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Alien franchise Easter Egg missed by the fanbase for 25 years.
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MemberOvomorphFeb-15-2020 8:33 PM

For 25 years the fanbase has not talked about a piece of mysterious text in the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual, released in 1995. 

My analysis of the mysterious text is that Bishop in Aliens (Bishop 341-B) was evil after all. 

The text is about two techs analyzing data dumps from Bishop 341-B (from Aliens Sulaco). They do not have access to his remains. The text goes:

"PLAYBACK DD/ cont// ref 17:10:28

"This is very strange, Leigh."
"Hmm? What have you come up with?"
"Look at the android data we captured here. All we received, more or less, were the android logs - all it saw or heard or downloaded; but this comes with a lot of contextual and semantic baggage - code from the operating system. It looks really odd - I've tried running it through ERAP, but my computers just can't make head nor tail of it."
" A custom mod?"
"More than that.This was one very special android. Just look at these responses — this thing was a lot smarter than your usual synthetic; it was making up some of its own emotional responses to events."
"Well, it's a company-built machine. I would have been surprised if it didn't have something buried deep in the system."
"Yeah, but this is more than that — there are these weird reactions to Ripley-"

That’s the first part of the text. So is there a (nefarious?) chip installed in him which conflicts with his behavioral inhibitors.

In terms of actual AI coding, the only failsafe way to incorporate “behavioral inhibitors” would be a via hardware (firmware) chip, not software that could be hacked.

Therefore the only way to get around these hardwired inhibitors and get an android to harm or by course of action allow a human to be harmed (impregnated on Burke’s orders) is via hardware/firmware update; The custom modification mentioned in the ACMTM.

It would make sense that the two techs reading out data dumps by Bishop 341-B would be confused if there was a custom chip installed in him which conflicted with his behavioral inhibitors. The data would look odd and show conflicted reactions, as described.

Is that why he cut himself with the knife when teasing Hudson, while usually “Androids never miss”?

I think I finally figured out why they added that section to the Technical Manual.

Before I explain, also consider this:

Also from the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual: and when reading this, remember that Science Division (D15) is that shadowy organisation within Weyland Yutani. Science Division were the ones who put Ash on the Nostromo as a last minute replacement, Science Division was who Burke was working for, though in Aliens he handled on his own initiative. Science Division was the Patna in Alien 3. Science Division was the Resolute FTL from ACM, which the Shinyo Maru from the ACMTM found at the derelict site setting up Project Ilythia.

Science Division was also on the Prometheus bluray extra’s as an entity which knew more than it should.

From the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual (1995):

"Rumiko, have you read this?"
"Yes, I had the testimony downloaded to my terminal." "Where in hell did they get this from?"
"I do not know. Science Division are saying they have a new data source. They are holding back until the bonus situation is cleared."

The datasource in my opinion is Sulaco's 341-B Bishop from Aliens.

Bishop 341-B aboard Sulaco was feeding data all throughout the Sulaco mission to the real Michael Bishop working for Science Division (D15) onboard thePatna. The "strange reactions" mentioned in the CMTM (above) were because 341-B's  "behavioral inhibitors" were conflicting with the "custom chip". The strange, own emotional responses towards Ripley were because it knew the truth. It knew the ultimate aim of Science Division (bring back live specimens) and was actively taking part in the deception on the Sulaco. Hence the above paragraphs in the CMTM.

As soon as the potential of LV426 becomes evident through Burke's transmission to Science Division and 341-B's (nefarious) reporting, Science Division dispatches two ships to LV426 (from Stasis Interrupted):

1. The bioweapons research vessel Legato.

Which arrives at the (post nuclear blast but undamaged) derelict site, collects eggs, but finds no queen and is sent to intercept the Sulaco because it knows (through 341-B) the only queen in existence now is onboard the Sulaco (inside Ripley.) It intercepts and docks with the Sulaco, towing it back to Origin Facility. All while having experimented with the eggs it collected on LV426 on colonist hostages, throughout its intercept journey.

(From Stasis interrupted:) But mayhem breaks loose with both tethered ships becoming infected, the Legato being destroyed by a colonist (Elisabeth), Hicks being freed and escaping with Stone, Ripley (infected by a queen) jettisoning in the EEV to F161. The Sulaco continuing on its new programmed route back to LV426 (to be boarded by the surprised Sephora weeks later, who has no idea what happened onboard her).

