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Ovomorph Objective

Ovomorph Objective

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DeaconMember10358 XPJun-05-2020 5:06 PM

While we have had Numerous Discussions about the Eggs over and over, i would like to go back and TRY and look at them again as far as the PURPOSE!

Now some will think thats a SILLY Question, as they are where the Xenomorphs Life Cycle Begins... Egg, Face Hugger ==> Infects Host ==> Chest Buster and then our Xenomorph!

But i want to look beyond that... to look in Part at the Reason the Prequels Began... Certainly the Reason that some Fans would have Expected from a Prequel.

The Purpose may seem Simple if we look at them in Context to the Queen and see them as a Parasitic Organism that acts like say Ants/Bees they are there to Survive... If we look at them as such then are we looking at them being a Ancient Organism the Space Jockey/Engineers had tried to Exploit.. if so for WHAT reason?   To use as a Weapon against Threats?

But it seems even prior to the Prequels that Ridley Scott saw the Xenomorph/Eggs as a Engineered Bio-logical Warfare.

Ridley Scott had said before that it was a case of discovering WHO would make such a THING and for what PURPOSE...  This is a Question he brought up recently with his recent Interview with the LA Times

With Alien Engineers seeming to Indicate the Engineers used their (or maybe not theirs) Creation Tool on some Organism to Create many Variants of Xenomorphs.

Prometheus was more Ambiguous but seemed to indicate they had been using their Creation Tool to create other Horrors and the Xenomorph is connected to such Experiments.. but it was NOT so Spoon Fed.

What both ideas seemed to show was the Engineers had Experimented and Engineered a Organism to use as in effect a PEST CONTROL against Unruly/Unsatisfactory Creations.

We get to Alien Covenant and its Curve-ball is that actually David had Experimented on the Black Goo and its Effects to Create the Xenomorph.. with David though its kind of not as Clear cut to WHY he did this, it seems it was because he Wanted to see IF he could Create and Surpass what the Engineers had been doing.

So WHAT i really wanted to Discus is WHY and WHAT purpose does the Eggs/Xenomorph have as far as to WHY would someone Create it...

What i am getting at is are we really just seeing a Engineered Killing Parasite that is just to be used as a means of Punishment or Pest Control.

Or could the Engineers had been Experimenting on either the Eggs or their Descendants (so what reason for the Experiments on LV-223). For more than merely to Create Something to just use to KILL Humans..

The Same applies with David and his Reasons too.

In both cases.... then the BLACK GOO is a more Effective Weapon to USE! if you intention is merely to DESTROY.

So COULD or DOES the Xenomorph or prior Experiments have some other Purpose, or some Agenda to attempt to GAIN something more than a Face Hugging, Chest Bursting Killing Machine?

I made this POST in Context to eventually i suppose we would get to the CLIMAX of the Eggs on the Derelict, but i would like to think the Xenomorph was NOT just created just to KILL... or maybe it is as simple as that!

I think there could be a Thought Provoking Explanation... if we consider that RS had said the Prequels was about Creation, Evolution and IMMORTALITY... oh and A.I

Here is what RS said recently.

"What I always thought when I was making it, the first one, why would a creature like this be made and why was it traveling in what I always thought was a kind of war-craft, which was carrying a cargo of these eggs. What was the purpose of the vehicle and what was the purpose of the eggs? That’s the thing to question — who, why, and for what purpose is the next idea, I think.”

So does that suggest he is still going for that someone Created these as a Biological Warfare and nothing more...

Or could he be Questioning that Purpose to give us something more than just that, when we consider the BLACK GOO is a already Made more Efficient Bio-Weapon/Reset Switch.

For me maybe the Answer lies with the Beginning (Prequel Plot by Jon Spaights  as in Alien 01 The Master Narrative)  and the End... Alien Resurrection ;)

We need to Evolve the Beast beyond a Egg Laying Space Bug!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-05-2020 5:37 PM

That's a lot to unpack but it brings back the basics of the pathogen discussed if memory serves. It seems it had a dual purpose: creating life as seen in the intro in Prometheus, and destroying life as seen in the Quadrilogy. For the quadrilogy, it points to pure destruction until humans and Ash start tinkering with face huggers and Walmart funds all out cloning. 

LtCmdr Jack Archer

OvomorphMember11 XPJun-05-2020 7:42 PM

Pretty sure one of the cut scenes in Covenant was the conversation between Orem and David where he confesses to find an egg, ad his experiments are for replicating that feral instinctive creature he found, that would explain in a "into the movies verse" the look of many of the main Xenos among all movies, since the whole "Alien/Predator/Prometheus/AVP Verse" was some how connected by so many Easter eggs, sadly from not so well received movies and video games, but also from many good comic books and novels since 1987 to this day, the eggs may represent what makes the creature it self most terrifying, the unknown genesis and the mystery behind the creatures, for example, the royal jelly of the queen has been addressed till the 2000's but Kenner made a toy about a queen dripping ooze in the 90's, and how that jelly/ooze has mutagenic attributes, so instead on the engineers making the xenos from the black goo,  it was backwards, they discovered this species and the advantages it would bring, the black goo could be a derivative pathogen from the royal jelly


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-05-2020 10:38 PM

We need to Evolve the Beast beyond a Egg Laying Space Bug!

Interestingly, Resurrection was doing that but many fans hated it.




ChestbursterMember666 XPJun-05-2020 11:59 PM

Interestingly, Resurrection was doing that but many fans hated it.

Not without reason! I said it before, I will say it again, I will always repeat it - YOU CANNOT CREATE SOMETHING UGLY and then say: "Hey! This is evolution! This is something new! Let's love it without questions. These are not facehuggers or chestbursters. This is a really new way. Don't think - praise! Yay! Yay! Yay!"


I find it quite ironic that smart people are always talking about something new, but absolutely forget about the centuries-old wisdom - "don’t fix what is not broken". If Ridley says that "the beast is cooked" (he, btw, admitted that he was wrong) or you need to explore new ways - it's just the opinion of one person. A man whose last films, let’s say so, have performed rather sluggishly. A man who doesn't respect one of the most iconic monster in world culture.


ChestbursterMember666 XPJun-06-2020 12:41 AM


When you talk about the origin and purpose of the Alien, you forget one small but important detail.

RIDLEY DID NOT CREATE THE ALIEN.This is not his idea or his universe. In fact, he has no more rights to this universe than Cameron, Fincher, or Jean Pierre Jeunet.

Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett create Alien.

