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Alien- The Least important Character: Who Would it be?
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MemberTrilobiteOct-31-2019 9:39 PM

This sounds like sacrilege, but let's give it a go. It is tough to imagine any character being deleted from the movie- including Jonesy.

I think the movie could have still been strong without Lambert. Sorry. Tough call and you can hate all you want. I know that Lambert represented some sort of connection to the audience's fear but there it is.

Now it is your turn. GO!

10 Replies


MemberOvomorphNov-01-2019 1:58 PM

Haven’t posted anything on here since covenant came out. I still read all your entries, and enjoy them thoroughly. Big Dave might remember me, I’m the nerdy biologist from Vail colorado. I posted a subject about how the Xenomorph is nowhere near to the perfect organism. Anyway I’m just not a good enough writer to feel confident on how I feel about the alien series. Anyway to the question, I have to agree Lambert could be removed, but if your not including the deleted scenes.  Brett could be done away with as well. If not for the egg morphing scene he is just another kill character. 


MemberDeaconNov-01-2019 5:24 PM

I am going to have to say its PARKER

For the Following Reasons....

Ripley is the Main Protagonist and Character and Survivor

Dallas is Secondary Main Character and Captain

Ash becomes One of the Main Antagonist and Plot Twist

Lambert provides the Emotional Proxy for the Viewer

Kane is our Introduction to the Horrific Beast

Bret is the Adult Xenomorph's First Victim

Parker mainly just moans about stuff, makes some Wise Comments (WHY dont they just Freeze Him as in Kane).

But he is NOT really Important to the PLOT the other Characters Function as Part of Important parts of the PLOT.  And so if he was Removed it would NOT really effect the Movie.   You could say he is just really the Ford (Prometheus) of the Movie ;)

I still think that Kotto did a Good Job, my point being that he is the one with the LESS Impact on the Plot.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteNov-01-2019 9:20 PM

Lambert was the emotional proxy, but the crying and freezing (when flight/fight should have kicked in) seemed weaker compared to Parker's practical actions. He whined and complained like a regular person but took action when Ash went nuts while Lambert stood around and basically screamed.


MemberPraetorianNov-01-2019 9:58 PM

This is tough.

Parker's engineering ability fit the industrial setting with Brett as his tech...I believe vital to a Nostromo-like-ship look.  Brett's character wasn't central to the plot but Harry Dean Stanton was cast too well to cut.  He looked like he walked right out of a truck stop.

Parker pressing Dallas for pay was pretty good and so was Ash and Dallas' response. Parker telling Lambert to get out of the room when staring at the beast in the face was pretty good too.  Dallas fit well.  Kane was central.  And yes, we can't cut Ripley because she was the survivor and no one would cut Jonesy.  

Lambert was crying and freezing up but she may be the closest example of how I might behave with that demon close by but she would be the one to cut.


MemberDeaconNov-02-2019 6:34 AM

Dont get me wrong i liked Parker as a Character, but the OT was to choose the Least Important, i just felt that IF they had decided to CUT his Character and hand some of his Lines over to say Bret (Moan about Pay, and about suggesting they Freeze Kane) and then have someone else whack Ash's Head off.

Then his Character as not so Pivotal to the Plot.

We could have replaced Bret with Parker and have Parker be the First Victim of the Xenomorph then Bret would become the Spare Part of sorts...

I actually think the CAST and Number was SPOT-ON there is NO Real Stand out Weak Character.... you would be left with making a Choice from Parker, Bret and Lambert but their Roles did add to the Plot and so a removal of ONE would require another of the remaining Characters to Perform some of the Removed Characters Lines and Scenes.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Ganimes V.8

MemberFacehuggerNov-02-2019 12:36 PM

If i'd choose,i'd choose Lambert.

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019


ModeratorPraetorianNov-02-2019 2:30 PM

THis is tricky, as BigDave said above the cast and number were spot on, they all do contribute something.....unlike say the Alien Covenant cast....

As irritating and hopeless as Lambert was, her actions her were the manifestation of terror. Lets face it, what they faced and experienced was so ALIEN most folk would fall apart like she did. Trapped in a ship, in the middle of uninhabited space with a creature that was totally unpredictable and violent. 

Id have to say Brett could have been UTILIZED more in the plot, that's about it though. But in saying that Harry Dean Stanton was so perfectly cast


MemberFacehuggerNov-02-2019 3:32 PM

Jones. He really didn't do that much acting. Still, a tough call. I'm glad the furry fella made the big time.


MemberPraetorianNov-02-2019 4:36 PM

That is very reasonable's a hard choice because each character fit the role.

Right on hox.  I really didn't think anyone had the guts to cut the cat.  I didn't.


MemberPraetorianNov-03-2019 12:09 AM

Eh Brett since outside of being Big Chap's first victim, he is just a satellite character to Parker

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