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Nostalgia is the death of creativity

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MemberPraetorianFeb-09-2019 1:08 PM

As we've discussed quite a bit it seems Alien 5 MIGHT happen after all with support from James Cameron,POSSIBLY overwriting Scott's Alien Awakening.While this might delight some,to me it feels like Alien would officially join Hollywood's bizarre nostalgia obsession.Thoughts?


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MemberChestbursterFeb-09-2019 1:56 PM

But Alien Awakening originally is name for Blomkamp's Alien 5. Well... All honest!


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2019 3:49 PM

Indeed that was confirmed to be the supposed Title, i wonder what Ridley Scott meant in the one interview when he said the Prequels would go in the Order Prometheus, Awakening and Covenant.

“There will be another one before we kind of literally and logically, clockwise, back into the rear back head of [the original] Alien.”

“It will go Prometheus, Awakening, Covenant….[it’s] fairly integral where this colonization ship is on the way….”

Ridley Scott can at times get muddled up, but prior to Alien Covenant it was reported that Alien 5 was on hold, but potentially would have came out next after the Prometheus Sequel that at the time was Alien Paradise Lost.

I do think that Production Companies do view Nostalgia as a way to make/milk Money.  I think a bit of Nostalgia is fine but they have to also give us something NEW/Fresh as i feel repeating the same Nostalgia and Tropes can have a Negative Effect, but then there is a Fanbase that would NEVER mind such a thing.

A Concern is that SHOULD a Alien 5 be made, and brings back RIPLEY and Company... and it brings in a Good Return of say 300%+ and Gets Praised by Critics and Fans... then it could potentially limit the chances of getting any conclusion to Ridley Scotts Prequels.

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MemberTrilobiteFeb-09-2019 10:15 PM

Nostalgia is an obvious reason to make cash on a built in audience, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Nostalgia can bring some continuity and remind existing fans to remember their franchise is not forgotten. It may sound like a stretch, but if done in a way that doesn't clobber us over the head, I would be fine with it.

I am fine with Cameron taking on a movie, but I do not look forward to half the Quadrilogy being explained away as a dream. I think it should happen between Aliens and A3 so the franchise will not be disturbed- lots of room to explain the A3 egg; also, a lot could have happened with that small crew between Aliens and A3.


MemberChestbursterFeb-09-2019 11:54 PM

ninXeno426 Scott's work in recent years was full with nostalgia already (see Covenant, BR2049, Gladiator 2). What part of James Cameron work was really obsessed with his former glory? And I ask as someone who likes only Terminator and Strange days of all his stuff. 

dk Let's use some good old fashioned logic here. JC hates Alien 3 for killing his characters so what are the chances for him to push for a movie where he tries to explain events from 3? Of course he is pushing for a sequel a la Halloween 2018 which discards 3 and Resurrection.

I think the success of The Force Awakes was bad for creativity as now everything is either a throw back to the 80s or a super hero movie. But we should I complain, as I do not give them money for this.


MemberChestbursterFeb-10-2019 1:58 AM

Make a movie between Aliens and Alien 3 it's a terrible idea ever. Nobody like it, because all know the end. And... make a movie for explain magic egg? Seriously? I know, you know, all know - that the egg it's a only the tip of the iceberg of strange unexplained things of Alien 3.


No, need a retcon.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-10-2019 8:38 AM

Yeah- the egg idea can go since it was just a plot device,  but ignoring half the quadrilogy just so someone can make a movie, rake in cash and stroke an ego is a stupid idea. The Quadrilogy stays- warts and all.


MemberFacehuggerFeb-10-2019 1:04 PM

alien franchise, the original alien quadrilogy, follows two timelines, Ellen Ripley's and company's timelines (well, they cross each other but ignore that). Ignore Ellen Ripley's timeline and you can make easely a movie between alien 2 and alien 3. Another return to the planet may be on the way, the endless Quest of the company for a queen. Or, you can Suppose that Burke lied and Amanda Ripley is Alive and Young, because she traveled a lot in space and that damn cryotubes/cryo chambers made her not aging normally. Ah, the cryo sleep Card saves the franchise. The movie could be amanda Ripley going on a space Quest searching for her mother and the perfect organism.


