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MemberDeaconAug-02-2019 4:13 PM

Having come across some recent Debates about the Direction of the Prequels regarding HOW they would Link or Not Link to ALIEN and also bringing up the Hole in the Derelict to the Cargo Hold.

I thought i would make another Part of my ALIEN: Back to the Future series.  Part 1 and Part 2 were a Retrospective look at the Prequels we had and HOW you would Change them, Part 3 was a looking at where the Next Movie could go especially in regards to the Covenant.

With this Part 4 i would like to discus a Alternative Prequel that is SET before ALIEN that would have the Previous Prequels as Canon but allow for some Revelations/Changes to be made.

What i am Proposing that makes this Different to Part 3 is to look at another Movie Plot Idea that is set prior to ALIEN and after Prometheus.


There is No Specific Set Up for this Installment, only just to Question...  Does anyone Visit LV-223 again after the Events of Prometheus?  Does anyone Visit the Downed Derelict before the Events of Alien?

We could Speculate about having another Mission to LV-223 either set prior to Alien Covenant or likely After.

Or a Mission that arrives at the Derelict prior to the Nostromo in 2122

Were we could come up with a Plot that would please Fans and maybe give some Indications to Change Certain Plot Paths of Alien Covenant (such as the Length of Time the Derelict has been on LV-426).

so if you could have a Prequel to ALIEN that is set after the events of Prometheus (but bare in mind that Alien Covenant happens, either prior or after THIS different Prequel).   That does not have to reference the other Prequels or Certainly have to be a Continuation of David's Journey...  WHAT would you like to see?

The idea is to NOT remove Prometheus/Alien Covenant as Canon, but feel FREE to introduce Scenes like the Derelict or LV-223 where you can give a Plot that shows David did-not create the Xenomorph if you wish.

In Hindsight this kind of Prequel Route could have been used before Alien Covenant, allowing a Prometheus Sequel to NOT have to cover the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

16 Replies


MemberDeaconAug-05-2019 4:54 PM

I would ADD....

That if we did go back to LV-223 in some way to indicate that David indeed did-not create the Original Xenomorph which would indicate the Derelict had been on LV-426 for Thousands of Years.

It would be likely that a more prepared Mission to LV-223 could maybe detect the Derelict and so we could IN EFFECT end up with TWO Movies.

*Movie ONE  go to LV-223, a more Alieny Movie where we get more indication of the Engineers Horrific Experiments and the Company then find out about the Derelict.

*Movie TWO they visit the Derelict.  We could eve use this to Explain HOW/WHEN that Hole to the Egg Cargo had occurred.

Going such Routes especially going to the Derelict and indicating it had NOTHING to do with David... would mean maybe they explain HOW it was that David managed to Create something so Close..

Or this would be something a Continuation of David's Journey would have to Cover..

In Hindsight a Movie Idea/Ideas like those Proposed would have been IDEAL before Alien Covenant... which could then have allowed a Prometheus 2 to go about and do something Different (as intended).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-06-2019 5:47 AM

I thought David clearly saw the xeno wall mural( in the tomb on LV-223)? He must have known he was just resurrecting the Xeno(Alien:Covenant) not creating it?


I will give him the credit for the egg POD...That is probably unique.


MemberDeaconAug-06-2019 7:14 AM

Well David would also have likely been able to make out the Various Engineer Writings too.

The Mural was to indicate some kind of Deacon Organism and that the Urns contained Deacon like Traits.

Looking at Dr Shaw and even though he never saw the Deacon, he would conclude the Black Goo had played a part in allowing Dr Shaw to Produce the Trilobite Fetus.

So he would have some idea of a Starting Point.

There are some Concept Works around from TWO sources (Artist) that appear to indicate that David had been Experimenting to Create Various Organisms but NONE was a Traditional Xenomorph.

The Source i had from early 2015 had said that David had Re-created something similar but not the Same, as well as seeing something similar that he HAD-NOT Created.

But then the Plot was changed into the Alien Covenant Drafts were they decided to make David the Creator of the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterAug-06-2019 7:20 AM

MonsterZero David clearly says in Covenant that he created perfection (re-watched the movie on) while he was stranded on planet 4, so he sees the Xenomorph as HIS creation, not only the re-creation of something existing.

Why do we continue with these debate? It is clear that there is an inconsistency between P and AC but that does not mean that judging by the theme of AC David did not Create the Xenomorph. Even an actor is credited at the end as playing the Xenomorph, not the Protomorph.

And yes, take could make a U-turn in the next movie, if that happens, to ret-con stuff.


MemberXenomorphAug-06-2019 7:46 AM

@ignorant guy.....Well then I have No problem with David being the creator of the A L I E N actually makes sense to me! Thanks! 


