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MemberOvomorphJun-09-2020 3:23 PM

After I watched the Alien Covenant movie, I decided to start a some Neomorph design. And then, this is happened "Seventh Species". :)

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MemberTrilobiteJun-10-2020 4:52 PM

I like it! The carapace and mouth sans inner mouth looks much better than the bobble headed/no mouth Neomorph. Nice work!


MemberOvomorphJun-11-2020 7:45 AM

Thanks! :)


MemberDeaconJun-11-2020 10:13 AM

Nice Work ;)

Wish i had such Talent ;) i have the Imagination to Conjure up some Horrific Abominations but Sadly they stay in my Mind as Pen to Paper.. ART wise well lets not go there lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphJun-11-2020 2:48 PM

Thanks BidDave,

The creativity is always in your mind. No one can born with talents. I believe, you can do it. Because you have a imagination. :))


MemberTrilobiteJun-11-2020 6:57 PM

I also like that it keeps the spirit of the Neomorph's organic look and doesn't look bio mechanical.


MemberOvomorphJun-16-2020 5:43 AM

Thanks dk :)


AdminEngineerJun-16-2020 9:11 AM

I really like this! Great work TITANPOINTE, I'm curious to see what other Alien beasts you can conceptualize. I've featured this topic so it appears on our homepage. Really dig the creativity!

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberOvomorphJun-16-2020 4:04 PM

Yeah, I just saw it now. Thank you so much Chris, in time I will make it more Alien works. I'm happy to here. Cheers!


MemberOvomorphJun-28-2020 9:27 AM

Thanks Avensis!


MemberFacehuggerJun-28-2020 2:52 PM


The Xenomorph is bio-mechanical....and always will be. Nothing will change this for eternity.

H.R. Giger born Feb 5, 1940 - died May 12, 2014 Zurich Switzerland based an entire life time of art work on this one concept and you desecrate it with a few ignorant statements.

Please educated yourself and understand how RS got the final concept of the Alien monster that started everything in this franchise from H.R. Giger's art. Please no more you are disrespectful of artists that have done more in their careers and yet you disrespect them through blatant ignorance and what they gave their lives to achieve. 

You are not inventing and embracing the future so much as trying to erase all those who came before you. Maybe you should educate yourself before making such statements.

It would be like saying Picasso was not an abstractionist. He was just putting puzzle pieces together....please don't offend the legacy of H.R. Giger and other artists any more or their life's work.


MemberTrilobiteJun-28-2020 9:05 PM

BlackAnt What is mechanical about the OP bust?


MemberFacehuggerJun-28-2020 10:53 PM


Please take no offense at what I said. I hope this helps you understand H.R. Giger's life's work in bio-mechanical art relationships.

Hans Ruedi Giger  5 February 1940 – 12 May 2014) was a Swiss artist best known for his airbrush images of humans and machines connected in cold biomechanical relationships. Giger later abandoned airbrush for pastels, markers and ink. He was part of the special effects team that won an Academy Award for the visual design of Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi horror film Alien. His work is on permanent display at the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyeres.

The OP bust? you say? If we are referring to it in terms of how to interpret it visually I would say it looks like something that H.R. Giger made through his original depiction of this piece of artwork.

His artistic vision for the Xenomorph is a combination of biology and machines merged into one creature.

Do not get me wrong you can call artwork anything you want. Put any label you care to put on anything....You can look at that painting and the depiction H.R. Giger created and call it a basket of oranges. But do not expect people to take your interpretation correctly. How can they.


MemberNeomorphJun-29-2020 6:36 AM

Am I wrong about this or is there similarities between that head and Venom? If you do not know how Venom looks like then you can try Google picture search to find out.


MemberOvomorphJun-29-2020 8:33 AM

Hahah you right. Little similarity... "Venomorphx"



MemberDeaconJun-29-2020 8:48 AM

Certainly we all have HR Giger to Thank for the Iconic Design that we STARTED with.

However as each Movie came out the Bio-Mechanical Design from ALIEN, began to become less Mechanical with Each Incarnation.

With Alien 3 being where it started to look more Organic than Mechanical....  Alien Resurrections Differences can be put down to it being a Hybrid.

The ORIGINAL is still the BEST version though..

