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MemberTrilobiteMar-01-2019 10:49 PM

The Isolation episodes from IGN seem to be receiving a lot of push back. Does it have Isolation cut scenes? In Spades! Does new CGI have bad lip sync? For sure!

But the added scenes look good and have decent acting. There is an over all narrative tying things together through it all. There is more to it than just joining cut scenes and there could be a set up for something new. 

Some just won't have it or even entertain the possibility though it seems. Too bad. This seems to be the most promising way to advance the franchise on screen to date.

Go Amanda!

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MemberDeaconMar-02-2019 2:30 PM

I think with a bit more Polish/Quality then Animated Series does offer a more low cost avenue...  and i dont hink Financially its as Expensive to end up with a Decent Project.

The Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie was Great, but Expensive because it was pushing CGI Boundaries at the time.  But to come with this Quality in todays Climate is much cheaper...   Much like the Starship Troopers Affair

Alas it wont please every Fan, who would expect Live Action but then these cost more money and when your trying to portray a CGI Xenomorph against a Live Action Scene/Cast it has to be very HIGH quality for it to look Good.

Offering us what is in effect a Glorified Comic, may not be such a bad thing, the next step down would be a Traditional Animated Series (like Japanese Anime) 

I think as a low cost way to expand the Franchise as alternative to a Graphic Novel or Comic, its maybe a way to go... i know some fans would despise it... but then would these fans have a problem with the Comics?

So if done right they would be like a Moving Comic, where you can bring home more a sense of Fear/Suspense with Dialect, and Music etc to bring more Realism...

But indeed it would not be as Real as a Live Action version, but then i guess we have to look at the Potential $$$$$ in doing Live Action.

I think regardless of the Medium... if the Story is Good, the Acting/Dialect and Visuals then i think its a Winner... if these are BAD... then it makes no difference as a Stinker is a Stinker!

A Well Done Anime or CGI Animated can be better than a poorly done Live Action. Especially if Said Live Action has some Suspect CGI

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMar-02-2019 2:33 PM

I think again its Expectation....

After years of waiting, some would be disappointed we STILL have not got what they deem a real ALIEN movie... some could be Lamenting over the wait for Blomkamps Alien 5.

And some would have been wanting to see the Prequels Finished...

And so a Animated TV Short is something that would not be enough for them.... i think even Fans of Alien Isolation may have been hoping for a Live Action Series...

As long as the Story Works... i dont see the Problem myself.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteMar-02-2019 10:06 PM

BD- The Starship Troopers looks really good and is similar in style as RE Degeneration .

Animated shows are just fine if done like these examples. 

As you said, the story is what's important. The medium is really secondary and should defer to our ability to fill in the blanks with our imaginations- do we dare?


MemberPraetorianMar-04-2019 7:10 PM

Thank you for the link BigDave to the Final Fantasy trailer...I thought it looked great for when it was made (and still looks good now).

"I think as a low cost way to expand the Franchise as alternative to a Graphic Novel or Comic, its maybe a way to go... i know some fans would despise it... but then would these fans have a problem with the Comics?" it, fan factions. I'm in the Alien Comic faction trying to shake hands with the Live Action Canon Puritans faction.

One thing that I was excited about was that this was released not on Alien Day. So, one might expect an announcement of something else on April 26, 2019 and not this digital series. I actually liked the series and the tie in to what we see from Amanda Ripley in the comics.

Alien Isolation Digital Series

The image below was an interesting part of the series.

The image is interesting because it was referred to as a "cavern" (Episode 4). The Alien novelization treats the egg chamber the same way and this area is below ground.

What is LV-426?

I agree dk regarding the animated examples if done decent with a good story and this is a good start in expanding through Amanda Ripley, below.


MemberDeaconMar-05-2019 6:23 AM

"One thing that I was excited about was that this was released not on Alien Day."

That is a interesting thing to consider...  this ALIEN DAY would be the one of the Biggest in the Franchises History.. you would imagine prior to Alien Covenant or IF that movie had been a Success then indeed  4:26:2019 would have likely had something Special In-Store.... as it would have been the 40th Anniversary of ALIEN release. 1979 that is.  If Alien Covenant had been a hit, and we never had the Disney take over, i would be pretty sure that Alien Covenants Sequel would have been released this year.

So it would be interesting to see what they have in store, but i would not be raising my Expectations too HIGH.. that way we can only be Surprised, instead of Disappointed.

What is LV-426?

This was the Big Question... in ALIEN this was a World/Moon that the Derelict Ship was stranded on, its position was always as though it came to rest/perched on top of something.   But the Official Answer was that the Ship was carrying that Cargo of Eggs, and it was going some place before the Pilot was Infected.   And hence Crashed on LV-426.

Ridley Scott had expanded upon this at the time after Prometheus to suggest the Ship Did-Not Crash so to speak, but still indicating the Space Jockey had laid Course for this Baron World to Quarantine the Cargo after it was Compromised.

There have been many many debates about the Egg Chamber, which revolve around its Size compared to the Ship, and also indeed when looking at the Decent by Kane, he did say it was some kind of Cave.... but it Did-Not look like some kind of Cave it had the same kind of Structure Aesthetic as the Derelict.

However in the Alien Isolation Bonus Mission, when they descend into the Egg Chamber it indeed does look like like Cave Structure (at Entry) due to what appeared to be Stalactite Formations.

However.... from the Game these could be just the result of a Acid Melting from the Pilot Chamber to the Cargo Hold that lead to similar formations like  Stalactite.  The HOLE is also Larger in the Game than i recall from ALIEN.

