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MemberDeaconFeb-26-2020 6:50 AM

Been pretty Quiet on the ALIEN Franchise Front since the Disney Take Over.  I think it may be WISHFUL thinking of any News about any kind of Future for the Franchise on the Big Screen.

Fans had to wait 15 Years for the Next Installment of the Franchise, in which they was given Prometheus a Pseudo Prequel, then another 5 Years before we got to see the Xenomorph back on the Big Screen.

Maybe we have to Wait another 5 Years (after the Last Installment) for another Movie which would take us to 2022 which would be 100 Years prior to the Events of ALIEN ;)

It seems that Disney are in NO RUSH to pursue a Movie within the Franchise, i think they have assessed the IMPACT of the Prequels.  I think eventually we will see another ALIEN Movie its a Question of WHEN!

It could be more likely we would get a ALIEN 5 but then its a case of WHERE does such a Movie go and WHAT does it Cover?

There was a lot of Interest in Blomkamp's Alien 5, which had been put on Indefinite Hold so that the Prequels could be Carried on.   While the idea of Alien 5 had some Fans getting Excited for others the De-canonizing of Alien 3 was a Problem.

However there appeared to be some work made towards such a Project, and some of the ideas of Blomkamps seemed Interesting.

Do you think that Disney should Resurrect this Project?

Do you think it should DROP the Ripley, Hicks and Newt Characters and therefore NOT remove Alien 3 from Canon?

Or do you think a ALIEN 5 should carry on with a Different Plot and Characters and IF-SO then what Time-Line and Place do you think such a Movie should take Place?

Do we need to Stick to the Nostalgia and Usual Suspects, especially regarding the Derelict, Queens and Ripley Family?

It would be likely that any ALIEN Movie would Certainly have to be about the Xenomorph Organism and would likely NOT steer to FAR away from the Beast as we know it.

Do we need a Carbon Copy?  or can we be more Adventurous?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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MemberNeomorphFeb-26-2020 8:38 AM

Yeah, I am against anything that would remove Alien 3 from the official timeline. The way it is in the timeline I would suggest a Rogue One movie that could be set between things. It does not need to be Ripley or some version of her and those that we recognize as long as they know how to write characters I am for different things. Many of the alien movies that I have watched did not fail with the story, it was the characters that were not well written or executed. There has to be some way that they can write interesting characters without repeating the same old thing. No to resurrecting Blomkamp.

They can maybe have some references to old things but do not make it about what we have seen before. Ask yourself how many times we can see X (characters, suits, what ever) without it getting old.

Having it connected to something that came before is not a bad thing. Make it clear that it is a part of the alien universe could be a good thing otherwise we will get a new Prometheus situation. I disagree that it is about the Xeno, to me it is about the human journey and that is what the focus should be on, not the monsters even thought they are a part of it.

I encourage artistic freedom as long as it makes us see that it is in a universe that came before if that is the case.


MemberDeaconFeb-26-2020 9:21 AM

Certainly Good Points...

Monsters are ONLY a part of the Subject, it has to have them but without a Good Story and Characters then you could END UP with a Rotten Egg ;)

I think the Prequels are a Poisoned Chalice, i think any continuation of Story that would touch upon what they had been showing could be FOLLY!

I dont think we have to touch upon Ripleys either, which includes Amanda, but i guess you could reference them.

There was a PERIOD between ALIEN and ALIENS where we have to ASK did anyone go back to LV-426 between 2122 and 2179?

Amanda Ripleys story fits between this TIME but we could wonder what Happened after the Conclusion of her Stories?

Then we also have the PERIOD between 2179 and 2379 had there been attempts to Obtain a Xenomorph between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, what lead it to leave it for SO LONG with only Ripley's DNA as the Source to Resurrect the Xenomorph?

We also have what happens after Alien Resurrection as a Alternative path to give us a ALIEN V.

I think what some of the Alien 5 concept/ideas showed is it had taken Alien Resurrection and seemingly took it the STEP further.  

By that i mean as FAR as having spent more time with Specimens and Experimenting on them.. in AR they had not LONG managed to Obtain the Xenomorph before HELL broke loose.  And so it would be interesting to see what the Plans was, and what would have happened if they Successfully Contained the Xenomorph and to what END would they have experimented on them.