I feel what DK was looking at is that we have to remember with the Prequels we are Introduced to the Black Goo and Various Experiments on LV-223 which can Deepen the Number of Horrors that had been Spawned prior to the Bio-mechanical Horror in ALIEN (as far as Time-Line) and so this Opens up the Design and Concept for Various Organisms that are NOT as Mechanical as the Original in ALIEN.

As far as the ART then Indeed as the Franchise moved on, it seems to be LOSING little by little of that Aesthetic that HR Giger had given us...   The Franchise maybe should have TRIED to stick with that HR Giger Aesthetic... but then maybe the HR Giger Estate has a lot to say on that.

There is NO DOUBT that the Work that HR Giger had given us in ALIEN is really what made it all so ALIEN.... From NOT ONLY the Iconic Xenomorph but also the SHIP the PILOT....

With Future Movies who knows HOW-FAR we may stray away from that ORIGINAL DESIGN.... regardless the Design will ALWAYS be remembered as ICONIC...


(May have made myself a bit of a Hypocrite now though lol)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJun-30-2020 2:58 AM


Wrong! not even close old chap! Not even close....good try though I will give you some extra credit for trying to make some common sense out of this biomechanical stuff; however, it is important not to look superficially at things only skin deep.

I refute your claims that the other xenos, in later films, are more organic. Outwardly the appearance of the more organic look appealed to more audience members and was a marketing gimmick not in line with H.R. Giger's original idea about organics mixed with machines. 

It is time to take you to school BigDave! 

First of all art in many forms imitates the time period from which it comes from. For example you do not see abstraction play a larger role in art work until the early 19th century because physicists had not introduced ideas about extra dimensions and bending space until the early 19th century....then we get artists like Picasso and Salvador Dali bending things all over the place in paintings.

More to the point of what we are talking about, in reference to this symbiosis in Giger's work in the early 70's.

There is a physicist, one of the most famous ones of all, Richard Feynman. We still build every processor in the world today based on the nano composite structures of doped silicon based on "the Feynman diagrams."....In fact the Feynman diagrams are so important to all CPU designs you cannot build a CPU without them.

Please refer to this picture and read the Feynman quote.

So you see we build CPU's at the atomic scale atom by atom or in layman's terms nano technology.

Now lets not forget that the Engineers depicted in these Alien movies have science that is 1,000,000 million years more advanced than our "Nano-Technology."

So no BigDave they are not necessarily more organic....they may look organic but they are highly advanced machines mixed with organic elements if you want to follow RS and Giger precisely.

Which brings us to the final conclusion in all of this biomechanical business. When we describe things in the periodic table we do so by looking at how many electrons an element has....the electron, proton, and neutron are made of smaller particles called quarks. 

Quarks are made out of Higgs bosons spinning in a larger infinite field that permeates the entire universe. So just like an electron spinning around the nucleolus of an atom..deeper inside that atom you have the Higgs bosons spinning in a larger field of them giving rise to everything above them and everything you see around you.

Now just suppose for a moment that we take away these archaic notions and distinctions of how many electrons an element has and just go with what happens when we more fully understand and control a portion of the Higgs field itself.....Well you just might end up with these tiny machines like the black goo right...many new physical laws that completely rival the four fundamental forces we understand today in every way that matters most to all life.

Here is another interesting notion that Feynman discusses. He states how we might use spin state field mechanics to build quantum computers that do not use electrons to go from the source to the drain and into the bucket to complete the circuit....basic stuff right. So now we are getting somewhere.

H.R. Giger comes along and thinks things through in his contemplations through his art work and so we get this evolution of much smaller things at the atomic scale mixed with the organic elements....not too much of a stretch of the imagination for artists in the 60s, 70s, and all other decades forward.

You see the world around you today such as it is from these advancements in field mechanics, what we call spin state electronics - solid state physics....the way we have just begun to master the electron....the devices, the way the entire planet, our species is so dependent on the technology in a way that makes it essential to everything.

If you looked at an ANT, which would be us right now using these electron voltage regulated machines that yield us quantum Qubit computers in the next decade.

We are no where close to mastering the Higgs field yet; however, just imagine a future in say a 100 years from now and we have a society based on larger advanced Qubit computers tapping into a small portion of the Higgs field for computing.