MemberPraetorianFeb-10-2019 1:09 PM

Ignorant guy there is a difference.Prometheus and Alien Covenant may have had their fare share of nods to the franchise's former glory,They at least told new plots and for better or for worse didn't use famous characters like Ellen Ripley and Hicks.What Blomkamp and Cameron want is to frag Alien 3(both hate the movie which is sad because a large amount of the fan base accepts the movie now) and Resurrection (Which sadly won't be mourned by many)all in order to pull a Force Awakens esq maneuver to put those aged stars on the screen one last time just to pass the torch to a younger generation.

I don't mind Cameron doing this with Terminator because it's his property,It's the last shot the series has at ever being taken seriously again.Aliens was a sequel he was hired to make,a damn fine one yes (my personal favorite film)but he moved on afterwards.He even cut ties to Alien after they decided to go ahead with AVP(which he actuality turned out to like).Cameron is very egotistical and arrogant, While he enjoyed Prometheus and Covenant he added criticism that they were films he would have never made.He's stated numerous times that Aliens is the only worthy follow up to Alien. And leading up to Covenant he criticized the return of the xenomorph as basically been there done that,and now he wants to get an Alien film out there.

I do agree with dk that nostalgia isn't always a bad thing,especially if a film can turn out.Case in point Blade Runner 2049,which thankfully wasn't dependent on the past, Villeneuve was confident enough to have the film stand on it's own.So there is no reason Alien 5 can't turn out,but in all likely hood James Cameron is likely pursuing Alien 5 to satisfy his ego.To see his film followed up the way he wants it followed up.

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MemberDeaconFeb-10-2019 4:16 PM

I think every movie is somewhat flawed and not 100% worked out too well as far as giving thought to certain continuity etc.

ALIEN not so much, ALIENS a little but not as much as the others (Apart from Prometheus which again had flaws but did-not offer anything major as far as continuity, it just never spoon fed any answers).

The Problem with doing say a movie set before Alien 3 to explain the Egg would really be whats the point for just ONE Plot Hole, when we have to consider the options of HOW do you make a Full Movie around this... the only explanation would be that either

a) There was a Secret Party on the Sulaco

b) The company had another Ship arrive after or prior to the Sulaco.

The Prequels HOWEVER... offer a potential avenue to explain the Egg on the Sulaco by virtue of a PLOT where the company sends a mission out to some other place (not the Derelict) that ends up a BUST at the end, and have a scene to explain via some Dialect or Message on Screen (Email type)  that could then indicate about a Special Order being sent to Bishop to Obtain a Sample from the Hadleys Hope.  But then there are a number of explanations now we have the Prequels... by Virtue of seeing the Smaller Eggs that David had in his Work-shop we could assume the Queen brought on-board some that size and they GREW!

I dont think we need to show any clues visually about seeing WHEN/HOW those Eggs got on the Sulaco and the same can be said for the Derelict in the First Place too.

There are other avenues to take a ALIEN movie that does-not have to be a continuation of the events of Ripley, the Prequels reveal that the Space Jockeys Technology/Bio-Weapons are not limited to that DERELICT and we have the Alien Isolation Plot that reveals that years after the events of ALIEN but prior to ALIENS the Xenomorph Organism had not been limited to on the Derelict or Hadleys Hope.

A Movie that is in the same Time-Line as Alien 3 as in within the same period of a week, would be tricky and the same would maybe go for a movie set between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection because these would have us ASKING...  ok so WHY pursue Ripley in Alien 3 and then Clone her 100 years latter to gain a Xenomorph?  The answer prior would have been this was the ONLY way to obtain one that remained.

But the Franchise has shown that Producers/Production on another movie often pay LITTLE concern for any potential Conflicts and Plot Holes/In-Continuity mean diddly squat!

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MemberDeaconFeb-10-2019 4:35 PM


Potentially maybe... we see Amanda Ripley being shown to have had a NONE exciting LIFE compared to Ellen Ripley and her Xenomorph Shenanigans  and she had died the year before Ellen Ripley was recovered and at the age of 66.

However.... we know that she had been involved with Xenomorphs via the Alien Isolation Plot, and so there is potential to do a movie that covers her during any period between 2037 and 2178... had she really died?  is she really in her 60's Age Wise?   Because as you mentioned, who is to say she had not spent any time in Cryo-sleep so she  would not be as old as she would if she had not...  because lets not forget that Ellen Ripley was 87 in ALIENS.  So it opens up for the Picture that Burke Showed Ellen to be Forged.. and offer some Conspiracy about her Disappearance/End.   You could even have Miss Weaver play Amanda and use some Prosthetics/Make up to make her appear a bit different to what Ellen Ripley did.

