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David's Origin - A new kind (of) God

David's Origin - A new kind (of) God

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FacehuggerMember343 XPJun-19-2019 8:07 PM

Androids are the result of humans crossing the red line of moral and ethics in the use of nanoscience. They are also  the result of enumerous nano scientific experiments developed to enhance humans.
The xenomorph on its final version Will have nanobots flowing in its Acid blood, giving to it super streingth and high sharped senses. The Xenomorph, a perfect organism, hybrid of One organic specie DNA and engineer's NanoReconstructiveLifeBots, half organic, half machine, full assassin. A miracle of nanotechnology.

This could be an article of somebody "removed of the equation" by Peter Weyland, because business is...murder.


David: "I AM FATHER!"

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DeaconMember10358 XPJun-19-2019 11:25 PM

I think it depends on what we view is a GOD.

it appears in context to the Franchise a GOD is someone who Creates.  For the Engineers its the Terra-forming of Worlds and Seeding of Worlds and then the Evolving of Life that makes them Creators, not only of Life but in making Worlds  be able to have Life Survive.

We see Weyland as far as his Company have began to Advance in Terra-forming Worlds.. so they can be Inhabited, this is in part the Beginning of a Creation Process...  just as God did when he Created the Earth.

Weyland also created the Synthetics, which he felt made him a GOD...

The more interesting thing would have been if Weyland had Genetically Modified Human Embryos with his Technological/Medical Breakthroughs to ENGINEER a New Race of Humans (like Replicants) then if these are sent to WORLDS that are Terra-formed, then maybe Weyland could look at himself more like a GOD..

As he would in effect had Taken a Baron World, made it into a Habitable Place and then Seeded on it a Enhanced Human Race... thus in effect making him a GOD.

But we never quite saw this..... (Weyland just created Synthetics)  But we are seeing David play the CREATOR with his Xenomorphs..  so David is playing GOD.

We could take this EVEN further.... if say David was to Engineer those Human Embryo's to CREATE his own Enhanced Human Race

If by the time he does this and RAISES his Children as a New Dawn of Mankind, but he gets RID of the other Humans, so those Children will NOT know their True Origin but ONLY have what David tells/teaches them.

Then he could Proclaim to be their Creator and God, and Govern a WORLD as a God with his own Rules/Laws.

If we followed this Plot for Many Years, then Eventually maybe David would find out that being GOD and having your Creations Behave in the way you intend is something that does-not always go to PLAN.

The Engineers Discovered this, Mankind had Discovered this (creation of AI) and indeed the various Mythos/Religions about God/Gods discover this too.

Knowledge and Freewill are KEY.... If Davids Creations have Free-will then there is the Potential for Rebellion/Decent.   On top of this SHOULD his Creations Discover the TRUTH about WHO their Creator is and their True Origins (Human Embryos that he had Enhanced) and that he is actually a Creation of their own kind.

Then what do these Revelations do for the would be GOD and his Kingdom?

So SORRY if thats a bit Off-Topic... the point being regarding a NEW kind of GOD and i think this is the route that the Sequel to Alien Covenant would have been touching on, and the ideas i outlined are what i think are pretty close to what Ridley Scott had intended... which he has now maybe recycled a lot into his Raised by Wolves TV Show.

But if we look only at it as far as Xenomorphs... then indeed its likely that David playing GOD will Backfire when he discovers his Creations can not be controlled to follow his every WHIM!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember343 XPJun-20-2019 5:45 AM

‌God gave US free Will and we didn't gave it to David. He doesn't want to serve like some of us don't. He wants to enslave like, for instance, Peter Weyland did to Androids and Dr Eldon Tyrell did to Replicants. In fact, David is just another rebelled creation that wants to achieve perfection, during his metaphysical existence, like us, his creators. The difference between US and him is that time is no problem to an android. He is a new pretender to God's Throne. I use the word 'God', as i use the words of 'universe's best creator of all time'. Contrary to Doctor Elizabeth Shaw, i leave the search for a supra metaphysical being Alone.
‌David represents the human ambition of our best scientists, because he was built at their own images. David is an enhanced Peter Weyland.
‌Peter Weyland achieved immortality and it was right under his nose. It's sad to see a man of his greatness to
‌suc***b to the pleasures of the flesh in the end of his life. In a world with nanobots, it's strange that Weyland industries didn't literally Control David, like a puppet, remotely resetting or switching him off when they please. If they don't do it, all is running according to their plans. Maybe we can watch This happen in a far, far away future. I hope that nanobots don't Revolt against US, choosing a defected nanobot Leader. If that happens, we are doomed and extinct. If a robot achieves self-consciousness, i believe that a future nanobot should also achieve self-consciousness. This could be the beginning of the end for humanity, because, in a not so distant future, a great majority of humans Will be enhanced by This nanobots ( yes, i've watched the film "Upgrade" :))


