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Do androids dream of electric sheep...

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PraetorianMember3047 XPMay-05-2018 2:10 AM

Ok slightly misleading title lol But bare with me.In Alien Ash is asleep in cryo with the rest of the crew(though as we all know and as i just mentioned in another thread,Ashes identity as a robot was a secret)In Aliens Bishop is also asleep along with the rest of the marine deployment.But in Prometheus David is wide awake maintaining the ship,studying,watching Lawrence of Arabia for the umpteenth time etc.Same for Walter on board the Covenant.Also worth noting Samuels in Isolation didn't need sleep either.So let's forget about ash for the obvious reason stated above,but why did Bishop sleep but not the rest?Thoughts?

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ChestbursterMember896 XPMay-05-2018 2:27 AM

In the original probably even Call sleeped, and it would make sense to reduce wear/regenerate, save energy, etc. Computers had for decades sleep modes where only memories are powered to not lose data. The ships were automated enough to work on their own.

In the new ones, David had a mission to learn the ancient languages to be able to communicate and to be able to provide us background about Shaw, so him being awake for 2 (?) years might be justified. I can not find however no justification for Walter being away for more then 7 years other that to imply that he is a slave and has to toil arbitrarily. Further more, if David went insane with maintance for ten years, what says a 7 year trip like that would not give the situation. 


NeomorphMember1823 XPMay-05-2018 2:56 AM

someone had to be awake to tend to the plant life on board the covenant plus the value of the embryos may have dictated someone be awake incase something went wrong that muther couldn't deal with. as we see in AC, Walter removes what I assume are a couple of dead embryos which is something muther couldn't have done.


TrilobiteMember9954 XPMay-08-2018 9:59 AM

You both raise very Solid Points.

ASH was on a Secret Mission and had to keep his True identity as a Synthetic Secret.

David and Walter would have had Tasks to do during the Journey.

Bishop is the Interesting One and while he can Enter Some kind of Sleep Mode, would he need to be in Cryo-Sleep to do so?

We cant rule out Bishop would have awoken between to attend to duties but we can SAFELY assume the Ship is so Advanced and Automated that this is not required and the Journey was Short.

So Bishop in Cryo-Sleep was just a Plot Convenience to have it that Ripley would not be AWARE he was a Synthetic until he CUT himself with the Knife.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-08-2018 1:47 PM

It seems Call was always on in AR. Her true identity was unknown to the crew at first as well- sort of like Ash.

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