I think something like this has to be that NEXT LEVEL that they take us, as just Discovering more Eggs and seeing people get Face Hugged, Chest Busted and killed off by Xenomorphs and then seeing a Queen go on the Rampage has been done to almost DEATH ;)


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2020 9:31 AM

The prequels didn't do well enough to excite FOX or Disney to carry on with more. Given that it's been more than 20 years since the Quadrilogy, a movie that directly connects to it might not be such a great idea. A whole generation is here who may not have even heard of the franchise (I know plenty of 20 somethings who haven't even heard of the movies) and scifi can be a risky venture in theaters though it appears to be improving.

A continuation would only appeal to the fan base and casual sci fi fans- hardly enough to justify the budget demands of a tripple A movie. 

I think the series should continue via other media outlets such as streaming at this point.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2020 10:52 PM

Heres another look at assessing the future of our beloved franchise...

The last two movies, the prequels, have divided the fan base and although Prometheus did well at the Box Office, Covenant did not. Diminishing returns have sealed the prequel trilogy's fate.

Alien: Ressurection was released 23 years ago, that's a generation ago, and the movie is considered the worst of the Quadrilogy. The last arguable good/successful Alien movie was Aliens, and that was released 34 years ago. A direct sequel to either Aliens or Alien: Resurrection makes little sense considering the investment that would be required.

Blomkamp's movie, which was only speculated to cancel out Alien 3 was cockblocked by Ridley Scott and no doubt David Giler in favor of following up Covenant with a third prequel. This experience and whatever led to Blomkamp exiting RoboCop Returns has soured his taste for working with high profile studios on existing, established franchises, as highlighted by the development of new ideas released through his own venture, OATS Studios.

Recent trends have seen once-popular franchises being rebooted. Sure, with the right production team, cast, and director a reboot/remake that surpasses the original in every way from a technical perspective is possible, but such a movie would require too high an investment when considering that the fanbase would prefer the 1979 original no matter how much more proficient a remake could be.

Popular speculation is that Alien could be coming to the small screen. With recent successful small screen franchises, with many Hollywood stars turning to the small screen, and with small screen properties being a safer investment when considering their smaller production budgets, it would seem that a small screen Alien serial would be the next logical step for the franchise.

However, movie trends change and change often. The recent success of Underwater shows that there is still an appetite from movie audiences for similar properties and the epitome of those type of movies are the Alien movies. Should the title creature be executed on film with the necessary respect and reverence that is sorely needed within an interesting narrative populated with relatable and well-realized characters there is no reason that the Alien cannot retain its crown as the pinnacle of science fiction horror creature feature movies. Though, if this was the case the movie would have a much less inflated budget and would likely follow a fresh narrative within the universe.


MemberChestbursterFeb-27-2020 4:22 AM

Gavin Scott block Alien 5 for the Prometheus sequel, namely covenant not for the third movie. Guess why did they introduce the Xenomorph...

How can you call Underwater a success? It barely made 40 million world wide, 6 times less than covenant, on a budget of 65 million. Annihilation performed better and was considered a flop. The Harley Quinn movie made more than double it's production cost back and every anti-SJW claims are ecstatic on how big a flop it is.

F. the Xenomorph, come up with new ideas / situations already.


MemberDeaconFeb-28-2020 7:48 AM

"which was only speculated to cancel out Alien 3 was cockblocked by Ridley Scott"

To a degree this is Correct, but what RS was trying to do is Protect his Prequels so that they could get Finished, you could argue that Blomkamp attempted to Derail the Prequels by releasing Snippets of his Fan Service Alien 5.

It seemed RS wanted to get his Sequels to Prometheus Finished and then he would have worked in part with a ALIEN  5 but after how Disappointing that Alien Covenant was, and the Disney Takeover has all but in Effect but the Franchise on ICE!

The Problem that RS faced would be these Scenarios

1) Release a ALIEN 5 and Prometheus 2 within 12-18 Months of Each-other; The Problem with this would be if more Anticipation and Excitement came from ALIEN 5 it may effect those who would want to see a Prometheus 2, especially if Fans felt a Prometheus 2 was NOT going to be ALIENY enough.  IF we saw ALIEN 5 do Very Well then FOX/Disney would likely Continue with a ALIEN 6 and it could effect the Prequels.. especially if Prometheus 2 did-not do well.  HOWEVER... if ALIEN 5 also bombed then they would see that there is NO interest or point in ALIEN Movies as its Risky and this may effect any Plans for a Prometheus 3... unless Prometheus 2 was a HIT.