David did indeed visit the derelict on LV426 and set up the pods and distress signal. The space jockey was chestburst by a Deacon or something else....Xeno is human design(in a way)

I don't seem him heading towards Origae 6 


MemberDeaconAug-06-2019 4:04 PM

Well it would appear that they would be going to Origae-6 Next, we are 2-3 Movies away from ALIEN, the Next One will NOT be about the Xenomorph, but 3/4 Incoming Parties will arrive to where David has gone, and ONE will be the Engineers.

it would be likely the Engineers arrive at the 3rd/Final Act, and this would SET-UP the Next Movie, it is likely the Next Movie after this (Alien Covenant 3) would be the Path to the Xenomorph becoming Evolved and the Path to them getting onto the Derelict.

This is all from what RS has indicated, i would assume that the PLAN for Alien Covenant 2 could be a Longer Movie or a TWO Part, that then Takes us to the Concluding Movie that Connects to ALIEN.  Or that the Sequel to Alien Covenant 2 will be a TWO Part or Longer Movie to connect to ALIEN.

As Ignorant Guy points out... we have NOT concluded the Prequels and so things can be Subject to Change.

The thing is that its all QUIET at the Moment and Nothing Mentioned on the 40th Anniversary is a Concern, it seems there is NO immediate Plans to begin a Continuation of the Prequels.

The Longer its LEFT the less Unlikely we would get 2-3 certainly as far as with RS at the Helm and Fassbender involved unless they GREEN LIGHT a back to back Production of TWO movies in the Space of 3 Years.

The Longer its left, then the Likelihood would be that we would get a SINGLE Movie that Connects to ALIEN, and one that may By-Pass what happens Next... (where David goes and what he does) so we would see Alien Covenant 2 Skipped and go to a Alien Covenant 3.

Similar to how Alien Covenant essentially bypassed a Prometheus 2, well say The Crossing Movie.. it bypassed what happened between Prometheus and Alien Covenant. Only giving us the Bombardment and The Crossing Flash Backs.

So the Longer it takes, will Effect certain things.. RS and his AGE, and also every Year that Passes by is less Convincing for Fassbender to play a 35 year old Android.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-06-2019 4:15 PM

Regarding the OT...

It is for us to discus having another Movie that is SET prior to ALIEN, one that either or both goes to LV-223 and/or LV-426.

I think even IF they stick with the David Creator and Finish the Prequels... unless these Address LV-223 then i think a Movie that Clears up LV-223 and is more ALIENS like would be something a lot of Fans would want to see.

Or even going to the Derelict prior to the Nostromo but after the Events of the Prequels.

I know a massive BONE of Contention for a lot of Plans is the David as the Creator, and maybe its Wishful Thinking for a U-Turn... but with DISNEY... who knows, i think they could Cave into the Fans and Change things...

But we have to remember that Alien Covenant was Born out of FOX interpreting that it was a Mistake to NOT give the Answers to ALIEN and Xenomorph Origins and to NOT have any Xenomorphs in the Prequels..

Lets say Disney decide to SCRAP the David Plot, this does-not mean we would get a Good Movie, we could get a Pile of Horse Poop.... but as long as it indicates that the Derelict and Eggs are NOT a result of David i think it would please the Fanboys ;)

As i have said before... if i was to Give my TWO Cents to the OT...

I would go back to LV-223 and have a more Alieny Movie that has Eggs, Face Huggers and Xenomorphs...  ONLY have them looking Different to the Xenomorph in the Franchise which includes Alien Covenant.

So it has that Alien Engineers like Vibe, but does-not have Monsters close to the Xenomorph, we could then Speculate.. oh so the Engineers had different Versions with Eggs...  MAYBE they also had the Originals?

So it makes it Ambiguous.

For Example say have TWO Monsters like these.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-06-2019 4:40 PM

I'd head back to LV-426.

Why was the derelict in this system? I think we can all figure out it crashed because the SP was chestburst...Or the juggernaut had landed then the SP was chestburst.(Either way. You'll never convince me it was just flying through deep space on it's way to somewhere else.)


I'd bring back the temple idea...underground catacombs/tombs maybe? Give a reason for the derelict to be there(refuel/reload).

Temples with life giving air(so no spacesuits helmets for actors to worry about!)


A L I E N : Sacrifice



Origae 6? Another planet just like Planet 4(paradise)?! Yuck...been done. Might as well just stayed on Planet 4. 


MemberDeaconAug-06-2019 5:21 PM

Certainly its Logical that it was NOT in that System for No Reason at all.

Prior to the Prequels we had NO reason why it was there, was it a Place that was close to when the Space Jockey was getting Chest Busted...  so where was he coming from and going?

You could Speculate was LV-426 a Place that the Eggs were Obtained from? or Stored!

When we got to Prometheus it was indicated there was a connection with LV-223, but it was Ambiguous and so we could Speculate that either the Eggs came from LV-426 and was being taken to LV-223, or they came from LV-223 and either ended up on LV-426 or was being taken there.