So yes even if its a younger Amanda Ripley, a movie that covers some of the Shenanigans after Isolation could be shown.... WHY they could even have her played by Miss Weaver and a PLOT where she is LOCKED up in some Mental Ward... she escapes, finds out her mother went to Fury-161 and off she goes to find her Mother again.. (dont have use Miss Weaver though). 

But these would be a Re-hash of sorts.... we need something DIFFERENT.

Blomkamp had some GOOD ideas... i think it would be better to Merge them with a PLOT set after Alien Resurrection if they intend to BRING BACK our Ellen Ripley.  and her AGE can be hidden with a bit of CGI for a short time, but then show her Evolving where make up can hide her Age as she becomes a Hybrid.. which is what idea i had discussed a few times.

The Company or Autons (in my idea) offer to HELP and reverse the Xenomorph DNA.... but their true agenda is to extract the Xenomorph DNA

I will FINALLY add that the Re-boot route would be a GRAVE mistake...  because ONCE they do this and especially if the Movie does well, or even NOT... once you go this route... then they could then Retcon the Prequels or even ALIEN... and then in 10-15 years could even Retcon even the Reboots lol

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MemberDeaconFeb-10-2019 4:53 PM

"I don't mind Cameron doing this with Terminator because it's his property,It's the last shot the series has at ever being taken seriously again"

The Terminator works... because the Franchise is based off the TIME-TRAVEL aspect... this makes its easier to go about and not be concerned with in-continuities apart from say returning Characters NOT looking the same as in the other movies.... EVEN THEN they dont care about that.

Returning Ripley and Hicks and Newt would as i said, would let the Genie out the Bottle and then allow them to basically Reboot anything in the Franchise....   Giving a Possible Explanation of Time-Travel in the Franchise would also cause much more Problems IMO

Blomkamp or was it Miss Weaver? said Alien 5 would provide a FORK in the Road... where after ALIENS we have TWO alternative sequel routes that Fans can Enjoy. And to a degree YES much like a Halloween 2018

They could offer a explanation... such as the Destruction of Hadleys Hope had opened up a Paradox.. where the Sulaco was thrown into TWO Alternative Dimensions due to the Explosion that Teared a Hole in Space/Time..  While this could make you then THINK... oh that would explain it...... by Virtue of Acknowledging TWO Alternative Dimensions they could take if Further by giving us other ALIEN movies set in a different Dimension and well Countless Re-Hashes..   No Thanks.....

I offered similar to explain the Derelict in terms of the Prequels, if say LV-223 Was Destroyed that Teared Hold in Space/Time that sent the Derelict back Thousands of Year.   This would be not so bad... because it would be a Temporary Hole that merely drags the Derelict in and back into the Past and Closes... 

Going for a Tear in Space that allows a Multiple Dimension Paradox however would be a MISTAKE!

I will agree with some your comments regarding Cameron ninXeno426 i cant see him using Blomkamps ideas but NOT include Ripley  and i am AFRAID the Franchise will end up being like the Re-Hash Marvel Franchise.  In terms of they will make Multiple Movies that will be about Queens and Ripley and Co!

Basically bringing things like the Various Novels onto Screen, where they should stay as alternative stories.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-10-2019 10:14 PM

What James Cameron has said about new Terminator recalls what dk has said above about Alien 5's ret con on 3 and Resurrection.Terminator is ignoring all non Cameron sequels,He's referred to those films as "bad dreams".

I think if Alien 5 is indeed back on the table,then I think it would be safe to say he'll make it Blomkamps 5.Though he was never directly involved, he praised Blomkamps vision during a 2016 comic con panel celebrating Aliens 30th anniversary.

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MemberFacehuggerFeb-11-2019 9:18 PM

If Jim Cameron produces blomkamp's alien , it's like starwars paralel stories. He just needs to had the word "another" to the title:  another alien story. It's like alien versus Predator on steroids (forgive me Arnie). What alien fans need is time. Wine needs time to taste better. With time, Prometheus and alien covenant Will be considered great adictions to the alien saga. My regret is to see a Ridley Scott in great shape being wasted for nothing. Now, i think it's too late. Ridley Scott is moving on. He produces the Man in the high Castle, the terror and taboo TV shows. He will direct and produce the TV show raised by wolves and the movie gladiator 2. 


