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Alien Resurrection conspiracy theory

Alien Resurrection conspiracy theory

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PraetorianMember3070 XPJun-17-2019 6:40 PM

Alright,throw away conspiracy theory time for Resurrection fans (all three of you lol). So I was watching Resurrection a couple weeks ago and noticed something I hadn't before. Call Joins the crew of the Betty with the goal of killing Ripley 8 to prevent United Systems Military from cloning the xenomorph,but is too late. 

Later in the film when they find Purvis Call is the only one wants to save him despite carrying a xenomorph inside him. This would obviously create a danger not just for the Crew of the Betty,but the whole Galaxy. Now Call is an auton,a newer synthetic model that seemed to have free will which led to an eventual recall. But with this contradiction in character, Did Call perhaps have a hidden program in her she was unaware of? On one hand it lines up with her sympathy and care for humanity, on the other hand allowing a xenomorph speciman to leave the Auriga is suspicious. What say you?

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DeaconMember10358 XPJun-18-2019 7:19 AM

Not a Conspiracy..... but a Sequel ;)

Yes.... Alien 5

I had discussed on here a few times, and few years ago about a Alien 5 Proper (after Blomkamp put his idea out prior to Alien Covenant) at this time i proposed a Sequel to Alien Resurrection, which i had TWO alternative ideas, both slightly different to each other.

Which would indeed had revealed that CALL was actually working for the Auton's as they had a Cult that wanted the Xenomorph to use so they can RULE the World.

At this time of putting the idea out there, i had TWO ways that our Ripley 8 would be used and MASK her Age... where Limited CGI would be needed only for a few Scenes ONLY.

1) The Xenomorph DNA is overwriting her Human DNA, she is becoming a Hybrid so the Autons say that they can Help her... but only Accelerate the Process.

2) As with (1) only instead of Accelerating the Xeno-DNA, Ripley 8 gets help from the Autons to RID her of her Xenomorph DNA, which they do but then this causes Ripley to Age Fast..

In either case the Autons aim is to Use the Xenomorph.

In either case...

1) Hybrid Ripley Saves the Day, but realizes the Struggle in herself for her Humanity, and Risk of anyone getting Xenomorph DNA from her... that she SACRIFICES herself.

2) The Now Human Ripley, overcomes the Xenomorph Threat, and at the Conclusion she starts to age quick and Dies of Old Age.... Now Finally at Peace!

I did a few Months back have a Alternative to the TWO, where i would introduce NEWT back into the Fold... but with a TWIST!  in this one CALL is revealed to not be a Traitor and Genuinely thought she was helping.

so back to the OT....

Auton CALL... Secret Agenda to obtain a Xenomorph?  I think thats a possibility and something a Sequel should have considered...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember313 XPJun-19-2019 4:42 PM

@BigDave, i like Point Number Two a lot, because it's plausible. The name of the sequel:

Alien: Armageddon


DeaconMember10358 XPJun-19-2019 10:59 PM

Well i think it would be  a Logical Route to take, especially if they wish to bring back Ripley, then i think a Sequel to Alien Resurrection would be the way to go.

You see the Problem we have now is Miss Weaver has aged 22 Years since Alien Resurrection and so do we set the Movie 10-15 years later? as i think she maybe could pull that off...   But we have to ask does the Xenomorph DNA effect her and offer her one of the Following.

1) Regeneration and so she would NOT Age or not as Fast as a Human... maybe this extends her Life Expectancy?

2) As above but Ripley has a Limited Shorter Life Span than if she was Human.

The Problem would be do we set a Sequel 15 years latter, and what about the Age Difference?  You could get away with it like that, but then would ask WOULD we expect Ripley 8 to Age at All? (Due to Regenerative Xenomorph DNA)

So if we instead had a Sequel that was SET not long after Alien Resurrection then we just have to explain the AGE Difference... which my TWO ways of doing it would work.

For example you liked Number 2 for this we have Ripley 8 with some CGI Overlay, we show/infer that she was struggling with the Xenomorph DNA that was making her become less Human as far as Psychologically, she started to look at herself as Superior and look down on Mankind, so this caused Conflict with Herself.  So CALL had informed her that her Auton Friends could Eradicate the Xenomorph DNA.

Ripley 8 asks for Guarantees they will not use that DNA and CALL gives her a Promise...  The Procedure goes under way, and her Xenomorph DNA is removed...  but Ripley is informed that the Xenomorph had a Limited Life Span and so taking the DNA out, has left Ripley 8 with a Problem...  she would be AGING Faster than a Human.