2) Is similar to above but assuming that ALIEN 5 is made First and if it does VERY WELL... maybe it could effect the Chance of the Prequels being Continued or FORCE them to be more ALIENY.   If ALIEN 5 came out like 3+ Years prior to a Prometheus 2 but ALIEN 5 sucked then it could potentially make FOX/Disney reconsider doing a Prometheus Sequel.

3) If we have a Prometheus 2 come out but News that Alien 5 would be out 2-3 years after, then maybe Fans would be more willing to want to WAIT for that Movie instead.

So you can understand why it is that RS would want to have Alien 5 put on Hold..... and to be Fair looking at the IDEA it was just mainly a Fanservice... and worse is that ONCE you make a Movie that Ret-cons what happened in Alien 3 and if this becomes a HIT then its a case of where does Disney then STOP?  They could just Reboot everything.

I think Blomkamps idea has some LEGS... i just dont see why it had to BRING THE GANG BACK.... Originally his idea did-not feature Ripley and Co.... and so regarding that Versions i would be interested in seeing what it could have Evolved to.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-28-2020 8:02 AM

But as FAR as avenues to a ALIEN V then i think there are avenues you could explore that do-not have to Directly Continue a Ripley Saga.

1) What became of the Derelict after 2122 and prior to 2179 as it appeared to suffer some Damage on the Arm Section... could there had been another Mission?

2) After the Destruction of Hadleys Hope did this RENDER the Derelict and its Cargo as Unfeasible/Useless?  Or could something had been Salvaged or Attempted and something after this Happens to leave the only OPTION of Ripleys DNA a few Hundred Years latter?

3) What happened to the Failed Ripley 7 Cloned Queen? Could it have been sent somewhere?

4) Is there anything to Salvage from the USM Auriga after its decent to Earth/Destruction.

5) Prior to 2122 and after.... is the Derelict on LV-426 the ONLY source of Xenomorph Eggs?

So there are some Avenues that would not have to connect to a Ripley or Conflict/Touch upon the Prequels.  Prior to Alien Covenant however...  Option 5 would have been a ideal way Forwards... its this kind of Scenario that many of the Novels/Comics would tackle.

In light of Alien Covenant there is the Potential for other Eggs as we have some on Planet 4, we can assume some more would be on Origae-6 and maybe others on LV-223 before we got to the Derelict Event and then we have to ask was the Derelict the only Ship loaded with such Cargo.

But the above would all have likely been Answered when/if the Prequels were Completed.   So a ALIEN 5 would be better of looking at OPTIONS 1-5

But indeed we have to look at the Reality that they may not be willing to INVEST in  ALIEN Movie on the Big Screen and so the Small Screen could be used to Introduce the Franchise to a NEW Generation that can Sew the Seeds for Future Movies.

But then so could a REBOOT!

And i would NOT be surprised if we got either..

1) A Complete Reboot in the Year 2029

2) A Alternative (AKA Blomkamp Alien 5) sequel to Aliens in 2026

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterFeb-28-2020 10:01 AM

>>>The Problem that RS faced would be these Scenarios


What makes you oppose Alien 5 and Prometheus 2? In other words - why do you think that Prometheus 2 not about xenomorphs?


>>>But as FAR as avenues to a ALIEN V then i think there are avenues you could explore that do-not have to Directly Continue a Ripley Saga.


1) It's a bad idea - to make a film to close gaps / explain some things. The film should live independently, and not serve as a guide.

2) We can assume that Derelict was destroyed after a nuclear explosion. In any case, the ship already had a hole in the hull, so everything inside was well fried.

3) Dead.

4) Maybe only a black box. Not xenomorphs or something fleshy.

5) Planet 4. And we already explored this planet. There is no one reason to return to this lifeless world (also applies to LV-223 - we have already seen everything about this planet).


You talk about new ideas and ways, but at the same time you are talking about returning to already explored planets. No. If you insist on new ideas, you must forget about the planets already seen. Otherwise, this is the same as talking about the return of Ripley and the gang. Just the other side of the same coin ;)


MemberDeaconFeb-28-2020 2:09 PM

The basis of this Topic was to discus if we would get a ALIEN Franchise Movie and NOT a Continuation of the Prequels, so we had seen 4 Alien Movies released that are SET after the Time-Period of the Prequels.

