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Thousands of Aliens??

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Michael Proctor

OvomorphMember13 XPJan-07-2019 5:07 AM

hI Watched Alien Covenant for first time yesterday;just curious where are all the thousands of Aliens which hatched from all the engineers when the black posion poured all over them??

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-07-2019 9:51 PM

I don't think that notion was even hinted at. The goo dump was all about destruction.


ChestbursterMember666 XPJan-08-2019 4:07 AM

Yeah, there were many deacon/neomorph like beasts and another creatures who burst from Engineers. Did they run into the forest? Or David found them and take to his laboratory?


DeaconMember10333 XPJan-08-2019 7:53 AM

There never really was anything bursting from the Engineers (apart from the Pathogen), but its a little Vague... it seemed the Pathogen had Targeted them, it then seemed to replicate itself inside them and then escape to go onto infect another Target.

The Pathogen itself seemed to Target the Engineers DNA replicate itself but then instead of Mutating or Breaking down the Engineers Molecular Structure it seemed to turn every Molecule to like Stone!

David informs us its a Radical AI, and if a Bio-Weapon is a form of AI that Means it can be programed to Manipulate or Effect Genetic Material in a number of ways.  And so Calcifying Genetic Material of certain Genomes could be programed.

This makes Perfect Sense if the Bio-Weapon was to be Primed a Certain way to use on Mankind so that we then Replicate/Spread the Pathogen but after a period our Genetic Make up becomes Calcified and we become as Stone!

This would be ideal to use to Destroy Mankind, and leave the rest of the World In-tact!   If this assumption is accurate then we can see the effect on the Engineers is because their Genome is Identical to ours to a degree.

We do have to ask what became of the other Life-Forms... David had found and studied other Life Forms after the Bombardment so not everything was KILLED.

The Neomorphs, we only saw the Spores at the Bottom of the Stream that ran down the Mountain, and we also saw others inside the Juggernaught in a area were its Hanger had been Partially Buried within the Earth of the Mountain and over the Stream of Water that carries on down to the Stream where Ledwood was infected.

The ideal Explanation for me, is that after the Juggernaught Crashed, some of the Un-Weaponized Urns had fell over/out and infected the Water Supply (ran down the Mountain and beneath where the Ship Crashed), and thus infected a Form of Fungus that grows where Mold/Moss would grown near the side of a Water Supply.... this Fungus was then Evolved into the Neomorph Spores.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPJan-08-2019 8:14 AM

I think a Large Problem comes from what the Black Goo is, and it seemed a make it up as they go along in part!

Its Origins were quite simple!   Jon Spaights Nano Scarabs from his Alien Engineers draft (Earlier drafts to Prometheus).   The Black Goo idea was a evolution of those Nano-Scarabs and the Black Goo indeed seems likely to just be some Nano-Parasitic Organism.

Nano Scarabs, Nano Worms or Pathogen... the concept was simple..  It was used as a Hybrid/Creation tool by the Engineers... the Pathogen/Parasite would infect a Organism and Break down/Consume it Molecule by Molecule that would replicate itself and become a Mutagenic  Substance that Carried the Genome/DNA of the Organism it came into contact with.  This resulting substance would then infect any other Life-Form and pass on the Genome/DNA of the Organism it had previously consumed/dissolved to create a Hybrid

Sacrificial Substance + Engineer = Engineer Based Mutagen, which when infects say Primate would create a Hybrid and thus Mankind.

Sacrificial Substance + Wolf = Wolf Based Mutagen which when infects say a Human would give us a Hybrid so say like a Werewolf.

Sacrificial Substance + Cat = Cat Based Mutagen which when infects say a Human would give us a Hybrid so say like a Thundercat lol

We can assume if we then infected said Thundercat with the Sacrificial Goo, then resulting Thundercat based Mutagen infected a Werewolf we would end up with maybe a Hybrid that would be 25% Cat, 25% Wolf and 50% Human.

However maybe only more desired, beneficial traits are carried on, and so % may not be too accurate.

This really was HOW simple the Substance was at its Origin of Concept....   And i think even now, the process i described above is in part HOW David had experimented with the Neomorph, and Combined/Hybridized its DNA with various other Organisms in order to combine and create the Perfect Organism from many traits of various Life Forms.

The effects on the Engineers in Alien Covenant are more likely from how i explained in my previous post.  In that the Substance can be Programed to not OBTAIN Genomes to pass on, but when Weaponized a Certain way it just replicates its base self, which is Programed to simple Turn each Molecule of the Organism Programed to attack into a Solid State!

Making it a Perfect Creation/Hybrid and Evolution Tool and also a Perfect Destruction Tool when Programed/Activated a certain way.

This was the theory i had came to, after seeing Prometheus and the Mural, and the Trailer that had the Sacrificial Cup instead of the Green Crystal....  a theory which Months latter when the earlier drafts of Prometheus were released seemed to make even further sense.