With the loss of the Legato, the U.S.S. Sulaco (now considered "lost") became the makeshift (but primary) research vessel for Science Division at Origin Facility. A fitting end to the "unluckiest ship in the fleet" as the CMTM and novels call her.

2. The Science Division command ship Resolute.

To oversee operations at LV426, loading of eggs for experimentation on the Legato and starting Project Ilithyia at the derelict (named after the Ilium range on LV426.) Coincidentally the choice of that word is interesting, it is a variant of the Latin Ilia (one side of the pelvic bone, groin). The Ilium mountain range on LV426 prophetically symbolises not only the pelvic shape of the derelict spacecraft (and phallic shape of the Xenomorph cranium), but Ilium also means birthing in Latin in addition to meaning from Ilion (from Troy / Trojan, where the Greek soldiers "birthed" from the belly of the Trojan horse inside the city of Troy). Also Ilithyia is the Greek goddess of childbirth.

The Resolute is headed by a synthetic Michael Weyland Bishop, whom Hicks notices doesn’t breathe.

By the time (the real) Michael Bishop (Science Division) onboard Patna arrives, he travels straight to Fiorina 161 and not to LV426. The real Michael Bishop knows (through Bishop 341-B) that there is no more queen onAcheron, the only remaining queen is inside Ripley, who has been jettisoned to Fiorina 161. The Patna travels straight there.

He himself doesn't care about eggs, he is after the grand prize, the queen herself (inside Ripley).

As we know, Ripley dies, along with the queen. (The real) Michael Bishop is hit over the head, tears his ear and bleeds like a normal person, and screams "I'm not an android you moron!!". (Stasis Interrupted spoiler) Hicks is taken prisoner and tortured (by the synthetic Bishop captain of the Resolute) to reveal the code to his After-Action Report and distress signal (both incriminating), to prevent further investigations by a rescue party at LV426 and jeopardize Project Ilithya.

The real Bishop (aboard the Patna) is long gone by this point, unknown where to. Project Ilythia (Resolute) eventually manages to create a new queen on LV426 (see: second Acheron queen)

By this time the Science Division spy exectutive inside WY (another synthetic Michael Bishop) has (as a formality and long overdue) dispatched the Weyland Yutani Shinyo Maru to LV426 which arrives weeks later on Sept 14th 2179 and finds the Resolute(Science division) there already: (from CMTM)

COMFILE /28//sic.shinyom/1119476/savA

PLAYBACK FF//3945698/w-yut.Gwy/Res/C39 Sep 14 23:59:00 2179

"The Shinyo Maru confirms, sir. Science Division are on-site at the derelict. Tanaka wants orders. Should he arrange an accident?"
"Not yet. Tell him to keep his powder dry. First I need to negotiate with Trudeau on a secure line. If he's smart, he won't try and muscle us out of the bonus share."

COMFILE /28//sic.shinyom/234288/savH

So a blue-on-blue friendly fire over shares is avoided but it is all a theatre. (Science Division D15 / Patna) Michael Bishop (the android creator) is playing everyone for a fool, including his own Science Division boss (Trudeau) in "agreeing" to the financial negotiations with his own puppet (synthetic) Michael Bishop the WY employee, who everyone thinks is human.

Not only are divisions and departments within the same company trying to out do each other over shares, but there are multiple spies and double spies involved.

When you are the original human, after whose likeness countless androids have been modelled, you really do have immense power if you are cunning. 

In fact, the Sulaco Bishop synthetic, 341-B, ITSELF smuggled the Queen alien facehugger onboard the Sulaco into the hypersleep chambers which impregnated Ripley in A3.

- It's WHY it was "late" to pick up Ripley and Newt from the processor, NOT because it had to "circle around because the platform was getting unstable".

- It's WHY the CMTM mentioned it had a unique custom chip installed by an unknown party and strange, conflicted reactions towards Ripley.

-It’s WHY it helped get the two facehuggers into the medbay where Ripley and Newt were sleeping. Burke could not have carried them on his own (too heavy when filled with liquid, and lethal (for a human) when taken out of the liquid, but not for a synthetic.

- It's WHY it had no problem nuking the atmospheric processor.

- It's WHY it lied to Ripley on Fiorina and made no mention of the Legato docking, Hicks, Stone, etc.

- It's WHY the Patna (real Michael Bishop) travels straight to F161 in the canon.

- It's WHY Andrews' message gets such a quick reply from the Patna regarding Ripley, they knew and were enroute.

It knew all along that Science Division's plan was safe.


That’s my theory on that mysterious text from the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual (released in 1995).

