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ALIEN Morpheus (Sequel to Alien Covenant - Beat Sheet)
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MemberOvomorphApr-02-2019 6:07 AM

Hey Guys

Thanks for coming over and reading this post.

Not so long after the release of Alien Covenant I put pen to paper and wrote a quick over view of my idea for a sequel originally called Aliens Morpheus. Suffice to say it was quite poorly written and just recently I’ve taken advantage of getting involve with UNI course of screenplay and script writing.

Anyway, as part of the study of how to write a proper script one module really helped me flesh out my stories quicker and that was by putting together a beat sheet. basically, this means getting all the scenes down from start to finish before you even think about doing the dialogue. It also helps you get your full idea out quick.

To cut a long story short I used my original idea for Morpheus and created a much better, concrete approach to my story which I’m sure some of you will very much enjoy. I’ve not tried to think outside the box with any of this, the story makes sense to me whilst still staying congruent with the other alien films to give the fans what they want and to also make sense of what has previously transpired. To that I simply worked backwards. Let me know in the comments if you would watch this as a movie, if you’d like to see it become a movie or if there would be any changes or other scenes you would add. 

I will be soon begin to add dialogue and will look forward to putting a whole script up soon. I'm hopeful end game wise to have this turned into a fan novel or even a comic. Who knows? Just let me know what you think.

Thanks again for reading. You can download the full beat sheet for free via this google drive

Script Download

21 Replies


MemberTrilobiteApr-03-2019 5:21 PM

I have only read a couple pages so far, but it looks really good! 


MemberDeaconApr-03-2019 5:35 PM

I will be a bit BUSY... but i will come back to Read this...

Reading the First Page...  i like the Concept/Idea of the Engineers arriving at Planet 4 and being very moved and upset at what they discover... certainly makes them more of a Humanity. 

The idea of discovering CCTV of what happened is interesting as far as HOW they discover the Perpetrators

Ideas i had/Theory would be that they would either have to Discover Walter and somehow he points out where David is off too.... or they Discover Recordings on the Crashed Juggernaught.

Discovering Human Remains, a Human looking Walter would draw the Engineers to Earth, if we assume that Earth is the only place that has HUMANS.... but HOW the Engineers Determine that David is off to Origae-6 is something that i would be interested to see HOW you tackle.

The Logical way i concluded would be they Discover Walter and somehow he can point out the Constellation on a Star Map the Engineers show him.  Or some other means they can access Walter, or Discovery of something left behind that would indicate where Origae-6 is.

Of-course the Movie Alien Covenant does-not show EVERY minute that transpired on Planet 4 from when David took them to the Cathedral/Citadel  so there is potential Dialog that happened that was not shown in the Movie.

For Example Oram/Daniels could have shown David a Map on a Device of where they was heading for... If such a Device was left behind during the Hell that broke out.. then a Engineer could find this and activate it and IF it shows a Constellation, they could input this into their Systems and PLOT a course to where they are heading.

The only Problem would be this would show them WHERE those Humans where going, and NOT where David would be heading..  But they could cover all bases and Go Off to Origae-6, but also Earth (which is a Plot Hole) so there would have to be some reason they would head for Origae-6 instead.

Anyway... i look forwards to reading your work at some point over the next 24/48 hours ;)

I applaud you for your Effort... i only get as far as a kind of Beat Sheet where i am like at 60-75% of what i want, and undecided about the rest due to different ideas, and then had thought out roughly how say a number of scenes would pan as far as remotely like a Draft.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteApr-04-2019 12:23 AM

I have read it. Nice job!

It references everything from Prometheus to Aliens while also giving a hint about the SJ.

This is a gloss over but I don't want to tell spoilers. Members should read it imo.



MemberChestbursterApr-04-2019 1:12 AM

I really can't image an "Insane lavatory" with a table in it? Does David and the xenoes take dumps on it? Or are the toilet seats just egg holders? Or does black goo come from the tap?


MemberDeaconApr-04-2019 1:28 AM


Ha Ha ;)  The Source of the Black Goo... maybe too many Oreo's and Stout!

Regarding the Idea.. i will come back at a latter point once people have read it more... I think its something that would maybe suit a Action Comic or Basis of a Game...

Needs Fleshing out with Characters, but this is a work in Progress... i think its maybe a little Too Heavy on the Xenomorph Side!  But thats just my opinion.

I think expanding it over TWO Movies could work better.