I agree that the Best/Preferred Option has to be something that is NOT connected to events that link to the First 3 Movies for sure.  That being another Journey to the Derelict, i listed the Options only as they are some Avenues to go, but i do think your better off going to some place else...  such as OPTION 5

In Context to OPTION 5 i had mentioned the Prequels by Virtue that IF they are to be Considered as CANON then it indicates the Xenomorph/Eggs would have FIRST appeared on Planet 4, and that at present we would have to see them get to LV-426 and so we can Speculate that they likely would appear on Oriage-6 and maybe LV-223 prior to arriving on LV-426.  But as i said these are all things that a Prequel Continuation would surely had Touched upon and so if we got a ALIEN 5 i dont think we should GO BACK to any of those places.

So if we dont go back to LV-426/Derelict and we dont go to places from the Prequels which include Potential Places that could have been Visited in any Continuation

Then that leaves us with 3), 4) and 5)...   with Number 4 i think its more Unlikely anything could have Survived the FATE of the USM Auriga.

However with Option 3 we see that Ripley 7 had been Alive and something was removed from her... we do-not see what becomes of this and so it could be a OPTION to Explore what becomes or could be obtained by Failed Queen 7.  Even if the Organism is a BUST... well you could use its DNA.  So this is just a OPTION.

If we however look at Option 5 then we have to ask HOW FAR away from a Traditional Xenomorph would we go as FAR as introducing a Monster?

Prior to/Ignoring the Prequels we had MANY a Option as far as where more EGGS could be. Considering the Prequels then everything related to the Derelict Eggs are Sourced from Planet 4, which does-not mean that the Derelict would end up being the ONLY ship that eventually has Eggs on it.

So if you do another ALIEN Movie then the Xenomorph has to be Sourced from somewhere... Alien Isolation and its Comic Sequel have indicated that Xenomorphs had been Sourced from the Derelict and so we cant rule out doing a Movie/Story where a Outpost/Science Division has obtained a Specimen that is Connected from the Isolation Series.

However you could explore other Worlds to obtain the Xenomorph, but as i was saying that with the Prequels you would have to Consider how those Eggs got from Planet 4, the Derelict or where ever else that Davids Experiment/Creation had been.

Revealing another Unconnected World (like the Comics and Novels had done) would Potentially Conflict the Prequels.  I do think Fans would like something like this though as it would Discredit David's Role in the Xenomorphs Origins.

So its not really that SIMPLE to go and introduce another ALIEN Movie that has Traditional Xenomorphs.  You do get kind of limited to those 5 Options with the 5th Option being much more OPEN.

Blomkamps Alien 5 appeared to indicate that they could have gone back to LV-426 and recovered the Derelict some 20+ Years after Hadleys Hopes it seemed like it was a Option 2.  With regards to his Alien 5 i think it seemed interesting but i felt it was NOT necessary to Resurrect the Old Cast just because some Fans were NOT happy with how Alien 3 had killed them off.

Personally i think we are at a Sticking Point in Light of the Prequels, as we have to be CAREFUL that any avenue to introduce the Xenomorph would NOT contradict whatever they had in-store for the Prequels... THIS does-not mean you cant carry on with a ALIEN  5 its just it would be idea before they did this that THEY have the Conclusion of where the Prequels would Connect to the Derelict Figured out.. even if they keep it a Mystery... they need to have a idea of HOW that event comes to be.

A Option 1, 2, 3 and 4 would be avenues where you would be FREE from having to Consider the Prequels at all.

There is always the 6th Option which would be to Carry on with Ripley 8 but that maybe Tricky with Miss Ripley's Age and being a Xeno Hybrid who can Regenerate (would Ripley 8 Age?) but i had a way around this ;)

The Novels and Comics have the Novelty of being able to Change Canon a bit and have more Freedom.   Especially when we are talking about more Traditional Xenomorphs.

You could have a ALIEN Movie that is a Result of another World that had been infected with the Black Goo or other Horrors the Engineers had been up to... but doing so you would have to maybe introduce a Variant Organism that is NOT a Carbon Copy of the Xenomorph from Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Covenant.

As this really is a Problem with the Decision to have David as the Creator and indicate that prior to 2100 there was NO Famous Monster not in the Traditional Sense.

In Hindsight that Curveball was a Mistake.

I still advocate that bringing back Ripley and Co would be a Mistake, and just a Fan Service, unless they can really give us a Good Explanation apart from having to Accept that Alien 3 never existed.

