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Engineer weapons in future films
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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphSep-28-2019 1:38 PM

Whether Alien: Covenant sequel will happen is still under the question mark. If it does happen, as fans speculate, there will be a battle against humans, xenomorphs,
and engineers. RS said long ago that there will be 3 or 4 players coming in to investigate, and one of them will be engineers coming to find their planet decimated.
Since there might be a battle (in the 3rd act most likely), I highly doubt engineers would go into a fight barehanded.

In Jon Spaiht's script Alien: Engineers, after Engineer is awakened by David, he steps into a sarcophagus against the wall that equips him with a bulletproof
flight suit. When the crew follows him to the pilot room the Engineer shows up equipped with some kind of obscure devices clutched to his fists that he uses to
kill some of the Magellan crewmembers. Those devices are capable of firing nearly invisible missiles or forces that were described as "knots tied in the fabric of space itself", and are capable of crushing living things like insects with intense force.

Alien: Engineers script by Jon Spaihts, page 108.

Thought dark horse comics fire and stone/life and death wouldn't really be considered canon, we did get to see engineer weapons.
One was a rifle that was used by character Galgo throughout the comics. That weapon was incredibly powerful. According to some of the people who worked on the comics,
that weapon was originally supposed to suck the environment and shoot the black liquid, but for some reason, they changed it.
Another weapon was used by the engineer to eradicate the xenomorphs and humans. That weapon acted like a flamethrower but instead, it fired pink aura that was capable of erasing anything from existence insight.

Knowing RS and the tradition of using unused concepts from older films/scripts for new films, I wonder what will they use, or what will they come up with. Any ideas?

(Engineer holding something, concept art by Carlos Huante)

Also, BigDave, no offense but let's try not to go off-topic and not turn this thread into why Engineers are smaller/different than the Space Jockey, etc, ok? 

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."
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MemberTrilobiteSep-28-2019 3:15 PM

It seems like the pathogen has been the only real weapon besides the alien itself thus far. Weaponry besides the pathogen were brains or brawn. I don't think new weapons or a time travel element would work. If the franchise is to continue, it should maybe paint itself out of its corner by chosing a direction and then stick with it- let the chips fall where they may.


MemberXenomorphSep-28-2019 3:42 PM

I would be worried about a one sided affair.

Engineers and their Over Powered weapons would decimate space marines and xenos. Or they would just bomb you with black goo and wait for you to kill each other?


Probably off topic...But is black goo expensive to manufacture...or is it a natural resource?

The battle for black goo reserves maybe a storyline?


Alien series needs to up it's kill count! Star wars is killing billions, Star trek is up in the billions ...Dune is 61 billion

Alien series is 200+  humans....maybe 30 humans killed by xeno?



MemberTrilobiteSep-28-2019 5:45 PM

But is black goo expensive to manufacture...or is it a natural resource?

We will not resist the black goo- we will demand it!

Old Black Water, Keep on Rolling.


MemberDeaconSep-29-2019 7:35 AM

"Also, BigDave, no offense but let's try not to go off-topic and not turn this thread into why Engineers are smaller/different than the Space Jockey, etc, ok? "

Indeed i actually are one of those who Accept the Engineers for who they are, and only suggested in Topics alternatives to please those not happy with the Engineers ;)

so maybe they could have some kind of SHRINKING RAY GUN that can Enlarge or make things Smaller ;)  Just messing with YA!

I think Firstly i would like to look at WHY those Ships had NO Weapons if they are a Military Ship (which i think they are not)... it was likely the Engineers had Controlled the Worlds they Seed and Visit so that there is NO risk of them becoming Technologically Advanced to Pose a Threat!

Which is kind of Naive as these beings must see themselves as being the ONLY Powerful and Significant Race...  But do they have Internal Conflicts? they maybe could have a LONG TIME ago....

And so its likely they would have Possessed Weaponry at some point, and Certainly if they are aware of the Horrors the Experiments on LV-223 are about then you would need some PROTECTION!

So some ANT MAN Technology makes sense!

Just JOKING again ;)

Being Serious for a moment then for a Race of beings who are at least Millions of Years old, then in their History you would think they would have Created some Pretty Advanced Weaponry ;)

I will attempt to Break Some Down Next!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-29-2019 7:55 AM

In Prometheus our Engineers look like they are Genetically Enhanced compared to the Planet 4 Engineers, i am not trying to make this about the Differences though.  Just saying that Genetic Engineering seems to be a way they would use for Enforcement.

We dont know to what Extent these Modifications have, but it seems their Pressure Suits that are Infused to their Bodies is made from something that is Organic but also Very Resilient, they are also Genetically Stronger.

It would seem that Genetic Engineer is what they see as a Weapon and hence likely the Intentions that the Xenomorphs and the like would be used as Bio-Weapons.

But this TOPIC is about other Weapons, and for a Race who have Genetically Engineered maybe Super Soldiers and Horrific Beasts then you would NEED a kind of Safeguard and Protection.