A Higgs Field computer the size of a few dozen cell phones would have the computing power of the entire 13.8 billion and then multiply and expand that space a few trillion times more. It would be like filling that entire space with integrated circuits - just like the ones we put in modern cpu's today, the only thing is every transistor, in all the space is connected by quantum entanglement down to every last one of the spinning Higgs themselves and then everything above them all connected at once....well you would have a Higgs Field computer many trillions of times the size of the known universe, in computing power, folding space efficiently...something you could hold in your two hands.....what happens when we build a real big one....something the size of a building, all connected through quantum entanglement....a hyper dimensional crystal all connected all at once. What could you do with something like that BigDave.

You see BigDave what you think about these fictional Engineers being 1 million years past solid state physics, these movies, the art, the science, the real physics it is all based might be lacking some rather important details.

Richard Feynman, "There's plenty of room at the bottom."

That is a lot of power at the bottom right BigDave.




MemberDeaconJun-30-2020 4:17 AM

With Respect to your Post... indeed Interesting Stuff.

What i meant was that Aesthetically it Appeared to get more Organic, but INDEED a lot of this may not be the Intention that the Xenomorph from ALIEN to ALIEN 3 for Example has actually became more Organic.. its just how it LOOKED.

It was NOT like Totally Different, it just looked LESS of a Machine than in ALIEN.. but as you said this is NOT to say that it is ANY LESS of a Bio-Mechanical Infusion.

In Alien R then the Supple Differences could be down to being a Hybrid.. maybe...

It would be Interesting to see what is your TAKE on the Deacon, Trillobite and Neomorph... compared to the Xenomorph in Alien and HOW you feel about the Xenomorph from AC which seems to lack that Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic aside from the Head.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJun-30-2020 5:39 AM


I think they are all interrelated specifically by the black goo...what ever the Engineers constructed on the sub atomic scale to make the physics change I can only begin to try and extrapolate it into anything meaningful or relative.

In all honesty anything a million years more advanced than we are would be some "place else" meaning they would not exist in a way would could even detect them for hundreds of thousands of years.

Nor would such an advanced race of beings have any need to mess with anything on a scale of 13.8 billion light years after a big bang.....they are busy doing other things on a much much larger scale of interaction...they have computers and then they have really really big computers! 

I believe the Engineers should not have in any way been depicted as being a million years more advanced. They would have only needed to be 5000 years more advanced and still they would have god like powers compared to what we can do right now with our best tech.

BigDave I know you like good Sci-Fi and this is just a private side note....why are we not all posting brilliant stuff about TENET....I digress though where were we....oh yeah advanced Alien Engineers.

You remember that Star Trek film where Spock has the Red Matter.....its presumably a new form of matter contained by some complicated energy bonds and then just a drop is gravitationaly as powerful as black hole and yet somehow its stable enough to be around it until it comes directly in contact with matter.

Try and imagine these Engineers with Technologies just a few thousand years more advanced than the red anything they do with a sub atomic field would negate the need for Xenomorph anything. We have to have those plot devices though for obvious reasons.  

I wish RS would have just scaled them up more and made them 20 feet tall. We would have had a better suspension of disbelief and a more interesting visually striking movie than what ever that script writer he used to make the engineers shorter....dont even get me started on some of those useless executives for the budget and not really going with these much taller exotic Engineers....we got some small potatoes stuff in Prometheus...However every frame of the film is great except the script. The Fifield scene was not scary at all and needed some other treatment.

If the Engineers were supposed to be a million years more advanced, when David opens the container and puts a drop on his finger tip and looks at it....the drop would have instantly converted him and everything around him instantaneously sorta like the scene in Alien Covenant when the black goo is aerosolized above the Engineers but only trillions of times faster and with a lot more power as it converts the mass into even nastier stuff.....stuff you should never mess with ever.

We need to get that section up for TENET...all roads lead to back to TENET......To be continued if we can get a new Blog started for it...please do what you can.


MemberDeaconJun-30-2020 7:43 AM

Certainly who knows to WHAT EXTENT the Engineers Technology and Power was....

Are they GONE... is this all LOST?

