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DeaconMember10416 XPSep-04-2019 3:37 PM

The DUST has Settled on ALIEN DAY, the 40th Anniversary and while we had a FEW things, we have NOTHING as far as WHATS NEXT for the Movie Franchise.

We have got to a Dilemma with the Prequels, we may have had the ALIEN QUADRILOGY which has some Movies that dont appeal to some Fans as much as others, but its by NO means as Disappointing to a % as the Prequels...

We now have a ALIEN QUANDARY

So while some wait Patiently for the Prequels to get Finished, i think others may Yearn for more ALIEN Action, as far as to see another ALIEN Movie.....

Maybe we wont be seeing ANY for some Time!

But if/when we see DISNEY decide to Produce another ALIEN Franchise Movie... its a case of WHERE.... do they GO?

The Prequels may now be a bit of a Poisoned Chalice, where as the Main Franchise is something that maybe could be Expanded Upon without UPSETTING the Masses.

Ridley Scott felt there was only so FAR you could carry on with the Franchise and where do go NEXT!  Its why he felt that doing a Prequel was the way to go, as NO-ONE had covered the Questions from ALIEN in regards to WHO the Space Jockey was and where did those Eggs come from!   

That Ended up giving us the Prequels...

But there was ways to had Carried on the Franchise, by NOT having to go for  a Prequel....

Alien Isolation was a Story/Game that did just that by Introducing us to Ellen Ripley's Daughter who went in Search for her Mother....   The Story of Amanda Ripley has been Covered in the GAME, and also a Novel of the Game..... it will also Spawn a Comic Book Series.

This Story of Amanda gave Fans some Familiarity, it did-not Steer to FAR from ALIEN.

Would a ALIEN ISOLATION Movie Franchise work? or would doing a Sequel to the Game/Novel be something to Consider?  A Sequel that could Connect to ALIENS as far as WHAT became of the Derelict (we could Wonder had someone TRIED to Blow It Up?)

Or a Sequel to Alien Isolation that goes off somewhere Else... We eventually would have to Conclude that the Company can only Obtain the Xenomorph from Ellen Ripley in Alien 3.

Do we do a Continuation of ALIEN Resurrection? a True ALIEN V (not some Reboot of Alien 3).

Do we offer a Alternative/Parallel Movie that Runs from Alien Resurrection for example what happened to Ripley 7's Queen?

There seems to be Limits to what we can do apart from the above, UNLESS we branch off from the Prequels (LV-223, Planet 4 and Origae-6) but then we could always have ways to Introduce the Xenomorphs in a Alternative Movie Series, for example was the Derelict the only Ship in the Cosmos that had Eggs? Had any other Worlds had Eggs on them?

The ONE thing i am sure we could ALL agree on is the Prequels showed us you can have Alternative Organisms to the Xenomorph, and so there is always that too Explore.

So while the Franchise is in a Quandary at the Moment, and the Prequels in a Quagmire there is something they could do in regards to a Movie, that does-not have to be a Prequel Continuation or any Reboot ALIEN 3 and bring the Gang Back!

What do you think?  Or do you think the Franchise has been or should be LAID TO REST? (Theatrically Speaking).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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ChestbursterMember935 XPSep-07-2019 6:06 AM

“We eventually would have to Conclude that the Company can only Obtain the Xenomorph from Ellen Ripley in Alien 3.”

Does it necessarily have to be so? The company knew she had a queen inside her which of course they would like to get their hands on. Fiorina 161 might also be closer so they can obtain it rather quickly and easily?

We don’t know how far it is to Planet 4 or Origae-6 but we know that it took more than 2 years to reach LV-223. Is everything that was on them, buildings, xenomorphs, neomorphs, deacon, pathogen etc obliterated? Or, is it perhaps more costly and risky to explore these places (including if the Derelict and the cargo survived the explosion of the atmosphere processor on LV-426)?

I also ponder on the transmissions that Shaw and David did. Today transmissions would travel at the speed of light, that is much faster than a space ship can travel. In the Alien Universe, ships can travel faster than the speed of light. How fast can they communicate?


XenomorphMember1330 XPSep-07-2019 7:08 AM

*spoiler alert*



'Planet of the Xenomorphs' is actually Earth.

The research station is a surviving humans/synths who would still like to save some of Earth's countless artifacts. They venture down to the surface to collect targeted items.

They base themselves on Mars and formulate a plan to eradicate the xeno.

Mini-series. 10 parts. Netflix


If humanity is down to 20-30 million souls......Would they still want to reclaim the Earth?



chli 'How fast can they communicate?'

I'd love to know this!




