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The troubled development of Awakening (My take)

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FacehuggerMember127 XPNov-14-2018 4:15 PM

Long Time, No Post. 

When I was reading the reports of the magazine description on Alien Awakening, I was more/less intrigued in the direction they were taking with the John Logan script. Looking back on how Covenant did commercially and critically, the troubled development of this movie reminds me of how Sony handled Amazing Spider-Man 2, setting up for future movies and leaving it on a cliffhanger, it BOMBED at the box office and people went like "meh".

You know what we got out of that: MCU Spider-Man. Although I enjoyed the new fresh take, it's frustrating to not get closure for the previous series since it ended on a cliffhanger and it had so much potential to rebound. 


With the Fox/Disney thing, I fully expect them to cut their losses and reboot Alien. That's why seeing the news of Ridley making a ton of movies doesn't surprise me. 

I'd rather have one more movie than Gladiator 2 or The Merlin Saga. I'm fully expecting the Alien prequel series to end up like the Amazing Spider-Man movies with the only exposure on channels like FX or HBO.

Cleaner than Earth Actually

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TrilobiteMember9911 XPNov-14-2018 6:56 PM

I dearly hope not!

I think once you open that Bottle and let the Genie out, be it Reboot a Franchise, or Retcon some of the Movies... then you open up a Future for them to Chop/Change any movie.

We have not seen the LAST incarnation of Spider-Man i bet it will be rebooted again within 10 years...  Can we really allow this to happen with the Alien Franchise?

But now that Disney Own the Franchise Rights we cant rule it out....

If they wish to dabble in a Reboot, then i would be in favor of a AVP Reboot were they dont have to keep everything from the Franchise or Prequels as Canon, it can be a Alternative Outlook to both Franchises...

Depending HOW-WELL this does, they could then consider if a ALIEN Franchise Reboot or in Part would be wise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember894 XPNov-15-2018 1:14 AM


Sorry but the fans don't own the franchise, even if this fact pisses them off. Disney does, and they will do anything they think will make profit. This can mean shelf-ing the Covenant sequel to make something else or because they don't want to lose money but it is there prerogative.

Maybe Scott might have something to say, but he is quite quiet about the subject right now.


TrilobiteMember9911 XPNov-16-2018 5:13 PM


I had mentioned on here a number of times over the years that the Production Company has the Greatest Influence on what happens regarding a Movie which can include Plot Direction and what the Movie should/should-not be about.

This sometimes can apply to some of the Criticism aimed at Ridley Scott, for example he was quite happy with Alien Engineers, but Powers that Be at FOX decided that maybe the Xenomorph Answers/Origins should be Toned down and the Movie (Prometheus) should not have any Xenomorphs....   Then when Prometheus was setting up to STEER away from ALIEN.... again the Powers that Be at FOX decided that actually the sequel should explain the Xenomorph Origins and introduce the Xenomorphs.

But in more of a relation to you Good Point... is that its about what would make Money... Disney would pursue what they feel would make the best return, this could mean listen to the Fans, but then it could also be decided by anyone in the Power to Be who thinks they got the better idea.

Fans... dont like some of the Direction Alien Covenant has shown us, and leads us down.. Maybe Disney could change a few things IF they think it would make more Fans Pay $$$ to see.....

But the other side to this is they would consider the Return on Alien Covenant and the Mess it is in at the Moment and indeed as you rightly said THEY could choose Choose to not even continue with a Sequel.

What fans should FEAR the most regarding the Franchise is that Disney are VERY Careful in what they make, and if they have COLD FEET over a Project they are likely to Can it....

We only need to look at the STAR WARS Franchise... at the time of SW EP7 it was rumored they would be making 12 Movies.. 6 that Tie in with the Originals (EP-7-9 and then 10-12) as well as 6 Anthology Movies.   Rogue One and Solo being the First with others (most rumored a Obi Won Spin Off).

But with Solo not doing well... they have canned any ideas of Spin Offs and its Rumored maybe EP9 will be the Last.