I think you could not Comprehend what Technology a Race that has been around for Millions of years would have ;)

The Inception of the Engineers to when we got to Alien Engineers had Revealed them to Perceive things that our Eyes/Minds cant see.... with the Aim to Expand to Multiple Dimensions.

Indeed the idea was to make our Engineers to FIT the scale of the Space Jockey and be 15ft Tall..... they could have used some Special Effects to PULL that off...

But they chose NOT too... leaving us with 8ft Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-30-2020 8:04 AM

I will say it could leave it OPEN to introduce another Species above the Engineers, and to had revealed these to be a Not-So Human looking 15ft Bio-Mechanical Race.

So as Example the 2nd Image we see in GREEN the Chair... and what if the Space Jockey is either Bio-Mechanical or its Suit is as such but it has NO HELMET... instead we have a being with a Elongated Head that the Chair Connects to the Head and then to the Suit with a Breathing Apparatus that then Connects from the Suit to the Face?

So our TRUE Space Jockey without the Suit could look more like some of the Unused Fifield Concepts.

I would Love to see someone with the Talents of TITANPOINTE come up with a Space Jockey ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphJun-30-2020 1:38 PM

Hehe thanks Big Dave. I'm also scientific researcher-writer I am working on my own nuclear energy projects. I don't have so much time for... But I have a one project want to create. :)

For now, I would like to share Space Jockey level in Alien Isolation game. 


MemberFacehuggerJun-30-2020 3:11 PM


I think this concept work for the Engineers was exactly what they should have done from the start in Prometheus.

This concept is great too I just wish they would have scaled it to at least 20 feet.

Also BigDave I think you have the right idea that we are seeing just many different kinds of Engineers. You got it correct when you said we never saw the Elder Engineers on LV-223....they cut those the Elder Engineers could look exactly like the ones depicted as 20 foot tall.

This is a crucial part of the entire plot detail for the franchise moving forward. 

I say this because think about it....the bigger, stronger, more complex your enemy is the greater the can take a movie franchise and expand upon it any way you want!

But first there must be a TV show on Disney + about Weyland Industries where we have a juggernaut, we have Xenos, we have David's two timing robot locked in a quantum entangled QUBIT computer we are in control of, unlocking all his research to manipulate the black goo and finally weaponize it for a larger set of surgical strikes against the real elder Engineers that are 20 foot tall.

BigDave I have the interview where the exact words come right out of RS own mouth about a bigger confrontation with the Engineers in a huge space battle OK! So this is where RS wanted to take the franchise.

Look at this interview with RS! 

Time index: 4:08.

Interviewer, "Is that where you are going?"

RS, "Alien franchise should be into WAR OF THE WORLDS NOW, that is where I am going.....they don't know but that is what we are doing."

Now you understand everything!


So this leaves us with a few more tricks to play before its all been done and seen....and I read all your posts and you read mine so we both know how this all really works for future films. You want to open the door to the Engineers being threatened by us...maybe not being wiped out but we are a real threat to them - Prometheus is DAVID BigDave fire taken from the GODS!!!!!!!!!!...and maybe many more other hostile aliens don't like the Engineers as well.....then we can expand this franchise and take it anywhere we want.

You want a Higgs Field computer right....well lets see a TV show first about Weyland Industries where they are making one just about 75 years before Alien....right BigDave.

Prometheus power taken from the GODS! Power TAKEN FROM GOD!

Where have you been look at this logo! join the revolution today!


Weyland Industries is not building better worlds we are building better universes BigDave.....

Weyland Industries building better universes through Higgs Field quantum entangled computers! Join us and share in an infinite universe of possibilities!



MemberOvomorphJun-30-2020 3:28 PM


Prometheus has a cool designs not bad. But until the mask of. 
The engineers face is so simple. And how they know engieers have a mask or suit. Maybe the original Space Jockey is exactly as it was. In addition, where they come from?
Only reasonable original answers died with our master Giger.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2020 6:37 AM


Scale is always a Funny thing to Gauge ;)

Above is what a 20ft Engineer would look like compared to a Human and a 13ft Engineer (which is my Estimate for the Space Jockey Size).  I think even if we introduce something to NEW to be the Space Jockey then the 20ft Scale would be RIGHT if we look at the Shot from when the Nostromo Crew Enter the Pilot Chamber... but the Illusion is ruined at Close Shots where the Space Jockey Prop was 16ft in Length.