DeaconMember10416 XPSep-09-2019 9:12 AM


Certainly i remember having a similar discussion on another thread some time back, where INDEED that is something i Overlooked then, which then i had discussed that actually INDEED, if you know you have a Gestating Queen (depends on how much you know about the Organism) then if the Company know about a Queen and that it would indeed Provide them with Eggs... then going down and obtaining a Gestating Queen/Chest Buster would be more IDEAL and much more SAFE... you can Control and Set-Up a Safe Containment for a Queen thats NOT a Adult.... and obtaining a Queen is a avenue to more Eggs, than actually the Dangers of going to LV-426 to obtain Eggs or try and obtain a Queen.

It would seem the USCSS Patna could already had been heading towards LV-426, and so getting a Message that Fiona 161 has a Impregnated Host with a Queen would mean they would NOT have to go to LV-426.

So INDEED only going after Ripley does-not mean all other Avenues are BUST... not as Far as the Aliens-Alien 3 Time-Line and so it would leave it open to go to LV-426 and look at what could be Salvaged in the wake of Ripleys Self Sacrifice.

I think it still leaves the Point about Alien Resurrection as Valid, to a degree.... but again IF they think that Clone Ripley in order to obtain and then try and Extract Xenomorph DNA/Queen is the better way than going back to LV-426 and the Risks Involved, we have to ask WHY did they WAIT over 200 years?

I think sure they could have tried to go back to LV-426 after the Year 2179, maybe they attempted and Failed and this lead to NO OTHER means of obtaining a Organism at some point in Future...  Post 2180 and Prior to 2380

So in context to the OT, then YES we could explore avenues for movies based from LV-426 after ALIEN 3 but then i think Eventually before we get to 2380 then i would ASSUME they have NO options but to try and Clone Ripley.

The Prequels are a Different Kettle of Fish, we dont know how they would END, so we dont know if Planet 4 and LV-223 are left as they are at Present (Year 2105) and remain the same as of 2122, i think its possible... but i would ASSUME that by the Time of ALIENS in 2179 that those Places have NOTHING they consider worth going for apart from Ripley.

More so 200 Years latter, as going to LV-426, LV-223 and Planet 4 would be more suitable than to Clone Ripley, well maybe you would think IF there was other avenues MANY YEARS after 2180 then they surely would have ATTEMPTED....

I guess that could give another avenue for another Movie too ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-09-2019 9:41 AM

Regarding HOW FAR away places like Planet 4 and Origae-6 are these depends on knowing either their Distance in Light Years, or  how FAST the Covenant could Travel.

What we know is it must have taken 10-12 Months to Reach Planet 4 and it would have taken another 7 Years and 4 Months to get to Origae-6 (minus few weeks).  It had taken the Prometheus 2 Years to get to LV-223, we can assume LV-223 and LV-426 are located close by certainly at most a few Light Years, and the Nostromo would have taken 10 Months to get back to our System.

So what we have is a Improvement in Space Travel as our Technology Advances,  i think Regarding Communication Times thats a Good Question, we have to ASSUME that  Communications would take about the same time that the Current Ships FTL Technology takes, but its just a Assumption.  I think there was some Information on how long the Covenants Transmission to Weyland-Yutani would take i would have to try and Locate it... but i think it was 12-18 Months?  Not 100% Sure.

I can only Assume that Dr Shaws Transmission from LV-223 was via the Life-Boat and we can only Ponder when this STOPPED being Transmitted and WHY.... regarding the Planet 4 one then it appeared to be a Fluke on how the Covenant Managed to Detect it.

I would assume that Planet 4 maybe had some way it Prevents Signals, and maybe the Neutrino Burst could have effected this? Or even if not, it appeared that the Signal was Weak and it was only via the Neutrino Burst Event that they would have detected it.

Regarding what becomes of LV-223, Planet 4 and Origae-6 thats a BIG QUESTION... i think it depends on the Agenda of who ever would be there LAST!

Would the Engineers want to ERADICATE those Places... i would assume so, i think some of Mankind would want to Destroy them too, but HOW? but you will have some Greedy Corporation who would always want to Preserve the Place... would they want to DESTROY them ONCE they have obtained a Specimen to Prevent others from Obtaining the Same?  I would think so... unless Mankind is GOVERNED by ONE Ruling Body/Counsel.


I know a number of Fans would have wanted to see a HELL ON EARTH where Xenomorphs Finally got down and had Infested the Planet.

We dont know IF this had happened in the Past, post ALIEN 3, but would assume its NOT the case or at least to a Great Extent by the Year 2386, so a likely PLACE in Time for your idea could be as a Result of the USM Auriga Destruction/Crash and the Aftermath on Earth.

The Earth already looked in a State of War/Destruction prior to that... so some Conflict had Occurred that maybe was NOT related to the Xenomorph, and likely the Acquiring of a Xenomorph was the Plan to Engineer a Weapon for the Benefit of ONE side of such a Earth Conflict.