But i guess they could have it as a Alternative Sequel so you arrive at Aliens and they have given us TWO path to Follow... Alien 3 or Alien 5, but my Concern is ONCE they do this and IF such a Venture is a HIT then what stops Disney basically giving us Alternatives to all the Movies..

Alternative Prequels... a Alternative Alien 2 etc

I do think a complete Reboot would be on the Cards though... eventually.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-28-2020 2:25 PM

"What makes you oppose Alien 5 and Prometheus 2? In other words - why do you think that Prometheus 2 not about xenomorphs?"

My comment was about at the Time that a Prometheus 2 was unlikely to Answer anything from ALIEN or the Xenomorph... but we did then get to a point when they changed the Direction to Introduce the Xenomorph and give us a ALIEN Prequel.   That would provide to be a Origins Story that leads to the Eggs on the Derelict.

Regarding that Project.... i feel they should have gave us a Second Mission to LV-223 that would be more ALIENY and have more Similar Xenomorphs and Clues.... and release that FIRST!

Thus allowing Ridley Scott to continue with a Prometheus sequel that could STEER AWAY from such things with the Door being Closed...


I Certainly feel you can explore a FEW more ALIEN Movies, but i think you have to Freshen things up a bit, and as i discussed on another Topic that does-not mean STRAYING too FAR away from the Xenomorph Aesthetic.

I do still feel the Prequels regarding the Black Goo, the Experiments that are connected which include LV-223 do offer avenues to NEW Monsters... but i am not 100% sure that Purest would be Fans of that as they would Consider that a ALIEN movie has to include the Xenomorph..

Where as the Prequels indicate that its Origins are more Varied than a Queen laying a Egg.  The Black Goo in part being ALIEN.

The basis of this Topic however is to explore that IF we got a ALIEN 5 then i think you have to have something that does-not STRAY too FAR from the Traditional Xenomorph.

You would think anyone who Successfully Obtains a Xenomorph would want to see what they can Exploit beyond just using the Eggs to Unleash Snarling Beasts that we are used to...

Maybe you would want to Experiment on it... Create a Hybrid, use its DNA for Super Soldiers (Ripley 8 a Prime Example) or maybe you would want to Create a ULTRAMORPH?

Some of the Concepts of Blomkamps seemed to touch upon this and more so the RED HARVEST Project that Carlos Huante had done some Concepts for.   I think this would be Interesting.... but i dont think such a Project would have to reintroduce Ripley and Co.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterFeb-29-2020 12:06 AM

>>>Regarding that Project.... i feel they should have gave us a Second Mission to LV-223 that would be more ALIENY and have more Similar Xenomorphs and Clues.... and release that FIRST!


Again. How can you talk about something fresh and at the same time talk about returning to LV-223? I repeat:

You talk about new ideas and ways, but at the same time you are talking about returning to already explored planets. No. If you insist on new ideas, you must forget about the planets already seen. Otherwise, this is the same as talking about the return of Ripley and the gang. Just the other side of the same coin ;)


Plus, whenever you talk about the second mission on LV-223, which will be more alieny, I'm starting to think that you are not completely satisfied with Prometheus. Perhaps you also think that Alien: Engineers would be a better option? Because Alien: Engineers is the same Prometheus + Aliens + Engineers.




Return to Alien 5.


I think that set the film after AR - a good idea, it can work. But only on the timeline. The plot should in no case have a connection to AR. This is a doomed idea.

Perhaps the best idea - it's (in the absence of AC2) go to Origae-6. Something like an abandoned colony that was forgotten after the Covenant mission.




MemberDeaconFeb-29-2020 5:06 AM


I apologize if you have misunderstood me a little, its my fault as i do write Quite a lot and so its easy to get LOST ;)

So Regarding the back to LV-223 i made this Comment as a in HINDSIGHT as far as after Prometheus, as in that what they should have done was to offer TWO sequels to Prometheus, the First being back to LV-223 where we would get more Answers/Connections to the Xenomorph/LV-426 and some clues to what happened more on LV-223.  Where you would introduce Monsters that are more similar to the Xenomorph

This would then allow them to CLOSE the Door to ALIEN and allow for another Sequel to go where David and Dr Shaw are off to without having to Spoon Feed any Answers or include the Xenomorph etc.  This route could also had then kept the Xenomorph as Ancient and NOT a Creation of David's.  This does not mean that such a Prometheus 2 could not introduce some Monsters but it would NOT have had to include the Xenomorph.