So looking at the Weapons we have seen in the Drafts and Comics, i cant see WHY NOT... as in sure i think they would Posses some Weaponry and Especially Ranged Attacks.

The Power Gauntlets are interesting it seems they can Manipulate Matter/Anti Mater and are some kind of Gravity Weapon, where they Project a Force upon a Target, much like some JEDI can use.

The Plasma Riffle which it seems to be i think is more in tone with the Popcorn Comic Necessity but it makes sense as a Weapon to introduce for the Eradication of Serve Hostile Threats which the Xenomorphs would be.  And so Energy Weapons are something that i think they could Posses.

Other Weapons they could maybe use could include...

Sensory Weapons.... something like this could be USEFUL against Xenomorphs.

Dart Gun.... as in something that would Fire Dart Projectiles that are like Small Needles that act like Tranquilizer Guns and these could be loaded with Chemicals that could Stun a Target, or be used with the Black Goo.

You would think they would have Invested in Defensive Weapons to, but we can only Speculate, as it would be idea to have some kind of Weapon that would Negate/Deactivate the Effects of the Pathogen.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-29-2019 8:02 AM

"Engineers and their Over Powered weapons would decimate space marines and xenos."

But what if we have a PROMETHEUS Engineer.... as in a Friendly Engineer who would come to Earth to give us some Technology, maybe a Bio-Mechanical Suit we can use as PROTECTION!

He has Stolen Technology from the Gods to Aid Mankind...  but his Fellow Engineers are NOT happy and they send down a 11-12ft Super Engineer to put a STOP to it..

I wonder if that would make a Good Future Plot?

ERM......... LOL


But Joking aside...

I think Weaponry Discussions are Interesting.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2019 10:25 AM

I'm not sure Engineers would engage humans. They are a creation species....probably wiped out trillions of life forms along the way.....terminating a hundred marines would be beneath them?

Same with humanity...Just nuke the Engineers 'hive'...Maybe slam a FTL asteroid into their planet.

Both have giga scale event weapons.


But I can envision the Engineers having to 'ground pound' to protect their pathogen supply?


MemberChestbursterSep-29-2019 11:17 AM

The idea that Engineers don't have a hand weapons is absurd. In one way or another, they will not be able to avoid a direct conflict or encounter with a dangerous organism face to face. And I doubt that they will simply to wave hands. Simply, in the films, there was no suitable situation for using weapons.


But, if Engineers go to Origae-6 to destroy David, they should use a hand weapons.


MemberTrilobiteSep-29-2019 11:43 AM

The Engineers from LV-223 could tear him apart with their bare hands. Maybe they would need some sort of weapon as- knowing David- he might have some surprises waiting for them. Perhaps a targeted EMP at David could make short work of him. I never saw any evidence of such weaponry though.


MemberOvomorphSep-29-2019 11:52 AM

Engineer weapons: Helmet, Shield and a Pike.

The pike can be used for stabbing but it can also deliver massive electric-shock within a short distance (1-2 meters).

The shield and the helmet are more or less bulletproof.

* Silence Means Security *


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2019 1:01 PM

Where were the weapons on the LV-223 juggernauts? Should of had a few laying around? I'd think David would have found them. A weapons cache.

David finding advanced alien weapon.

David "Come Miss Shaw, we should have little trouble securing the second juggernaut...." ((David and Shaw stole another juggernaut and didn't seem they had any trouble ...did they have to kill a second weaponless Engineer?))

didn't seem David found any Engineer weapons on Planet 4?(probably would've used them instead of a flare gun?)

Thinking Engineers don't feel the need to develop weapons for imaginary foes?



MemberDeaconSep-29-2019 3:19 PM

"I'm not sure Engineers would engage humans. They are a creation species"

I think this depends on How many Worlds the Engineers seed and to what END.. Without trying to go Off Topic, it could seem that they Visit Worlds to keep Check on them to make sure they wont be showing signs of Evolving to Advance Levels.  So the Pathogen likely works as a Good Fail Safe for them.

We can only Speculate/Assume about if there would be Safeguards against Internal Conflict or as Protection against any Potentially Advanced Civilizations, or indeed other Threats.  So i think the Engineers would have and USE what ever they feel is Necessary to Deal with certain Threats, which could include Wayward Creations.

So we can assume their Arsenal could be Catered to different Threats.

"The idea that Engineers don't have a hand weapons is absurd."

Again this depends on what Threats there are in the Galaxy, and do they have a Back Up Plan or are they Very Naive?

At some point in the Past it would be Very Likely they had Hand-to-Hand Weapons... if they Prepare for any Eventuality then it would be Logical that they could have some kind of Hand to Hand Weaponry.

We can Speculate what some of these would look like.

So yes maybe we could have some Halberd/Spear like Weapons, some Sword Like Weapons, that could maybe have a Bio-Mechanical look to them, could they also be Powered by some Energy Source?  So that it is not just a case of HOW SHARP or STRONG the Material they are Constructed from?

