineers had Engineered themselves to the Point they COULD-NOT go and Procreate...  and indicated they Lived for Thousands of Years.

Yet RS had suggest the Planet 4 Engineers would LIVE for about 150 Years and we can see they CAN go and Procreate and have Females and Infants.

David cant Procreate, and he can OUTLIVE his Creators.

Thats why i FEEL that David and the Engineers of LV-223 are the Same... the Same ARC!    And so what we are being shown with David on Planet 4 is maybe what the Sub-Created Engineers of LV-223 had began to do for maybe the SAME REASON!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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