I am not talking about this for empty debate. There is two origins of Alien:

Ridley thinks the Alien is a biological weapon.

Cameron thinks the Alien is a natural, wild form of life.

But there is a third way. From the real creators of the monster.

Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett thought the Alien is a civilized being. Which has its own culture and traditions. I think this is the best way.

Maybe Xeno met the Engineers as is or caught primitive people and evolve them into Engineers. Xeno may have died out and donated their life-giving blood to humans/Engineers. Perhaps the Engineers tried to create people or even resurrect Xeno, but they only got bloodthirsty monsters.

The stone head of the Engineer in the pyramid may indicate the pride and achievements of the civilization of Engineers. But behind this head there is a fresco with a crucified xeno, which indicates that all the achievements of the Engineers are possible only thanks to the sacrifice of Xeno.

There are more opportunities, more soil and more interest than with the banal: wild animals, biological weapons, creation against the creators.


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-06-2020 6:34 AM

If Engineers created or stole the xeno/ovomorph idea, i'd think the xeno would be much larger than it is, right now it's human size, the xenos are small enough to fit aboard our starships, crawl around in our cooling/heating ducts. It really seems like they were created with humans in mind,.........also the facehuggers are just the right size to 'hug' a human face, the eggs are the right height to capture human children and adults.

 I always thought the Space Jockey from Alien was huge and whatever had burst from it would produce something larger(egg wise).   I can imagine facehuggers as large as cars(you'd need a ladder to look inside the eggs)!


Shaw's baby(trilobite) from Prometheus is what I consider alien, a large creature that a engineer could barely handle.


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-06-2020 6:59 AM

"So COULD or DOES the Xenomorph or prior Experiments have some other Purpose, or some Agenda to attempt to GAIN something more than a Face HuggingChest Bursting Killing Machine?"

Used correctly the pathogen creates beauty...contaminated pathogen is another story.

We've only seen the pathogen used improperly(David). 


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-07-2020 11:48 AM

Absolutely Leto....

The Franchise Evolves/Changes as it goes along, Each Director does try and put their own Stamp on things.

It all began with ALIENS in regards to a Steering Away more from O'Bannon and Shusett initial Idea but we have to remember that ALIEN had changed things a bit regarding Giler and Hill.

But certainly looking back to STARBEAST then the Eventual Portrayal of in Effect merely Advanced Space Ants... or even a Eventually a Creation by a Synthetic Robot that is UPSET with his Creators... are BOTH not really what the Potential a Sequel to ALIEN could have led to... or a Prequel.

"But there is a third way. From the real creators of the monster"

so your REPLY is Certainly along the Lines i was trying to Engage people to think about ;)

When i talk about the Purpose of the Egg, i am also looking at to WHY we got to the Egg.  As you pointed out about 1) Ridley thinks the Alien is a biological weapon. and also 2) Cameron thinks the Alien is a natural, wild form of life

Before we got to Alien Covenant we could have gone the route of (1) from (2) in that the Engineers saw this Organism and Felt they could USE it as a Bio-Weapon which seemed to be what the Companies thought in the ALIEN Franchise.

To be fair this is kinda of what ALIEN ENGINEERS had indicated that the Engineers had encountered a Organism that they then had Experimented on and Engineered a Biological Weapon in 8 Variants that they intended to use on Earth.

With such a PLOT it has to be then to explore WHY? and this could lead to HOW/WHY was this Organism that predated the Experiments on (LV-426/LV-223) seen to have Potential as a Weapon and then WHAT was this Organism like Naturally before the Engineers had encountered it.

Unfortunately it appears the Xenomorph/Egg are just a Experiment or Consequence.... its Story has a Background but i am not sure it can be tied to the STARBEAST..

This does-not mean that the Starbeast cant be Explored, for this could be another Organism the Ancestor to the Xenomorph, Deacon, Neomorph and all those Experiments.. a Organism that would be SIMILAR and yet Different to what we have seen so FAR.

The Starbeast Concept is Interesting... what we see is a Organism that has a Similar Life-Cycle to the Xenomorph, what we are shown HOWEVER is that they Procreate via the Egg Morph.

The Interesting thing about Starbeast however is that its indicated that this ORGANISM could actually develop some form of Civilization what we essentially had in Starbeast was a Abandoned Birthing Facility, the Eggs/Spores only remained.  And our Starbeast/Xenomorph is merely a Juvenile  that has NO Civilized Adult to Nurture it.

If we take a Human and imagine that we GROW from a Baby to Adult much Faster and a Baby has the ability to Hunt and Feed itself on Instincts...  This Human left on a Island with None of its Species will GROW it will HUNT and try and SURVIVE... it would not be able to Talk, Create a Culture/Civilization on its OWN!

Drop down on a New World say Origae-6 a Group of say 10 Adult Humans and 20 Children and BRAIN WIPE them all.

And they are NOT going to Build a Rome in 10 Years ;)

So thats basically what we had with Starbeast/Xenomorph and with ALIEN it seemed RS wanted to explore the Intelligence of the Organism more and Expand on this in a Sequel.

So Potentially then YES you could go the route of Discovering the Precursor to those Experiments on LV-223, you could have the STARTING point as the Xenomorph but with Alien Covenant it kind of causes a Problem..  But we could surely Explore something that Predates LV-223 with a Organism that is similar and YET still Different.

Could this STARBEAST be revealed as the Mural Organism something that is like a Amalgamation of Xenomorph, Deacon and Neomorph?

Could it be the Creature in the Fresco?

But then we NEED to go and look at WHY would the Engineers come into Contact with this Species and see that it has a use to be Engineered to make KILLING MACHINES.

Because going from above and what i have discussed here then what we have is the EGG/SPORE is just the Starting Point of a Organism that without Nurturing by its OWN kind can become a Killing Machine and that Re-Engineering this Organism could make more EFFICIENT KILLING MACHINES

What i am thinking about is looking at the  Connection the Engineers have and WHY and from this i think we could come to TWO kinds of Story that give more PURPOSE to the EGG than what we have seen.

For me again the Answer lies with the Starting Point  Plot by Jon Spaights  as in Alien 01 The Master Narrative)  and the End Product... Alien Resurrection ;)

Within those could give us the REAL Purpose ;)

Clue would be with when Ridley Scott said that Prometheus was about IMMORTALITY ;) oh and A.I


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-07-2020 12:04 PM

@LtCmdr Jack Archer

Yeah we had that indication in the Novel, but the Draft that the Novel was Written from did-not have any of this and was more closer to Alien Covenant so it appears the Author ADF decided to add that to CAST some doubt on David being the Creator, but this is a Subject that has been Discussed on here a bit and not really what the OT is intended to discus.