MemberDeaconFeb-12-2019 2:59 PM

Indeed ninXeno426

Those comments about Terminator are a concern...

It appears we would be in store for a Ellen Ripley Saga again, and Queens... and IF the movie does well, then no doubt we will see a ALIENS 4, 5 and maybe a 6 (ALIENS as in a more Alieny movie like Aliens 1986)  then the Concern would be that Disney would maybe let Cameron Reboot the Prequels... or even ALIEN!

He will drop clues/hints in his Sequel to Aliens, about the Space Jockey Origins and Xenomorphs that will contradict the Prequels and when Fanboys go... oh this is COOL... then i would not be surprised if the ALIEN Franchise because Cameron's Franchise...

Where he has his versions of Sequels and Prequels...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteFeb-12-2019 3:06 PM

After all this Scott/Cameron crap, I keep going back to starting anew with Amanda and going from there.


MemberDeaconFeb-12-2019 4:04 PM

I think it is likely we will get a Return of Ellen Ripley, IF they give Cameron a Shot, its likely he will take Blomkamps ideas and CHANGE them a bit to fit with what he wants to do.

If we get a Blomkamp kind of Alternative Sequel to ALIENS.. i hope we get some kind of idea to explain for how we arrive at a alternative like i explained before... but likely they wont even consider this and it would be then just a case of Fans can Choose which Alternative they like... Alien 3 ==> Alien Resurrection or Cameron/Blomkamps Alien 5 and no doubt more... 

For Cameron and Blomkamp regarding Alien 3 and Alien R are going to be considered as NOT existing... just like we have to consider that AVP movies Dont Exist as in Literal Precursor to ALIEN Time-Line.

A Literal ALIEN 5 could be the way to go, that could connect with the THEMES of Prometheus and Alien Covenant, if done right... (Sub-Creation) Pursuit of Perfection and attempts to Recreate/acquire the Xenomorph DNA

But while this could incorporate some ideas from Blomkamps ALIEN 5 it would lack  HICKS and NEWT

So Cameron/Blomkamps ideas are mainly driven by Nostalgia and HOW they felt Alien 3 did a Disservice in killing all 3 off in that Movie.

I agree that we could have a Amanda Ripley instead...and i would not be surprised if Cameron would go for his Ellen Ripley, Hicks and Newt PLOT and then throw in a TWIST that Ripley comes across her Daughter who is NOT dead and connect to the Alien Isolation Franchise.

I will ADD... while we can look at Cameron wanting to do the same with the Alien Franchise as with his Terminator (3rd movies on wards are BAD DREAMS).

I think we cant rule out that Ridley Scott would have also done similar, in doing a Ret-Con of Alien 3 and maybe Aliens too.. I dont think RS would be as disrespectful to disregard Aliens, but who knows..

As his WHOLE ... War of the Worlds.. Plot would contradict the sequels to ALIEN a little... and RS had said you can bring her back (Ripley) and De-Age her... but for what Reason?  So maybe RS had intended to Undo Camerons ALIENS?

Source of De-Age Ripley

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MemberTrilobiteFeb-12-2019 7:39 PM

The Quadrilogy was about Ellen, the Xeno and The Company. 

As highly regarded Ellen is, it is time for a new direction without her. De-ageing with tech seems the ultimate raping of nostalgia. I think BigDave had it right having Siggy do voice overs or maybe seen in silhouette.  


MemberPraetorianFeb-13-2019 1:15 AM

De aging is becoming more than a bit excessive.Marvel films have de aged Robert Downy Jr,Michelle Pfeiffer,Michael Douglas,Kurt Russell and Samuel L Jackson.Star Wars also did it with Carrie Fisher in Rogue One, Bonus points resurrecting Peter Cushing's with CGI.Blade Runner 2049 de aged Shawn Young as well.To me de aging is just to show off visual effects prowess,a gimmick more than anything really.I really don't want to sit through an Alien film with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn de aged 30 years for nostalgia's sake.

Terminator seems to reset itself every 5 years to be honest.Terminator Dark Fate is now the 4th effort at Terminator 3,following Rise of The Machines and Salvation(both made so many continuity errors that they never felt like proper sequels)Sarah Connor Chronicles (which pretended Rise of the Machines never existed) and Genisys(which pretended Rise,Salvation, and Chronicles never existed,and reset 1 and 2.)Now Dark Fate pretends none of those ever happened.Thankfully Alien isn't this complicated or messy...yet.