But there was constant changes as they went along, that just made it all a bit of a mess that made little sense.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPJan-08-2019 8:39 AM

Actually, according to the book, when the black goo infects its host it produces more of the goo. And you can see when the Engineers were subdued by the goo, they were vomiting it and tentacles of the black goo were erupting from their bodies. Spores/motes are also visible floating all over the place.

It reminds me of cordyceps fungus, that when infects an insect, it kills it and soon out of the insect erupts the fungi that release spores into the air. That's nature's way of balancing numbers.

Michael Proctor

OvomorphMember13 XPJan-09-2019 5:32 AM

Maybe what happened when various types of Aliens hatched out from all the thousands of Engineeers was this; all the different types  of Aliens all fought each other until the winner was the Alien we all know( a Darwinian style survival of the fittest took place )?


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-10-2019 1:43 AM

Survival of the fittest is an interesting idea. 

I have one problem with this scene though. The goo infecting the populace lasted about 30 seconds if that. It is tough to take it all in without rewatching/slowing down to catch the details. That is why I don't read much into it- this cut was in a theater where you had one chance to watch. Blink and you could miss a lot. 


ChestbursterMember666 XPJan-10-2019 7:36 AM



That's main reason what some people thinks what Engineers just blow up. But they no - Engineers blow up by tentacles, arms, heads and another parts of neomorph like creations.


DeaconMember10333 XPJan-10-2019 8:13 AM

I think there are a number of flaws to the Alien Covenant Plot... that lead us to speculate certain things.

On one hand we are lead to there being NOTHING as far as Life by virtue of seeing and hearing Nothing... just as Daniels Points out.    But on the other hand we see that David had gone out and do***ented numerous Life-Forms (many Aquatic) that he had used in his Experiments.

Which indicates that NOT everything was killed via the Bombardment, or that many Organisms had evolved via the Black Goo.  Its pretty much quite vague but many of the Organisms he had drawn do have some degree of similarity to what we have on Earth.   some of his experiments appear to me as though they were the results of the Black Goo, the Question are they results of the after-effects of the Bombardment?  Or directly from Davids continues experiments via using the Black Goo and Neomorph Spores... i am drawn to the latter.

The Bombardment scene i see ONLY evidence that the Black Goo, is infecting the Engineers and Replicating inside of them and then Escaping from the Engineers to spread further infection.

The scene was short and its to Gauge if any Organism related to the Neomorph infection had escaped from the Engineers,  but i see little or no evidence for it, but we also dont see the Engineers turn to like Stone either.

So we cant work out WHAT happened in the coming minutes or hours after the Bombardment Scene had ended.   What we do see is that there is NO Life-forms within a certain area near the Engineers City, we see no Evidence of any Organisms running rampant apart from FRESH ones created by contact with the dormant Neomorph Spores.... and we also see the Engineers just dead like Stone!

Prometheus leads us to conclude the Black Goo leads to Creation of other Life... "sometimes to create, one must destroy" However the only left over life on LV-223 (apart from the Last Engineer) was the Worms... which could have came in from the Outside... we see NO evidence of Organisms resulting from the Outbreak... unless we assume the Worms were a result of this...

However.. if we could consider the Black Goo infection has a Limited Half-Life and any Infected Organism from it has a limited Life Span before they die off... then it would explain why there appeared to be Limited LIFE on LV-223 and maybe go somewhat to explain NO Signs of LIFE on Planet 4

Another thing to consider is Contingency Plans... you think the Engineers have no Safe-Guards?  This would sound very Stupid of them...

In Prometheus all of those Engineers were running to the Big Head/Ampoule Room, we have to ask WHY?  and we see this Room was Sterile, those Black Goo Urns remained In-Active until the Humans (likely due to No Helmets) had contaminated the Room..  The Engineer Head was Preserved as if the Infection had CEASED!   Yet his Space Suit on the Outside seemed to be Hollow!   So maybe Under Certain Conditions the Infection is HALTED when in that Environment, until the Humans Contaminate it.

With Alien Covenant i had speculated before the release of the movie what the Cathedral Dome could be as far as that GOLD Technology On-Top and WHY our Engineers appear as Stone... and i pondered could it have been a KILL-SWITCH Device that Activated some kind of Energy Weapon that Destroyed Organic DNA thus not allowing the Black Goo to carry out its work or after-affects (Creation of Horrific Organisms).

I think its likely that either such a Device, or just the way the Black Goo had been Programed just lead to DEATH and nothing was created via the Bombardment.

I suspect the Neomorph Spores are either via some of the Black Goo Particles landing FAR away from the Impact Zone and maybe out of RANGE of any Safety KILL-SWITCH device.

Or they are the result of a Urn/Canister leaking into the Stream that Flows down the Mountain after the Juggernaught had crashed.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1621 XPJan-14-2019 8:34 AM

The black goo in the beginning seemed to be something that re-animated different life-forms. Unfortunately the did not seem to have a plan for it so it became a little of what ever they want it to be. I never understood if what went out of them was some re-animated things that spread or what ever it was. Why didn’t they stick with Spaight’s idea or was that too rational? ;)

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