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MemberDeaconJun-20-2020 5:17 AM

So in Light of the recent News about Walter Hill and David Giler have apparently been working on a ALIEN V which will Introduce Ripley back into the Franchise.

What i want to do with this Topic is say CAST ourselves back to say 1990 and Imagine as to HOW you would have liked to have seen a Sequel to ALIENS had been Handled.

I dont really want this to be a Pro Alien 3 or a Bash Alien 3 Topic.  But one where we can feel FREE to come up with a Alternative Sequel to ALIENS.

This could be say as a idea to had Released instead of ALIEN 3 or indeed if you want as a ALIEN V but as far as these Rules are Observed.

*Project has to involve Ripley

*Has to be a Direct Sequel that follows ALIENS.

You see what we did have was Blomkamps Alien V which would have somehow made Alien 3 and Alien R become Alternative Sequels and now Hill/Giler Alien V which seems to be similar where Alien 3 and Alien R could be just Dreams/Nightmares.

So lets say if a ALIEN 3 and ALIEN R were NOT made or we Choose to give a Alternative Path after ALIENS then what would YOU have done?

Bare in mind with the ALIEN V ideas it would be likely they are SET some 20-30+ Years after ALIENS.

But feel free to have a Sequel that is SET at ANY point after ALIENS, you dont have to be Concerned about the Age of Ripley.... so lets Imagine if you could go back and Submit your idea back in 1990, 1995, 2000 etc.

For Example if you Pitched the Idea in 1999 so the Plot could be say 15 Years After ALIENS in 2194

My Idea would be ALIEN: GAMMA as a Alternative Alien 3 but its  NOT really a Original Idea.... it takes on-board some of the Discussions on here in the Past and is NOT going to be Potentially a lot Different to Blomkamps Alien 5/Red Harvest.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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MemberTrilobiteJun-24-2020 12:51 AM

BlackAnt  A tv show is most likely the best we can all hope for now...

Agreed. I have advocated this for a long time. It (they) can cover different aspects of the series- Xenos, Engineers, the human element etc. Shows that apeal to different fans but they all like the Alien series. The fan base is very diverse in how it would like to see things advance. It seems impossible to push every body's buttons with a two hour movie. IMO, the IGN Alien Day's shorts proved it. I don't think we need to wait years for a movie while fans chomp at the bit. 


MemberDeaconJun-24-2020 5:35 AM


Yeah looking at it then it could be Possible that she was

"Big Things have Small Beginnings" Indeed there was SCOPE with Prometheus.... The Xenomorph just a Small Part of a Much Bigger Picture.

Something that some ALIEN/ALIENS Fans may be Disappointed about. and SADLY i think the Xenomorph would have been Elevated more if RS had made a Alien 2 or Alien 3....


talking about AVP, as a lot of that Interview seemed to be more Geared towards the Disappointment of that CONCEPT.

But i think regardless the Prequels had caused some Problems as i attempted to Highlight in my previous Post. In that the Direction and Changes are NOT something that pleases EVERYONE but thats the Poisoned Chalice of trying to do a Prequel to ONE of the Most Iconic Franchises in Sci-Fi.

My take on what i think BlackAnt was looking at in Context to RS is as follows.

The Inception:  We had Starbeast which seemed that RS had liked, and this Idea had some Evolving by the Time we get to Production such as Giler and Hills additions.

HR Giger: It seemed that RS was not Happy with the look of the Monster and Sets and after being shown some of HR Gigers work he felt that THIS was what was needed.  And so RS was pleased with the Aesthetic Look that came from HR Giger.

The Derelict: This was a Scene that RS had fought HARD to include because he FELT it was VERY Important to the Story despite its Limited Screen Time.  The Budget Restrictions also meant we had to Can the Pyramid/Egg Silo.  But it came across that RS was VERY pleased with this VERY ALIEN World that was introduced.

Future Plans: It seemed that RS had ideas of where he would take us NEXT, which he had Toyed with going to WHERE the ALIEN was from and also WHY the Space Jockey had those Eggs.  He also seemed like he wanted to ELEVATE the Xenomorph beyond what we saw in ALIEN (One idea was to have it have some more of a Agenda and Intelligence than rely on Survival Instincts).

