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Alien 5/Alien Movie Suggestion For Something New... O.k,Here-It-Goes! See You All In The Emergency Room!

Alien 5/Alien Movie Suggestion For Something New... O.k,Here-It-Goes! See You All In The Emergency Room!

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The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPJun-29-2020 5:27 AM

I've thought that something new is actually something that has already been used but could be re-used in a certain way. What if, as was the case for humans during Aliens, Ripley talks to Burke about "a dangerous organism". Well, what if something has arisen within the core of the Alien genome itself. (Not sure what yet) What if a serious sickness/"infection" somehow comes about & ravages the classic view of the Xenomorph's hive structure/behavior. Short of using the term "Zombie"/ "Zombies", I'm proposing that World War Z meets the Xenomorphs & their many colonies scattered across the comos.

Picture this scene:

I've imagined a key moment in a film of this nature. You have a band of Humans armed to the teeth at a key moment within the action/drama unfolding fast. The tension is racheted-up to the extent of Predator with Dutch & His band, waiting for the "moment" to arrive. Suddenly, within the vastness of some giant factory/machine processor, they (Our Human Heroes... & maybe Villains) are running from Alien Xenomorphs they think are hunting them. They run face-first into an entire large number of Xenomorphs, much-as Ripley did in Aliens with the Queen. They see the Humans... the Humans see them... You can cut the air with Hans Zimmers music on a knifes edge... Humans are thinking the Xenomorphs are savoring the kill that's to come... but it never does. Yet.

The two species look across at one-another, across millions of years of natures evolutionary arms race that has now reached this tipping-point. Two species that lack the understanding of the other & now, only too-well. The moment... pregnant with anticipation of what's to come. At that moment, the camera, tight upon both species faces, an absolute blood-curdling, gutteral scream by some advancing horror from the depths of a hell where the sounds of gods being disenbowled are heard emmenating throughout the structure; heading straight towards them both.

The Xenomorphs seemingly have a bigger game to fend-off as was the case for the Hadleys Hope colony & their "last stand" as Frost stated about the slap-dash welded barricade, so-too are the Xenomorphs in the middle of a vast last-stand of their own & the Human band armed to the teeth just walked slap-bang into the middle of it! These Xenomorphs have built an entire wall out of their secreted resin, a giant structure to protect their colony, their Queen if one is there, the Alien race can reproduce in redundancy mode should they find themselves isloated from any xenomorph colony. This is natures 300 moment with the Spartans using themselves & the old Focian Wall to head-off the advancing on-slaught, so-too are the Xenomorphs using themselves & their weird naturally built structures fused to bulkheads, gantries, walls & the entire superstructure of the factory itself to form an impenetrable organic wall of matter.

From the depths of another of natures forms of "living" hell comes an entire moving, putrid wall that makes-up the infected Xenomrph Horde. Gutteral utterances from the avancing abominations send shivers throughout the Human band. The Xenomorph Warrior Breed curve their bodies into a crouching-tiger stance, all talons, claws, coiled tails & fangs bared towards their as-yet-unseen but clearly heard sworn blood-enemy, whom bears down upon them with a growing cochaphany of destruction & nightmarish low rumbling screeches in their wake as if some demon itself were possessed by a darker horror.

A few examples to draw upon, I am aware that this runs similar to the Dark Horse ALIENS vs PREDATOR comics that ran the "Alien: Genocide" storyline. Also, I am aware of the ALIENS: Colonial Marines game in-which there are the Xenomorph "Husks" found petrifide all throughout the sewer system. Almost like they were fossilized in-place within minutes exactly where they stood. So I'm aware of those comparisons & was loving it in the Colonial Marines game because I had thought about this for a while before I played it so that was cool.

The last stand scene in I Am Legend would play similar to this, almost in parallel just the infected Xenomorph Horde against the Alien Xenomorph Warrior Drones protecting their nest & their uninfected class of their kind, with Humans thrown in the mix trapped between the two. I am also inspired by Fifields orginal transformation & zombification in the Prometheus outtake/deleted scene which I think played better. He mutates into a nightmarish version of His former Human-self & was starting to look a bit fused Xenomorph looking, almost gargoyle-like in His face.

So I would like to see an infected "husk"-like horde of Xenomorphs (from the Colonial Marines game) coming into direct conflict with (for-want-of-a-better-word) the "pure" of their kind from their perspective because it cuts to the heart of the entire franchise, one species struggling for dominance over another, one species exploiting its-own dominance at the expence of another & would be interesting to now see a World War Z-like pandemic hit the "unsullied", "pure" Xenomorphs really hard & see how they deal with being wrong-footed by another species to be introduced into the mix... in this case a virus of unknown origin. A variant on the Black Liquid.

