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Kamoebas V.6

MemberChestbursterOct-13-2019 7:17 AM

Im not a encyclopedia for the Alien Franchise but i can discuss some things about BG-386!


BG-386 is the planet from Alien Vs. Predator 3.The species found are Xenomorphs,Yautja and humans,it also was discovered by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

My Questions About This Planet

Are there more species than the 3 mentioned?Why did the Yautja colonize this planet?


The planet was first colonized by the Yautja. Ancient Yautja ruins litter the planet's jungle areas, centered around a large subterranean pyramid and a combat arena that became the focus of Weyland-Yutani research.

Also what do you think about this planet?I think its iconic in its ways and it has some good history.



6 Replies


MemberPraetorianOct-13-2019 1:50 PM

I more interested in the planet from Aliens versus Predator 2, Lv-1201.

Which was home to a plethora of unique species before the Pilot Race (Space Jockey/Engineers) colonized the planet. Its even hinted that the pilots introduced the xenomorphs to the planet. The Yaut'ja colonized the planet some thousands of years later before an earthquake doomed the Anicent Predator colony, then 500 years later Humans colonized the planet.


Kamoebas V.6

MemberChestbursterOct-14-2019 6:27 AM

Yes,i know that!But i only played AVP 3,so i didn't know it existed...


MemberPraetorianOct-14-2019 7:05 AM

I recommend AVP2, it might have dated graphics but the story is great



MemberDeaconOct-14-2019 7:09 AM

I think its Interesting to visit and learn more about such places as far as in Context to the Video Games Alone... for sure ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJul-18-2022 4:09 PM

I am slowly growing interest in this planet, mostly because of wanting to fully explore this world via my ARPG campaign and my Unification Alien/Predator Canon Project



MemberPraetorianJul-18-2022 4:23 PM

well I wouldn't sell BG-386 that short. I mean sure it wasn't environmentally diverse as Lv-1201 or ecologically diverse as Lv-1201 or even have a secured Weyland Yutani settlement as Lv-1201 but at least it was the main setting of AVP3 just like how Lv-1201 was to AVP2.

AVP 1 was all over the place of where its setting was, I'll give you a list:
Space Temple (2 levels)
USCSS Ferarco (1 level)
Gateway Station (2 levels)
Lv-426 (3 levels)
USS Odobenus (1 level)
USS Tyrargo (2 levels)
Area 52 planet (3 levels)
Fiorina 161 (3 levels)

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