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Oct-18-2019 6:47 AM

Its been about 10 YEARS since FOX had decided to re-explore the ALIEN Franchise and Decided with Ridley Scott that exploring the Mystery of the Space Jockey and Derelict would be the WAY TO GO.

No One had ever expanded upon WHO the Pilot was, and WHY he was Carrying those Eggs on his Ship and WHERE those Eggs came from......

John Spaights had given a Pitch to FOX/Ridley Scott entitled Alien 01 The Master Narrative and this evolved into what became Prometheus.  The Prequels then Continued and have Polarized the Fanbase as for MOST they are FAR from what they had expected any Revelations about the Space Jockey and Xenomorph Origins and Connections to be.

The MAIN purpose of this Topic is to CAST yourself back to 10 Years ago, at a Time that THEY had decided to go ahead and make a Prequel (well a Movie to Cover to some Degree at least the Origin of the Xenomorph and Space Jockey).   And to THEN give your Two Cents or Ideas to HOW you would have liked to had seen this Prequel or somewhat Prequel to have played out.

Some things to Consider when back at the Drawing Board.

1) What Time-Line do you set the Movie in, also include any Flash Back Scene Time-Lines?

2) What Location do you set the Movie on/in, back to LV-426, a near by Moon/Planet (like was done with LV-223) or another Place in the Galaxy? maybe also HOW FAR away does this take Place?

3) Do you go for a Direct Prequel where you explain what happened to the Derelict, and then do you DO-SO in a Chronological Route, or Provide Solid Clues/Flash Backs? 

OR do you infer Clues that would drawn Fans to WHAT likely happened without having to Visit or Show the Derelict?

4) Do you explore the Space Jockey, and to what Extent and Detail, do you see any ALIVE Space Jockey's? How Deep do you explore their Agenda and History or Set up this for a Sequel?

Do you have them Communicate with Each Other and Provide Sub Titles?  Do they/can they Communicate with Humans and HOW?

5) Do you offer a Direct Answer to WHERE/HOW those Eggs had Originated from?  And what the Connection the Space Jockey has with them?

6) Do you introduce the Xenomorph, or do you introduce something a bit Different?

7) How do you introduce Human Characters because they surely would be NEEDED, and so its HOW do any Humans END-UP at a Location that would then allow us to Answer some of those Questions left from ALIEN?

So this is KIND-OF like a Chance to go back and CHANGE the Prequels... a Reboot if you would, where you can Feel Free to include some of what the Prequels had Covered and Change a bit.... OR to Completely come up with something Totally Different.

Feel Free to think about coming up with ideas Visually too, or even if any UNUSED Concepts/Ideas from any of the FRANCHISE (Inc Prequels) would be ideal to introduce... or even stuff that HR Giger worked on, that does-not have to be anything he had done for ALIEN.

I know the Prequels had NOT been to everyone's liking so here is a Chance to VOICE how you would have Tackled them from Scratch ;)

Also feel Free to come up with a Title... if you think ALIEN ALPHA is not the best Origin Name... the Prequel had been Alien Genesis at one point.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Nov-03-2019 6:23 PM

Right... i never intended this to be a Derelict/Cargo Hold Debate, but i can expand on this and FIT it to the OT.

My previous Post and another prior where i Calculate the Derelict would have to be between 1.75-2.0 X Height (2.0-2.5 X Width) to FIT the Pilot Chamber and Cargo Hold.....   So it 100% would NOT FIT as shown.

This leaves us with 4 OPTIONS..

1) Purely a Oversight, that we have to Accept, maybe we just have to Accept the External Shot where the Crew Enter the Derelict.. is NOT to the Correct Scale and the Ship Externally is Larger.

2) The Space Jockey Race have a Technology like Dr Who with the TARDIS where the Internal Dimensions are Larger than the External... or that when anything Enters the Ship they are SHRUNK....

3) Separate Underground Cargo Hold that the Ship would DOCK with.  The SHIP however looks like it is Perched in a Fashion that looks ODD to be Docked.. 

This could be explained as the Ship had Attempted to Disconnect and so became either somewhat LOOSE but could not TAKE OFF (Pilot Chest Busted) or it had started to TAKE OFF but then Crashed Right back on top of the Cargo Hold (Pilot Chest Busted)

A Prequel Re-boot or Visit to the Derelict could indicate as such as OPTION 3...

However.... what i had mentioned a FEW times in the past is...

4) Separate Detachable Cargo Hold..... bare with me on this.. so OK do we accept the Cargo Hold was designed to Contain/Transport the Eggs

i) If thats so then in Context to it being PART of the Ship, then HOW do they Deploy the Bio-Weapon?  Drop the Eggs from ABOVE?  Can the Eggs Survive the Impact

Does the Ship LAND on the Surface and then HOW do the Eggs Get Deployed?  Seems Rather Risky unless there is some Automated Process.... 

Is this a Suicide Mission, the Ship Lands and its Intention is to Remain until all the Eggs have Infected the World.. (Where does the Space Jockey Stay?).

ii) If we have a Separate Underground Egg Cargo Hold then what was the Purpose of the Derelict?  Had it been Carrying something that is Transported from somewhere on the Ship to the Underground Cargo Hold?  Or was it attempting to Collect some Eggs and store them in some place on the Derelict?

Again this is Risky... where does the Ship Store the Eggs it obtains from the Cargo Hold?  In some other Areas of the Derelict like the ARM Sections?  But then HOW are they then Deployed?

BOTH those Issues and the SIZE would not matter in the Case of a Separate Detachable Cargo Hold!

I had used these Images i did before when discussing this..

Here i have drawn a Diagram to show what i mean.

So the Cargo Hold is Separate and Attaches to the Underside of the Derelict... where it can be Released/Detached and Dropped to a Worlds Surface (Maybe it has a Separate Propulsion/Landing System).

Once Deployed Parts of the Cargo Section will OPEN and would leave the Eggs Open (somewhat) and the Blue Myst is Disabled.. (Maybe there is another System that would cause the Eggs to OPEN and Unleash the Face Huggers?).

So Imagine Something like this...

ONCE all the Eggs have been Emptied.... a Beacon could GO OFF and the Doors Shut Back up and then the Derelict can come back and Attach to the EMPTY/SAFE Cargo Hold and then Take it back to WHERE the Eggs are Stored for Re-Filling.

I think this takes CARE of the Size Discrepancy and also is a Pretty Robust way to Deploy the Bio-Weapon and Re-Use the Separate Cargo Compartment, and it also means the Derelict ships can Perform other Tasks than just be Egg Carrying Cargo Ships.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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