So indeed maybe 50, 100 or more years after the Events of Alien Resurrection the Earth could be Infested... would MANKIND want the Earth back?

I would doubt it, as by then its likely Mankind has Terra-formed and Discovered other Earth like Worlds... and Technology and Speeds to get to those Worlds would be GREATLY improved compared to the Time of ALIEN.

But as FAR as to go back to obtain some Relics, Artifacts, Art or other Parts of History then i think YES some would want to go and try and RESCUE such Historic things.... at what COST?

Taking a Risk to bring back a Xenomorph Infection would be a Hubris of such a Endeavor so YES that could work as a Movie or TV Series ;)

Archeologist and the like take Great Risks in exploring the Sea Floor for such things... rather than to let them ROT and be Forgotten, they take the Risks to Recover them... so YES as a Plot that works for me ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember9516 XPSep-09-2019 11:46 AM

IMO the Queen aspect has been done to death, and as evidenced by BigDaves replies is what many consider to be the Alien.

I know I may sound like a stuck record but the alien as depicted in the first movie has not been explored since that movie, and I believe returning to the original concept and ideas of a truly alien organism is what the franchise needs to continue and to evolve because fans and audiences are tired of Queens, Facehuggers, and Chestbursters.

IMO the more organic, more insectoid, and less threatening alien we saw in all but the first movie can easily be explained as a variant form that did not originate from the cache off eggs Kane discovered, but instead from another part of the derelict. Once we clarify this the narrative choices afforded to us from an endlessly adaptive alien thing that I like to think as neither organic nor mechanic but both (organic robot meets mechanical creature)



ChestbursterMember935 XPSep-09-2019 12:41 PM


It seems that W-Y Corp. declined after the Fiorina incident. Perhaps that’s the answer why no more projects were launched (They gave up trying to get hold of a xenomorph)?

The Aurora was run by the USM (not by W-Y). But how did they get the information about the xenomorph and why 200 years later (Well, it was founded in 2226)?


XenomorphMember1330 XPSep-09-2019 6:22 PM

I'm with Gavin on the Xeno.

Probably a great topic for another thread..but....What advantages could a bio-mechanical xeno have over purely biological one?



I would doubt it, as by then its likely Mankind has Terra-formed and Discovered other Earth like Worlds

Yeah....Think I would write it so many of the Earth's colonies have been overrun and the further they explore..the more xeno infested worlds they find.....In fact they find billions of worlds with nothing but xenos/trilobytes/deacons/hammerpeades and other really nasty creatures.

In episode 10...they finally leave the galaxy(no where to hide)......but after arriving to the brand new one(1,000 years later or something) they find it's even worse!

*spoiler alert!*


They find a correlation between dark matter/energy and xeno infestations!

The End.



TrilobiteMember8212 XPSep-09-2019 9:40 PM

"returning to the original concept and ideas of a truly alien organism is what the franchise needs to continue"

I too may sound like a broken record here. Showing different aspects of the Alien can be a great way to give it a breath of fresh air. In an unused ending, it mimicked  a human voice with the intent of misleading the comms' recipient. I have heard that in at least one of the novelizations that it had telepathic powers.

Introducing these concepts in movie form would seem new for a movie, but they are from past lore, so it wouldn't be like writers would be just making up things. 


PraetorianModerator2414 XPSep-10-2019 1:11 AM

I debated making a separate thread for this video but I think it best serves the discussion in this thread  :) 

 enjoy, Ze Goo


ChestbursterMember666 XPSep-10-2019 1:46 AM



Almost all ideas and themes will work well with Alien... Almost... Alien is sci-fi. Telepathy is not a science, not even a part, not even an assumption. It's a clear magic. I hope in Alien film will never be telepathy.


ChestbursterMember935 XPSep-10-2019 5:04 AM

It sums up the mess pretty good. Interesting that "the eggmorphing" wasn't intended to transform the victim into an egg. The victim was intended to be food for the egg (or what was in it).


XenomorphMember1330 XPSep-10-2019 6:11 AM

'Telepathy is not a science'


I would think they could go with a brainwave altering force(through em) if the Xeno has some way to produce such a field?

Being in a 'xeno field' could cause seizures or make you feel great!



DeaconMember10416 XPSep-10-2019 7:17 AM

I think that the ideas of each Director, Writer and Production from Movie to Movie does change a lot, i would say MOST expanded Novels, Games and Comics seem to fit more with the Xenomorph being as portrayed in ALIENS and AVP.

A lot has changed from the Inception of Concept (Starbeast) and so i think we maybe have to accept the Changes....

I think as Gavin pointed out that having the Xenomorph in ALIEN come from a Different Cargo Hold makes sense, with Alien Engineers the indication was the Ships would have 8 Different Cargo Holds with each Xenomorph being a different Variant within each Cargo Hold.