If Cameron resurrects Blomkamps 5,which is possible,it's very possible everything but Alien and Aliens will be ret coned.Hell he might even make AVP canon because it was third in his mind after Alien and Aliens(to be fair he said this about Genisys as well),bringing about those bizarre cross overs that The Predator almost attempted.

As for Amanda...It seems as if Fox building an expanded universe around starting with Alien Isolation, as well as this years Alien Black Out (which I finally got around to downloading today)Aliens Resistance,and an upcoming Alien Isolation novel.But it's unlikely they will make a film about her,instead using games and comics to further her story.



Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberChestbursterFeb-13-2019 3:00 AM

"I really don't want to sit through an Alien film with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn de aged 30 years for nostalgia's sake."

What's a problem? Don't want, don't see. But there are people who want to see! And be better (and honestly) if people get the sequel what they want.


MemberNeomorphFeb-13-2019 7:28 AM

Cameron complaining of Newt and Hicks seems to be that it goes against his interpretation of what would happen. Hey Alien is not about Easterbunnies and fun times, bad things happen and people die.

I am not the least interested in Alien 2,5 or what ever it would be considered. Would they show such a movie in the movie theaters I would probably stay at home watching TV or something. Maybe if they have it as an alternative thing to Alien 3 it might work for me but to replace Alien 3 with Alien 2,5 would be crappy no matter who it is if you ask me. Just because it did not turn out the way Cameron wanted doesn’t mean that a new movie after Aliens is a good idea. Does he only accept his own stuff? To me that is like a baby complaining that he did not get all toys, time to move on.

Even if they decide to have another ending to Ripley I would be like “nah that’s stupid” and still consider Alien 3 to be the way it ended for Ripley. At least I can respond to it by not watching his Alien 5, let the dead stay dead so at least we can not encourage it by ignore watching that. I do not want to feed his ego

As far as the prequels are concerned I am not very interested because they already made a failure of them. To their credit they tried something new (Engineers and David) but things effed them up. If they make them about well made human characters and less about androids it might work for me but the way that it is now is just bad.


MemberDeaconFeb-13-2019 4:15 PM

I think maybe i have been a bit HARSH on the idea of a ALIENS Sequel...

I think Retrospectively... if we NEVER had a Aliens Sequel, so NO Alien 3, then the thought of having a Sequel to ALIENS many years latter that continues with Ripley, Hicks and Newt with some of the ideas from Blomkamps Concepts, would actually be not to bad, and appealing, certainly have the appeal and INTEREST from Aliens Fans.

My ONLY Concerns are we have seen Ripley in TWO more installments, that were kind of Flawed but also had their own Merits, we also had another Installment with the Queen (not inc AVP).  So potentially its a case of how many more times can we see the Queen and Ripley, i feel AVP movies had damaged the Xenomorph a bit too.

HOWEVER... my Main Concern would be the IGNORING Alien 3 and Resurrection from Canon... and more so its a case of IF they took this route and it made MONEY... its WHERE do they draw the Line?

Prequel Reboots, ALIEN Reboot?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteFeb-13-2019 4:35 PM

Whatever JC may release, I will likely end up watching it. If it messes with the Quadrilogy, I will just re organize it all in my own mind. I just cannot imagine the audacity of shoe horning a movie in while giving the middle finger to half of the series. 


MemberDeaconFeb-13-2019 4:38 PM

"Terminator seems to reset itself every 5 years to be honest"

To be honest it WORKS with that Franchise by Virtue of Time Travel which allows for a Ticket to Reboot Stuff and discount continuity...   Take Star Wars.... introduce Time Travel and you can Ret-Con the New Movies by Virtue of Princess Leigh or Solo getting Killed by a Time Traveling Sith to Return of the Jedi.

Time Travel allows for such reboots and to ignore in-continuity, but at the cost of allowing them a easy ticket to do so over and over, and there is only so much you can do before introduce something Fresh.. and while having Arnold's T-800 introduced for Nostalgia, its a case of too much could damage the Credibility of the Original... But Cameron wont care about that, and Production companies wont if it makes MONEY.

But i wont want to see Time Travel or even Endless Reboots for the Alien Franchise, but then Credibility is damaged due to AVP movies, and Alien Covenant anyway.

"What's a problem? Don't want, don't see. But there are people who want to see! And be better (and honestly) if people get the sequel what they want."

