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A Different Kind of Human

A Different Kind of Human

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DeaconMember10325 XPJul-08-2019 4:32 PM

I was meaning to Post this a Month ago... Sparked by Aurora's New Song A Different Kind of Human she was the Artist who gave us the Alien Covenant Trailer Sound Track.

While Listening to her New Album the Title Song made me think about HOW connected it could be to the Franchise as far as Creation.

I had been meaning for a While to make a Similar Topic to this, i kind of already had, but this Song got me to make a New One to Discus the Different Kinds of Humans.  The Aurora Song does Fit the Topic I recommend you Listen to it ;)

Prometheus had gave us a Plot that our Origins came from being Seeded/Engineered by a Ancient Alien Humanoid Race.   Ridley Scott had confirmed the Engineers were the Forerunners of Mankind.

He had also suggested the Engineers had came to Visit Mankind over Periods of Thousands of Years to EVOLVE us both Technologically (Knowledge) and Genetically.  And revealed that the Engineers had seeded MANY Worlds.  It was also revealed that the Engineers had also wiped out previous Creations they deemed Failure, and indicated that the same had been done before on Earth, mentioning ATLANTIS.

Engineering and Experimenting with Life in their Image seems to be something the Engineers and their Hierarchy were Heavily Involved in.

With Alien Covenant we had Ridley Scott make some Revelations about the Engineers, calling those on Planet 4 the ORIGINALS...  However they appeared to be just as Much Human as Engineer and it was speculated they could be HYBRIDS.... However from RS Comments this is NOT the case, so the Prometheus Engineers must be a Different Kind of Engineers, and as we SHARE a DNA Match with the Prometheus Engineers, we must also SHARE a Genetic Link to the Planet 4 Engineers.

What we essentially had been shown or so it seemed, is that Mankind are a Engineered Humanoid Race based off the Engineers, we cant assume that Mankind on Earth are the ONLY such Creation, and their may be many Various Kinds of Humanoids.

Essentially Engineers, Humans we are all just Different Kinds of Human.   It seems that RS had intended to cover the Greater Scope of Creation, Genetic Engineering, and NOT be related to just the Black Goo and Xenomorphs.

We can take this Genetic Engineer even further from the Engineers, we see that Peter Weyland had accomplished many things, Medical/Genetic Advancements included.  We could speculate that in the Near Future (even as of NOW) Science can Target Certain Genomes and Engineer Embryo's/Babies, a lot of such Research can Eradicate many Genetic Flaws.   As Science Progresses we would be able to Basically alter a Human Genome to Engineer and Add/Replace Certain Genetic Traits, not limited to Appearance and Race, but Physical Abilities and Intelligence.  We can only Speculate if such has happened within the Franchise... it appeared that Weyland Instead concentrated on Synthetic Humans (David).

Bladerunner takes the Genetic Engineering approach with the Replicants, essentially this is Genetic Engineering of a Übermensch (Super Human) and its likely the Prometheus Engineers are such a Engineered Übermensch version of our Planet 4 Engineers.

The Franchise seems to cover the Pursuit of Perfection, and Genetic Engineering/Evolution seem to be a KEY part...   so we can Speculate on HOW MANY different Kinds of Human had been Engineered in the Past by the Engineers.  And also how many could be Engineered by Humans in Future.

Which brings me to DAVID... and to Ponder if his Agenda in the Sequel would be to Engineer his very own Different Kind of Human too,  Davids Pursuit of his own Übermensch is were I Predict the Franchise was heading.

The Franchise has Potential to expand and show us other Humans the Engineers had been Involved in, the Scope of the Plot should not be Limited to just Earth, LV-223 and Planet 4.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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DeaconMember10325 XPJul-14-2019 10:48 AM

"According to me, the lyrics of “A Different Kind of Human” is about humanity and that we have become corrupt. But, there are some individuals that are pure and given the chance of getting away from Earth (by a higher power) and start all over."


Indeed thats how i connect it, i feel the Engineers would Logically come back to TAKE some Humans away before they RESET the World!

Children would be the IDEAL choice... Innocent and Pure.

This is similar to what has been done in Movies before... such as Knowing 2009 (Spoiler for End)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3381 XPJul-14-2019 11:44 AM

Very good catch on the AURORA song BigDave.  Love it.


Engineer DNA Match

"may be many Various Kinds of Humanoids."

"And indeed we could ponder about the Arcturians are they created by the Engineers?"

It would very interesting to me if the humanoids encountered, such as the Arcturians, were a match to human DNA as well.  

When taking Prometheus (Engineer sample DNA match to human DNA) into account, I assume the Arcturians would be a DNA match to human's DNA because they are so close to the Engineer's neighborhood.


DeaconMember10325 XPJul-15-2019 6:34 AM

Well this is SCI-FI and so maybe we could look at if there is a Connection between Various Humanoids, the Engineers Plot also reveals about Experiments that also use more than Humanoid DNA...  Hybrids..

We maybe have to ask WHY the Engineers seem to want to Create Life in their Image....  we could then Ponder for instance HOW MANY Life-Forms are Human-like.

But then also we should not limit the Universe to Human-like Life and so other Humanoids could be Very Different, and so indeed Arcturians are interesting, how Human are they?  If they are Hybrids or Different then they likely would have LESS of a DNA Match.

If the Engineers have Engineered many Intelligent Species then maybe there DNA is the Base Canvas.  But we cant rule out if they had Experimented in the Past to Cross-Hybrid other None-Human Organisms with a Human-like Canvas.

Are the Arcturians as such?  Or could they be something the Engineers or their Creators have NEVER been involved with?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10325 XPMay-19-2021 4:26 AM

I thought i would BUMP this with this Reply....

Been thinking about Creation and Different kind of Human, and i still think that DAVID would have gone on to EVOLVE those Embryo's to make his OWN Children a Mankind MK2 if you would.

So i have taken ONE of the Drawings by David from Alien Covenant, the Engineer and NEXT to it i have Modified that Engineer to make a New Kind of Human a Super Human if you would.

I took the Engineer and Increased the Length of the Forearms, and Fingers, then i Increased the Length of the Hips/Legs with me Further Extending the Legs again from the Knee.  Then i Elongated the Neck and Head Height but then also Elongated it at the back. 

Before adding 6 Digits and Removing the Nipples, Naval Cavity and Reducing the Ears.

What we have is a 10ft Humanoid with Greater Strength, Speed, Agility than a Human and likely Engineer, with better Dexterity and also some Extra Sensory Perception Organs.... maybe even like a Hive Mind/Telepathic Ability.

David using the Embyro's and Tinkering with the Genomes and then Splicing some Xenomorph DNA/Traits.... and so we had David go and Tinker the Engineers Deacon/Neomorph.  And this image above could be him Tinkering with the Human Genome.  Perfecting mankind beyond even the Engineers own DNA.

Of-course this Creation would TURN on David once they Discover he is NOT a GOD and he is a Creation of their own TRUE ORIGINS and they find out the Horrors that David had done to their Parents....

Not to Worry i think David has his WOLF to take care of his Rebellious Children and the RESULT would surely be  THE ULTRAMORPH!

And so INDEED if the Face Hugger makes 8ft Xenomorphs from a 6ft Human then the Ultramorph is about 13ft which would be what a Face Hugger would do to a 10ft Humanoid. ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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