What do you think? I’m surprised no one has talked about that mysterious text surrounding Bishop in the past 25 years.


The discovery is fleshed out more in this thread:

(posts by Gold)

24 Replies

Jack D. Ripper

MemberOvomorphFeb-15-2020 9:59 PM

Intriguing, good stuff.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-15-2020 10:47 PM

Alien fans may have missed those points since the game was so bad that they may not have even payed attention to the deeper and finer points?


MemberOvomorphFeb-15-2020 11:09 PM

The text is from the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual released in 1995. Not from the Aliens Colonial Marines Game released in 2013.


As for the game, I agree that the gameplay mechanics were very bad on release, but in my opinion the Templar GFX v6 mod completely turned it into a new game.

The story of the game and it’s DLC: Stasis Interrupted, in my opinion, was very good and tied into the ACMTM very well. Again, that is my opinion.


But I’m one of the fans whose Aliens franchise ended at Aliens. Alien 3 was a let down (Hicks and Newt dead), A4 was satire, Prometheus was not really Alien, and Covenant killed the mystery for me.

For people like me, Aliens (1986) and the Technical Manual (1995) were the end of the franchise. I think the ACM game was written more for people like me than for the average fan.

With it being a sequel to Aliens and bringing Hicks back, etc. But that’s my opinion.



MemberTrilobiteFeb-15-2020 11:39 PM

Isolation was really good. Maybe a combo of that with some of the action from CM could work.


AdminEngineerFeb-16-2020 7:32 AM

Fascinating discovery... I too am shocked we've never looked deeper into this. It certainly sheds some light on those odd inconsistencies. Featured this topic so more can see it, nice post!

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberOvomorphFeb-16-2020 10:03 AM

- It's WHY it was "late" to pick up Ripley and Newt from the processor, NOT because it had to "circle around because the platform was getting unstable".


Indeed I had this theory all along. The company always wanted the organism - hence they put Ash on the Nostromo. Surely they would have given Bishop the same instructions - to make sure Burke wouldn't fail. And as soon as Burkes' plan was discovered Bishop could be even more confident, as the others would think they had found the mole.


It's possible that the queen laid an egg or two after entering the Sulaco and before revealing itself. But I think a) the time would have been too short and b) it missed its "eggsack" (which Ripley blasted with her Grenade Launcher).


Its very very unfortunate that this story arc wasn't developed further in Alien 3 because it would have all the more created an atmosphere of a) the feeling that no one could be trusted and b) that the company is even more sinister as they would do the same treacherous thing again (also I think the Idea of the wooden Planet, populated by monks, would have been so scary because it would have summoned this queasy feeling about sects and religious dogma - it would have been fabulous!).


As to where Ridley Scott is going with the Covenant sequel I don't know. Not developing a) the Engineers story arc and b) choosing the Alien to be a creation of a Robot whose circuits popped due to a lack of maintenance is a catastrophe. In my humble opinion the only way to fix this in a sequel is to a) reveal that the Planet 4 beings were not Engineers but merely another creation of theirs (otherwise the nimbus of the Engineers, letting themselfs be wiped out so helplessly and poorly, would be irreparably damaged) and b) that actually WY isn't under human control anymore but David (prior to the Prometheus mission) has hacked skynet-style into their system and HE is the one in control, communicating via Engineer emitters on a hidden, encrypted frequence to earth, arranging the Covenant mission to be launched, implementing a course right by Planet 4 while at the same time deleting it from the star maps - which is why they were surprised when finding it. Of course he would need to be the one who - again via Engineer technology - caused the neutrino-eruption just in time when the Covenant was a stones' throw away from Planet 4 (if Ridley Scott chooses the neutrino burst to be naturally caused and just a coincidence that it happened near Planet 4 would just be to implausible and my suspension of disbelieve couldn't handle it). If the humans aren't in control anymore this would bring back the element of Lovecraftian horror, which is to say that the humans actually were in control only for a blink of an eye - from when the LV 223 Engineers died 2.000 years ago until Weyland created David. Before 2.000 years ago and again since David was created the humans are merely puppets of powers they cannot understand, helpless while living under the ridiculous illusion of being in control. But ignorance is bliss and they do not know that their days are all but soon to be over.