I am not so sure that having a Vast Difference in how each Xenomorph would behave would be Good...  i think to Aesthetically look Different a bit, and to have a different Procreation method would be Good.   But to have ONE Specific Xenomorph as being more Civilized, Intelligent to the point of being able to Mimic a Human would be a Stretch...

Unless its revealed that ALL of the Xenomorphs could do the same,  given Time.

I would say the Xenomorph and Variants are a Engineered Creation, but we can Speculate that its Engineered from WHAT! And i think this would be the best way to Explore something Different more Intelligent.

I think the Xenomorph has been over done, and while we can have Different Versions, i think maybe the BEST route would be to Introduce something Similar but Different...  Give us the Ultramorph/Necronom IV and incorporate some of the Unused Ideas into that MONSTER.... we could have them revealed as a Ancient Xenomorph Colony that EvolvedONE that has been Re-Engineered be that by Engineers, David or Humans.

Or introduce them as a ANCIENT STARBEAST and then infer that the Xenomorph DNA/Black Goo Traces its routes back to this Ultramorph.


Certainly by the time of ALIEN Resurrection it seems the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is NOT a Big Player/Gone.....  It would be interesting to Wonder WHEN/WHY... and also HOW the United Systems Military (USM) came to obtain knowledge of Ripley and the Xenomorph.... it seems this Corporation was Founded nearly 50 years after the Events of ALIENS.

So we could speculate had the W-Y Company gave up the Pursuit of the Xenomorph after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope?   Had they continued and was this Pursuit something that lead to their DOWNFALL?

And if the USM became a Power about 50 Years after Hadleys Hopes Destruction, then had USM not been interested in the Xenomorph for about 160 Years until they attempted to obtain ONE via Cloning Ripley 8, or had they attempted other Avenues at some point in the say 150 Years Prior?

So those are Avenues to cover a Story/Plot too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-10-2019 7:37 AM

Regarding Telepathy this could be Speculated as Forming a HIVE MIND... and i think its something the Xenomorph could Posses...   i think we have to Remember the Franchise is Sci-Fi which means its where we can Merge the Boundaries of Science with Fiction, but also incorporate Elements of Fantasy too.

I think certainly from a AI POV, then Synthetics and the like as a AI would posses such Ability or could be given it.  If the AIM was to Eventually infer to us that a Synthetic would play a Part in the Evolution of the Xenomorph from Alien Covenant, then having a Form of Telepathy makes sense.

some of Davids Experiments did seem to be making Hybrids of what seemed Part Neomorph and Part Engineer, and it seemed these had Evolved/Engineered to have some kind of Telepathic Communication.

Ridley Scott had claimed the NEXT movie would NOT have been about he Xenomorph, but about AI but also about WHAT it is that David would Create Next, looking at those Human Embryo's i wonder if he would attempt to CREATE his own Version of Humanoids, Superior and maybe he could incorporate some of his Experiments and indeed Create a Species that uses Telepathy!

If he does such a thing, and this Creation becomes Rebellious, well a Rebellious Movement can Spread more if your Rebellious Creations are Telepathic and such a Trait could be a Hubris for David...

But as a Creator.... you need a Back Up Plan, and when your LAMBS are not turning out as intended then you will need a WOLF to eradicate them.

So what i am saying is WHAT happens if a Xenomorph is Born from a Species that are Telepathic?  Would then inherit this Trait? would it become more Refined and Evolved?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-10-2019 8:00 AM

I think when looking at a ALIEN Movie some Fans may think the Franchise should be about the Xenomorph, and so the Prequels and especially Prometheus seemed to go against this and STEER AWAY...

I think some wanted FULL ORIGINS... but i think for Most it was a case of the Clues where NOT good enough, and the ONLY Monsters we had close to ALIEN would had been the Hammerpede, the Trilobite and Deacon, who never really did much Damage or had much Screen Time to the LEVEL the Xenomorphs had in the Franchise, and so with Alien Engineers there was more Xenomorphy like Scenes....

So the POINT i am raising is that the Fans seem to think the Franchise should STICK with Alien Monsters, but maybe we dont have to explore ALIEN Monsters that are Identical or Near Identical to the Xenomorphs...  

So if as Gavin has mentioned a Few Times, the Xenomorph in Alien and Aliens are from Different Cargo Holds, then we could ASK... how many more Variants are on the Derelict?

How many more Derelict like Ships had Contained Egg Cargo's and WHERE are these and their Cargo?

The LV-223 Experiments and Black Goo can Produce Various Monsters, does the Black Goo Origins only come from this PLACE?  Had the Engineered Failed to Deploy such Horrors and so the only Origin/History of the Xenomorphs and Horrors from the Black Goo only Stem from the Trail that David has taken....  so from a Outbreak on LV-223, to taking this Pathogen to Planet 4, to Engineer it, to then taking it further on Origae-6 and then Results Ending up on LV-426.

