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MemberDeaconApr-25-2020 4:38 PM

Happy ALIEN Day

I thought i would do a Topic to Discus the Variants of MORPHS if you would that we have seen in the Franchise, particularly in regards to the ALIEN Franchise and Prequels (NOT really AVP but feel free to discus them).

ALIEN (1979)  Time-Line 2122

Our First Introduction to the ALIEN as per say such a ICONIC Monster, Frightening, Deadly yet also somewhat a Seductive look to it, with its Equally Disturbing Life Cycle.  Little was known about the Beast, it was somewhat Unique especially Aesthetically.

Coined the Drone we saw this 7ft+ Bi-Pedal and yet Stealthy Predator using the Advantages of the Confined Dark Spaces on board the Nostromo to Stalk and pick off its Victims.  The Crew Powerless to Attack it due to the Risk of Hull Breach from the Organisms ACID Blood.  There was a LOT of Mystery to the ALIEN at this time, we NEVER knew what its Purpose was other than to HUNT and KILL.

The Organism seemed to move quite Elegantly and yet Quick but we saw so LITTLE of it to Truly Gage the Beasts Abilities. (This in Part was Restraints with the Monster/Alien Suit).

ALIENS (1986) Time-Line 2179

The Sequel introduced us to a Higher Number of the Organisms now referred to as the Xenomorph we are shown the Organism seems to Operate with a Hive Mentality like a Colony of Bees/Ants and that they have a Queen that lays the Eggs (although the Deleted Scene from ALIEN has the Egg Morph Procreation).

We learn and see more of the Organism as we are introduced to the WARRIORS, and we get the Agenda of a Species whos Objective is to Survive and Procreate its Kind, and the Warriors play a Vital Role in this, in Maintaining/Securing a Hive and Collecting Hosts to Procreate its Kind via the Eggs laid by the Queen.

The Xenomorph is Revealed to be something that can be KILLED, but we are seeing them Attacked mostly with some Advanced Fire-Power.  They seem to show a Decent Level of Intelligence but also seem to be LESS Stealthy and not Afraid of Death, with Greater Numbers they are Expendable in the Name of Protecting the Hive and Queen.

Aesthetically a Little different to the Drone in ALIEN, however the Egg/Face Hugger seem to be the same and Gestation, however Chest Busters appear a Little Different to the Original.


There is a bit of Mystery with the Queen as far as HOW do we get to her, is it a case of the Chicken/Egg at the time of ALIENS release and years that followed.   Much Larger than the Xenomorphs we have seen prior, Intelligent, Protective of her Hive/Eggs, the Queen is Deadly, Powerful but appears to be maybe Less-Agile/Mobile than the Drone/Warriors, and Aesthetically a little Different.

Alien 3 (1992)Time-Line 2179

In the 3rd Installment we are introduced to a New Kind of Xenomorph that has Gestated from a None Humanoid Host.... the Result a Quadruped Beast called the Runner, what appears to be Smaller than the 7ft+ Xenomorphs we have seen so far, the Runner appears to be more Quicker and also Results to Stealthy Attacks as we saw USED by the Original from ALIEN.  The Organism also seems to look more like the Drone than the Warriors too.  The Runner showing that the Beast is Quite Resilient (one tough Cookie) but then it was not FACED with the Fire Power that the Warriors had to from ALIENS.

We get the Revelation that the Beast can Sense if a Host is Gestating a Xenomorph, and we see it will NOT attack a Infected Host, maybe this is because the Host was Carrying a Queen Embryo and so Survival and Growth of the Hive requires the Queens Birth and Survival.

Alternative Scenes show a Different Kind of Face Hugger (Royal) and maybe that be used to Speculate to HOW we get to a Queen, but as with the Deleted Egg Morph from ALIEN the Royal Face Hugger is maybe not something to Consider Definite Canon.

Alien Resurrection (1997) Time-Line 2379

In the 4th and Final Installment in the Original Franchise we are introduced to the Hybrid Xenomorphs that Aesthetically are a little Different but seem to appear as Drones do. Birthed from a Queen that was Obtained from Cloning Ripley, for the Most Part  these Xenomorphs look similar to the Drone/Warriors that are seen before, but they also have quite a Runner look to them too.  

We are shown these Xenomorphs are willing to KILL one of their own if this allows for them to Escape... the Attacked/Sacrificed Xenomorph did-not seem Happy to be KILLED...  does the Xenomorph have some Emotions/Fears are these Passed on from being Sourced from the Hybrid Clone Process?  They also seem to be more Agile/Quicker than what we saw in Alien and Aliens but we cant really say thats really the Case (due to improved Effects/Technology).

