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Big Things Have Small Beginnings (In Hindsight)

Big Things Have Small Beginnings (In Hindsight)

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TrilobiteMember9954 XPJun-29-2018 5:56 PM

Its been a while since the DUST Settled on our Prequel/Beginnings ALIEN: Origins Story, which has Evolved somewhat along the way.

I would like to USE this Topic to in HINDSIGHT address what THREE things you would Change/Add/Remove from Each of the Prequels. 

So we can take Each Movie, Starting with PROMETHEUS and then moving onto ALIEN: COVENANT and add Three Changes you would make if you could go back and EDIT/ADD to the Prequels.

These CHANGES could be what THINGS you think should be Removed, Changed or Added, and you can add to this ANY unused Concepts/Ideas, any Deleted Scenes or ideas/concepts from other Movies/Comics/Novels in the Franchise that you think should replace or add to the Prequels.

You could EVEN add any ideas and changes that you have thought of yourself..

So if you could GO BACK and Edit the Prequels, change ANY Three things, be it introduce a Character, Remove a Character, Improve a Character, the same applies to Plot Points, any Visual Clues or Aesthetic Designs in terms or Monsters, Ships... Anything really.

For Example you could Suggest.


1) Add the Full Sacrificial Scene including Subtitles.

2) Change the Juggernaught Layout to match the Derelict

3) Have Dr Shaw remove a Neomorph like Fetus that goes on a Rampage around the Ship. (Prometheus earlier Concepts).


1) Add a longer Version of the Crossing to the Movie.

2) Change the Chest Buster Design to match the Classic.

3) Indicate Clues that David Perfects/Re-Creates the Xenomorph.

NOTE... these are not my Changes but just a Example.

We can then Gauge what kinds of Changes Crop up the most that we wanted, and then IF those at FOX/Disney come across this thread, maybe it can help them to determine where at least for this Community BOTH Prequels went Wrong.

Even if you FIND no flaws with the Prequels.. surely there could be 3 things to add, even if they are minor.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

5 Responses to Big Things Have Small Beginnings (In Hindsight)


PraetorianMember3381 XPJun-29-2018 8:01 PM


1) I would keep the Engineers silent and add additional holographic history that David viewed.

2) I would add the scene where David talks to Peter Weyland while he is on the yacht.

3) Something worse would have to happen to Vickers. Maybe after her space suit was vaporized for a few moments (half hour)...

Alien: Covenant

1) Bring in David's notes for Daniels or Oram to review and explain vital origins content opposed to a Blue-Ray additive.

2) Include The Crossing in a flashback and maintain David showing up for the 1st time in the movie as the light bearer for those tormented in the dark.

3) Rewrite a lot of the movie to showcase Sarah Rosenthal's very positive traits.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-30-2018 10:48 PM


1. Fewer but more memorable characters

2. Include the longer scene where the Engineer observes the books, video screen and chandler on the Prometheus

3. Include the CGI rager Fifeld scene



1. Fewer characters, but better developed characters

2 &3. What  Ingeniero sted in his post


PraetorianMember3381 XPJul-02-2018 10:22 AM

Thank you dk. My #3 for Alien: Covenant was a softball to get people on my team...she is something.

People do have a point regarding including vital information in the viral marketing or in a follow-up Blue-Ray. I assume there those that see the film which do not spend time studying trailers. A bleak existence this may be for those but we each choose our own path.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-27-2018 4:17 AM

yea def add a shower scene for her in AC(my number 1 choice)

we need more visual in movie explanation to explain the process David goes through to get to where he is in his experiments

make the neo and proto more sinister like the original big fella. have them stalk longer and make them harder to kill.

recast Theron to Shaw or Daniels (Daniels my preferred choice as Waterstone just sucked)

im happy with Prometheus as it was except for how Theron was cast and written. in my top 3 in the franchise where AC is between the AVP **** ups 


NeomorphMember1507 XPJul-30-2018 12:43 PM

Only three? ;)


1. Re-write most of the characters so they become better and more likable. I mainly think about Vickers and Shaw because they seemed to be the most important ones.
2. Subtitles to when David speaks to the Engineer (that would explain a lot as far as I have understood it)
3. An explanation to the petting a space cobra scene or to remove the whole scene. That one is really rotten, I still facepalm when I see it.


1. Better developed characters, there should at least be like maybe four of them.
2. More Engineers and they should be explained better without ruining the mystery of them
3. Not David as the creator of the Xeno (!!!!)

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