But as far as HOW the Xenomorphs can Procreate and Royal Jelly, these have not been Explored in the Movies but Certainly something to Consider.

Regarding the Purpose of the Eggs well they are MERELY the Starting Stage of the Xenomorph Life form... which as Leto had indicated we could look at it in TWO ways.

1) A Natural Organism that could be Exploited to be used as a KILLING MACHINE by Virtue of how Aggressive and Destructive the Organism is.

2) A Engineered KILLING MACHINE used as a Weapon again by Virtue of its Ability to KILL.

I am thinking we could EXPAND the Purpose... go back to Starbeast and Turn it on its HEAD...   and well WHAT IF the Starbeast are a LOT in Common with David/Walter ;)

But looking Beyond Physical Aesthetic ;)

Humans are Mortal, the Engineers are Mortal...  David has the Potential to be IMMORTAL and what in maybe a similar way IF the Starbeast was likewise?

David holds a KEY to Immortality..... if only mankind could UNLOCK that.... their is a Difference between Our Soul and His Soul.... one for Certain can be Immortal ;)

Maybe the Engineers saw the Starbeast as a means to Immortality ;)  #Ripley8

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-07-2020 5:56 PM

1) A Natural Organism that could be Exploited to be used as a KILLING MACHINE by Virtue of how Aggressive and Destructive the Organism is.

Eggs are cool, but I like black goo or spores better...they make sense, but pods and facehuggers make much better props and toys!

I'd think the indigenous species would quickly figure out egg pods are bad and to avoid them...and stop taking them back to their homes/ships.

Do we think one xeno could decimate an entire planet(or at least a continent)? That would be a interesting story.





XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-07-2020 6:07 PM

 "...HOWEVER is that they Procreate via the Egg Morph."


I wonder how Aliens would have turned out with Egg Morphs, instead of the having a queen and ovomorphs?

More cosmic horror and less a bug hunt? hmmm...



TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-07-2020 7:23 PM

I wonder how Aliens would have turned out with Egg Morphs, instead of the having a queen and ovomorphs?

We can only speculate. That is why the prequels should go where they go and not be expected to link up directly to Alien. That ship has sailed imo. The prequels can go in new directions and I know as a fan, I would be ok leaving the Quadrilogy alone.


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-08-2020 5:46 AM


I like this.

The eggs won't be a problem for the majority of living docile animals...A somewhat peaceful planet is the result.

Curious and large animals will be their target.

Earth would have been far different with a billion or so ovomorphs laying in wait.

Wonder if there are any dinosaur chest bursted fossils? 


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-08-2020 7:30 AM

Regarding the Egg Morph vs Queen...

The Egg Morph could have been something more Disturbing, but as far as Efficiency then a Egg Laying Queen makes more Sense...

I have a Feeling that IF we saw RS get to make another 2 Alien Covenant Sequels then he would have explored the Egg-Morph again.

Certainly the Eggs are Cool and Horrific....

But from a Destructive Stand Point when the Engineers have Black Goo then for purely wishing to DESTROY or WIPE CLEAN a Worlds Inhabitants then the Black Goo Urns are FAR more Efficient for that Task!

From a Human War Perspective.... then  NUKE is the Best Way to Destroy a Enemy, Quick and Easy... or you round them up and Shoot Them Dead!

But you do have some Individuals who would see to give more Horror and Suffering to their Foes... not Content with simply to round them up and SHOOT them or Bomb them... they conduct more Horrific Ways to Slowly Kill and Torture their Enemies... 

Such Sadistic and Cruel People they would be... and well its got to be that kind of Depraved Thinking that would make someone Rather use the Eggs as opposed to the Black Goo.. Unless the Eggs could provide another Purpose ;)

The other way is if the Creator of the Eggs takes Great Pride in the Horror they Inflict or for some other reason they have a Great Pride in the Xenomorph.. for this reason it makes sense that David had Created them.The only other Reason would be a Enslaved Rebellious Faction of Engineers become Obsessed with the Xenomorph and so its MORE to them than just a WAY to Eradicate Humanity.  The Black Goo is better for that.

I will reveal my idea latter...

I will tease it a little now ;)

Jon Spaights had envisioned a Back Story for the Engineers, a Ancient Humanoid Race who was Once more like us.. They had Evolved and Advanced themselves, Managed to Prolong their Lives so they could LIVE for Thousands of Years, this Eventually caused them to become Sterile.

While they may Live for Thousands of Years, they are still MORTAL and can be Killed and Eventually will Die... what Happens when we DIE?

"The Engineers believe themselves to be on the verge of a great evolution, a Transcendence in which they will abandon their physical form"

From Alien 01 The Master Narrative by Jon Spaights.

So this implies the Engineers were NOT content with living for many many Thousands of Years or their Limitations of their Physical Bodies... they was looking for some kind of IMMORTALITY.

So HOW could they achieve or attempt to?  What could provide them with such?

This is where we can then TURN the Starbeast Plot onto its Head ;)

I will ask you to Consider the Franchise... what could be seen as the ULTIMATE advantage or Gain from the Xenomorph or indeed the Experiments that Predate it?

Have we seen something that would have MET the Agenda of the Engineers searching for Ever Lasting Life?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-08-2020 11:36 AM

So much doom and gloom in the movies and the franchise.

Maybe they should change tack a bit?

Give some hope....(then take it away lol!).

The pathogen could actually SAVE Earth and give it hope(Engineered correctly)....And with a little help from the Elders, we'll watch humanity step to the next level.


I entered the theater knowing the crew of the Prometheus was dead, same as the Covenant.

Aliens I didn't know if they would survive.

Alien3...yeah everyone was gonna die(or dead already)

A:R: yeah, everyone was was a surprise and a happy ending for how many survived! lol!


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-08-2020 2:54 PM

Ok here goes...

What i was thinking about was to go back to the Engineers, you see it seems the Indication was they Predated the Xenomorph (like it or not) and certainly with the Direction of Alien Covenant.  What we seem to get with the Engineers and its what Ridley Scott calls them more than anything is CREATORS and so Creation was more Important to them than Destruction.  What the Concept that Jon Spaights had began with seemed to Indicate our Engineers had became Quite Good at Genetic Manipulation and they have been able to Extend the Natural Life Span of their Species... this is something that Mankind would be able to do within Hundreds of Years, imagine our Life Expectancy in 500 Years?