The QUEEN makes a Brief Appearence but is nothing to really talk about apart from giving Birth to a LIVE HYBRID.


We are introduced to the New-Born Hybrid, that Aesthetically is Quite Different to what we have seen so FAR being a Human/Xenomorph Hybrid.  While Aesthetically in Part its Design is something that looks a Bit Goofy, it really was the Nature/Reaction of the Organism that made it ACT more like a Infant/Young Human Child.  The Organism could sense some Genetic Connection to Ripley 8 and showed signs of Attachment towards a Human Hybrid that was more Human than the Queen that gave Birth to the New-Born.   So its seems some Human Psychology and Traits had passed over to it.  

Slightly Larger and more Gangly than the Xenomorphs, we never saw much of the New Born apart from they seem to have Great Strength/Power.

Prometheus (2012) Time-Line 2093

Now we get to the Prequel Series with First Stop, with Prometheus, which NEVER really Gave us much to Connect to the Xenomorph

The only Worthwhile Mention being the Deacon, but we DONT really see much of this, we only Witness its Birth/Chest Busting.  What we do see is a Larger Organism at Birth Stage, but as the Deacon could appear to be Sourced from Hybrid Human DNA (Trilobite) we can only Speculate on the ADULT Height, which if the Organism Grows like Many Land Mammals (Birth to Adult Size) then the Deacon would likely Grow to 12-15ft Tall.... but we can only Speculate... (Fire and Stone Concepts indicate a Adult Engineer born Deacon would be about 10ft Tall) we can assume a Engineer Born Xenomorph would be the same Size.

As the Deacon was Relatively Unexplored we cant Gage much about it to make Conclusions. We do seem to get the Indication the Engineers had Created Similar in the Past.

Alien Covenant (2017) Time-Line 2104

Finally we come to our 2nd Prequel, where we are introduced to TWO Monsters.

Firstly the Neomorph a Organism that is Procreated via Spores, a Organism that is somewhat a Fair Bit different to the Xenomorphs we have seen so FAR...  We are shown a Quiet Efficient Procreation and FAST Gestation Time, as well as a Rapid Growth of the Organism to Adult Stage.

Quick, Agile, Aggressive and yet Deadly and Resilient (although it had Encountered in-superior Fire Power compared to what the Warriors Faced in Aliens).  The Neomorph was a Interesting New kind of Threat, the Spore Procreation has its Flaws (it cant move about like a Face Hugger can) but then its Small Size and how Easy they are to Trigger makes Infection something that can Happen without a Host even knowing until its Too Late!

Then we come to the Xenomorph...  this Version of the Xenomorph regardless of if you see it a Predecessor to the Franchise or it is a Re-Creation Attempt.  What we have is something VERY similar to the Drone from Alien   Aesthetically slightly different more Organic and the Chest Buster is Birthed Fully Formed..

We Witness a FAST Gestation, and Growth Rate of this Xenomorph, Aggressive and FAST and Agile (but we cant say the Originals are meant to be Slower) this Beast also is Very Resilient (again the Covenant Security Team Weapons Technology was not as Advanced as the Colonial Marines) This Xenomorph seems to be more Feral and not Act as Intelligent as those seen Prior.

So thats just a Rough Round Up!

What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Portrayal of ALIEN Organisms in the Franchise?  What do you like or dislike about them?

Feel Free to Include others that i have NOT mentioned here.  And Have a Happy Alien Day Folks!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

14 Replies


MemberXenomorphApr-25-2020 5:47 PM

Happy Alien day!


The New Born is without a doubt my favorite version/hybrid. Just awesome.

How would(does) the newborn procreate? Just so nasty just to think about.

I know they were thinking of the New Born with a penis or vagina...But this would have been really out there.

Xeno's seem to be a dead end without a queen. But the NEW BORN with a reproductive system?!


MemberTrilobiteApr-25-2020 11:58 PM

Happy Alien Day.

I am partial to the stealthy but quick ones like the runner and the Resurrection versions.


MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2020 12:18 AM

By contrast, I’d say the New Born in Resurrection is an egregious travesty! It’s a lumbering wreck of a design exhibiting little in the way of stealth or menace. Last place.

The original has to be the best. It’s a glistening slimy monster that sends shivers down my spine. And those jaws!

