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Is anybody excited about the NEW news?! I AM!

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I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterJul-17-2018 7:39 PM


The Alien 3 comic book is going on sale on Nov. 7, 2018.  Many sources on the internet posted this info 5 days ago.  This comic will be a series of 5 comic books.

Here's a link to one, which gives a synopsis of what it is going to be about. 

8 Replies

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterJul-17-2018 7:44 PM

I am a bit upset on how on the Front Page News, it was said that this comic would be released in July.  Sadly, it's not till November...

Maybe Chris got confused between release date and announce date?

My excitement is just going to have to wait a few more months before coming out for a final time.  Well, that is until the next issue of the series comes out!

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterJul-17-2018 7:50 PM

I was thinking Neill Blomkamp's script was going to be the comic for sure.  I think that would've made a great comic.  I'm not really familiar with William Gibson's Alien 3, yet after reading the synopsis on the link provided, I think this will be a nice, little altered comic book reality for the Alien franchise.  


MemberOvomorphJul-17-2018 10:17 PM

Blomkamp had no script. Ridley and Neil confirmed that. That is why the movie was canned. He had drawings and a basic idea and that was it. 


MemberTrilobiteJul-18-2018 3:14 AM

@ Moon Girl,

I was the one that covered the news about the alien 3 comic a while back. ATM of reporting the release date was July, so something must've happened since to delay it. The new news is that they are going with Gibson's script, yes? I would have reported the update, but been busy with IRL stuff of late, so too has Chris... sorry about that.


Strange, from what most have heard, Including myself is that Ridley claimed there was no script and has poached the scripts title Alien: Awakening. Both Sigourney and Cameron have said they have seen the script, the latter praising it, and from what I've heard Neill has neither confirmed or denied anything, probably coz he's pissed off that Ridley, who at one point was going to produce the movie has since cock-blocked Neills movie. All of this is probably why Neill ha moved on to RoboCop instead.


MemberDeaconJul-18-2018 9:36 AM

"Blomkamp had no script. Ridley and Neil confirmed that. That is why the movie was canned. He had drawings and a basic idea and that was it."

Its hard to tell really what was going on, as Gavin mentions  both Cameron and Weaver had read the Script.   But Ridley Scott mentioned that all that it was is a 10 Page Broad Synopsis with Concept work, and so he likely had the Broad Points of the Movie Planned out with maybe a Number of Scenes Written but then it was a case of Needing to be Fleshed Out.

So Blomkamp had basically got to maybe the point like i DO with my Alien movie/novel ideas, which are the Whole/Most of the Plot drafted with a few Scenes planned out but work needed to then Draft every Scene from every aspect of the Plot and Add/Remove parts of the Plot as a process of Fleshing out a Broad Idea to a Actual 100-130 Page Draft..  I DONT think Blomkamp got as far as a 100-130 Page Draft.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-18-2018 9:39 AM

Regarding the Comic... i think its interesting NEWS... there was a lot of Great Ideas with the various Alien 3 Drafts,  the Movie suffered from so many Changes in Production...

That IF miss Weaver was the same Age now as she was in the 90's and a Decent Budget and Effects like we have today, then a REBOOT of Alien 3 by incorporating various ideas from the many drafts would have led to a VERY Good Movie.

But having a Comic Book Series instead is something that would be very interesting to Read.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJul-18-2018 10:16 AM

It is great news. Bring on Bishop.

Thank you I Moon Girl.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2018 6:09 AM

The Alien 3 comic book #1 is available for pre-order through Dark Horse.

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