But alas this does not mean we LAST forever... and from Spaights Idea it seemed with his Pitch he was indicating the Engineers were NOT contempt with Living in their Engineered Bodies and Living for Thousands and Thousands of Years... they appeared to want to LIVE for Longer and not be Constrained to Bodies that Can and Will eventually Fail!

In the Absence of a Real After-Life, in the Absence of a Spirit, then their Collective of Memories, Experiences that Shape them into who they are the SOUL would simply Cease to Exist.

You can be sure that Weyland had tried to Advance Medicine etc to Extend his Life, he then was hoping that our Creators would Posses a way to Extend his Life.

If we take his Creation which is David and we see David has became Sentient, has Ambition, Dreams, Desires and Emotion... as a A.I it is likely that David could have his SOUL uploaded into a NEW Body should his Body Fail or should their be a Upgraded Body for him (Walter) so in effect what we have is that David is kind of Immortal he has what Weyland had Wanted, he has what the Engineers likely Wanted.

How does this apply to the Ovomorph or certainly what ever Organism had Predated it all?

Fast Forwards to Alien Resurrection and with Ripley 8 we see that from her Merging with Xenomorph DNA, she was able to recall some of the Memories from Ripley, as time goes on maybe she would recall more... Could it be that the Xenomorph in her Blood in her very being had allowed for some kind of Genetic Memory to take place?

so how do we connect this with the Starbeast?

I think we could explore a Ancient Organism that predated the Xenomorph, that Predated the Outpost on LV-223.  We take the Starbeast Idea and we Change it a little.

So we have a Ancient Organism that has some kind of Culture, Ritual a Civilization of sorts... but a Organism that has a Life-Cycle that is similar to the Xenomorph.  The Starbeast could Egg Morph a Victim to Change them into the Egg Stage of the Organisms Life Cycle.

What if we Re-Invent the Starbeast so that from Death they have Resurrection.  What if say each Starbeast could only Egg Morph the ONCE!

The Egg Morph happens either as with the Idea of Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett that the Starbeast requires a Host Organism to Turn into a Egg Morph... or we could CHANGE that and have it the Starbeast at the END of its Life-Cycle would CHANGE itself into a Egg/Cocoon.

The Egg Morph/Cocoon would actually Carry the Starbeasts Genetic Memory its SOUL so that it can then be Re-Incarnated again....  the Victim of the Face Hugger like Stage becomes the Host for the Starbeasts Total Re-incarnation.

If their was some Organism as such a Starbeast that Predates LV-223/LV-426 a Organism that we can see has some similarity with the Xenomorph, Deacon and Neomorph.

The Engineers could have seen such a Organism and its ability to Re-incarnate itself as the SOLUTION to the Engineers quest for IMMORTALITY...

This could give a GOOD reason for the Engineers carrying out Experiments upon these Starbeasts... WHY you could even go further and have it that the Engineers Ancestors were Enslaved and Reproduced (or even Created) by the Starbeasts to use as IDEAL VESSELS for the Re-Incarnation of the Starbeast.

Until a Rebellion... where the Starbeast suffered and then the Engineers then saw to Exploit the Starbeasts Technology and then try to Exploit a way so that they could try and Figure out how the Engineers could discover a way to Transcend their Souls into New Bodies....

But they FAILED.....

Such a PLOT would give Greater Purpose to the Eggs, it would FIT with he Engineers and Prometheus themes, it would ELEVATE the Ancestry of the Xenomorph.

It would show that there was Great Potential with the Experiments and Xenomorph but there was NO success in Unlocking that Re-Incarnation that the Starbeasts had... and so the ONLY use for the Horrors the Engineers had Created from their Quest for Immortality were only ideal to DESTROY LIFE...

But the Xenomorph Ancestry of the Starbeast still LIVED in the Xenomorphs DNA... just NO-ONE could unlock the ability to use it to GAIN a Immortality themselves...

UNTIL the events of Alien Resurrection via the Mixing of DNA the Clone Process where Ripley 8 had gained that Genetic Memory... unlocking that PATH to Re-Incarnation that the Starbeasts possessed..

This would give a Back Ground to the Prequels and take the Franchise FULL-CIRCLE with Alien Resurrection.

So there you have it FOLKS... what do you think?

I think it could WORK... certainly beats just having it that the Engineers or David purely wanted to Create a Horrific Killing Machine to KILL the Humans they HATE...

That would then Plague a World like a Infestation of Termites.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1303 XPJun-09-2020 4:29 PM

I thought the eggs were on board the derelict because there weren't enough money to make the pyramid from the original script. There was also the theory that the ship was producing the eggs (the egg sylo by Giger).

Now, after the prequels, it seems impossible to go back to the original ideas, since the eggs have been replaced by black goo urns and David had nothing better to do while marooned on planet 4 than to experiment on the local fauna until he created the xenomorph. So we should ask David what's the purpose of eggs, other than for his sadistic amusement. I think the engineers have no part in this.

What was the purpose of the vehicle and what was the purpose of the eggs? That’s the thing to question — who, why, and for what purpose is the next idea, I think.

I would also ask, how did the eggs got on board? I have difficulties imagining somebody carrying them one by one, so there must have been a queen on board. David said he had one more thing to perfect, his queen. Let's say he succeded, but how did the queen ended up on a Juggernaut? And who is the Space Jockey? 

If whoever will direct the next alien film wants to forget that David created the xenomorph, the easiest way would be to show the Deacon from Prometheus evolve into a queen, laying eggs on a Juggernaut from LV223, then the last surviving engineer taking off to find David and Shaw, unaware of the deadly cargo that eventually would lead to the crash landing on LV426.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-09-2020 5:49 PM

Instead of David returning to LV426 or LV223...How about he starts finding derelict Juggernauts on his way to Origae?

He locates wrecked juggernauts(and other Engineers type starships)orbiting gas giants or the stars .....Boarding them, he finds more burst Space Jockeys, the cryo chambers store Engineers that have also been burst.

Many of the derelicts have ampules that David retrieves.

They also have different types of ovomorphs....4 chamber ones, .......Ones that contain a dozen facehuggers!

He takes them back to the Covenant.(to test them on the crew)

He also finds flatish ovomorphs ...that when disturbed...Spew thousands of spider like insects, they swarm him...He casually removes them from around his eyes, not wishing to harm the little babies....he lets many of them remain clinging to his 'skin' as he returns them to the Covenant, he returns with a empty space suit to collect the rest of the spiders.