Ridley Scott then indicated that the Ship had left LV-223 at some point and Ended up on LV-426.

We have seen Changes in the Drafts, Alien Engineers/Genesis had indicated the Engineers conducted Experiments/Created the Xenomorphs on LV-426.

This was changed to LV-223 with Prometheus/Paradise so that the Ship would have left LV-223 and Ended up on LV-426.

But going way back before ALIEN was Finished, the idea was that there was a Separate Egg Silo and Ship.

Regardless if the Egg Cargo was on the Derelict or to Ponder NOT.... surely you could explore that LV-426 has Buildings/Outposts and Storage connected to the Engineers.

We would have to ask WHY they have LV-223 if you go this route.... the Logical Answer would be to Store some Specimens/Eggs from LV-223 on LV-426, or that Specimens/Eggs are taken from LV-426 and taken to LV-223.

You dont have to have the Location of these Places close to the Derelict, they could be Located FAR away on LV-426, and Mostly Underground.

This would then NOT Conflict the Alien Franchise as If there was Outposts left on LV-426 and LV-223 then WHY do they Concentrate on the Derelict and then Ripley for the Xenomorph.

So any Story would have to maybe take these into account.   And explain WHY these are NEVER discovered again in the Alien Franchise, leaving ONLY the Derelict.

Regarding Origae-6... indeed the idea of this TOPIC is to explore either LV-223 or LV-426 and so to have a Prequel to ALIEN that does-not follow on from what ever David gets up to...

But that does-not stop anyone from Considering to Carry on with David but instead take him to LV-426/LV-223.

But this Kind of Story ARC/Continuation was kind of the Purpose of ALIEN: Back to the Future 3

But then it was mainly looking at Origae-6

With Each of those Topics i made the Banner kind of Relevant... so ABTF1 showed the Derelict around the LV-426 System.  ABTF2 showed Paradise/Planet 4, and ABTF3 showed the Covenant heading to a World.

The Banner to this Topic ABTF4 shows a Human Ship heading back/from the LV-223/LV-426 System.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-07-2019 5:40 AM

Bouwuker’ Asuunder


(translation: ‘Super Queen’)

She lies dormant.


They fed her for a thousand years. They built temples over her great maws. They worshipped her! They died for her.

Story : Ancient Engineers created a large biological mass on LV-426...they feed it(sacifices) and in turn it gives them black goo...The large biomass is spread over tens of Kilometers.  The biomass has dozens of ‘mouths’ in which the Engineers build temples.

The practice of living biomass is frowned upon.  Modern day pathogens can easily be manufactured. Many if not all ‘Asuunder’ have been abandoned.


David reads about these worlds and wants to visit one. He uses the crew of the Covenant as food, bringing the Super Queen to life. Hell follows.


Summery:  The Covenant heads back to LV-426 to revive a monster.     Plenty of Black Goo for everyone!


MemberDeaconAug-07-2019 9:18 AM

I think that is Interesting....

To propose some MASSIVE Organism or Bio-Mechanical being to be the Origins of the Black Goo or the Eggs etc.

HR Giger had felt the Derelict was Grown and was LIVING.  Why his idea was that the SHIP was what Produces the Eggs.

So having some kind of Structure under ground that is Part Organic, Part Mechanical that is LIVING and Grows could be something Interesting to Explore.

Regardless of IF this was on LV-426, LV-223 or some Distant Place we have YET to Visit.

How did it get onto the World?  was it always there, had it Grown from a Smaller Size?

Was it some Bio-Mechanical Ship that had been Damaged and Crashed, and then was Buried under Millions of Years of Volcanic Activity and Sediment....  Discovered by Curious Travelers, who saw some of them Consumed by the Bio-Mechanical Nightmare... then it Grows, Starts to show more signs of LIFE.

The more it is FED the more it Grows the Stronger it gets....  Maybe the Engineers come to some Covenant with the BEING a agreement where they are given something in PART of this Co-Existence in Return for Sacrifices?

Some kind of Symbiotic Relationship?

This certainly would be a very ALIEN twist, something very Lovecraftian and fitting with some of HR Gigers Twisted Works..

I had Pondered back in 2012 and made a Topic speculating about WHO is at the TOP of the Chain of Creation....  Elder Engineers, another Species, a Single Being, Magical Entity or a Machine!

Ridley Scott had commented in 2015, that IF the Engineers are the Forerunners to Mankind and other Life in the Cosmos then HOW is it they have Worlds that allow them to do this... WHERE IS THE BIG GUY

When talking about Prometheus 2 Shortly after the First Movie, he had said that David and Shaw are off to the Planet of the Engineers, were they will meet these beings who are NOT Gods and NOT Benevolent but David is bringing Hell with him.... WHAT HAPPENS... when the GOO infects a GOD or a MACHINE.