But i applaud the effort.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-04-2019 4:45 AM

Hey guys thank you for all the wonderful comments , and thanks more so for spotting the spelling mistake - the devils in the details isn't it.. ill change that and re upload ! should say laboratory not lavatory lol 

also with regards to Walter i had some scenes with him however i felt something like that could be established more later down the line , also it could be a huge surprise towards the end. all of this is subject to change, who knows where it could go!

Ill be working on the scenes more as time goes by, i wondering how much of the next film will potentially have any similarities to this as logic dictates it should move in some way to my idea, well see any way!

but again thanks so much for the feedback, id though this had gone under the radar tbh! 


kind Regards Luke 


MemberOvomorphApr-04-2019 4:56 AM

also with regards to how the engineers find out where David went i do think Walter could play a good role in this. since reading the comments I've had a couple of good ideas on how that could be established and more interesting twist / fight towards the end. Leave it with me and ill re upload the new version soon!


by the way if any of you are interested im in a heavy metal band that writes our own themes bases in the alien universe! you can check out our music via 


MemberChestbursterApr-04-2019 5:45 AM


But don't be carried away now, I have some real issues now.

1. You say that Planet 4 was only 1000 year old Engineer seeded world, not Paradise as in the home of the Gods. If so, why the 4 member crew get so pissed at the lose of a thing that the did for more time than humanity existed? And why do they rush to find David, why not consult with the Elders (or military superiors) first? How Convenient!

2. So a bunch of military types just happen to be on an exercise 7 years in hyper-sleep away from Earth just five years the first colonization ship should have reached the site and never reported back. How Convenient! 


MemberTrilobiteApr-04-2019 8:25 AM

OT- Sleeper Simulant is pretty brutal.


MemberOvomorphApr-04-2019 10:35 AM

hey buddy -

thanks for the comments again and the feedback, good criticism is what i need so any and all plot hole you can find feel free to flesh them out . hopefully that will help make a much more concise story. however, i dont recall saying it was 1000 years old , im generalizing there was around a hundred years gap between the events of the end of this story and the start of Alien.. again something which needs working out in detail.. still all very much a work in progress. also, it could be written in that the engineers returning to planet 4 were responsible for looking after it and had a personal interest in its growth.. it could also be written in the original engineer used to create the population of planet 4 was one of our lead engineers descendants? who knows.. also David has run off with xeno tech.. im pretty sure the engineers wouldn't want that getting out so it would be a perfect reason for them to want to find out 'who did it.

as for marines being conveniently in deep space.. well you think that a huge multi national military complex with a deep interest in space would have various vessels training new marines from time to time so it does make sense if you think about it. the time they spend out there in or out of hypersleep can evolve or change as the parts and dialogue start to evolve.

you've given me some good things to think about though so thanks for the cool feedback :)


MemberOvomorphApr-04-2019 10:35 AM

DK i'm glad you liked the track thanks!


MemberDeaconApr-04-2019 6:58 PM

" the devils in the details isn't it.."

Well i would not even like to Guess the number of Mistakes and Bad Grammar i would have in my works lol I would not worry about such ERRORS too much.... Jon Spaights made a number in his Drafts! (Prometheus earlier Drafts)

He also made a Whooper by the Date his Prequel was set in too, which was actually closer to ALIENS Time-Line LOL I am sure is maybe a Typo too.

The Correct Time-Line of Events is that the END of Alien Covenant takes place about 17 years prior to ALIEN. But not to worry.

I had been having some Discussion with LETO on my Star Child Thread where from a idea he had about how to make Davids Journey as something separate to ALIEN.. it gave me some ideas on HOW to do this and then have a alternative sequel that would go back to LV-223 or Planet 4.

I think if we took the kind of approach in that thread, then a PLOT like your idea would certainly fit more with a Movie about the Response Weyland-Yutani have to the Advent Viral Message. which would see them likely send a Mission to LV-223 or Planet 4 instead.

Even Split into a TWO Part Movie... IF the Human Ship goes to Planet 4, they could come into contact with the Neomorph and Xenomorphs.... they could get STRANDED  and have to go into Hiding from the Horrors on the Surface... and THEN the Engineers could Rock Up!

Could have Walter and Survivors Escape on a Juggernaught and Attempt to go to LV-223 to Destroy this place....  where we then have some incoming Engineers after them with a Payload of Eggs.  This would be like the 2nd Part.

Certainly allowing for a more ALIENY kind of series of Prequels.

REGARDING the Rock Band!

I remember now!  i made this TOPIC on here after coming across some Art by Dane Hallett for your BAND.