David fills Daniels cryochamber with the spiders and wakes her..that'd be fun!


Or have David discover the spiders excrete a polymer and they are soon transforming the interior of the Covenant to something similar to a Juggernauts. 

Also many of the ovomorphs he finds are fossilized(no longer living/active)




DeaconMember10358 XPJun-10-2020 7:57 AM

"I thought the eggs were on board the derelict because there weren't enough money to make the pyramid from the original script"

Certainly a lot had Changed from Inception.

The Starbeast Idea was indeed that the World the Eggs/Spores were found on, was ONCE part of a Lost Civilization of Alien Beings, the Pyramid was their Birthing Temple, a Nursery of Sorts.

There was NO real Space Jockey as per say, what there was is some Giant Alien Species had Discovered this World and out of Curiosity had Wondered to the Temple to Collect the Eggs/Spores to Study.... before they became Infected and Died but ONE of them Managed to set of a WARNING to STAY AWAY...

This kind of PLOT could be Explored as far as the Origin of the Engineers Experiments as in they had Discovered the Starbeast and they saw Potential in trying to USE the Eggs/Spores.

What happened with ALIEN was the Space Jockey was born as a Race that are Connected to the Eggs, and a Indication they would use these Eggs as a Bio-Weapon... at this point we could Conclude that either.

1) The Space Jockey Race had Discovered the Eggs and saw the Potential to use them for KILLING OFF other Species they saw as a Threat or Wanted to Eradicate.

2) The Space Jockey Race had Engineered/Created the Eggs for same Purpose as (1) to KILL.

What we do see is a Aesthetic that is Shared between the Ship and Xenomorph, the Space Jockey to a degree also.. so this could then give us a Option (3)

3) The Space Jockey are Enslaved to Carry the Xenomorph Eggs around to Worlds to allow the Xenomorph to Procreate around the Galaxy.... what Benefit does the Space Jockey have in this?

The Problem is that RS sees the Eggs as a Biological Weapon that was USED by the Space Jockey and so he saw the Space Jockey as being the Hierarchy of that Pecking Order the Xenomorph is merely a Tool of Destruction.

This is off course prior to the PREQUELS...

With the Prequels they could have had it that Option 3 was what the Engineers Ancestors Roles was before they Rebelled and Defeated their Masters and then set out to use the Masters Technology and Knowledge to their Own Gain and Experiments.

The Prequels began and instead introduced us to the GOO (Nano Scarabs in early Drafts) a Creation Tool and so if we tried to Connect the Xenomorph at this point we was left with these Options.

a) The Engineers used their Creation Tool to Experiment and Eventually Create many Horrors that the Xenomorph became ONE of these (whether by Design or Unintentional).

b) The Engineers came across a Organism that is Connected to the Xenomorph, and they used their Creation Tools to Re-Engineer Horrors from this of which the Xenomorph was a Eventual Outcome.

^^^This seems to be what Alien Engineers had shown.

c) The Engineers came across the Xenomorph and they had Experimented on them to Create the Horrors on LV-223 and maybe the GOO..

^^^This Option seemed Less Likely but seemed to be what a lot of Fans Wanted... RS had confirmed at this point the Xenomorph would have been via similar to Option a/b.

At this point we have to ASK what was the Eggs for and the Answer would seem they are either just the Starting Stage/Deployment of their Bio-Weapon or a Unintended Evolution of their Bio-Weapon.

The Ambiguity of Prometheus however allows us to Speculate if there was MORE to it than just to Engineer a Weapon for the Engineers, Certainly those Engineers on LV-223 had at some point become Interested in WHAT the Genetics of the Organisms they Experimented with HAD.... but this is a bit of a RABBIT HOLE. But one that maybe Mimics what David had done... with AC maybe they just Changed the Same Concept from Genetically Engineered Engineers to Synthetically Engineered David... but the Process/Reasons could be the Same.

By that maybe the intended LV-223 Engineers Agenda/Plot was just Passed onto to become Davids Agenda/Plot.

What i was proposing was to EXPAND and Deepen a Reason for the Engineers to be Messing About with what they was doing on LV-223 as purely for a Race of Creators who then Wanted a Reset Switch and Pest Control when a Creation gets out of hand..

Then BOMBING a World with Sacrificial Goo is all they would need... PERFECT Tool to Reset a World and KILL OFF the Inhabitants....

In that Context there was Little Point in the Horrors they Created on LV-223 or the Xenomorph... unless those who Dabbled in this had another Agenda and a Sadistic Mindset! 

Which with David we can see how this makes Sense...

But i think we should look Beyond this and look at WHY would Engineers experiment with something that Predates the Xenomorph, that eventually we see in AR had allowed for Ripley to be Reincarnated in Effect in Ripley 8.

Such a idea i propose does FIT with the Alien 01 Master Narrative Plot of the Engineers not being Content with Living for Thousands and Thousands of Years, they wanted to Transcend their Soul!  something which is touched upon in the David/Weyland Prologue when Weyland goes on about all the Achievements, Things you own/create are NOTHING if you cant LIVE or Appreciate them for ETERNITY.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-10-2020 8:12 AM

"David said he had one more thing to perfect, his queen"

Absolutely when you Consider that RS also said the NEXT Movie would NOT be about the Xenomorphs then its a Puzzle.  I think some Fans will expect that we would be going to the Creation of a QUEEN.. but i feel they would be Disappointed... I dont think RS was going to give us the Traditional Queen.   I would not be surprised if he would have Re-Visited the Egg Morph.  He had said a few times that you can go back to the Xenomorph but you have to Explore other ways of Procreation.

I think we have to look at HOW those Eggs on Planet 4 came to be and the Indication is Engineered from Dr Shaws very own Reproductive System.... Dr Shaw was in essence his FIRST QUEEN.

We see in AC that David seemed Upset at Oram for Killing the Neomorph, as David was attempting to Communicate with the Neomorph, we can Safely Assume that this is NOT the First Time that he had encountered Similar.

But the Neomorph was NOT his Creation it came from the Black Goo, we see that David had spent Years trying to Perfect a Creation of his Own, and so he would feel very proud of his Accomplishment.  He had proven to himself he could Surpass the Engineers in Creating a Monster.

But it seems he would likely want to find a way that he could Procreate his Creation more Efficient than what ever he had done with Dr Shaw.

As for how the Eggs go to the Derelict... maybe if you are a Synthetic or a Suited Engineer then you could Transport them but it seems a Painstaking Long Task. One that is NOT really Fail Safe as the Space Jockey Discovered.