I think introducing the Space Jockey to be 10-12ft that has Grown out of the Chair would be Sufficient ;)

It is a Shame that with Prometheus we never used Digital Effects to give us at least 10ft Tall Engineers.

The WAR OF THE WORLDS comment comes across as Tongue in Cheek...

I think RS intends to have Continued the Prequels to Connect to ALIEN (another TWO) but then he would think the PLOT would leave it OPEN to then go about with a War of the Worlds...

A War of the Worlds Plot would Conflict with the Franchise unless.

1) It is SET after ALIENS so in the Time-Line of 2180+

2) RS intended to RETCON the Franchise after ALIEN.

3) The WAR takes place in a FAR part of the Galaxy away from Mankind on Earth.

Certainly for Weyland-Yutani their would be more Interesting things to had gained from the Engineers than the Bio-Weapon and Never mind the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJul-02-2020 2:49 PM



We keep going back and forth with this idea of are correct the space jockey in the seat of the juggernaut is about the size we see in Prometheus...very good assessment.....

Seriously though BigDave you believe the new film is predicated on some soap opera affairs that have in-depth shots of a few new clever scenes with David's arch and the rest of that nonsense.....wrap it all up in a neat bow and move on to bigger an better things....reread what I wrote....that is the next film! because it is infinitely possible for allows for the introduction of literally anything....and gives these new never before seen 20 foot tall ruling Aliens over the Engineers something they have to make sure they fight to the very end to stop.

I mean BigDave I know you read a lot of posts but really. You don't think computers that powerful are what they are!

I will say it again...we figure out from the black goo how to really have the power of it through another sub atomic field......We take fire from the GODS!!!!! and the 20 foot tall ruling elite don't like that!!!!!!

That is a lot of power! You could take a movie franchise in almost any direction because of the power it gives anyone that has it....that is the point of these has to be teased out correctly....with the sets, actors, and special effects....I SAID THINGS WE HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN FILM.....WE WANT SOMETHING NEW WITH SUBSTANCE!!!

Weyland Industries building better universes....not just better worlds. 

Weyland comes back with power like this....he never dies! 

If you read about the power the engineers really have they are almost between flesh and taking on a presence in higher dimensions as god like beings...time is no longer a barrier to much more simple can I make this.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2020 3:27 PM

"If you read about the power the engineers really have they are almost between flesh and taking on a presence in higher dimensions as god like beings...time is no longer a barrier to much more simple can I make this."

Well its interesting to Speculate and indeed the Alien 01 The Master Narrative was indicating HOW FAR the Engineers seemed to have come compared to say what we saw in Prometheus and also that they FELT they was on the Verge of a Great Break-though to Transcend past a Physical Body and Existence.

And so YES we could apply such a Plot in Future.

With the Scale i was merely pointing out that our Space Jockey CHAIR would accommodate a 12-15ft being.

Indeed the Intention was 27ft Tall, but in Reality the First Shot would have appeared to be about 21ft... close up 13-15ft.

I know your talking about CHANGE and that you can Expand the Franchise with NEW things and so YES.. you could introduce another RACE that are above the Engineers who are indeed 20ft Tall.  A Species who DONT even have to be Humanoid and Possess so much POWER they would appear as GODLIKE.

Regarding the Engineers in Context to "taking on a presence in higher dimensions as god like beings" then YES i think you could still go for this PLOT but then you have to Wonder to WHAT is the Relation to the Planet 4 Engineers and HOW did such a Godlike Race go and $£%$^ things up for themselves.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJul-02-2020 5:34 PM


What makes you believe the elders ever %@#$! things up!

Maybe they are now aware of the power of humans and how far they have ever considered that...they are not sure what information David transmitted back to Weyland Industries about how the black goo really works in context to applying it to really super powerful AI.....the entire thing about Alien BigDave has been this struggle between what is biological and what is machine....computers vs what we can think in our own minds....OBVIOUSLY the Elder 20 foot tall engineers have very powerful computers....however, they cannot violate causality!

