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2073 Weyland Corp Cybernetics Update - Emotional Encoding Software

2073 Weyland Corp Cybernetics Update - Emotional Encoding Software

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PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-18-2019 8:49 AM

2073 Weyland Corp Cybernetics Update - Emotional Encoding Software

Unofficial, fan made. 

I created the narration from the David 8 Technological Intellectual Physical Emotional (T.I.P.E.) text Specs found on, below.

"For David 8, Weyland’s emotional encoding software has been redesigned to include recognition of thousands more facial expressions than previous models. Proprietary expression mapping sensors allow David 8 to interpret critical human emotional states. The evaluation process happens at synaptic speed, instantly sending thousands of micro-facial movements into effect, giving David 8 a remarkably natural, human response."

Source material: Prometheus DVD Menu, Weyland-Yutani Logo Alien Day Promotion, Weyland Corp 2073 Logo gif, Prometheus David 8 Viral gif, and the Viral Website Images; all 20th Century Fox properties with all rights reserved. Image enhancements applied to support fair use. Thank you.
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