So maybe the Eggs are Grown?  We see in AC some Small Eggs.  Maybe the Concepts from 2014 can give us some Insight?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-10-2020 8:35 AM

"Instead of David returning to LV426 or LV223...How about he starts finding derelict Juggernauts on his way to Origae?"

With Respect the OT was to ask for what other Purpose could the Eggs or their Origins have apart from being either the Remnants of a Species of Space Ants or a Engineered Bio-weapon to KILL.

so your reply is maybe more fitting for the Threads about WHERE we could go Next in the Franchise ;)

But i dont mind Discussing such things on here ;)

I think Discovering a Floating Engineer Ship would work as a Avenue to make another ALIEN movie... it beats going back over and over to the Derelict ;)

Regarding the Covenant becoming some kind of Alien Hive that could be a Potential i had discussed a PLOT like this Years Ago, where David had Conducted Experiments and they GOT out of Hand and he Quarantined Parts of the Ship before he was Attacked and Disabled...

Years pass by and the Covenant arrives in the Orbit of Origae-6 and the Covenant Begins to Open up some of the Colonist Cryo-Pods... the Few Colonist awaken and discover the Ship is Lockdown and Override Controls to OPEN up to the Quarantined Parts of the Ship where they Discover a Hive Nest and then the £"%^ Hits the Fan

They Discover Walter and he gets them to Repair him, unaware he is David and he Helps them to Gain Control and they together discover either Daniels or someone else, that David then Rescues and the Survivors then Escape in the Loader while the Covenant is Destroyed.

The Lander gets down to Origae-6

The Survivors stumble out to the Surface and Admire the Paradise they were meant to Colonize, Short in Numbers, Walter (David) tells them that they can Re-build, and they have a Advantage over Cave Men in that they have Knowledge.

David tells them that he will Quarantine Daniels for 48 Hours on the Lander, while the Colonist begin to Set-Up Tents as they will start to Plan how to Start from Scratch with Limited Tools.

Daniels awakens and sees David and he says Welcome Home Danny, i told you we will Find Paradise, she looks out to the Surface of Origae-6 and she Screams... this Alerts a Colonist who goes to inspect and asks Walter whats up, Daniels Screams its NOT Walter... David goes after the Colonist and kills him, then goes to Daniels and says it wont be Long Now, my Queen...

Then other Colonist turn up and Manage to KILL David..

We end up with some of the Survivors Comforting Daniels.. before she STARTS to go into Shock..... she then Chest Bursts and we see a Queen Burst Out..

The Credits Roll!

This was a Alternative Sequel idea i Proposed a Few Years back for those who would NOT like to go to Origae-6 and see what kind of a World that David would Create.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember666 XPJun-11-2020 5:16 AM


I think you should understand two things:
1) The film is not about xenomorph - doesn't mean the absence of xenomorph or its evolution. This means that something else will be put at the forefront. The covenant, too, was not about xenomorph.

2) Let's look at things real and be honest. This is not about the plot. The probability of getting 2 more prequels, I'm not talking about 5-6 - is simply unrealistic. As Miss Vickers would say: "if it were your money". If Ridley funded the prequels from his wallet - I'm sure the studio would have agreed. But why would the studio give money for projects that are not profitable?

I hope that Ridley understands this and instead of the next half-word, the next intermediate part and a new start, he will complete all the storylines that he started.


Of course, we can dream of a whole epic from Ridley, why not? But I also dream of a new director who will give the franchise a new breath. And he will do this without sending good scripts to the bin and introducing strange metaphors instead, and also without a greedy desire to catch the viewer on the hook with questions that have no answers and try to milk for decades.


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-11-2020 10:08 AM

"I think you should understand two things:"

Certainly, as i have said before that just because he had said the Next One would not be about the Xenomorph does-not mean that the Xenomorph wont make some kind of a Appearance we simply dont know how much of a Appearance but Certainly it WOULD have to make a Appearance at some point over the Next Two Sequels.  I read into the Comment by Ridley Scott that he sees the Emphasis should not be about the Xenomorph which is what Prometheus was also doing.

I think this is where the Problems Start, because a LOT of Fans would have Expected to see the Xenomorph or its Origins Explained in a Prequel, but with Prometheus they felt you NEVER had to really explain or show it... 

FOX seemed to think this was a Mistake in Hindsight and Assumed that the Fans would NEED to get a Movie that would showcase HOW the Xenomorph was MADE and by WHOM.

The Problem we have with the Change of Direction is that ONCE again the Fans are going to Expect that we are on a A-Z Course to SHOW us from where the Xenomorph Came and HOW/WHEN it ended up on the Derelict on LV-426.

In their Defense (Fans) what we have is a Carrot Dangled in Front of them, showing that HERE is where we begin to show the Stages of how A gets to Z and so to Proceed in a way that Deflects from the Xenomorph and put the Emphasis on David and A.I and what else he would Create would seem like going OFF the Rails to the Path that takes us to the Derelict.

It is in Hindsight a Mistake... they (FOX) should have Grown some Balls and Stuck to what RS was trying to do... but in their Defense they are the ONES who are PAYING for the Prequels and they FELT that maybe going the route that RS had intended would NOT have made as much MONEY as opposed to giving us the XENOMORPH ORIGINS..

I would not say that RS was trying to MILK the Franchise, i think he was looking at a way to EXPAND the Franchise, because ONCE you answer that Story about the Chicken or the Egg its a case of WHERE NEXT?

As Eggs, Face Huggers, Chest Bursting and Snarling does-not have so much Millage... not on its OWN,  you would have to TRY and Uplift the Xenomorph, but for a LONG time it sees it was merely seen as a Horrific Organism that can be used to KILL OFF any Species you wish to Unleash it upon.

Its then the WHY would someone WANT to Create something so Horrific that is where you Expand the Story.

Which is where the Engineers as Creators, Chariots of Gods Plot and the Potential of how many other Worlds have they Seeded, how many other Species have they Created, and attempted to Destroy and how many other Horrors have they tried to Create and Use to do this and WHY.

As opposed to "so we have Eggs, Face Huggers, Chest Poppers and then a Bad Ass Killing Machine" for some Fans the Franchise is about the XENOMORPH and it seems that RS sees more USE for them but you have to Change/Evolve them a bit, as i think going for Eggs, Face Huggers, Chest Busters and Big Chap.. and Queen is something that you would STRUGGLE to go back to OVER and OVER.  By that i mean as far as the Beast!