Its that all the Place such Horrors had existed in the Pre-Alien Time Line?

If SO then does the Derelict have Multiple Variants of the Eggs?

If NOT then what state would the Eggs be in after Hadleys Hope Destruction, would their be Radioactive Fall Out and what effects would Radiation have on Mutating those Eggs?

IF we accept David had Re-engineered the Neomorphs and used the Black Goo to Engineer Various Monsters, then surely the COMPANY could do the same or similar?

Alien Resurrection showed signs the Xenomorphs were somewhat different.... we also had the New Born which in Concept was interesting, just Aesthetically it was a bit Comical....  it need NOT have been... (look how Horrific the Neomorph looked in Comparison).

So there are Avenues to introduce Xenomorphs that are Different, and Do-Not have to go the Avenue that Directly Follow Davids path, or more so be about Ripleys!

So if the Prequels seem a Quandary to Continue, and Fans want more ALIEN/ALIENS then we can find ways to introduce them, without Conflicting the other Movies, and also Introduce Variations as i think if we go for another ALIEN Movie, with the Xenomorph like in Alien Covenant/Alien or Aliens then its HOW-MANY such Movies like that can you SPEW out before you CREMATE the Beast?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-11-2019 7:34 AM


So where would you like to take the Franchise Next if say there was to be ANOTHER MOVIE, which could End-Up as a Stand Alone or Spawn a New Series of Movies

So which of these do you think they should do?

1a) Do we Carry on with a Direct Alien Resurrection Sequel and so would be about Ripley 8?

1b) Carry on with a Direct Alien Resurrection Sequel that would not be a Continuation Ripley 8?

2) Do we offer a Movie that goes back to the Derelict after the events of Alien but prior to Aliens.  (Alien Isolation did this).

3) Do we go back to the Derelict/LV-426 after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope, and how soon after would this be?

4) Do we look at a Parallel Plot to Alien Resurrection that for instance follows what happened to the Failed Ripley 7 Queen?

5) Do we go another Avenue of Related Horrors that come from Engineers or Davids Experiments, as in go to other Places where Eggs or Black Goo had been Deployed?  And if so then what Time-Line?

6) Do we go with Alien Isolation as in making a Sequel to the Game? (as we know what the Events of Alien Isolation are via Game/Novel).

7) Do we explore the Survival/Capture of the Xenomorph or Queen that are Floating in Space? (could also be the one from Covenant).

8) Do we go for a RET-CON of one of the Quadrilogy Franchise Movies?  AKA like Blomkamps Alien 5.

9) Do we go to a place where we uncover the Origins of what lead to the Engineers Experiments and Black Goo, which could be some place FAR FAR Away?

10) Give your TWO Cents on a Alternative, as in HOW do we do another ALIEN Movie that would introduce us to SOME kind of ALIEN Monster, that is related to a degree to the Black Goo/Xenomorph!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPSep-11-2019 9:41 AM

Given those choices, I would go with #2. 


ChestbursterMember666 XPSep-11-2019 12:33 PM

9 definitely has great potential.


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-11-2019 4:20 PM


Option 2: Indeed this is like Alien Isolation so it would be a case of HOW does this Tie In or Effect that Game or do we go for those as being NONE-CANON?

When we look at the Derelict in ALIEN and in ALIENS we see the Ship has suffered Damage, at the time of those Movies it was suspected the Ship had been on LV-426 for a LONG LONG Time and so Wear/Tear over Time would not account for the Damage, also what are the Chances a ONCE in a LONG LONG Time STORM had caused it?  Could it had been Volcanic Activity or a Earthquake?

To me it looks like the Damage was caused by some Conflict, Weapons, Explosives and the Like... so thats something such a OPTION 2 could explore.


Indeed OPTION 9: Could be Interesting because we have NOT been shown the Origin of the Black Goo or WHY it seems to have Different Effect in the Sacrificial Scene vs other times we have seen it..   So was the Goo obtained from another Alien Species?   Was the Goo a Creation Tool that was USED on a Encountered Species that lead to the Black Goo and LV-223 Experiments.

So YES this could be a interesting aspect to Explore as it would be UNLIKELY the Prequel Route would Answer this so it would not Contradict the Alien Covenant and Sequels if another Movie set say after 2200 would explore the Origins of the Black Goo and/or LV-223. This could give us a Chance to Re Visit the Starbeast Plot.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPSep-11-2019 4:46 PM


All of the above please! lol!

I'd like 1b or 5.

Call it Alien:Evolution

Human babies are being born(Earth or colonies) with stubby tails and elongated craniums.