Personally i would say NO! leave it alone...

But then some Fans feel bad about the Prequels, and also Killing off of Hicks and Newt and Popcorn and Nostalgia would maybe make a interesting movie if DONE-RIGHT.

No Fan OWNS the Franchise, Cameron does-not, and the likeliness of Ridley Scott not being able to Finish his Prequels shows even the Original Director does-not OWN the Franchise.

But then its a case of DISNEY owns it and IF they decided to make a more Fanboy Movie, thats up to them... i guess you have to look at it from their point of view... if it looks likely to make more MONEY than the Prequels.. and Re-Introduce the Franchise to a New Generation... you cant really argue against that.

My concern is ONCE they take this Path (resurrect Hicks, Newt and Ripley) its where do they STOP?

Once CGI gets better so that you could Digitally Bring back say John Hurt and have him be almost indistinguishable from his appearance in the 70's (so say much better than Star Wars and Tarkin)  its another case of WHERE do they Stop?

The other Concern is what Damage/Credibility happens with the Prequels..   But i guess IF some fans chose to IGNORE them thats up to them, just as much as IF some fans want to Ignore Alien 3 or even Camerons/Blomkamps ALIEN 5

So while its not the route i would GO... i guess i have no say, and its IF it makes money, and more so IF it actually ends up being Good, then i guess we can look at it and enjoy it, yet still consider Alien 3.

Another Concern (this will ruffle some feathers) is Miss Weaver, she was the ONE who wanted her Character killed off in Alien 3 because she had enough.... But she soon wanted to be in Alien Resurrection $$$$$$$

Blomkamps Project never even had Ripley/Miss Weaver, until they talked on set of Chappie and she convinced him to introduce Ripley to the Story....  If they IMPROVE CGI then Miss Weaver would be willing to go for another 5 movies lol.

I dont object to her continuation... if they went the sequel to Alien Resurrection Route...  thats just my Personal Opinion and in the schemes of Movie Making and Sequel that does not mean NOWT! unless Millions feel the same.

Even then..... its whatever Disney Feel would make $$$$$$

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-13-2019 4:48 PM

I will add hope that never came back HARSH... Leto ;)

I was actually agreeing with what you said... IF some fans want to see such a Reboot, why should those who oppose it have any problem...   same with those who dislike Alien 3, or the Prequels or Alien Resurrection..

As DK said.. and yourself said.. You dont have to Watch it, and just consider which movies you like for your own Personnel Canon..

I am not against a Blomkamp Idea a more Aliens movie, or Cameron... i think we could get a movie thats a Spiritual Successor that is within the Franchise... i just dont like or see the need to Resurrect Dead Cast...

I can understand if its a Android, i can understand with Ripley 8 (even though flawed a bit)...  And so i would not object to a Ripley 8 movie because it would continue the Franchise and allow for some Interesting things to be explored.

Surely the company would LOVE to get their hands on a Ripley 8 for the Potential of Re-Engineering her.


Good Points.... i will add though that the Prequels could be FIXED... I would rather FIX whats wrong than to Throw the Scrapbook out and Star Again.

But as discussed many times... the route of the Prequels leaves them in a Sticky Situation...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-14-2019 12:10 AM

 "Does he only accept his own stuff?"

Thoughts_Dreams yes I think so lol.While I admire James Cameron as a filmmaker,I'm tired of his high and mighty attitude.Guess that's what happens when you make the top 2 most successful films of all time...

Amidst all this talk of James Cameron maybe returning to Alien, I'm reminded of The game Colonial Marines.For those less familiar with this travesty,It was an attempt to give Aliens "the sequel it always deserved".The difference was that it didn't delete Alien 3.Instead it attempted (very poorly I might add) to give fans answers as to where the egg on the Sulaco came from.Even Hicks was alive, faked his death apparently.If Cameron wanted to do something like this then maybe it could work.Though I don't think he'd ever tie into Alien 3 in any way unfortunately.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberDeaconMay-17-2019 8:36 AM

"Make a movie between Aliens and Alien 3 it's a terrible idea ever. Nobody like it, because all know the end."

I disagree with this,  but your comment is VALID to a degree much like it is with this comment "What's a problem? Don't want, don't see. But there are people who want to see! And be better (and honestly) if people get the sequel what they want."