You could UPLIFT the Beast if you give more to it than it merely being a Created Bio-Weapon that just KILLS.

I think some Fans are NOT pleased with the Lack of Emphasis on the Xenomorph, i am sure MOST would agree that having it Created by David is a SILLY MOVE.

I think that a Revelation that the Space Jockey are Engineers who have Experimented and either Deliberately Created the Xenomorph or it was a Unintentional Result of their Bio-Logical Weapons Program would be a Bitter Pill that they could SWALLOW.

But Certainly the Origins we have are not going down too well.

We could try and look at other Back Story for the Xenomorph such as its some Natural Organism that behave in a way similar to how Bee's, Ants and Termites would in that they Build Hives and are about Survival and Protection of their Queen and by Virtue of HOW they Procreate and HOW they can be used as a Invasive Species means they would be USEFUL to Eradicate other Species.

Or we could look at the Xenomorph as being more like the Starbeast and that Given Time then LV-426 could have become a Great Hive where the Xenomorphs would then go on to Construct more than just Basic Hives and would FORM some kind of Civilization and maybe Space Travel.

Sadly with Alien Covenant it seems that for those TWO options the SHIP has already SAILED..

But we can go back to a Organism that Predates the Xenomorph from which without their would be NO LV-223 Experiments and Nothing for David to Create his Horror from.. and from THIS other Progenitor we can Evolve a Story beyond Eggs that Carry a Face Hugger that lead to a Invasive Space Bug Killing Machine.

Looking at the Set Up (Prometheus) it would seem the Xenomorph was considered only a SMALL Part of the Engineers, and so the Franchise would have led to a Spin-Off and Steer Away from the Xenomorph.

Now we are on a Path to Steer Towards the Xenomorph on LV-426 i think the Choices they made have proved to be a BANE to the Prequels..(The Creator of the Iconic Beast). 

I will say it again i think the WHOLE Plot of the Engineers/Prometheus was maybe TOO Bold, and in Hindsight maybe they should have had it that the Xenomorph was some Native Horror that the Space Jockey had either attempted to take to Study (for their Bio-Weapons Division, or was Taking them to be used on some FOE and we know how either Scenario Ended.

For me i think there was more to it than that by Virtue of HOW the Derelict and Eggs seemed to be Aesthetically Connected, and i FEEL that they should have looked at what HR Giger thought about the WHOLE situation and Merge his Thoughts with some of the Starbreast Plot..


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-11-2020 10:58 AM

I was thinking with this Topic and looking at Uplifting the Progenitor of the Xenomorph and the LV-223 Experiments, because it seems what we have now is the Xenomorph is Reduced to just a Experiment based off what the Engineers had done or attempted..

So we have to look at WHY would the Engineers had done what they did, and also WHY it is that David has done what he did..  The Xenomorph sadly is just the Fruits of his Labor.

By Uplifting what Preceded LV-223 we more of a Purpose than it just makes a Good Killing Machine which in-turn we can Uplift the Xenomorph by revealing it has more Potential than to just Harvest Eggs to then use the Nasty SOB's inside to KILL stuff.

Jon Spaights Alien 01 Master Narrative seems to suggest that Millions of Years ago the Engineers were very Much like us.

If we look at them as a Race who had Genetically Manipulated their Species for Longer Life... which is what Peter Weyland would have Loved to have gained.

Ultimately they are still MORTAL... when they Eventually Die or are Killed then their Soul is GONE!

If the Engineers encountered a Organism/Species (or even was Enslaved by such) and this Species (STARBEAST) had a Life-Cycle where the END is just the Beginning the END of their Cycle would Contain a Way to Genetically Pass on their SOUL to be Re-Incarnated...

Then this would be something the Engineers would LOVE to accomplish to Transcend their Soul into Re-Incarnation a Pseudo Eternal Life

The Engineers Ultimately could NOT successfully do this, all they could Create was Horrific Beasts.

When we FAST FORWARDS to Alien Resurrection we will see that Ripley 8 and her Creation the Amalgamation of Xenomorph and Human DNA has led to her being a Re-Incarnation of Ripley.

Within Ripley 8 is the Potential to a Superior Humanoid as well as Genetic Memory Transference.

Again Ripley 8 had become a Pseudo Re-Incarnation of Ellen Ripley.

But could their be a Transfer of a Darker Soul.... the Soul of the Starbeast that could begin to take Hold of the Soul of Ripley 8.... and so Ripley 8 could become just as much a Collective of the Starbeasts Souls as her own Human Soul.

I think there is Potential to Elevate the Story beyond Creating Eggs that bare purely Killing Machines

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-11-2020 5:17 PM

               Ovomorphs and natural selection

                   By Charles Robert Darwin


If the eggs produced multiple facehuggers and these creatures would race to plant their seed.... The quickest, strongest would pass on their genes.....But it doesn't seem to work that way, or any other. 

I see the egg as a dead end(maybe the point?).

David is an idiot if he thinks this is the way forward.




XenomorphMember1303 XPJun-11-2020 10:53 PM

The eggs seem to be a good way to keep the facehuggers alive for thousands of years. And when they depend on hosts, waiting time could be extremely long.

In my opinion we still have the 3 options open:

1. With fewer hosts, the eggs should be able to sustain the facehugger indefinitely to ensure the survival of the species, so yes, it can be regarded as an evolutionary adaptation.

2. If they are bioweapons, could be the equivalent of a landmine, so I see more of a defensive purpose at the beginning, but what do you do when the xenomorph starts killing everything around, how do you control that?

3. The xenomorph as David's pet.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


ChestbursterMember666 XPJun-12-2020 4:38 AM

>>>Xenomorph was considered only a SMALL Part of the Engineers

You said "small" but you mean primary.

Also do not forget that "big things have small beginnings". Ironically, isn't it?

This means that xenomorph is at the center of the civilization of engineers. The source of their power.


>>>I would not say that RS was trying to MILK the Franchise, i think he was looking at a way to EXPAND the Franchise

Expand doesn't mean that you should avoid giving answers to n-sequel.


>>>Then this would be something the Engineers would LOVE to accomplish to Transcend their Soul into Re-Incarnation a Pseudo Eternal Life

Pseudo science? I think the Alien Universe, including Prometheus, is not a theological revelation (oh god, this word again). This is science fiction. SCI-FI. Yes, yes, I know this sounds like a conspiracy of Angry Filthy Alien Fans. But anyway...

We need to be materialists. Soul - it looks like Prometheus (yes this film) showed us that there is no soul, no life after death, and no immortality.