(The military no longer has to search for the xeno...We are giving birth to them!)

All a long play plan of the Engineers.


#2 would probably be my choice.




ChestbursterMember935 XPSep-12-2019 1:18 AM

I think the time between Alien and Aliens has been covered in novels and games. A continuation of Alien: Covenant does not look good, at least not if the intention is to lead up to the Space Jockey and the Derelict (and its cargo). Perhaps it’s best to leave it where it is (still a bit ambiguous concerning the origin of the xenomorph)?

I opt for nr 3. It doesn’t really matter how long after the explosion of the atmosphere processor since it seems that the eggs can lie dormant forever . . .


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-12-2019 7:59 AM


1b) could be a Option by Virtue of how USM could Clone Ripley to obtain a Xenomorph, so as long as some Xenomorph DNA can be obtained from the Wreckage of the Auriga then WHY cant they not obtain it again.... or also could something had Survived?

5) Is something more open... we dont even need to Contradict the Prequels or go to LV-223...  IF the Engineers had used the Pathogen on a World before things went to POT! or After...   then indeed we could introduce something....  If Planet 4 had NO Engineers, NO City, it was a Place that David Visited and Accidentally deployed the Cargo, or Crashed and some Urns Leaked into the Mountain Stream, then those Neomorph Spores would have STILL HAPPENED.... how long would those Spores remain?  Could they Evolve?

So something similar could become of a World the Engineers had attempted to WIPE/CLEAN before.. how long does it take to CLEAR? if its say 500 Years, and you Wonder to this World say 300 years then there is gonna be some Nasty Stuff knocking around... 

We could even wonder if some Organisms had Evolved and NOT died and so YES thats a Option...  Another is if Eggs had been deployed by Engineers in the Past, what becomes of a World that has had those Deployed?


Indeed Option 2 had been covered with Alien Isolation, the Derelict Damage as seen in ALIENS does-not look Natural to me, but i think this is a Fitting Story to explore with Amanda Ripley in context to a Continuation via the Game/Novel Medium..... surely she would want to Destroy the Derelict so the Organisms can-not be obtained?

Option 3 is something Interesting, its a Area i think Blomkamps Alien 5 could WORK... provided they replace the Protagonist (Ripley is DEAD) then i think there is Potential....  Are the Eggs ok?  Do they Produce Mutations?

Surely they would Experiment on Mutants to try and Extact a more Pure Strain of the DNA to then Re-Make the Xenomorph?  

WHY not if this could be done from Ripleys DNA! so working with Radioactive, Damaged Eggs would be Easier surely?

So YES that works too ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-12-2019 8:23 AM

The route i would have gone is Option 7

I actually posted this idea a Few Years ago.... which is a Parrellel Plot to Alien Resurrection...

The Failed Ripley 7 Queen and Sample of Ripley 8 Blood are sent to another Facility by USM that i was thinking was on a Moon in our Solar System or maybe a Space Station.

Where they would see the Queen Survive but it is a Hybrid, it is like a Cross Between a Queen and the New Born... as it has more Human DNA....   this Queen Produces Live Births like the New Born, only it Produces this Quickly, maybe at a Rate of every 8 hours or 12.... or maybe Quicker..

These Hybrids i envisioned to look more like the Neomorphs (before Alien Covenant was even a idea) basically i intended to merge some of the Concepts for Alien 3, with some of those from Prometheus to give us a Hybrid....

These would Procreate Similar to the Pred-Alien, they basically could Implant Embryo's, these Produce another ALIEN Form (Quite Quickly), that i was thinking would either be more Human or more Alien than the Organism that Implanted the Embryo's (thinking more ALIEN)

The USM Facility would also use Ripley 8 DNA to Create Humanoid Super Soldiers (we dont need Miss Weavers, or even Females) i thought these beings would appear Sex-Less and Bald, slight Elongated Heads and would look similar to the Engineers from Prometheus....  only slightly though...

So we see a Hybrid Queen, a Hybrid Off-Spring that can Procreate by having other Hybrids so we have 3 KINDS of ALIENS... i was also going to show that the Queen Birthed Hybrids could MORPH a Female Human into a Cocoon, and at the END we see a 4-5ft Queen Hybrid Birth from this....

We also have Engineered Super-Humans... so it will have Human Military but also have these Super Beings too... some of these Survive...

so we could go with a Sequel... that would cover ONCE again a Hybrid Queen (could be a bit different) and or the Hubris of Creating Super Humans.... like Ripley 8 was... which ever or both and what the IMPACT for Mankind would be?

I was working on the Title to the First of these as being either ALIEN: Vendetta or ALIEN: Vindication or similar, something that begins with V that would have some bearing to the PLOT or HUBRIS.