I will check out your work again, as i dont mind Metal, i was into various kinds as a kid, but also Rock... so i dont mind some Metal Music.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteApr-04-2019 7:51 PM

I took this draft as a work in progress and ignored spelling/grammar errors or perceived gaps in the plot. Of course some will take a humorous approach in response since that is the interweb 101. Hopefully the author understands the Forum is pretty good natured and creativity is supported. At least that has been my observation and experience.




MemberTrilobiteApr-04-2019 7:56 PM

BigDave I had forgotten about the topic recognizing Diezektor. It is tough to find their stuff on YouTube.


MemberChestbursterApr-04-2019 8:12 PM

@Diesektor you said:

"An Engineers ship comes into view its crew of four are en-route to a paradise world they have been cultivating for nearly a millennium."

this could mean that the planet was seeded 1000 years ago or that specific crew was doing this for 1000 years. The last one surely implies that the engineers live far more than that.


ModeratorPraetorianApr-04-2019 9:57 PM

Diesektor nice job, brother! Love your tracks and your site looks mint! 


MemberOvomorphApr-05-2019 8:12 AM

ah IG i see what you mean now..when i use the term millennia i was just looking for a quick word to sum up that it had been a 'very long long time' im sure given more time on the story and as it evolves, an accurate time scale can be added.. 

big thanks to everyone who took time to check out my band pages too. really really appreciated. 


i have done some more dialogue for the story and added some parts to this i think you'll guys will like. ill share the p[age changes later tonight that will have some more extended of the story that now includes some dialogue..

really appreciated all the support and feedback!

Thanks again AC forum members!



MemberDeaconApr-05-2019 9:28 AM

"An Engineers ship comes into view its crew of four are en-route to a paradise world they have been cultivating for nearly a millennium."

Again i think it was just the wrong choice of wording, i do this at times too..  i am sure you meant Millennia which implies Thousands of Years.  Which you pointed out in your last reply.

Its a bit open for debate about Planet 4 and its Inhabitants this is by Virtue of Alien Covenant never Indicated this was the Engineers Home-World.  OR that those Engineers are related to those on LV-223 (well there was no direct explanation for the differences).

So these leaves such things open to debate and they could be subject to Change as far as Canon.  Because we never got any 100% Spoon Fed Answers....  Such as Prometheus never Gave any Direct Ones for the Xenomorph Origins... which allowed for a change of direction.

Ive just realized in context you are on about these Engineers arrive at Oriage-6 and not Planet 4, so the above Reply is kind of MUTE!

I think the difference between the Engineers is something interesting to explore,  Ridley Scott had mentioned that the Planet 4 Engineers are the Originals and lived for about 150 Years..  Some speculate instead those Planet 4 Engineers are Hybrids and the Movie does-not suggest to us that these beings are OLDER than our Prometheus Engineers, in spite of Ridley Scotts comments.

Sorry this is Off-Topic a little... but it seems to indeed suggest those Engineers on Planet 4 may have Originated from that place, but they certainly over VAST amounts of Time been visiting and seeding many many worlds.

Exploring that Origae-6 was a World that had LONG LONG ago at some kind of Culture/Civilization could be interesting, i personally feel making another World in the Prequels connected to the Engineers a bit too much of a Coincidence however.  Thats just my opinion however... so does-not rule out the idea that Origae-6 had a long gone Civilization and to be fair, such a Plot does open up possibilities.

Certainly as far as the Covenant Crew thinking they would be arriving at a Virgin World... only to find it has remains of a Long Gone Civilization....    Or even if the Crew/Colonist NEVER get to set foot on Origae-6 because of David and instead he chooses to Raise/Engineer the Human Embryos then having some Ancient Infrastructure could be beneficial to David especially if he would want to indicate to the beings he raises/rules over some FALSE History.

Although thats a little off Topic to the Plot of your Alien Morpheus.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-12-2019 3:58 AM

hey big dave, thanks for the awesome feed back.. i think as the first draft approaches completion we can start to definitely look answer some of these questions. im just hopeful you all would think this to be a good basis for a story and how its content can be improved upon ill leave it to you guys.. the fans! im currently looking forward to start a degree in creative writing in September and looking for a potential publisher /publicist who may like to pitch my work. ill be working on this more over the weekend. i do have some really good changes already made as well as some dialogue however rather than drop it in piece meal ill keep updating with a good chunk of extra content. 




MemberOvomorphMar-09-2020 10:05 AM



MemberNeomorphMar-09-2020 10:22 AM


Thanks for posting this, it was interesting to see what you have written. I enjoy fan-writing since it shows how many ideas that the fan community has and how everyone have their own idea of what could have happened.

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