OK! so no more nonsense....when things happen they happen for a reason...there is no such thing as causality loops that trap entire universes forever into the same construct over and over...that is nonsense...its always changing at the quantum level for eternity, which by the way is a very big know how big eternity is?

No you dont so you have no idea how powerful an Elder machine is that is at least one million years more advanced or MORE!!!!!!!.....we are stealing fire from the GODS! we are bringing back Peter Weyland.....because the physics does allow for adds a lot more that we can work with and gets us out of the stupidy of alien 3 and 4....and onto real things that like things that matter right.....or you want to watch dumb and dumber play out with some contrite scenes with some soap opera takes on David's story line....what a putrid waste that would be. Time is of the essence BigDave make the most of it while you can.

David pulled a fast one with that Juggernaut that is it end of think he Killed every Engineer on every single planet they inhabit....these things exist all over the Galaxy and other galaxies MAN!



MemberDeaconJul-02-2020 7:23 PM


With Respect i can see your a NEW Member and so you have likely NOT came across a lot of what i have discussed over the years ;)

I have been a Strong Advocate for the SCOPE the Engineers Plot can and should Explore.  This PLOT does-not have to be Confined to the BOX that is the Zeta 2 System.   

*The Engineers indeed had Charts/Maps to other Galaxies and so its unlikely they just had them for No Reason.

*The Creators Plot in addition to above means we can ONLY imagine the Number of Worlds that have been Visited, Seeded and Manipulated by these beings.

*For a Race that have established Interstellar Travel many Millions of Years ago, then YES we cant even Fathom the Technology and Power these beings Posses.

*Indeed the earlier Concept/Idea had more about the Power these Engineers had gained, how they started to Perceive things beyond what our Senses could Sense. Plus a Agenda to Transcend to something ELSE!

*Our Engineers were also 15ft which when compared to Humans would appear to be Giants.

So with Prometheus then things got TONED down somewhat as FAR as what we saw as HOW powerful our would be GODS are... but THAT does not mean we could NOT explore places where we would FIND the Hierarchy/Elders who Posses Powers Beyond our Comprehension

So the Prequels have NOT really tapped into the Potential of those who are at the TOP of the Ladder so to Speak, and also would SUCH beings have to be Located on our Door Step?

Only for Plot Convenience.

There is still the Possibility to show us other Engineer Worlds that are FAR different to Planet 4, to introduce us to Engineers/Elders that are indeed 15-20ft Tall.

Where are these Engineers?  In a Galaxy FAR FAR away?

If this is the Case then in the GRAND Scheme of it all, Earth is but ONE Tiny Dot.... the LV-223 Facility and Outbreak just maybe ONE of many many such Places....  for such a Species they could decide to just Abandon LV-223 and let us to ROT and eventually Destroy Ourselves!

The Engineers are likely Arrogant and Ignorant... so Caught Up in their Achievements that they would THINK that without their HELP then Mankind abandoned Thousands of Years ago would NEVER be able to Reach the Stars!

They would TOTALLY NOT expect us never mind a Synthetic we have Created to be Turning Up at their Worlds...  If they was EVER concerned about the Potential Threat that we could Possess..... then after the EVENTS on Planet 4... then ONCE they discover what has HAPPENED they would soon have to START to have GRAVE Concerns for many of their Creations.. and would Certainly WANT to DESTROY Mankind.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-02-2020 7:30 PM

To Continue....

Then as far as A.I goes then with David he is a THREAT... with the Engineers Secrets and Technology he becomes more of a THREAT

Once you Create a Superior A.I that becomes Sentient then ONCE that Genie is out the BOX your in Trouble.

Looking at what you mention about the Engineers Quantum Computing.... then INDEED... should David and other Synthetics have Access and Control over such things... then Mankind is well Screwed!  

With such POWER then David/Synthetics could INDEED look to seek out the Engineers for Domination and more Power.

so YES there is Potential to Expand the Franchise... but i think some of the BOLD ideas may be too Bold for what many would want from a ALIEN Franchise.

With Prometheus it opened up the Franchise.. took it out of the BOX.... but with AC it seems they placed it back into the BOX somewhat again.


I am SORRY this has Totally gone OFF TOPIC

Good Luck with all your Work and Thanks for the Sharing ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphJul-03-2020 1:29 AM


You r welcome, cheers! :)

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