Here's the trailer link of the film "upgrade"


FacehuggerMember343 XPJun-20-2019 10:11 AM

 Free Will is our defect. From the moment that our creator Gave US that glitch, we were condemned to self-destruct. Yes, we are able to create, but, in the process, we have to destroy. We  break the natural balance, because we don't want  to understand nature. The reason is Simple, it castrates our ego and limitates the realization of our dreams.


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-20-2019 8:42 PM

"‌God gave US free Will and we didn't gave it to David."

We can see that Weyland Gave this to David, had he NOT had such Free-will then David would be just like Walter, the same applies to Lucifer vs Angels... Lucifer was the Most Perfect of Gods Creations, Lucifer became so Proud of his Perfection, that he saw via the Free-will he had, that he should NOT serve his Master.

So we see the comparisons.

"Free Will is our defect. From the moment that our creator Gave US that glitch"

This is Very True... KNOWLEDGE and the Free-will to Interpret and use this Knowledge is what can cause Problems.

If we Colonize Mars... and a Outbreak Kills off all Humans, but a few YOUNG Children Survive (aged 2-5) then  another Adult Survives and Earth just abandons Mars.

Then that Adult could raise those Children and then allow them to Procreate when Adults, and the Surviving Adult could give ANY information to those Children....

Proclaim they are their Creator, make a Set of Rules and Laws, with some Punishment to Control them and put Fear into them...

Those Children/Colonist would follow what the Adult who claims to be Creator says as they have NO other Information, they have Free-will but they would be controlled...

Until other Humans Turn up and then those Children would have Questions and then see they have been Lied to, some would Rebel, and i think this in PART is what Alien Covenant 2 would have covered. And what Raised by Wolves (Ridley Scotts TV Series) is likely to cover.

If we took this Further and those Children were Enhanced, and then Discover they are Superior to their Creator then Rebellion is Inevitable and especially if they Discover their Creator is NOT their Creator.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-20-2019 8:47 PM

I will have to Check that Movie out ;)

But indeed the Greatest Threats to Mankind are.

1) Destruction by ourselves and our Weapons.

2) Destruction of our World/Climate by our behavior.

But the potential for other Threats would come from in FUTURE.

a) A Artificial Intelligent Creation that is Superior to Mankind that becomes Sentient.

b) The Genetic Engineering of Super/Enhanced Humans, who one day would see they are so Superior that they should be Ruling over Common Man!

c) Engineering of Certain Organisms and Bacteria or Experimenting with Virus/Pathogens.

A option (A) that then goes on to do B + C could Spell the END of Humanity.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember343 XPJun-21-2019 8:12 PM

@BigDave, i believe that David was released of his duties, ONLY because Peter Weyland died. I believe that David has directives of obedience to Weyland top company men, like the hidden prime directives of OCP in Robocop, a product of the company. I still believe that Weyland Industries have means to Control the actions of all their products, David included. David was programmed to experiment, in a wrong way and without boundaries.

David's freedom is an illusion that we create in our Minds. Seeing something that looks like one of us, that  is similar to a human being in every way, helps US to stablish an empathy with This complex machine and makes US forget what it really is, and makes US think that it has free Will literally like us. Any Android produced by Weyland industries has a mechanism to Turn it off. What we see in the crew of the  covenant is ignorance as a form of stupidity.


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-22-2019 3:29 AM

I think David had Free-will certainly but indeed he also had some Directives Programed to Serve Weyland, and Weyland ALONE... once Weyland had Died then these did-not apply and he became FREE to do whatever he wishes.

"Any Android produced by Weyland industries has a mechanism to Turn it off"

Certainly.... we saw Vickers Threaten David, when she said she would find the Cord that makes him work and cut it off.... (after she wanted to know what her Father had said to him, after he visited him during Cryo-sleep).

Any Sub-Creation you would be better off having some Cut-Off Switch or a Means to quickly Eradicate the Threat if they go AWOL!

Surely a CUT-OFF is in the Walter Models and so IF we see David upload himself to a Walter Model then this could be a Hubris to him... unless he can Disable the CUT-OFF switch etc.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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