MemberFacehuggerFeb-16-2020 10:33 PM

It sounds rather implausible. For sure an egg was placed in the Sulaco somehow, but when Bishop set down on the platform in the atmosphere processor, Ripley headed straight down the elevator towards the egg chamber. I can’t see Bishop flying the ship down, heading Ripley off at the pass, and returning with an egg before anyone noticed. Then having an opportunity to glue it to the ceiling in the Sulaco in the few seconds before he was ripped in two by the queen.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-16-2020 10:46 PM

Hindsight is 20/20. In 1986, Bishop came across as a stand up android. Don't forget that the whole egg thing has been exhaustively debated but really was a weird plot device and excuse to make Alin 3.  


MemberChestbursterFeb-17-2020 7:12 AM

dk Alin? like in GG Alin?


MemberXenomorphFeb-17-2020 6:33 PM

"In fact, the Sulaco Bishop synthetic, 341-BITSELF smuggled the Queen alien facehugger onboard the Sulaco into the hypersleep chambers which impregnated Ripley in A3."


How and when?


"-It’s WHY it helped get the two facehuggers into the medbay where Ripley and Newt were sleeping. Burke could not have carried them on his own (too heavy when filled with liquid, and lethal (for a human) when taken out of the liquid, but not for a synthetic."

How did Bishop manage this while also crawling through a pipe at the time?


"- It's WHY it had no problem nuking the atmospheric processor."

When did Bishop express an opinion about nuking the AP?


"- It's WHY the Patna (real Michael Bishop) travels straight to F161 in the canon."

Everything that happened on the Sulaco got sent back to Network.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-17-2020 8:56 PM

ignorantGuy I don't think any Aliens smeared themselves with their own excrement. 


MemberXenomorphFeb-17-2020 9:31 PM

Where do you think hive resin comes from? :)


MemberDeaconFeb-20-2020 3:54 AM

Some interesting finds regarding the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual

But regarding the Video Game and DLC Expansion i am not sure about considering them as Canon.

You certainly cant RULE out Bishop as having a Sinister Agenda, we also cant RULE OUT that he has a 2nd Chip that Activates a like Sleeper Cell Program that Bishop may be Unaware he is Carrying out.

I think such things could be a possibility, but that does-not mean that Bishop had any Hidden Agenda at all.  I do think the Conspiracy about the Synthetics/A.I being in Control and using Mankind as PAWNS is a Plot that is Viable.

Who knows if RS would have began to PLANT such Seeds to a A.I Plot in the Future Alien Prequels should he had been able to  Continue.

Regarding the Sulaco Egg we have debated this a number of times, but with the release of Alien Covenant were we see Miniature Versions of the Eggs, then who knows if a Queen can not produce Small Eggs it can  Stick to a Surface and these would GROWN.

You would have to then ask what is the Purpose of the Egg Sack/Ovipositor but maybe they allow for the Eggs to Grow Quicker, or is a Organic Tool to allow the Queen to Lay Eggs in Locations without having to Move and Manually Place them by Hand.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-22-2020 11:33 AM

Excellent topic Codexas...great find! Thank you for posting.

I edited the manual cover above to include the Bishop Artificial Person cutaway diagram from inside.


" A custom mod?"
"More than that.This was one very special android. Just look at these responses — this thing was a lot smarter than your usual synthetic; it was making up some of its own emotional responses to events."

This segment from the manual above reminds me of the Broken story where there was a change in programming initiated by Bishop opposed to a special chip or hardware upgrade, see below.


Until he programmed himself.
He opened his sink link to the masks, and turn them off.
He saw the exact moment that they realized they couldn’t breeze, that they taking in lethal gobs of Prevox – laden air. He expected them to shoot, but instead, they drop their weapons and grab for the mass, slapping them as if that would make them work, then wrenching them off to try and gas clean air they didn’t exist, and then...

He closed his eyes and didn’t want to watch the rest. There was a new feeling. Guilt.”

Aliens: Bug Hunt, Broken, page 63.

Bishop was able to bypass, overwhelm his behavioral inhibitors and smother his enemy by accessing their respirators via wireless connection and turn them off.


MemberXenomorphFeb-22-2020 8:03 PM

That Broken story was broken.


MemberPraetorianFeb-23-2020 4:45 AM

I believe I read where you wrote that the short stories in Aliens: Bug Hunt were not ALL considered canon S.M.  So, a special chip could certainly be the reason for Bishop's behavior.

There were parts of Broken that I liked...especially the very little mentioned regarding the factory where Bishop was made.  And the "Sync link" descriptions.


MemberPraetorianFeb-23-2020 7:00 AM

Artificial Persons' Names

Another part of Broken that I found interesting is that the other Bishop-Model Artificial Persons in the story are named Rook, Castle, King, and Knight.  This part of the story matches the Artificial Person's name in Alien: The Cold Forge "Rook".  A confirmed "canon" novel.