The Sequel:  By the Time we get to a Sequel, RS was not able to Commit to it and so JC came along with ALIENS, i think that RS was disappointed he could not RETURN to the Franchise and the way that JC had Continued would NOT have been how he would have.  But he did say he had Respect for the Path that movie had taken.

ALIENS had Catapulted the Franchise, Merch, Toys, Comics and Games would be Spawned Out over the NEXT 4-5 Years.

Alien 3: Indeed RS seemed to be wanting to RETURN to the Franchise, it seemed that JC was not so Interested.  It appears that RS would have wanted to go to WHERE the Xenomorph came from and WHY the Space Jockey had used them.  While Cameron would have then maybe done a 4th Movie that would RETURN to Ripley, Newt and Hicks.

I would Assume that RS felt there was a way to Rescue what he thought about the Xenomorph and NO-ONE had Explored their Origin and Connection to the Space Jockey and WHERE they both came from.  It seemed he Felt you could UPLIFT the Xenomorph beyond being Space Ants.

With Word that the STUDIO was going to do a AVP Cross-Over then RS would have been Concerned this would PORTRAY the Xenomorph in a Different Light and TARNISH what Representation he had in Mind...  so this is maybe WHY he walked away.

AVP: By the Time we got to a Eventual AVP, its key to Remember the Xenomorph had been shown MANY Times in Comics and Games etc, where the Portrayal was maybe Very Different to what he would have Explored.  There was Talk about himself and James Cameron returning to the Franchise, but the STUDIO decided to go with AVP.

It seemed RS had LOST interest at this point and saw the Xenomorph as something that had been Portrayed in a way that he Felt could not be Rescued to maybe his Plans.  He certainly saw that the Xenomorph had been Done Over and Over and after AVPR well it became a bit of JOKE.

The Prequels: When they had decided they Wanted another ALIEN Movie, it had Evolved to a Point of doing a PREQUEL, because NO-ONE had ever  Explored the Space Jockey, or the Xenomorph Origins and WHAT was the Space Jockey doing with that Cargo?

The Xenomorph Idea now Firmly seen as a Form of Biological Warfare/Terror (RS had indicated he saw it as this quite a WHILE before the Prequels).

So its ROLE is Reduced compared to what RS would have likely had GAVE US if he had made ALIEN 2 or ALIEN 3

So as it was a Biological Weapon/Terror then RS had to come up with WHY would the Space Jockey have such a THING and HOW...

The Engineers Plot: So the Engineers were BORN the Greater Plot about a Ancient Race who are Involved in Genetic Manipulation and Creation, even as FAR as being Responsible for Humanity.  Who at a Certain Point became UPSET, Disappointed and Concerned with some of their Creations and then BEGAN doing Experiments and Engineering to Create a Weapon to Punish and Eradicate Species... the Engineered Xenomorph being ONE such Experiment.

Prometheus: It seemed likely that after Alien Engineers they would have likely gone on to Explore the Engineers in any Sequel as this is something that is NOT covered, and HELD some Mystery as to WHO they are and WHY they do what they do and WHAT else have they Created.

So those working on the Project had Decided that Actually the Engineers Plot is BIGGER and something you can Expand on ONCE you have Answered WHERE/HOW/WHEN the Xenomorph came to be.  And that we have already seen the Xenomorph in Every Movie so FAR and that the other Parts of Alien Engineers are more Important to Evolve.

And so Prometheus was Born!

At this POINT it seems that RS felt the Xenomorph had been done over and over and is Merely just ONE Horrific Experiment or Consequence of those Horrors on LV-223.  And that there was MORE regarding the PLOT that led to the Xenomorph and more to the Engineers to Explore and so they could GO OFF and Steer Away from the ALIEN and LV-426

At this POINT we have Ridley Scott who sees that there was NOT much you could do with the Xenomorph and to keep some Mystery as ONCE you show HOW/WHEN the Xenomorph got onto the Derelict then your left with ALIEN on-wards.