So i was looking at some of Carlos Huantes Prometheus Concept works and Jordu Schell's Alien Resurrection ones for Inspiration... and looking at Amalgamation of these ideas.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-26-2019 6:24 PM

I think i will Bump this Thread with a Idea!

Earlier on i was thinking about HOW can we introduce another Franchise Movie....  So i have came up with a Broad Idea... i just will think of how to Flesh it Out.

Alien: Marauder

The Basic Idea is to have a Plot that would Surround a Group of Space Pirates, were they will attempt to Raid a Ship... only they soon WISH they had not.

*Its a case of do they Hijack a Research Vessel that is Carrying a Cargo? (a ship that has a Small Crew).

*Do they discover a Ghost Ship (No Survivors) that has suc***bed to its Cargo?

*Do they discover a Distress Beacon and they detect the Ship is in Trouble with Little Crew Left and would be on the Verge of being a Ghost Ship, they pretend they will come to Help but they are looking to Plunder?

*Do they NOT intercept a Human Ship? (then i am not a Fan of intercepting a Engineer one).

We then need to ask...

*Is the Cargo Xenomorph Eggs/Face Huggers?

*Is it some other related Organism? (Deacon, Neomorph or something New).

*Is the Cargo merely Black Goo Ampoules?

So its a case of me thinking about what is the Cargo, and in what State is the Ship the Pirates attempt to Hijack.

Then i guess i have to ask...

*Does this take place on the Ship, so is the Ship they attempt to Hijack Large?

*Does the Ship End up crashing on a Outpost/Colony after things go to Pot and the Movie takes place in the aftermath?

*As above but its the Pirates Ship that takes the Cargo, and then they Suc***b to it, and End Up landing on a Outpost/Colony?

The Time-Frame really depends on which of these i go for...

*It could be a Ship with Black Goo, that has Left LV-223, or Planet 4 or Origae-6.

*It could be a Ship with a Organism (not Xenomorph) from LV-223, Planet 4 or Origae-6.

*It could be a Ship with Xenomorphs Obtained from LV-426 at some point prior or after ALIENS. (or from Planet 4/Origae-6).

*It could be a Ship that is Carrying the Ripley 7 Failed Clones, Hybrid Queen.

I would usually spend some time to think which of these to use, and sometimes Mix/Match to come up with say 2-3 slightly Different larger Synopsis/Basic Draft/Concept.

But it would be Interesting to see which you would like the Sound of, or Feel Free to offer some Alternatives ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-16-2020 7:13 PM


While it has been awhile with NO NEWS on the Future of the Franchise...

It does seem UNLIKELY we may see a Continuation of the Prequels, Especially the route that Ridley Scott was taking.

I am surprised the DRUMS of Cameron, Weaver and Blomkamp had not Started to Stir last ALIEN DAY.. would they make a Reprisal this April?

I dont think doing a Blomkamps Alien 5, bring the Gang Back seems a Good Idea... let the Past be the Past! well as far as BRING BACK the Dead ;)

There is a Market for the Franchise, its about getting the RIGHT kind of Story/Plot right, and something that can Please the Fans...  it would have been NICE to see something that covers the Engineers, but it appears that UNDER the Ownership of Disney it seems that XENOMORPHS are the Order of the Day!

The Franchise is NOT yet Dead... i do think we need to HEED some of the Words by Ridley Scott in that i think if you do go back to Xenomorphs you have to be Careful how you Portray them, and how many Movies you think you can get AWAY with before you have to make some Changes and Freshen things up a Little...

Seems Disney have been interested in Exploring the Story of Amanda Ripley, but i am not sure we NEED to explore her in Context of a Movie or TV Series.....  sure one of the Ripleys could get a Mention, but i dont think any near FUTURE Movie/TV Series has to Feature or especially Revolve around the Ripleys..

So FANS are not done with the Xenomorph.... i am sure Disney feel the same.... but its a case of HOW do you make another Movie or TV Series that will revolve a lot around the Xenomorph and NOT really Contradict the other Movies or Prequels?

There are a FEW avenues they could Continue!

1) What Happened in the Aftermath of Special Order 937?  Would the Company just Abandon the whole thing?  Especially in Light of Revelations with the Prequels?

We know that in ALIENS the Hadleys Hope Colony are given some Co-Ordinates to Check Out that then leads to the Downfall of that Colony.  When we see what Kick Started this off, we Notice the Section the Jorden's enter the Derelict is different to the Nostromo Crew and has some DAMAGE that looks like some kind of Explosion may have Occurred!

Had someone been to the Derelict post 2122 but prior to the Construction of Hadleys Hope?

2) When we arrive at Alien Resurrection some 200 Years after the Apparent Destruction of Hadleys Hope, we see the USM Scientist had attempted and successfully Managed to Obtain a Xenomorph Queen from Cloning Ripley's DNA.