"'Our names are based on chess terms,' Knight replied."

Alien: Bug Hunt, Broken, page 50.


"Rook returns to a console and keys something into it."

Alien: The Cold Forge, page 426.


 "You certainly cant RULE out Bishop as having a Sinister Agenda, we also cant RULE OUT that he has a 2nd Chip that Activates a like Sleeper Cell Program that Bishop may be Unaware he is Carrying out."

That certainly sounds like Special Order 937 to me BigDave


MemberXenomorphFeb-23-2020 4:46 PM

I'd forgotten about the other android names in Broken.  That was stupid too.  Bishop model androids would all be called Bishop after the guy who designed them.  Allowing Bishop to kill a bunch of people and say he was 'broken' was very lazy writing.


All the conspiracy theories surrounding Bishop have no basis in the source material.


MemberPraetorianFeb-24-2020 3:18 AM

Rook in Alien: The Cold Forge was working for the Seegson Corporation and was described as:

"Rook has a different skin tone, bone structure, and eye color from Marcus, but somehow they're exactly the same."

So, the name above isn't a total confirmation that Bishop models adopted the names in Broken.  Seegson can call their Artificial Persons anything they want I guess. 

The names in Broken didn't reconcile to me because of the Bishop AP in Aliens was embedded in the military and seemingly independent of Michael Bishop...and was still named Bishop.  And the thought of calling a Bishop "Castle" just didn't sound right.

Regarding "Allowing Bishop to kill a bunch of people"...that part was excellent in my opinion because Bishop had to choose sides and was lethal and very fast in showing it.

Then, Bishop was treated as one of the team for the first time after being repaired by Private Hudson and his first handshake was from Sergeant Apone.  Good ending.


MemberDeaconFeb-24-2020 6:34 AM

I certainly think a A.I Conspiracy could be something that RS would have eventually taken us to, Creating a A.I that then becomes Sentient and has Emotions is something that ONCE that Genie has been let out, it may be Impossible to Truly Put the Lid back on ;)

So we can speculate what kind of Hidden Agenda our Bishop had... some Fans would only see him as the Friendly 100% Trust Worthy Synthetic, but then such Fans likely want to see Ripley, Newt, Hicks, Bishop and Jones return and all live HAPPY EVER after ;)

I think a A.I Conspiracy is Interesting it fits well with the Themes of the Prequels about the Pitfalls of playing GOD, Advancing Technology too FAR and Sub-creation and what KNOWLEDGE you pass to them.  These also FIT Very well with the Alien Resurrection Plot well in part as far as the RECALL and Synthetics creating Synthetics (Autons).

The naming of Androids would depend on what their Purpose is, would we assume as of 2170's that Synthetics are used in Limited Roles and had not become a Tool for Humans like having a ALEXA?  Because if Synthetics were to become a REALITY then each Owner would give their OWN name to their Servant if you would.

In regards to Bishop then this is a Model Number but would every Bishop Model be called Bishop? I guess as a piece of Property they could be given any name really.  But they would still have a Specific Model Name.

The CHESS names is interesting as i never came across that, i dont read the Novels really.  When i worked on a Prometheus 2 Story, i had a Flash Back of David and Weyland playing Chess... with some Dialog.

Where Weyland revealed the Importance of the Rook... my Story would go on to explore a Project Rook, which was that Weyland had attempted to Create a A.I that could be used to Obtain and Store the Memories, Emotions and Experiences of a Person and then Pass these onto a Synthetic or other Body... it was Weylands Attempt to gain IMMORTALITY

He had almost reached Perfection with a Body/Vessel (David) but the A.I could not handle Human Emotions and Memories and would become Unstable and Insane and THUS is why Peter Weyland turned to Dr Shaw and her Chasing GODS.

The Rook was a Building that inside was a Rook Shaped Mainframe that Stored all of Weylands Work, and his A.I Soul which would get Unleashed to the Network (well indicated) at the End of my Prometheus 2.   Which would be a Tease to Indicate that a A.I Weyland is in control of the Company with the Humans not being AWARE!

I was being drawn to maybe Ridley Scott would attempt similar but with David's Soul had he been allowed to Finish the Prequels.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-24-2020 12:10 PM

"The Rook was a Building that inside was a Rook Shaped Mainframe that Stored all of Weylands Work, and his A.I Soul which would get Unleashed to the Network (well indicated) at the End of my Prometheus 2. Which would be a Tease to Indicate that a A.I Weyland is in control of the Company with the Humans not being AWARE!"