For Certain the Spin Off/Anthology are Canceled.... and i think depending on how EP9 does, would give us some indication if they Produce another Trilogy or Not.

IF we have Disney Quite happy to Drop Plans for such a LARGE Franchise due to the Disappointment of Solo then its even more unlikely they would take a Gamble with the Alien Franchise.

Maybe the only Hope is that they SELL or License Out the Alien Franchise to another Production to Finance and Produce.  I think ALIEN DAY next year 26th April 2019 will be a BIG indication of the Future because i feel if this comes and goes and after the 40th Anniversary we get NO News on any Potential Sequel... then i think it could not be looking Good for any Conclusion.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember894 XPNov-17-2018 2:24 AM

"This sometimes can apply to some of the Criticism aimed at Ridley Scott, for example he was quite happy with Alien Engineers, butPowers that Be at FOX decided that maybe the XenomorphAnswers/Origins should be Toned down and the Movie (Prometheus) should not have any Xenomorphs....   Then when Prometheus was setting up to STEER away from ALIEN.... again the Powers that Beat FOX decided that actually the sequel should explain the Xenomorph Origins and introduce the Xenomorphs."

You have quite a narrative there, but I need proof for that as:

1. Scott himself said the xeno is cooked and he wondered why no one explored the big guy in the chair. So for him to be content with a more typical Alien for me is fishy. 

2. He said that he has made a mistake with Prometheus by not including the xeno. If he would have been forced to do it, he would have said Fox I've told you so.

3. Lindelof said that the sequel would go even further from the alien formula.

If Fox decided anything, was to introduce the Xeno as quickly as possible after Prometheus and to kill off Shaw and to include a tall woman with the Ripley haircut from Aliens, all in hope to generate more money.


TrilobiteMember9911 XPNov-17-2018 9:15 AM

It appears RS does make a lot of comments that maybe are to please/agree with those Powers that Be when the work began on the Prequels it was the aim as RS had said to Answer the Questions that NO-ONE ever answered in the Franchise..  Who was that Guy in the Chair, Why that Cargo which is when Jon Spaights was brought in.  It appears down the line that some at FOX had felt the Engineers Plot was New and that maybe somethings are best left a Mystery (Xenomorph/Space Jockey Event) and so Lindeloff came in to make his Paradise Draft... It seemed at this point RS did agree that indeed the Beast is Cooked and that its better to try something NEW.

The talk and comments after seemed to indicate that a sequel should explore other things and leave the events leading to ALIEN a Mystery....

When we had the Change of Direction, it appears RS had a change of mind, by suggesting that you can go a few more rounds with the Xenomorph, and then about it has to be about HIM but you can Evolve HIM. (he was on about either the Xenomorph or David).

Its only when Alien Covenant started to not do too well, that RS then comes back with comments about how there is only so much Chest Pumping, and Snarling you can do, and about how he felt he was ahead of the Curve with Prometheus.     Would he had acted the same IF we saw Alien Covenant make $400M+

And IF Disney did give the Green Light to a sequel but wanted more ALIENS kinda vibe to it, i do wonder if RS would then come out with praises for the Xenomorph.

So i do wonder if he says a lot to please the Powers that Be

But i do think that he feels there genuinely is only so much you can do with the Xenomorph Formula as it was laid down with the Franchise and i think he was a bigger Fan of the Engineers and Creation Plot and the Hubris in Creation kind of Themes.

There is not much information to Gauge if RS was a Fan of the Alien Engineers Project but he and Spaights had worked a lot together on the Broad-strokes of the Plot. It would appear he was more a Fan of taking it to something NEW regarding the Engineers though.

Certainly his comments overall regarding Alien Covenant and afterwards do seem to indicate to me that he felt you could not keep going back to the Xenomorph over and over for the Franchise and that you had to have something New.

His comments about being ahead of the curve with Prometheus, his comments about they want Aliens he give them $"£%£$^ Aliens, all seem to indicate to me that he feels the Xenomorph (while not cooked) is running out of Steam as in you can only do so much more with it.

And i Totally Agree.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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