Was this the First Attempt and WHY wait so LONG, surely someone would have Possessed her DNA for Hundreds of Years... and did the Destruction of Hadleys Hope leave the Derelict as a Unfeasible Source for Xenomorphs? What state is the Derelict in after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope!

Would the Company not try and Investigate LV-426 afterwords, certainly after the LOSS of Ripley on Fury 161 and what other DNA could they have Collected and how would this be used?

3) With the Destruction of the USM Auriga does this mean the END of the Xenomorph?  What happened to the Ripley 7 Clone?  We see something was Removed, and so how Viable was the Queen removed from her and WHERE would this had been Sent too?

Could anything had been obtained from the Crashed Auriga or how long would Ripley 8 Survive and what would become of her?

Option 1) Could be used to explain the Difference between the Xenomorph in ALIEN and the Queen in ALIENS.  We had Ridley Scott say about how you can explore the Xenomorph some more but you have to Evolve Him and Explore different ways of Procreation!

Jon Spaights Prequel Drafts Alien Engineers/Genesis he had indicated the Creators of the Xenomorph had been Engineering Variations of the Organism, 8 Variants in Fact!

So the OPTION is there that the Derelict Contained a Few Variants of the Xenomorph with a slightly different Appearance and Method Procreation and so this could be USED to introduce a Slightly different Version with another kind of Procreation, which leads to the Attempted Destruction of the Derelict.

Or it could explore the Original Cargo/Xenomorph on LV-426 and show us the EGG MORPH but then indicate from this something Evolved that would lead to a QUEEN... for example if we are shown a Egg Morph created a Egg that could lead to a Queen Royal Face Huger?

Option 2 and 3 could be used to Introduce some Xenomorph Hybrid Experiments.  For Example Option 2 could have Mutated Xenomorph Eggs that just cant Produce any Queen or other Procreation.  We could see the Company Attempt to Obtain a way to Procreate them though. While Option 3 could be used to give us a Hybrid that is more different than we have seen in Alien Resurrection, imagine a Xenomorph that is like a Cross between the Neomorph and Xenomorph? Or even introduce a Few Different Hybrids!

so there are ways to introduce a more ALIENY Movie or TV Series that would NOT have to deal with the Prequels or Ripley's and NOT really Contradict anything... but to give us the Xenomorph again... with maybe a WAY to Change them to a Degree!

I thought i would BUMP this Thread instead of making a New One which i was thinking of for Alien Day but i cant wait... so instead of a TRIFLE OF IDEAS!  Topic i was going to do.. It is just as Relevant to add to this THREAD.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-18-2020 11:47 PM

I have decided to take OPTION 3 as this was a Idea i had a Number of Years Back... so i will discus it here over the Next Week.

The Basic Synopsis is:  In 2379 a United Systems Military (USM) Research Station Orbiting one of Saturn's Moons receives a Consignment from the USM Auriga which contains Specimens for Military Research for a Projected called Zarathustra.  The Consignment comprises of Vials of Ripley 8 Blood and the Failed Ripley 7 Queen.  The Outpost begins Various Experiments trying to Create a Super Human Solider, but they also try to Resurrect the Xenomorph from the Failed Ripley 7 Queen DNA.

Successfully Managing to Clone a Queen Hybrid, while also Creating Enhanced Human Hybrids from Ripley 8 DNA they are Playing God and pay the Price for this.

It would Feature a Queen Hybrid that does-not Produce Eggs... hence a Play on Words Title (Viviparitus) where the Queen instead gives Birth to Hybrid Worm/Face Huger Organisms that will Grow but are NOT as Large as a Face Huger and these Parasites will Enter a Host by any means and Orifice, they will even attach to a Host and Secrete Acid to Burn a Hole to Bury Itself in a Host and Gestate.

The Gestated Organism will then Exit the Host near where it has Gestated, and these Xenomorph Hybrids will have a Higher % of Human DNA.  I had mentioned this PLOT a few Years ago, like 2014/2015 the Beast would have looked a little like the Neomorph, well it was to be based on some Unused Prometheus Concepts and Unused Alien Resurrection Concepts.

It would Feature a Hybrid Queen and a way to Procreate another Hybrid Queen.  It would Feature TWO kinds of New Hybrid Xenomorphs.  It would also have Super-Humans created from Ripley 8 DNA.

The One Money Shot being when one of these Super Humans are Infected with the New Hybrid Xenomorph to Create a Ubermorph if you would.

The END would see the Station be Destroyed and Crash on Iapetus but Specimens of Hybrid DNA would INFECT some Basic Organism that are Growing in the THAWING ICE of Iapetus

This would leave it OPEN for a NEW Evolution of Organisms on that Moon.

The PLOT takes Place about the same time as Alien Resurrection

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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