I think the Space Jockey/Mask is also more so a Bio-Hazard Suit and so they could use these while they deploy Various Chemical/Biological Weapons.

I think some kind of Shield is Interesting, i would assume they could have the Technology to maybe have a Force Field like Shield, so they only have a Small Device on their Wrists that then Projects a Force Field Shield...

I just cant see them carrying around Bulky Weapons but then we have to ask WHY did the Juggernaught at least not have any kind of Force Shield?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-30-2019 2:10 AM

I think a Large Part of the Engineers is their Bio-Mechanical Technology, and i would think it would be Cool to see this Integration to Various Levels, we see they use this with their Space Jockey Suits, that can also Connect/Fuse them with the Juggernaught/Derelict.... does it have to END there?

I would like to think the Engineers could posses certain Weapons Platforms, that are Not Limited to but Include things such as Walking Platforms that a Single Engineer would be Attached to, like a HR Giger/Xenomorph inspired Star Wars Walker, or War of the Worlds Tripod, and what about Flying Vehicles too like some kind of Bio-Mechanical like Bike, or Bio-Mechanical like Drone with Mechanical Tentacles?

I have always seen the Engineers Pressure suits as kind of a Bio-Mechanical Version of the Centurions TV Show Suits and so i think they could use them to attach to Various Bio-Mechanical Mech like Weapons Platforms.

Maybe they could have like Body Attachments that are Bio-Mechanical that would in effect give them Bio-Mechanical Wings, or even Tentacles like say Doctor Octopus.

I also think they could use some kind of Whip/Ensnare as in a Small Device that would Unleash like a Electronic/Plasma Whip to Ensnare but also to Attack Opponents.

I think it was the Bio-Mechanical HR Giger Aesthetic that stands out and so to USE this Aesthetic with Technology/Weapons that our Engineers could be Attached/Fused with seems to make Sense to me.

Just to have them Armed with like Plasma Riffles that have that Atheistic or Swords that have that Atheistic really does not separate them FAR from being just Predators who have had a bit of HR Giger Atheistic Splashed about.

I think also if we accept they use Xenomorph like Monsters would they just Unleash them and Stay Away or do they have some Contraption that could allow them to Control their CreationsWho knows..

I would say such Horrors act on Instinct to Procreate and maybe could not be Controlled?

Then maybe we could ask WHY it is that David had not been Attacked?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterSep-30-2019 7:25 AM

BigDave the most similar ships to Giger's designs in sci-fi are the Shadow crab ship (from Babylon 5) or the Leviathan from Farscape . But if we study the Shadows more, this is also something rather cool.


MemberDeaconSep-30-2019 6:36 PM

Certainly some Nice Examples.

I think a Major Problem with Exploring the Engineers with Weapons would be HOW and WHO and WHERE do they Conflict with Humans... and would we stand ANY chance?

So they could be a little Over Powering...

But then we Survived the Predators, but ALAS not a Full Scale Attack had been made by them.... but i GUESS if we can Survive Independence Day and War of the Worlds then there is HOPE ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphOct-08-2019 2:28 AM

Wardogs  "Cave Canem"

War dogs were used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Sarmatians, Baganda, Alans, Slavs, Britons, and the Romans. The Molossus dog of the Molossia region of Epirus was the strongest known to the Romans, and was specifically trained for battle. Among the Greeks and Romans, dogs served most often as sentries or patrols, though they were sometimes taken into battle.


This is an introverted dog. Freundlich oder feindlich?

Engineers' dogs may have a slightly different look.

Infected Mushroom - Kazabubu (Link)

* Silence Means Security *


MemberOvomorphOct-08-2019 2:39 AM

Warcats, maybe?

Felidaes are good hunters. You can run, but you can not hide.


Perhaps not this one...

...but this one.

There must be some sort of reason why xenomorphs do not like felidaes.

* Silence Means Security *


MemberOvomorphOct-08-2019 3:29 AM

These beasts may start their own metamorphosis.

* Silence Means Security *


MemberDeaconOct-08-2019 9:15 AM

Certainly with the Engineers Advanced Genetic Engineering, and the Black Goo they could Create a kind of Hunting like Animal and so they could Combine the Best Traits of a Predatory Beast with a Touch of Black Goo.

If we look at what the Hammerpedes were as far as just Worms, and how Horrific the Neomorph is compared to a Human.

Can you imagine this done to a Tiger?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphOct-08-2019 10:21 AM

The felidae family




* Silence Means Security *


MemberOvomorphOct-27-2019 2:13 AM

Found these on the network. The third one is quite silly as an alien weapon.

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MemberOvomorphOct-27-2019 2:26 AM

The engineers may need a smaller vehicle beside the current flying gipfeli.


This one is called a gipfeli in Switzerland.

H.R. Giger modeled the alien spaceship after his pastry.

* Silence Means Security *

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