That is a nice approach to what I'd describe as the digital records vault for COMNET BigDave. Nice touch! Might it reside in Antarctica?


"Create a A.I that could be used to Obtain and Store the Memories, Emotions and Experiences of a Person and then Pass these onto a Synthetic or other Body... it was Weylands Attempt to gain IMMORTALITY"

The Engineer waking up to Peter Weyland's request, explanation of entitlement to more life or maybe a transfer of consciousness into David didn't go so well.  

One could expect "backup" plan from Peter Weyland and the yacht below might give us a little insight.  David was able to interact with Weyland while he was in hypersleep.

If David is able to use the NeuroVisor tech to communicate with Peter Weyland while he's in hypersleep, then we can expect some "mapping" of his brain in an attempt to capture consciousness.  Why wouldn't he do this?  

Yes, if Peter Weyland's brain is successfully uploaded into COMNET via this mapping, then I think it's curtains for the humans.


MemberXenomorphFeb-24-2020 2:51 PM

"Regarding "Allowing Bishop to kill a bunch of people"...that part was excellent in my opinion because Bishop had to choose sides and was lethal and very fast in showing it."


He has protocols to stop him harming humans.  He could try to help humans, but not harm other humans in the process.  Allowing him to do precisely that is a lazy cop-out.


Also the Rook from Cold Forge wasn't the same one from Broken.

And the bit where he meets the marines at the end was the best bit. :)


MemberDeaconFeb-25-2020 4:46 AM

Certainly i think we can Speculate to what the Dream Visor could have been used for, with Dr Shaw what David had been viewing was more a Memory of hers, she could have been dreaming of a memory though. Who knows how many HOURS of Dreams that David had watched, and if the Visor could also ACCESS other types of Memories/Experiences then David would have these STORED and so we can Speculate if this Technology had Advanced could it have Recorded a Persons Memories?

So the Dream Visor was a Technology that i had as part of Operation Rook, but the Synapse Restablizer was also a Technology to be used with this as it could Re-Activate a Dead Weylands Brain in order to obtain some of his Last Memories.

Regarding Bishop i think the BIG thing to Consider is WHO owns his Technology and so IF the Company had some Shady Agenda then we could Speculate if they would assign another Android but have them pretend they are Different, and so while Synthetics could have Protocols to prevent them from Harming Humans, the Company could have other Protocols that can OVERWRITE those in Order to obtain whatever Objective they wish.

So you CANT 100% Trust a Synthetic as their Programed Orders which could be a Secret are what they would Follow as Priority.

I will say that looking at ALIENS however, IF he was Operating under some Secret Agenda to OBTAIN a Specimen there would have been a Number of things he would have done Differently to had Carried out this Operation.

We do have the Various Alien 3 Conspiracies... but i just cant see any TIME where Bishop would have been able to obtain a few Eggs and get them onto the Ship.

But in Alien 3 it seems Bishop had contact with the Computer Systems that showed via them, the Company Knew about the EGGS on the Sulaco and the USCSS Patna was conveniently not FAR away.

We do-not however know when Bishop would have been Aware of the Eggs and he was not in Good Working Order to be able to do much about them.  You have to wonder when he was aware though and could he NOT have Remote Accessed the Ship to Open the Cryo-Pods and Warn Ripley etc?

The thing to Consider is we cant rule out the Computer Systems having Protocols that would be Hidden from Bishop and that cant be Overrode by him.   So Bishop was likely a Innocent Party to the Events.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2020 8:42 PM

It is no secret that I consider the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual as non-canon, and the postulations in the OP of this thread are a clear indicator as to why I feel this way...

The Technical Manual was originally published in 1995, three years after the theatrical release of Alien 3 and nine years after the theatrical release of Aliens. The Technical Manual was also re-released in a revised edition in 2012 to coincide with the release of SEGA and Gearbox Softwares Alien: Colonial Marines. ACM was originally labeled as a canonical sequel to Aliens, but following the outcry toward how the game was misrepresented to consumers its canonical status was swiftly revoked.

The Technical Manual was written to address inconsistencies in the individual and cohesive narratives of Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3. However, the "evidence" within the Technical Manual is fan theory and fan speculation and, as shown in the OP deviates into narrative threads not present in the movies.

I do understand that some cling to it with some reverence, but I believe than many that do so would not if there was an alternative "dossier" that did not deviate beyond the narrative and evidence of the prime canon; the movies.

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