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Something to share from my (abandoned) fan edit

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OvomorphMember35 XPFeb-21-2019 5:54 PM

It has been a while since I posted here. I like to get right to my main point first, and explain further afterwards. 

So the main point is:

I've created 2 Youtube videos based off my fan edit attempt of Prometheus / Alien: Covenant.

Click on the green links to view them on Youtube (Hopefully they stay up)

- Video 01

((Was meant to be the opening credits of the edit))

Cybernetic Individual

- Video 02

((I was going to do a 2-part edit. One with mostly Prometheus scenes with Alien: Covenant scenes planted in it, the ones with David and young Peter Weyland in the "white room". This next video would have been the opening credits of the 2nd edit, which would have basically just been an edit of Alien: Covenant))

The Lion And The Wolf

More explanation:

Some (or none) of you may remember my attempt at a Prometheus / Alien: Covenant fan edit.

Now, I did manage to create an entire edit but I wasn't 100% satisfied. Not to mention, I was using free video editing software and there were some major "glitches" in the way the scenes were transitioning, sound not matching with dialogue, etc...

So I shelved my project. And as of now, I have no intentions of going back to this project anytime soon, because once I start.....I get obsessed with it and I don't want that to happen... for now.

I do have 2 more videos I could do, but they would need some small tweaking to be shortened and ready for view, but for now I hope you enjoy and would love some feedback!

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DeaconMember10390 XPFeb-22-2019 1:10 AM

The First Video is interesting, nice edit...

The opening scene however was to show how Walter was  constructed different to David... i agree in any EDIT the David/Weyland Prologue would have been well fitted to Prometheus...   The Walter Construction would have fitted well to being inserted into Alien Covenant.

The second Video has been taken down..

But this usually happens if you are Editing their (FOX) Intellectual Property.   There is a lot of extra scenes and Virals from both Movies to make some EDITS..

I have only ever seen ONE of the Prometheus ones... the Gift Bearer Edit i think it was.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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