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MemberFacehuggerJun-26-2020 12:39 AM
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MemberNeomorphJun-26-2020 1:32 PM

Interesting, it just shows that Scott gives Lindelof and Spaights problems when it comes to the writing and how many dumb decisions that were made, but it is still interesting. This also shows that we could have had a better movie but it went downhill.


MemberFacehuggerJun-26-2020 6:47 PM

We have to keep pursuing our Gods and, when we find them, if we find them, we have to ask them Why? Why are the innocent punished? Why the sacrifice? Why the pain? There aren’t any promises. Nothing certain. Only that some get called, some get saved. She won’t ever know the hardship and grief for those of us left behind. We commit these bodies to the void with a glad heart. For within each seed, there is a promise of a flower, and within each death, no matter how small, there’s always a new life. A new beginning. Amen.


MemberTrilobiteJun-26-2020 7:12 PM

Interestingly, people are trying to relegate A3 to a dream.

There seems to be an issue of what a "God" is. Some think of after life things while others just think of another form of being superior to our own.


MemberDeaconJun-29-2020 9:01 AM

This is always a Interesting Watch....

Alien 01 the Master Narrative Pitch is something i would like to see in its ENTIRETY i think there is Potential to Connect what the Engineers were TRYING to Transcend to with something that Connects to the Experiments on LV-223.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJun-29-2020 8:58 PM

Thanks, BigDave for the Heads-up.

Here's an excellent video about the Alien 01 the Master Narrative that you previously referred.


MemberFacehuggerJun-29-2020 9:15 PM

Deacon Alien Explained / Prometheus / Fire and Stone


Why the Deacon Should be Ultra Rare / A One Off Unique Alien Creature Explained





MemberFacehuggerJun-29-2020 9:48 PM

HR Giger Unused Alien Life Cycle Mural Explained



HR Gigers Engineers! Prometheus Engineers Inspired from 40 Year Old Mural?


LV 223 Mural Explained / Alien Origins / Prometheus Mural


MemberFacehuggerJun-29-2020 10:25 PM

Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing | Official HD Clip | 2017

How David Killed Dr. Shaw / Script Reveals from Paradise Alien Covenant Prologue


MemberFacehuggerJun-29-2020 10:40 PM

Alien Covenant concept art that tells a different story! Artist Khang Le's unused concept art

The True Engineer Homeworld? Paradise Lost / Alien Covenant Early Script


MemberTrilobiteJul-01-2020 12:27 AM

Alien 01 is very interesting. It seems like it would be best explored episodically instead of theatrically considering budgets and audience as well as the scope of the story. This would be great to see as a Netflix or other series service.


MemberOvomorphJul-03-2020 3:40 AM

Agreed, Alien 01 is the best one.


MemberFacehuggerApr-03-2021 8:18 PM


PROMETHEUS (2012) Retrospective / Review


MemberFacehuggerDec-25-2022 9:00 AM

The black goo is a bad copy of the ONE's blood, the primordial engineer, the finite source of generating new life on the universe. Life on earth was created from the Last drops of the ONE's blood, as we all watched at the beginning of the film "Prometheus", after an engineer, chosen by the engineer's council, drunk the ONE's blood That the engineer priest Gave to him.



MemberFacehuggerDec-25-2022 9:06 AM

 This is What happened when Engineers decided to play God: the possibility of the existence of a Xenomorph was born.

When Peter Weyland decided to play God, David happened.


The end of the ONE's blood represented the end of the expansion of new life across the Universe. 

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