It comes down to Personal Preference, some people like Cameron's Aliens, some Dont, Every Fan has a different take and NO Fan owns the Franchise, the Majority who like ALIENS and the similar Comics/Books have a RIGHT to like that style but they should not be considered the VOICE of the Franchise, and neither should be those WHO dislike ALIENS and the like.

Personally i think whats DONE is DONE, and there is NO point in trying to UNDO anything to PLEASE a % because you then DISPLEASE a % so it comes down to then FORCING which Sect of Fans is in the RIGHT!   When None should be.

Nobody would like a Movie Set between Alien and Aliens? thats quite Bold, i think we cant say that, some will like it, some wont, but  then the same comes with this. "But there are people who want to see! And be betterand so YES some would like to see a Blomkamp Alien 5, but some would not.

Personally i think its a case of looking into the Broad Reasons for ALIENS Fans Love of that Movie and the similar Style shown in some Comics and Books, and IF this is ONLY a case of because it has Ripley, Newt and Hicks, then Unfortunately they were Killed Off...  I personally dont think making more movies to BRING THEM BACK would be a Good idea, as it could lead to Disney basically just Rebooting what they want with the Franchise and its a case of where does this STOP?

We need to instead look at the other Elements about ALIENS and the similar Action Based Comics, Books and Games that a certain portion of Fans like.  And introduce these into ANOTHER Movie.

The ALIEN Franchise should NOT be about RIPLEY! doing this really does LIMIT the Franchise... is the Potential of the Xenomorph only LIMITED to the Derelict, and does it always have to have Ripley come to the Rescue?

so you can have other ALIEN Movies that DONT have to be about Ripley at all....  for those who Want Ripley then we could the route of what happens after ALIEN Resurrection, and continue with 1-2 Ripley Movies from this path.

Some Fans would be Quite Happy with Ripley and Co based Movies that Bring Back or Re-use there Characters, this is something some of the NOVELS do, such as there was ONE if i remember (have not read it) where Ripley is involved in another Situation with the Xenomorph between ALIEN and ALIENS, but then gets back on the Narcissus shuttle, and would then have had to Forgotten about those Events by the Time of ALIENS.  I would NOT like if they did similar with the Movie Franchise....  just like the Aliens Colonial Marines where Hicks is Alive after the events of ALIENS.

These would be just Fan Pleasing Nostalgia that could Conflict and Damage the Franchise, such things should be kept to GAMES, COMICS and NOVELS that are considered Canon/Non-Canon to each Fans own Personal Choice.

IF such a Movie was made.... then as you had said LETO... it would be a case of THOSE who dont like the idea, DONT have to Watch or Consider it as a Canon... and can IGNORE the Movie/Sequels and Accept Alien 3, and those who would LOVE to see a Blomkamp Alien 5 can accept these as Canon and Ignore Alien 3.

And so those WHO would hate such a ROUTE that conflicts with Alien 3, kind of have a Right to dislike it, but it comes down to the Studio and WHAT they would like to do, and if Disney choose to do a Blomkamp Alien 5 that offers a ALTERNATIVE sequel to ALIENS, then we have no RIGHT to say this cant happen... those who dont like the idea can simply NOT go and watch or consider this route as Canon.

IF we do go this Route then it simply offers TWO alternative Paths after ALIENS which Fans can choose to accept which ever they want, Some Fans could be Happy to Watch Both sequels and view them on their OWN Merits... so we DONT know if a Blomkamp Alien 3 (which is  what it would be) would be just a Nostalgia Trip with NO real Good Story but just the same Old Action, Run and Shoot... it MAY actually be a Good Movie, we would not know until its been made.

Certainly from a $$$$ POV then it could be a Money Maker... if it is made and BOMBS then i think it could well be a Big Nail in the COFFIN of the Franchise as far as Disney would look at it.... but the same could be said with ANY movie they would attempt.

so what i am saying is IF they go for a Reboot of Alien 3, then thats down to Disney, those who dont like the idea, can IGNORE it, or maybe go and watch it and just see it as a Alternative and NOT true Canon.... those who dont like Alien  3 could go and see it as the True Sequel to Aliens.

I just hope IF they made it that the Plot is Good and it tries to offer something a bit different too, and its HOW they handle the AGE of the Actors... as it is going to take a lot of OVERSIGHT or Good CGI to set the Movie say 10 years or so after ALIENS.... 25-30 years latter would be more fitting.