By-the-way, I am aware of the familiarity & similarity to The Flood too from Halo & The Thing lifeform so would indeed draw direct inspiration from these varying themes & attempt to build upon it to create an interesting story that I would like to see marrying elements of Aliens, combatant style, Predator & its combatant style, the intricate nature of Alien & the creatures life cycle but now with a twist, the relentless dread of World War Z & the non-stop on-slaught of infeced hordes coming at you like a tsumami, rivers of infected pouring through windows, doorways, relentlessly, piling up in pack/herding mounds to get at You. Plus, if infected Xenomorphs touched Humans then they themslves (Humans) would be turned into Alien "Husk" infected beings Fifieilds original outtake/deleted scene Transformation.

The motivation for the infected horde would be to decimate the unfinfected of their former kind with their virus which means the Warrior-Class that do the guarding of the eggs & the nest building which means the next generation of Xenomorphs would effectively be wiped out & so threatens to drive the entire Xenomorph species to the brink of extinction... if it isn't there already! Interestingly, in a strange twist-of-fate/reversal-of-fortune, it's the Xenomorph "unsullied" who are now the "protectors" of Humans, colonists, etc. as the Aliens need them unspoiled for harvesting new & future uninfected Young. So in a complicated web of simbiotic relationships within the rhythyms of nature the Xenomorphs, in-a-nightmarish-way, become our "saviors", our "protectors", our "benifactors". So this is just a bit of fan-love for an idea that would need fleshing out for other narrative & film tropes to be added to give it muscle, tissue & skin to make it work as a solid concept.

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DeaconMember10358 XPJun-29-2020 4:28 PM

Well i applaud your Effort.... not really so much my Cuppa Tea, but i mean NO disrespect... Certainly is something that shares a lot with some of the Comics.

I think you do Raise some Good Concepts though ;)

Zombie Ants

So indeed we could say the Xenomorphs are kind of like Ants?   The Fungi Spores well we seen Spores in Alien Covenant...

So YEAH why not something where Spores like in AC but they DONT result in Neomorph but more like a Fiifeld as in they MUTATE the Host.... so we GET some Zombie Fifield versions of Xenomorphs ;)

That seems to be the IDEA you have?

So indeed the Xenomorph Colony/Hive would want to Preserve its OWN Genetic Existence, and the Hive.

For that they would INDEED need to KEEP any Humans Alive to allow they to Procreate... they NEED the Numbers to see off this Zombie Threat ;)

So Yeah i think as like a Comic Idea its something that could be Interesting to Explore ;)  There could Certainly be a Market for such a Adaption on a Xeno vs Xeno War/Survival.

PS   Welcome Aboard ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-29-2020 5:21 PM

I like that plot!

Hope you script it. Need more around here.


 "I am also inspired by Fifields orginal transformation & zombification in the Prometheus"


Oh yeah...I'm 100% behind this!

I think with CGI where it is.....This plot is doable. Nice era to be born!

If you could work it into a trilogy..That would be really cool. Not sure you could keep the big reveal for that long?

The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPJun-30-2020 3:59 PM

BigDave! What's Happening Dogg! I always welcome feed-back from yourself Good-Sir. I hear what Your saying & appriciate Your taking the time to get involved with My idea. It is great to be interacting with the likes of yourself & others again after a long hiatus away so thank You again Good-Fella'! Looking forward to more to come!

MonsterZero I'm loving your enthusiasm for My proposal & it's true that I have to iron out many things but it's a nugget that could be potentially built upon & I would love to see something of similar ilk.

I appiciate any-&-all who interact with Me & My ideas on here, there can be challenges too but it is fun when nuggets of ideas catch fire & tha's cool to discuss with You. I look forward to more conversations with Yourself too MonsterZero. Thank You kindly!


FacehuggerMember208 XPJun-30-2020 4:26 PM

@The Film Theory Of Everything

Hey interesting ideas for sure....I like your enthusiasm....hummm where is the rest of the Alien franchise fans with great ideas like this!....

That's the spirt! and I mean that keep up the good work because this is exactly how it is done in the real movie industry! We bounce these ideas around and see what sticks....this is not how I would go with things but we have to test it right! So great job! and keep the ideas coming! Never stop that is the key to success! You always keep at it no matter what!


The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPJun-30-2020 4:33 PM

Hello BlackAnt, You kow You're a real cool person, thank You for You're great response, I really think You are a good inspiration to chat with, it's good to know that You read it so thank You very much for considering My proposal. If, for the fact that individuals like yourselves took the time to read it is such a cool thing to know so thanks! Thank You kindly. I am going deep into other peoples threads too so be expecting My responses to appear any-time-soon upon Your posts & proposals too! You Are All GREAT!!