The Autons say they can  WORK on some Medication that should Reduce the Age Process but by this time Ripley would have Aged 20 years within 24-36 Hours. But the Autons make a Medication that would Slow this down making her Age maybe twice as fast as a Human or at the same pace..

The Now Human but Older Ripley would then make Plans, and talk about what she will do NEXT and ask CALL to come with her, we then have a Scene where she Either  Follows Call to the Auton Hide-Out or has another reason to Enter their Outpost and then Walks in on a Lab with a Face Hugger.

Or she sets off on her Journey and comes across some Humans who say that there Group of Survivors had been attacked by a Horrid Monster described just like a Xenomorph, and so she goes to Investigate and Discovers the Autons had just started to use them.

So we get the Reveal the Autons actually wanted to use Ripley 8 to obtain the Xenomorph DNA

So this reveals a Conspiracy.. we would then have Ripley confront the Auton Leadership, and have them offer her a Chance of Immortality by saying they can Genetically Infuse her with Xenomorph DNA she rejects this and goes on to start to Destroy their Projects, with that their Leader then Threatens to  Destroy the Medication that would prevent Ripley 8 from Aging Fast... she rejects their plea to NOT destroy their work, so they Destroy that Medication.

That leaves Ripley with a Problem she would start to NOW Age Fast.... we could even have CALL revealed as one of the Good Guys, where she claims that SHE did-not know the Autons wanted the Xenomorph and only wanted to HELP.

Then we could END with the mistrust and Ripley now Aging Fast, and CALL reveals a Vial/Ampoule says she can HELP her with it... but Ripley Refuses and said that she had already Died on Fury 161 and their is nothing to Live For and Now she wants Peace..

But Call is adamant she lets her HELP.

We could end this in a number of ways.

a) Ripley 8 refuses Help and CALL watches her DIE, and its left Ambiguous what was in the Vial/Ampoule.

b) As above but we see CALL Message/Speak to someone and say she has the SAMPLE.

c) As Ripley Passes Out we see CALL inject Ripley and we see her start to De-Age then we CUT to Black, leaving its Ambiguous to what was in the Ampoule/Vial.

d) Ripley Distrusts her and attacks CALL, and we see/reveal the Vial/Ampoule contains Xenomorph DNA and it is maybe smashed... but Ripley dies... knowing that ALL ALONG... Call had ONE intention.. to obtain the Xenomorph for her CULT.

e) As above but the Vial is proven to be a Sample of the Medication that would keep Ripley Alive.... at this point as she looks on at CALLS Body she knows that CALL had intended to HELP her... she takes this Burden to her Grave with her... or we assume as we see a Weak, Aging Ripley weeping and Fade to Black.

So there are ways we could cover the AGE Problem, and have a Thought Provoking Movie, as the PLOT fits with Prometheus as far as Creation/Sub-Creation..   Mankind Created Synthetics to our Future Downfall, the Synthetics Created Autons to their Future Downfall.

The Earth is in Ruin in many Cities from WAR to control the Planet, which involves Mankind, Synthetics and Autons...  The Autons wanting the Xenomorph so that they can use it to RULE the Earth.

But this Agenda leads to their Downfall.

You could continue with a ALIEN 6 where we reveal that some Humans Discover the Xenomorph DNA Vials and attempt to make a Hybrid Human. like Ripley 8.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-26-2019 8:23 PM

Short answer: It seems plausible Call had agenda driven programming of which she was not aware, but I think the intent of the movie was that she was independent and genuine with her actions. Do not forget her mean streak when she summoned the Xenomorphs to hone in on an individual whom worked for YT.


XenomorphMember1234 XPJun-28-2019 9:06 PM

The initial plan was to get Wren to surgically remove it.  That wasn't possible, so plan B was to freeze Purvis, then get Wren to surgically remove it at a later date.  There was no way Call or the others would've let it live.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJun-29-2019 6:02 PM

True, but when Wren unsuprisngly betrays them it becomes even more dangerous to keep Purvis alive. Call may or may not have surgical programing, but the remainder of the crew of the Betty (Johner and Vries) as well as Distephano and Ripley 8 likely don't have surgical training. Call and the rest should know it's a terrible idea keeping Purvis alive after a certain point. 

Even if frozen you run the risk of bringing him to a surgen who might keep the specimen alive.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


PraetorianMember3070 XPJun-29-2019 6:24 PM

Welcome back S.M

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

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