So its still very Ambiguous at the Moment, despite Ridley Scott suggesting the Cargo Hold was Part of the Ship... but then INDEED this Cargo Hold would NEVER fit in the Ship.

This Ultimately is a Oversight, but with so many flaws, that its open to be explored as a separate CARGO storage in Future.   It really depends on HOW they intended to explain the whole Scene as far as Cargo Hold.

I have done detailed analysis of the Cargo Hold a number of times on here,  Here was one of the Last Ones The Cave

I cam up with this image which to me is what the Cargo Hold would look like compared to the Derelict, which could mean the Ship was Carrying the Cargo Hold still.


Initially yes there was planned a Separate Egg Cargo Hold/Pyramid Mound and Derelict Ship.


But due to Budget/Time Restraints we ended up having them combined, despite the discrepancies, i will add that when i studied the Internal Cargo Hold, it seemed to be laid out in a pattern like some Flowers and so likely indeed similar shape to the Image i Posted with the Derelict

Will we ever get a definite Answer on Screen or in Comic or otherwise?  Who knows...

The Current Answer is it was part of the Ship.... but who knows what route Alien Covenant would have led us too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMar-05-2019 8:11 AM

I think it will be interesting to see whats NEXT for the Franchise, as it appears the Amanda Ripley Trio which consists of Alien: Black Out Game (Play) Aliens: Resistance Comic (Read) and the Alien: Isolation Digital Series (Watch) are a Parting Gift from FOX

So while this Digital Series has not pleased everyone, it would be interesting to see whats next NOW that the Franchise is Owned by the POWERHOUSE that is Disney.

I do think any ideas of the Prequels, and any explanations of the Cargo Hold or Space Jockey Fate are going to be put on the BACK-BURNER.

So i expect Disney to likely expand upon the Ripley Characters, mainly upon Ellen Ripley, in various Mediums... which could well include the Niel Blomkamp's Reboot Alien 3 Project that James Cameron is Championing.

Likely if this route is taken, that we would get at least 2 Ripley Movies before passing the Torch to Newt, in more of the same Eggs and Queens Tropes!

I would not even be surprised if down the Line, we have Amanda Ripley had a Daughter too Scenario!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMar-05-2019 8:34 AM

Question would be IF there is any chance Disney would go for a Live Action Movie that would NOT center around Ellen Ripley?

I know there are a number of Amanda Ripley fans who would think that taking some of Blomkamps Ideas but exploring them through a Amanda Ripley would be more interesting.

Its who would PLAY a Amanda Ripley?  If Disney would be interested in exploring this route and invest a decent budget i would say they cant go wrong with either Daisy Ridley or Karen Gillan

Saying that i think either Felicity Jones, Emilia Clarke or Ana de Armas could also be good options.

I guess it depends on HOW TALL they would want a Amanda though, if they want her closer to a 5ft11-6ft Ellen Ripley then thats going to limit choice of Actresses a little..  and find someone who looks like her Game Character.

Which only really Karen Gillan would be more ideal at 5ft 10

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteMar-05-2019 10:16 AM

The actresses are pretty much built in- Andrea Deck for the voice:

and Kenzia Burrows for the animation and character model:


For a live action though, do you go for appearance or the voice?


MemberPraetorianMar-05-2019 2:50 PM

I haven't watched it yet, but only because I haven't had the time. I hope to binge through it tonight.

Complaints are becoming increasingly typical and annoying. Nothing but entitled whiney fans not getting their way.Would you rather have nothing? I guess so!Just like many fans hit the abort button on Black Out and haven't bothered to play it (Please do. it's not Isolation but it was never meant to be,damn good in it's own right)

A show really isn't my preference, but I'll take it.I'm a fan and will continue to consume Alien obsessively in any shape way or form.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberPraetorianMar-15-2019 3:43 PM

As many of you know, I enjoy all the various theories on or about the ALIEN and it's resident universe as well. Likewise, I will continue on with the ALIEN frnchise with the single-minded drive as a fachugger possesses. :D

No, I'm not done writing.

Yes, more is coming reasonably soon. A short story that's my take on what and when and where long, long ago. ALIEN: Origins.

ALIEN: Manticore 'Paradise' is being 'stubborn', as it's set on Planet-4 as seen in ALIEN: Covenant, it's a 'bigger world' to contend with.






MemberDeaconMar-16-2019 10:35 AM


Thats the Good Point, i think Actresses can be made to Sound more like Amanda, than to look, so it would be interested to see say how close Kenzia Burrows could try and sound like Amanda Ripley and even if its not 100% should that matter much if we have a Live Action version? So i would go for looks more than voice.


Look forwards to your work, i have to read your First One, and i have to Motivate myself to produce my own Stories and Finish them, rather than having a Large Broad Plot/Ideas with a number of scenes fleshed out... then i abandon them.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianMar-16-2019 11:33 PM


Thank-you for saying!! It's always encouraging to know people read my works! ALIEN: Manticore 'Paradise' started off well, weird, but that's alright, as I know where things got strange, and I know how to fix things, re-plot the narrative from the point where it went off-track. It's a much more complex story, so an accidental sidetrack I guess was to be expected.

Writing, well, yeah it takes a certain amount of deliberate self-discipline alright. I have stretches where I just leave things lie fallow--but still note down ideas, and then come back around, and make myself get back to it.

For writers, our motivation is entirely something we have to find within ourselves.





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