He Felt there was much more to the Engineers Plot that could be Expanded on and other THEMES that could be Explored in a SPIN-OFF.

Regarding Alien Covenant i will come to that after, but it seems this was NOT the direction that RS had intended. So was at this point their a bit of Sabotage to Diminish the Xenomorph further?

MAYBE... but that Plot did FIT with the Themes of Prometheus.

"Big Things have Small Beginnings" Indeed there was SCOPE with Prometheus.... The Xenomorph just a Small Part of a Much Bigger Picture.

Something that some ALIEN/ALIENS Fans may be Disappointed about. and SADLY i think the Xenomorph would have been Elevated more if RS had made a Alien 2 or Alien 3....

"Big Things have Small Beginnings" Indeed there was SCOPE with Prometheus.... The Xenomorph just a Small Part of a Much Bigger Picture.  Something that some ALIEN/ALIENS Fans may be Disappointed about. and SADLY i think the Xenomorph

would have been Elevated more if RS had made a Alien 2 or Alien 3....

At Present it appears that RS felt there was NOT much more you could have done with the Xenomorph compared to what could be Expanded with the other things in Prometheus.  It does seem that he Feels there is NOT much left with the Xenomorph beyond the Reasons of WHY someone would Create.  But he had said if you go to Explore the Beast more then you have to TRY and Change it... EVOLVE it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-24-2020 5:41 AM

TV Series could Work....

Less Risk... but then it depends on Budget...

The more Xenomorph or similar you show the More Budget you NEED else you could get ROPY CGI or Comical Man in Suits.

Unless its Kept to the Shadows like LESS than even ALIEN 3

The ALIEN Franchise has a Wealth of Sub-Plots than just being about Ripley, Queens and Eggs.  Especially in light of Alien Resurrection and Prometheus.

I see it as RS does, well as he had Indicated before.. There is only so much Face Hugging, Chest Popping, Snarling and Egg Laying that you can do.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphJun-24-2020 6:01 AM

                                                      Alien 3




Summary: The Sulaco is found drifting in deepspace, twenty lightyears from Earth and a week late, the USM Conestoga is sent to investigate. It finds the Sulaco without power and has been infested with what they think are maggots? The floors and ceilings are inches deep in a slime like mold. The mold has eaten into crucial Sulaco systems, causing the ship to stall. The mold has started to attack the cryochambers, successfully infiltrating Newts and bishops. Newt is hit hard, she is badly bloated,  the maggots have entered her nose, mouth...later they find, attached to her brain stem, you can see them crawling under skin. The marines rescue the remaining Hyper-Sleep Pods and set up a quarantine aboard the Conestoga. They find the Sulaco’s dropship is covered with the microscopic plague.


In a race to heal Newt, MUTHER and Weyland Yutani each recommend returning to LV-426 to find a cure. Hicks agrees, this is alien and Earth knows nothing about it. Bishop also thinks this is the correct course of action...Ripley will do whatever it take to cure Newt!


They locate the derelict. Bishop powers it up(with help from another synthetic), they download it’s knowledge base. Weyland Yutani want to fly the juggernaut back to Earth for study. They find a the cure for Newt, she is on the mend.


Ripley, Hicks and Bishop eventually destroy the juggernaut (by releasing it’s stored anti-matter).


Just a quick idea.


MemberNeomorphJun-26-2020 1:42 PM

I would probably focus on the Weyland company. Ripley would be in it but her role would be reduced because she has already had a big role in Aliens even though alien was not about her. The threats would be the Xenos and the company that are trying to weaponize these things even though things go wrong in its attempt and people die. Not sure if it would only be people that work for WY or if it would be people in general. You have got to keep some mystery about WY so I would not show everything. Cameron showed some of it in the extended edition of Aliens but I think that you could show some more without telling everything about it.

I think that Hox is right when he says that we should leave A3 and AR alone.


MemberXenomorphJun-26-2020 4:13 PM

What if WY is under investigation and their assets are frozen?..The Earth's governments have finally caught up to W-Y's double dealing!

Be cool to see Weyland-Yutani on the run.

Muthur is told to hide the Sulaco.

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