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Xenomorphing podcast, episode 4 is out. Alien-franchise podcast

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NeomorphMember1529 XPJul-16-2020 2:56 AM

This time they mainly discuss Alien R, which is interesting in itself. Its not only about AR but also about some comic stuff (Alien and Marvel). Even though Alien R isn't that supported among the fan-base it's at least interesting to hear why people don't like it that much. What I like about this episode is that they try to actually discuss this even though they are not fans of the movie, it actually takes some to talk about things that you really don't like but still talk about it in some sort of serious way.

This is how they describe their show, I think that it's an accurate description.

"A podcast for wild world of the Alien Universe. Everything from movies to video games to toys to comics and everything in between. A relaxed and fun atmosphere unique to Alien fandom. Grab a beer and enjoy."

Here is their web page:

Episode 0 has 97 downloads, maybe it'll be their first one to reach 100 downloads we'll see. I like this podcast

In Firefox it’s strange, for example click the arrow under episode 6 too see all episodes but six, it’s the same thing for all episodes. When you get there just click the arrows on the right to download the episode that you want.

In Opera and Chrome go to the main-page, click the text that says download. This will take you to a page with a big green button, press that and it will download.

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DeaconMember10130 XPJul-17-2020 7:17 AM

Thanks for the Share...

I cant seem to Access the Pod Casts though :(  my Technology is to OLD lol

But i think that Alien Resurrection had some Good Potential beyond the Main Plot.

*Genetic Manipulation of the Xenomorph would be Interesting.

*Ripley 8 is a FAR more ideal Bio-Weapon but then she is ONE who is Sentient with own Free-Will which could be Problematic.

*The Auton Plot about Synthetics Sub-Creating is Interesting.

*Wonder what Conflict on Earth had left it in the STATE that it was...  Humans vs Synthetics vs Autons?

And so was the Xenomorph something that Humans wanted to get so that they COULD use it to regain Control? But then again Xenomorphs would have LITTLE interest in Synthetics.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1529 XPJul-17-2020 9:37 AM

I'll have to email them


NeomorphMember1529 XPJul-17-2020 9:54 AM

How about this one? I could download it from that page, I hope that it works for other people too.

Their first episode (episode 0) has 97 downloads, let's see if we can give them their first episode to reach over 100 downloads.


XenomorphMember1260 XPJul-18-2020 6:04 AM

Good episode.

Agree 100% on Joss Whedon throwing people under the bus.

Still like Alien:R more than ALIENS.

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