I found that Interesting and i even considered a Plot about HUGE Ships... Bio-Mechanical Craft that are Sentient and Living and Very Ancient.... Ships that are as Large as maybe Small Moons..

And so the IDEA that you propose MonsterZero is NOT so far off that from my Interpretation... something UNDERGROUND... something HUGE and something that is Bio-Mechanical... the Super Queen as you put it...


In a number of Ancient Mythos we have Ancient Primordial Beings... sometimes depicted as MASSIVE MONSTROSITIES sometimes inferred to being the EARTH (Actual Worlds) itself... and Mostly that these Primordial Entities are the Origins of Life, or Worlds.. the Cosmos...

So a Lovecraftian/HR Giger Twist on those would be Interesting ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-07-2019 9:37 AM

Yeah Lovecraft is definitely my angle!

The Engineers use to retrieve the black goo from the veins of these creatures(large IV's), But that was the old days/ways. 

LV-223 would also work...The razor storms are just as cool as LV-426's.



MemberDeaconAug-07-2019 9:50 AM

I think where-ever it is that this Primordial Entity comes from or is Located....   the Discovery of it, maybe a Flash Back could reveal INSIDE something like this.

The more this Entity consumes the more it Grows, more like a Bio-Mechanical Living Plant, it could then Grow like a WEED across a Planet, a Vision of this... with more of a HR Giger Aesthetic.


Eventually the Surface and Interior also looking like these.

What happens when a WHOLE WORLD has become Infected and Taken Over, does the World become a Living Entity, what happens then?

Can the Entity somehow Move the World...

Does it move to INFECT other Worlds... becomes the DESTROYER......

A Incoming NEMESIS!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-07-2019 10:00 AM

Yes! Very cool!

Problem I see: Getting the crew down from orbit...could be very difficult transferring them in the wind and high gravity of LV426.




MemberXenomorphAug-07-2019 12:36 PM



David, Daniels, Tennessee, 3 fodder characters. They are standing on the surface of LV-426. A large temple is near them. All but David are in protective suits.


David looking ill “Something is not right…We must leave..”


He turns towards the landing vessel and tries to take a step...His eyes roll up into his head and he falls over.


Tennessee “The hell..?”


Daniels “This is our chance!”


They scamper back into the landing vehicle, Tennessee enters the pilot seat.


Tennessee attempts to start the engines “..It’s no good...David’s locked the controls”

Reason for this scene? I don’t want David to be the narrator. They are truly stranded.


MemberDeaconAug-09-2019 5:09 PM

Well as far as HOW does anyone get to the Surface i think as ALIEN showed they would require Space Suits.  We have to Assume the Derelict could maybe have had a Breathable Atmosphere, we see Dr Shaw did-not need any Suits to Survive on the Juggernaut while it was drifting through Space.

so some how the Environmental Systems had Failed/Been Damaged or Disabled, if they was Disabled maybe they could be Turned Back on?

"David, Daniels, Tennessee, 3 fodder characters"

I would see No Use for Fodder Characters from the other Prequels, i guess the Purpose of this Topic was to come up with ideas of Exploring going back to either LV-223 or/and the Derelict after the Derelict Event (be that post 2105 or Ancient).

So the only way to introduce any of those Characters would be IF they either Survive the Events of the Prequels (What would happen in Alien Covenant 2) or IF its that in a Alien Covenant Direct Sequel they go to LV-426 which is really then WHY i made Alien: Back to the Future Part 3 (what to do with Alien Covenant 2).

so a Separate Alien Prequel thats SET before ALIEN but after the Prequels (or Parallel) would likely Benefit from Introducing NEW Characters ;)

I think when working out the Story you Plan you have to Consider a Few Things, in your Opinion/Idea.

1) Has the Derelict Been on LV-426 for Thousands of Years and in NO-way is David responsible for those Eggs in the Egg Chamber.

2) Are you Considering that a) the Eggs are on board the Derelict or b) the Derelict is Sitting On-Top of a Separate Egg Storage Facility.

If a) then where did the Eggs Come from, or indeed where is the Underground Facility that has the Super-Queen, is it Near by the Derelict or on another Part of LV-426?

If b) then is the Egg Chamber connected to a Labyrinth of Tunnels that lead to the Super-Queen Location or is Located on another Part of LV-426?

3) What are the Future Implications from this Idea (Underground Bases and Super-Queen) until and after ALIEN?  For Example how come No-One appears to have gone back to LV-426 to explore these other Places, and only seemingly Interested in the Derelict in regards more so to between ALIEN: Isolation (if considered Canon) and ALIENS

Not to say No-One has bothered again... just what would be the Story behind it, obviously maybe there is a Cover-Up or a Wicked Agenda.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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