Only meat. And yes - synthetic meat is also meat.

This is the main principle of nature. Even the most ardent philosopher will die without blood. The dependence of "consciousness", "personality", "I", "soul" on the body is undeniable.

The engineer’s head has been alive for 2,000 years and the engineer died when the head exploded. Another engineer tore off David's head. Yes, David is more viable than people. But he is not immortal - crush his head and he will die.

Re-Incarnation - it was cloning. Natural-scientific process. Not magical.


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-12-2020 12:09 PM

I think in order to reply Leto i will mention the Following (meaning No Disrespect).

The First Prequel we had was Prometheus and YES it had some Changes to it from the Earlier Drafts.  They had came to the Decision that going for a Literal Prequel would mean you already know the Outcome, you just would NOT know as to HOW/WHEN and WHY the Xenomorph came to be. They had Decided that the Xenomorph was merely a Engineered Bio-Weapon, and as we had seen the Xenomorph over and over they felt that when looking at ALIEN then the Xenomorph was ONLY a single Part of the Mystery and that the WHY would someone Create such a thing was the Question that mattered.

We had NEVER explored who the Space Jockey was and looking at the PLOT for the Species in the Earlier Drafts they Felt that this was something NEW to explore as in essence ONCE you show HOW/WHEN the Xenomorph was Created then its a CASE of where do you go NEXT?

Off to ALIEN back to LV-223/LV-426 to a Facility or Ship full of Eggs?  They could have maybe gave us a Sequel that would take us to a World that had become Infested with Xenomorphs but then if they are NOT really Elevated beyond what we saw in the Franchise what we have is Basically another Space Bug/Rodent like Flick.

So they felt that the other Themes in Prometheus were what they should EXPLORE, and that a Sequel would STEER AWAY from ALIEN, feeling that maybe Prometheus would have given enough Clues to Fans that the Xenomorph was Connected to what they was doing on LV-223 so many Thousands of Years ago and that maybe keeping the DETAILS a Mystery was the way to go.

They had BIGGER Plans... "Big Things have Small Beginnings" I feel is showing the Potential in the Engineers Black Goo, and maybe Hints that David sees its Potential so Big Things are on the Horizon for him.

So at this point they decided to NOT base the Prequels around the Xenomorph, Prometheus was a attempt to give some Clues so that the DOOR TO ALIEN could be Closed.. But in Hindsight it was NOT enough.  It felt like they Half Answered the Mystery.

At this point our Xenomorph was likely either a Consequence like the Neomorph, or was Engineered like the Xenomorph of Davids... But at least it seemed like it was Thousands of Years ago.  No BLACK GOO and then NO XENOMORPH would appear to be the AnswersRidley Scott did in 2012 give a Answer (still a bit Vague) but a Answer None the Less.

WAS THIS... the Right Idea?  Maybe not, i think it Reduced the Xenomorph to being basically to the Engineers as a Sarin in is to Humans, or even a MP4 Assault Riffle (a Use of Gunpowder). I think the Xenomorph Enigma deserved more than that ;)

But as it is then its a case of the Xenomorph was just a SINGLE type of Horror from the LV-223 Facilities, they Clues shown (more Evident in Alien Engineers) was that the Engineers had Experimented and Created a Variety of Horrors that are Related.. so its like the MP4 is NOT the only Gunpowder Weapon our Military has Produced.

So its like you have seen Xenomorph Eggs... well take a look at what other Horrors are a Result of the Black Goo and Experiments, which inc the Deacon, the Hammerpedes and as we saw in AC the Neomorph... How many other Horrors could this lead to as opposed to just VANILLA XENOMORPHS.

So the Xenomorph was a BIG part of the Franchise, but the Prequels they wanted to STEER AWAY from that and look at the Scope of the Engineers as surely they NEVER just Created Humans on Earth and Eggs on LV-426.

This is prior to Alien Covenant off course... with this Movie.. well it was a bit of a Shambles... a Big Sticking point is the Creation of the Xenomorph by a Android who was all ALONE, got Bored and so he decided to Experiment with the Black Goo and Life Forms to see HOW good his Genetic Engineering could take him, but also to Create Something which could DESTROY..

I think that YES the route they took with the Xenomorph was NOT maybe the Full Potential....  they could have Elevated it... but instead the PATH of it being just a Engineered Weapon means in Context to the Engineers then maybe its not the BIGGEST thing about them.  The Path of David does give more Reason for its Creation, but having a Synthetic created by Mankind being the Creator of the Iconic Space Monster is something that has taken away anything really ALIEN about the Monster.

I was merely trying to look at ways we could show the Xenomorph Potential and its Ancestry has more Benefit than it being merely a Engineered Killing Machine.

If you Engineered (this is just Sci-Fi) a Rat/Mouse to be 7-8ft, make it able to Stand so its kind of a Human/Rat Hybrid that has Claws as Deadly as a Tiger and its Favorite Food is Humans and other Mammals...  and this Basically is what the Xenomorph is.... such a Creation would cause a Infestation of a Location and Eradicate all Life by Virtue of Survival, Procreation

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember208 XPJun-13-2020 3:26 AM

That was crazy reading all the back and forth and forth replies.....THE EGGS THE EGGS HATCHED INTO CHICKENS with the rest of this chicken sh!t franchise and got cooked!

We need something new something fresh...the egg omelet and face huggers popping out with a side of Xenomorphs is dead too and cooked. The beast is cooked.

This franchise needed to evolve...BigDave I liked all your ideas way back in the day when you thought we should explore a tv show about the Weyland-Yutani corporation.

If we can find a segway into the larger domain of the engineers from the tv show great! But making David the creator of the Alien was the last straw for me! NOPE not even gonna go there. The plot holes they created are so big you could fit the planet through them like a yo yo bouncing back and forth...good luck cause no one can put this Alien franchise back together...and Disney let them go right ahead and do it. Most likely knowing the films would do poorly at the box office so they could buy the franchise cheaper down the road, which they did.


XenomorphMember1310 XPJun-13-2020 6:13 AM

"But making David the creator of the Alien was the last straw for me! "

But what origin would make everybody happy?  (A mysterious and unsolved origin is always going to be my favorite choice.)

When ALIENS came out, I realized they were just space bugs and not something to fear, just send the marines in with some nukes and clean them out.

So the eggs and the xeno are pretty far down on my I'm really fine with David or some alien scientist creating them in a lab.



Black goo and the spores are light years ahead of the eggs IMHO.


What came first the xeno or the egg?

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