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-30-2020 4:38 PM


The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPJun-30-2020 4:44 PM

Thank You DK, that's GREAT of You... Great that You're here, participating. Thank You very much...


XenomorphMember1303 XPJul-01-2020 12:29 AM

That would be a way to destroy an alien colony, by infecting them with some virus and let them kill each other.

However, I don't think I want to see it in a film, maybe like a flashback scene only.

Anything going the AVP direction no good.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJul-01-2020 12:40 AM

The destruction of a colony/hive was also discussed here but in a different way:

To the OP, there is a lot going on and it  sounds really good. It might also be interesting to add a real world aspect like cordyceps. Just a thought.


The Film Theory Of Everything

OvomorphMember46 XPJul-01-2020 1:49 PM

My original intention was to have the original Xennomorph Aliens in there while at the same time weaving-in Prometheus suggestive content & something new (to a degree) something familiar yet has been far removed from its original form. What could be the "thing" that has the Alien Xenomorph on defense & possibly terrified? Only something that is 180 degrees in the utter opposite from what it is. An infestation infesting the infestors! Try saying THAT when Your sober!

I assure You all I do not want this thing to be parried-up with the likes of Aliens vs Predators. I want to see not only characters evolve into a better fleshed-out version of themselves (i.e: Ripley, Newt, Burke, etc.) Equally, I want to see the Alien be challenged & tested by nature too. What better way than to see the creature have to face "itself" but perhaps the Human factor could have been that face-hugging a virus-ridden Human - lets say - could have began the whole "patient zero" concept for the "puritain" Xenomorphs. I don't know whether-or-not they can sense infected. sickly people & so wouldn't attempt to facehug that particular person to start with.

I would love a ping-ponging back-&-forth story where Our Heroe's & Villains are established as being in danger to the Xenomorph in some capacity/varying capacity, then over the course of a protracted story the threat level is amped-up a gear. Suddenly a larger skin of the onion is revealed & the grim nature of the "new" reality Our Heroes/Villians & Us, the Audience are now fully commited to dealing with. What would be compelling in some way is that many have encountered the Xenomorphs fleeing/fighting/dieing at the enconters with the infected Xeno-Horde menace. those people briefly witness the wall of infected surging into their colonies, smashing through obstacles, swarming structeres & causing things to break down as there are nobody left now to service the technology.

I always wondered if a scene a bit like Hickes peering up into the "attic" moment so-to-speak could begin a story, yes, You would see the brief glimpses of the Xenomorph but then rapid, on-coming destruction caused by the rabid Alien Horde crashing litterally through the superstructure to get at the "living"... in all its abhorent descriptions.

I could run the risk of copying but I am inspired by what I like just as George Lucas & Dave Filoni are paying homage to their favorite things/subject matter/intellectual fan wants & desires throughout the Clone Wars series. That's what motivates Me to want to weave themes together into some suggestion of a nugget but at a very hyper-raw stage, I would (fan likes & feed-back on here permitting) to proceed in futhering the idea now that a few of You jumped onto it with Me & that feels kinda'-cool!

So, if You all out there will indulge Me, I may try & weave this idea with You together, see where it goes-Huh! I kinda'like explosive beginnings to films sometimes. Others, I like the slow-burn-effect where the "event" builds on itself until Mid-Climax the said "event" breaks-out & You spend the second half of the film/movie watching the characters We-All just got to know get slowly wiped-out, developed further & elevated into legendary status & so-on.

I will try & post more things on here about other key scenes that I thought of before & without wanting nor trying to be or sound or come-off sounding repettitive. I would like to pursue some more of this to chit-chat with You all about. That's what's great about fan-service, it's a quiet thought process that is very rewarding when it goes in a welcomed direction. Sometimes its a hit & miss affair, but I'm always on the look-out for cool nugget-of-an-idea to riff-off-of about to someone who'll listen too! :-D !


DeaconMember10358 XPJul-02-2020 6:06 AM

Well i think the IDEA does offer some Interesting ways to Evolve the Story.

1) If this Virus/Infection is Engineered by Humans or Engineers to RID of the Xenomorph Plague you would be WISE to have a KILL SWITCH or something with the resulting Zombie-Morphs where they would Eventually DIE-OUT.

If you Fail to do so... or they Mutate to continue to Procreate then the Creator of the Virus would have just replaced ONE threat with a Greater One.

2) If NOT option (1) then maybe the ONLY way to Combat the Zomie-morphs would be to Experiment and Engineer the Xenomorphs to gain some Immunity to the Virus and THUS you can then USE them to Extinguish the Threat.

But we know that Experimenting with stuff can OFTEN lead to a HUBRIS.

So Actually the PLOT does have some Options to Expand into NEW Territory ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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