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Classic "Building Better Worlds" Weyland Corporation Promotion Updated
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MemberPraetorianJul-26-2018 4:02 PM

Classic "Building Better Worlds" Weyland Corporation Promotion Updated

The below classic movie poster/promotional material was updated with filters to give it a new look, as well as, the Prometheus hologram title graphic.
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MemberDeaconJul-26-2018 7:03 PM

I like it ;)

I wonder IF David takes on-board the Company Slogan, and would he attempt to build his own BETTER World....  Also bare in mind he had Intentions to Wipe Planet 4 Clean so HE and Dr Shaw could Create a NEW Paradise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJul-27-2018 11:28 AM

Thank you BigDave. I thought you'd like it....will try and look for more classic items to dust off and polish anew.

I still hope to see on film when Dr. Shaw gives David's plans the thumbs down. I can only imagine that David can create the Paradise he had in mind with the scores of good souls at his disposal to devour on the Covenant ship now.

Wouldn't it be nice to be surprised in the next film?

When David told Oram he was missing one thing, "Mother", I took this as anticipation and not just the missing ingredient. 

The image above from 5 years after the events on LV-223 shows that, I assume, David was well into his studies on Planet 4 in July of 2099. David may have been telling the truth to the Covenant crew when he said that he had arrived 10 years before in 2094 with Elizabeth.

How long did they get along on Planet 4 before the disagreement preceding what happened to Dr. Shaw?

Is there something else David is anticipating such as another arrival of a different sort other than Mother?

I'm still stuck with the question of whether or not David was in contact with central AI.

I've tried to remove the raster from the image below to see if we could unveil the underlying text and tease out where Planet 4 is or any other data that might mean something to someone else reading this.

The original image is above with the below image run through multiple filters and a reverse value layer to attempt to reduce the raster and clear up the underlying text...not sure it helps us much. 

No new information from this was teased out by if someone else can understand and read the coordinates....great!
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