As far as where we are NOW however (Alien Covenant) i think that LV-223 could potentially had been visited again prior to ALIEN, if its not then it would likely had been the Destination of the Derelict prior to the Space Jockey event.

However when talking about a ALIEN 5 as in another Movie that would be SET after the events of ALIEN then i am not Suggesting we go back to LV-223 or do anything that may STEP on the Toes of HOW the Prequels may have Concluded.

I will say i Strongly Disagree that LV-223 has nothing Fresh to Offer.  It would be if the Place only Contained a Pyramid Complex with just EGGS... but with more Temple Mounds, the Black Goo then the Potential for multiple Horrors is Vastly more than... "oh we found another EGG"

Off Course it would be Unwise and Unlikely to go back to LV-223 if we are doing anything set after ALIEN because you have to ask WHY bother with the Derelict and Ripley in the Franchise if LV-223 is still there as surely this place is a Treasure Trove compared to Folly of Eggs.

When i was giving the Options out they are just Options, they dont mean they are any that i Personally would Consider... apart from 3 or 5 ;)

I dont think you need to go back to LV-223 or LV-426 but if you are to do a Movie that has Traditional Xenomorphs again, and is NOT set before ALIEN... then by Virtue of Alien Covenant you are Limited to where you can Source the Xenomorph.

You could got to say LV-186 or something (but you dont have to have the LV in a New World and it does-not have to be near the Zeta Reticuli Systems). 

So you could say have a Ship that arrives at a Uncharted World some 274 LY from Earth.  Then if you are to show that you come across some EGGS that contain Xenomorphs then in Light of Alien Covenant those Eggs would have had to have been Sourced from Planet 4, LV-426 or any World that David visits after Alien Covenant or any World the Engineers who take some of his Eggs would have visited.

But you could GO to such a New World and just dont reveal anything about where the Eggs came from, you leave it a Mystery.. no Carbon Dating or anything to suggest they are XXX Old... just NO Mention of it so then your left to either Wonder... HOW did these Eggs get there from Planet  4 or those TWO Face Hugers, or that surely this means the Xenomorph is NOT a Creation of David... But you leave it Ambiguous.... this is so you dont Discredit/Conflict the Prequels.

This could have been avoided if they never went for that Curveball in AC which i felt was a Mistake.

You could have a Story where you Intercept a Ship that is just Drifting through Space that when it is Boarded it has a Xenomorph or Eggs on it.   But again those Eggs would have had to had been Sourced from LV-426 or a Place where David or his Eggs had been to after Alien Covenant.

But again you dont have to Declare where they came from, so you then are left to Speculate if and HOW they are Sourced from Davids Experiments, or that they could indeed be from another Source that Predates our David.  You just leave the WHERE/WHEN the Eggs came from a Mystery ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-29-2020 5:43 AM

"I'm starting to think that you are not completely satisfied with Prometheus. Perhaps you also think that Alien: Engineers would be a better option? "

This is a Excellent Point ;)

I think Prometheus was a movie that had not Satisfied a lot, it however had Potential in how it could EXPAND the Franchise.  For me i dont really have a lot to Complain about regarding Prometheus especially the Plot.

The Scale of the Engineers in Comparison to the Space Jockey being a Minor Niggle but we have covered that old Nugget many times.

Alien Engineers is certainly basically the same as Prometheus, they just decided that you NEVER had to have Xenomorphs or offer any deep Clues to LV-426 and that the other Themes/Plot about Engineers and Creation was more interesting.

I think again in HINDSIGHT then if they had taken Lindeloffs work and got someone else in to MERGE both Prometheus and Alien Engineers then a AMALGAMATION would have given us the better Result... with less to Complain about lol.

But if i had to make a Choice of getting a Movie that was based on Lindeloffs Paradise, or Alien Engineers then i prefer what we got with Prometheus as Alien Engineers was a bit Flawed and Spoon Fed and Popcorn.   I have said a number of Times in HINDSIGHT if we had a First Prequel that was more a MIX of the TWO then i feel we would have had the better Result..... i have also said in HINDSIGHT that if Prometheus got a Sequel that went back to LV-223 and was like a Alien Engineers of sorts then that would have served to CLOSE the DOOR to ALIEN and the Xenomorph and allowed where David and Dr Shaw in another Sequel to not be Restrained by the Xenomorph or its Origins and could have given us more about the Engineers.