I hope it does-not lead to them having Ripley appear in movies set between Alien and Aliens, or even doing a ALIEN reboot....  or a REBOOT of the Prequels.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconMay-17-2019 8:54 AM

So to continue with my previous Post....

The ALIEN Franchise does-not have to connect to Ripley!

They could have a Movie set between Alien and Aliens, they would have to be Careful how this could Conflict with Aliens, but if done right then it could indicate WHY the company abandoned the pursuit of the Xenomorph for so LONG!

There is another potential ALIEN Movie by exploring what else happened to the Process/Events that lead to ALIEN, these could cover Planet 4, LV-223 and Origae-6 (if the Prequels were NOT to give these places closure) and so such Movies could offer something ALIEN but also different.

A More Traditional ALIEN Movie would be to Cover between ALIEN 3 and Alien Resurrection,  after the USCSS Patna leaves Fiorina "Fury" 161 do they head home and simply ACCEPT the Xenomorph is NO-MORE until we arrive at the Plot for Alien Resurrection?

It appears the USCSS Patna had not arrived at LV-426 prior to Fiorina 161 and so maybe its possible that it would go to LV-426 to see if the Derelict is Salvageable.....

Or indeed the Company goes back at some point in FUTURE which seems to be the Plot for Blomkamps Alien 5 (set 20 years latter).

So we could go for another Mission to LV-426 between ALIENS and Alien Resurrection, or indeed go for Blomkamps Alien 5 but just DONT use Ripley, Hicks and Newt as this was indeed what Blomkamps Idea was before showing it to Miss Weaver who then talked about it with Blomkamps and then he Re-wrote his ideas to bring back Ripley, Newt and Hicks.

The Alien Franchise does-not have to be about Ripley, so we can have Movies set between 2115-2375 that are very ALIEN/ALIENS (Xenomorph) that dont have to be about Ripley.

If we want Ripley i think they should continue from ALIEN RESURRECTION as what happens to her NOW that she is NOT fully Human, what Conflict does she suffer with her Humanity and Alien Soul!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphMay-21-2019 8:13 AM

About Ripley she had her time, she did great in Alien 1, 2, and 3 but it went into crap with AR. The prequels are disappointing about at least they are not about Ripley. Try to make good characters and try new ones instead of bringing up the same old character again.

Maybe they could have some Ripley adventures in a novel or what ever but not in a movie. Sooner or later it will become old and will probably tarnish the legacy of Ripley. Let her be and do not make it into a parody. Even if someone somewhere say that “well we can still try to respect her as a character” I would say that it will be repetitive make something new.

I would not be against them rebooting the prequels because they are disappointing anyways but don’t reboot any of the original 3.


MemberDeaconMay-22-2019 5:28 AM

I dont think Rebooting anything would be ideal...

The Prequels should remain, you can in further movies CHANGE some of the things they opened up as the Prequels are Ambiguous, more so Prometheus.

We have only be shown a Few Things as FACT.... Dr Shaw is Dead... as a example (but there could be work around).

But we have not yet been shown the Moment the Eggs get on the Derelict, and so its not SET IN STONE.. that the Xenomorphs are Created by David, and the Engineers are the Space Jockey, not as in context to what we have been shown in the Movies.

Directors Comments and Intended Path prior to Changes, dont really 100% count as they are subject to Change... by that 4+ Years ago the Xenomorph was a Creation of the Engineers that was Thousands of Years Old.

So instead of Rebooting the Prequels they can just use other movies to Elevate and Change the Plot.

This is similar to what they did with the David Creates the Xenomorph Curve-ball, which in Hindsight must be a Mistake as its certainly something i feel only a SMALL % of Fans are pleased with..

This can be Subject to Change.

I do agree that while the Franchise can go the Xenomorph for a Few More Rounds, i think Ellen Ripley has had her DAY!   However if they are to bring her back i think they have to make it a sequel to Alien Resurrection.

But there is a Fanbase/Market that would want to see the Gang Back and have a Cameron's Aliens 2, 3 and 4 etc... I think Hard Core ALIENS Fans (means those who really like the Movie, but also could like the others).  I feel a Majority of them would NOT mind a Blomkamps Alien 5

And i think Disney may see such a route as the Less Risk, more chance of making Money...  Nostalgia SELLS!

If they go this route i guess we can either Boycot those Movies, or Watch them on their own Merits but still accept Alien 3 on-wards as your own Personal Canon.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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