I’d put the Neomorph in number 2 place. It almost comes across as a tortured soul, slave to its biology, similar to Dracula’s unhappy existence.

In third position, I’d have the chest burster in Covenant. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Aliens warriors and Covenant Big Chap are on equal footing in 4th place for me.

The Aliens Queen is great, but sadly let down when it peers around a corner. It just looks silly in that scene. So, 5th place for me.

The Dog Alien is badly let down by poor puppetry, and misses the point that to be scary, it should be bipedal. Listen to Dr Silberman describing how Sarah Connor’s nightmares resemble a man “of course”. 6th place.

The Xeno in Resurrection is great in a cage, but its floppy foot in the corridors just looks silly. 7th place.

So, all in all Resurrection fares rather badly for me!


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2020 12:20 AM

@BigDave, the queen herself from Resurrection is also a hybrid with her human reproductive system. The parasite became finally parasited by humans. Sweet.

This surely looks like a lame Alien day. I wish everybody to not endure many more like these. (hopefully this will not come to kick me in the back and next year to be a nuclear war between China and the USA)/ 


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2020 3:33 AM

Happy Alien Day!


My favorite is Big Chap, also known as Big Chad ;)

Also, Praetomorph from AC is very very good. A good forerunner for the classic xenomorph. The birth scene is just fabulous and wonderful.


MemberDeaconApr-26-2020 3:28 PM

For me yes the Big Chap has to be the Most Iconic as it was the First Time we ever saw the ALIEN... i would say that the Movies had Certain Limitations with Puppetry and Man in a Suit and that the Xenomorph would be Envisioned and Portrayed as being more Quicker/Agile than we see in some of the Movies.

My Least Favorite has to be the New Born but only by Virtue of how it Acted/Sounded and its Face!  It just was not as Terrifying more Comical.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianMay-01-2020 2:31 AM

Sandovers, what does ghosts that have to do with ALIEN?



MemberNeomorphMay-02-2020 10:08 AM

My favorite is the second one from the left, that is the original right?

I like the size of it, the mouth is not too big and not too small. Even though the queen is a good design it is kind of ridiculous. She is too tall and too big and even though it might work when you watch the movie it becomes less so when you think about it.

The Newborn looks dumb, but at least it looks different. One of the things that is interesting about the franchise is that the monsters always look different from one movie to another but that there are things that always connect them. I wonder how much of a job that it is to make new ones so that you will not repeat what has been done before. Maybe it is easy in the beginning but imagine when you reach movie number four it might become more difficult.

You forgot about the AVP's. ;)


MemberDeaconMay-04-2020 5:23 PM

Yeah i was looking more at the ALIEN Franchise ;)

The AVP Movies really are just what we saw in ALIENS with the Exception of the Pred-Alien...  which maybe i should have Included ;)

I think the Pred-Alien certainly was Interesting, the ONLY interesting Aspect of AVPR ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteMay-06-2020 1:05 AM

The New Born gets a lot of hate, but it was pretty cool imo in hindsight. Its appearance was unlike anything we saw or expected at the time, but it was a horrific product of humans' tinkering with genetics to find something perfect. I can appreciate its strange appearance of a creature with a somewhat sad yet ferocious look on its face while sporting a rather glaring and swollen in your face "naughty bits". As it got sucked into space, it seemed to scream "Ripley!" which was chilling. 

I think we should appreciate the creatures for what they are, and I have to remind myself to appreciate the prequel creatures since I hate on the Neomorph. Gotta be fair.


MemberPraetorianMay-07-2020 3:30 AM

The New Born was very creepy and the stuff of nightmares but I think the Neomorphs were a nice addition to the xenomorph's evolution



MemberTrilobiteMay-07-2020 10:04 PM

Xenotaris Sandovers looks like a spammer. Reported.


MemberOvomorphMay-09-2020 7:41 PM

The New Born gets a lot of hate, but it was pretty cool imo in hindsight. Its appearance was unlike anything we saw or expected at the time, but it was a horrific product of humans' tinkering with genetics to find something perfect. I can appreciate its strange appearance of a creature with a somewhat sad yet ferocious look on its face while sporting a rather glaring and swollen in your face "naughty bits". As it got sucked into space, it seemed to scream "Ripley!" which was chilling. 


MemberPraetorianMay-11-2020 7:10 PM

I think the newborn gets a lot of hate because it was ugly and not attractive as the xenomorph

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