I think its hard to come up with something Fresh, especially if this has to be about Discovering the Typical Eggs that make Typical Face Huggers that then Spawn our ALIEN or ALIENS type of Xenomorphs (or AVP and AVPR types) if you get what i mean.

I think it would be Interesting to Explore some Variation at least.  And you can use your Imagination rather than going back to the CARBON COPY.  This is something that maybe Blomkamps Alien 5 was doing, by that i mean trying to give us a slightly different take on the Xenomorphs.

The above for Example ;)

What kind of Xenomorph would that Produce?

Then the Red Harvest Project had many Experiments going on and a Few Concept Artists.   I think such a Project (Red Harvest/Alien 5) is something that i think they should carry on with.... i can understand putting something on HOLD until the Prequels had Concluded and its likely that IF we saw Alien Covenant was a HIT or at least made a Good Return, we would have had a Alien Covenant 2 by now... which could have freed up Time to work on a Alien 5.

The only real Concern i had for ALIEN 5 was that it did-not have to bring back Ripley and Co.... it is Unfortunate what Happened with Alien 3.....  but there are GOOD REASONS for why that happened especially with Newt.

I could not understand why Hicks had to be Killed off though but i guess the Loss of Both did help to build the Character of Ripley and what she would have gone through with the Losses.   But what happened had happened and i dont see any reason to Resurrect anyone.

But the PLOT of Red Harvest/Alien 5 does seem to have Potential, not a lot is known about it.  What we do see is some Mutations of the Xenomorph, some very ODD ones in Red Harvest... which only makes me assume they recovered a Derelict where the Cargo had suffered some Radiation Damage and they tried to Obtain a Pure Specimen but all they could get was Mutations..

I think they would at some point have Obtained a Clean/Pure Specimen though, just they would have had a number of Failures/Undesired Results as we saw in Alien Resurrection with the Clones.

I will in CLOSING say that Prometheus with LV-223 and Planet 4 has shown that you have the Potential to also explore many different Versions of Horrors that could come from the Black Goo/Experiments.

Did the Engineers use the Black Goo on any Worlds? what became of them?

What was the Origin of the Black Goo?

Was the GOO used on some Organism the Engineers had never Created to then account for the Various Horrors/Experiments on LV-223?

The Answers/Exploration of those could be Explored on a Totally Different World we have NOT been to yet ;)

But i think that Disney will play it SAFE and it will just be the Discovery of Typical Eggs with little Variation.  But maybe they can change it up a little?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianMar-01-2020 4:45 PM

"Do you think it should DROP the Ripley, Hicks and NewtCharacters and therefore NOT remove Alien 3 from Canon?"


Please keep Alien 3 as is and tell the stories of Alien: River of Pain or Alien: The Cold Forge on film...or pick up right after Alien Resurrection.


MemberDeaconMar-02-2020 6:12 AM

I would Personally go for either.

a) A Story that Follows what Happened to the Failed Ripley 7 Queen, as in maybe this Specimen could had been taken to some other Place?

Which i have a rough idea for which i have yet to Expand upon (as usual)

b) Go to a World we have not seen before where we either come across a World that some of the Eggs had got to (but we dont give any Dates/Hints to when they got there or where from.

c) As above but you arrive at a World that had been Bombarded by the Black Goo in the Past.

None of those Options has to Connect to LV-426 or Conflict the Prequels then ;)


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMar-02-2020 6:21 AM

Another thing when looking at the Franchise are WHY they all Followed the Path of Ripley (i know its because she was the Main Character) but what i am talking about is from the Perspective of the Company.

The Companies must have had a Good Reason for ONLY wanting to Pursue the Xenomorph Specific to the Derelict, or there is NOTHING to obtain from Planet 4, LV-223 or any World that David goes to Next.

We have to assume that NOTHING was viable from LV-426 after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope which is WHY the USM Scientist resorted to Ripleys DNA.

However a Interesting Question to Ponder is CAN you Obtain Xenomorph DNA from a Dead Face Hugger?

Surely the Team from the USCSS Patna  could have obtained one of the Face Huggers from the Sulaco EEV Incident (includes the ONE that lead to the Xenomorph in Alien 3).

If you could obtain a Xenomorph via infected Ripley DNA then surely you could from a Face Hugger Specimen?


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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